Children of Mine,

On this day, a radiant Sun crossed the world, illuminated the lives and the hearts, removed the souls from darkness and rested over Venezuela. This Sun, that burns in Divine fire and comes from the Holy Spirit, comes to light up the hearts of the children of God, which are dimmed out of fear and by the lack of Faith and of Hope.

This Sun came to show that, to the one who asks, it always will be given and to the one who calls with fervor at the doors of Heaven and clamors for the help of God, He will always send help, listening with Love to the prayers of His children.

My beloved ones, I want to invite you to persist in the Spirit of Pacification, because the one who seeks Peace and lives it radiates to their brothers and sisters and brings to the world the possibility that others may discover the Power of Peace and may live it.

Confirm day by day the union with Me, because My Heart vigils this world day and night, always attentive to a sincere call, a prayer filled with faith.

Children of mine, these are times of chaos in the whole world. It has been permitted by God that humanity may learn through the consequences of its own acts.  But today I say to you that this learning is not for all, because there exists the possibility of learning through Love and Peace.  You only need to walk towards this goal and in your lives sow actions that generate fruits meritorious for a life of Peace.

Peace is reached through the union with God, because if you are united to Him, you may understand His Plans; if you are united to God, you may find His Will in all the events of life and in everything you will find the perfect offer to be realized to the Lord, for all of those who live in the world and suffer even more, because they suffer in ignorance and in the lack of God.

My beloveds, to find the path of Christ, discover the resemblance that there is between your lives and the life of the Lord, and ask with fervor that He may help you to discover this unity between the Calvary of Christ and the Calvary that the whole world lives.

You must, in this time in which chaos is growing, learn to transcend the limits of the events of life and, as My Son has taught you, “to be in the world, without being of the world”.  Know that every experience brings learning and all learning brings a strengthening and an inner maturity.


I come to the world as Healing Mother, healer of the souls and hearts that suffer the most. I come to say to you that My Love is the cure for all evils, at any level of the bodies, because there is nothing that before God and His infinite piety, that under the intercession of His Servant, cannot be healed.

My beloveds, My presence in the world is the cure for all the faults of humanity; it is the cure for all the kingdoms of nature; it is the cure for the planet itself, that today agonizes permanently.

This love that I bring to you, and which is the perfect remedy for all evils, must be poured over the world, by means of clean, pure, true and simple vessels, that may reflect the Love that I bring to you day by day.

For this I come to My little children in order to form those who will be the mirrors of My Peace and My Mercy, through which I will testify to My presence on Earth.

Those who do not see Me nor feel Me, will see Me and feel Me in the eyes and the heart of those children of Mine who have surrendered their lives completely in My arms, and no longer live for themselves, but for God.

Beloved children, to live the imitation of the Servant of God, and to express on Earth equality with Her, you must first open yourselves truly to live this wonderful fact, and then you must persist eternally on the path of constantly falling and standing up. Because in order that I may live in the hearts and Be in your lives, all of that which is not similar to My Heart must be extirpated and, for many, letting go of what one is not, in order to be empty before God, this is and will be very painful. But do not be afraid and seek to love this purpose of life, because Love itself can act also, and transform that which is ingrained in your consciousnesses.

Do not worry if you are not perfect and if you constantly discover that what was a great and immutable truth to you yesterday, has become a poor illusion today. The eyes that mature are transformed and, for every child it is difficult to abandon the illusions of childhood, but it is still even greater what awaits in the maturity.

Beloved children, you are no longer children in spirit nor in consciousness, and the moment has come to mature and to live in matter what you already know that exists in the silence of the heart. I only ask you to never be discouraged and that you may be able to become malleable creatures in the hands of the Creator.


In the serenity of My Merciful Heart is found your comfort.

In the Mercy of My Spirit is found the breath and the faith to be able to continue.

On the path of apostolate you may find broken bridges to be crossed and hard stones in your pathways.

Before all of these obstacles I ask you to sustain the ardent fire of your faith united to the Heights. From Heaven you will receive the Grace to be able to overcome, without difficulties, all these tests.

Remember that all My disciples come from different schools in the same way that it was with the Apostles. In some of My apprentices you will be able to find promptness, in others, slowness, in others you will be able to find spiritual maturity in training and in others, deficiencies in the spirit.

But in spite of all of the imperfections I call you all to enter into My Mercy because for whoever in truth makes an effort and works for their own transformation, this will be considered as a merit in the Heavens.

Do not lose hope of getting liberated from yourselves. My Heart will accompany the steps of those who only may be willing to follow the simple instructions that I bring to you for these times. Take advantage, with wisdom, from the source that today I give to you, to be worthy to be with Me.

Under the Powerful Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words and for maturing them in the heart!

Christ Jesus


I Am the Great Priest and you are My apprentices so that you may be able to learn about love and about the truth.

I Am the Great Master and you are My beloved disciples so that you may be able to learn to live in the law.

In each one of My ones I pour My celestial gifts so that in the next time they may wake up to the service of the current humanity.

Every disciple must revere the instruction of His or Her Master because if it were not this way the disciple would not be born straight, as tree does when it directs its crown towards the High. Each teaching and learning has a question and an answer for your lives. Without the experiences of faith and of forgiveness it will not be possible to gestate the new humanity.

Today I call you to live in My Shepherd School because it is necessary that the new apostles wake up to the missionary call of love and of peace. In your essences is found the true being and in your hearts is found the truth for your lives. Never allow for the lie or the ignorance of the world to separate you from the Master of Truth. Try every day to be clear and transparent like the waters of the ocean. In this way you will be able to transmit the message of peace that many souls need.

The most important for this time is to participate in the Sacred Communion with Me. In this way the ignorance or the art of the enemy will not knock on your door. You must only seek Me day and night, in joy or in pain.

I Am everywhere when you simply feel Me in prayer. It is time to use the instruments of protection, such as prayer, communion and fasting. In this way nothing will knock you down, but you will have the understanding about things because I will give you the strength of My Redeeming Love. I Am with you.  Go ahead!

Under the Supreme Will of God, be blessed.

Thank you for imparting eternal love to the entire world!

Christ Jesus


Praised be your Holy God in the Heights! Because holy will be those who, in humility, collaborate with the accomplishment of the promise of My return, which is written in the Sacred book of the Bible.

May those rejoice who also in sincerity consecrate themselves to My Heart, because they will always have a safe space in the Kingdom of My Father.

May those rejoice who collaborate with Me, so that My Task is incarnated in those that I have chosen from the beginning. Without the help of My collaborators of the Divine Mercy, the Orders united to My Spirit could not exist.

I give you to drink from My Fountain, and from My Fountain emanates the Great Spirit for all the universe. Whoever directs themselves to Me will lose nothing, because they will find the infinite path that they seek so much. But whoever sustains all the Orders are those who live the great sacrifice out there; in them My Heart is supported, because in Love and in Grace they permit that My apostles walk towards the mission that My Father has entrusted to them.

Praised be all those who are part of My Eucharistic Body, because a cell of My light has been planted in those who have said yes to Me. For this never forget the Life of the Spirit; your spirit will be like the times, it will adapt itself to the final changes, and humanity will be able to sustain itself by the unbreakable faith of all My followers of Mercy.

Now go two by two and say that I have consecrated you in body, in mind and in heart, and say that I have resuscitated you in spirit, and that again you have seen My inner light.

Be firm bridges for those who must cross. Today I give you three keys that will protect you from yourselves and from the enemy, these keys are humility, purity and love. May these three fountains spring again in your hearts; in this way those who are thirsty may drink and go out of the desert in which they live.

Before My return certain Orders, to which I have entrusted My legacy, will serve as salvation and rescue for those who are in need of My Absolute Love. Go and say that I love them always and that I am with you.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words from the heart and from the spirit!

Christ Jesus, Your Humble King


In spite of the weaknesses and of the sins of the souls of the entire world My Infinite and Merciful Graces are poured upon those who are willing to show Me the true face of their weakness.

But My Love that is great, infinite and repairing for the hearts of the Earth awakens strength, braveness and will, to transform that which appears to keep repeating itself as sin.

In this time of Grace that humanity lives, in spite of the wars and of the social revolutions, My One and Only Spirit, the Spirit of the Son of the God, comes to the world to announce Its expected return of peace and of redemption for all of the fierce wolves that still do not know the power of My Love.

When I descend among the clouds you will see coming the Glory of God manifested in splendor and in glory.  For this, as a preparation, do not hold on to your little sins.  Do little sacrifices to God for the great sins that condemn the world because the Sacred Hearts are attentive to the offer of your hearts.

Before My Return I invite you to imitate the unbreakable faith of the Centurion of Galilee. Believe in the power of your faith in the face of your faults because by means of prayer all of the inner situations will be resolved.  Cry out day by day for My Merciful Heart.  In this way your souls will be repaired and your faults will be dissolved.  Walk towards Me as did the Centurion so that I may be able to say that your faith has defeated all evil.

Under the Good of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for persisting in living My Path of Redemption!

Christ Jesus, the Master of Forgiveness.


The moments of the greatest tests are those in which My Merciful Spirit is present for all of the souls.

For this, in face of any situation of transition or of a battle I ask you to not lose your faith because for these times it must be stronger than an oak and more firm than an iron. Your faith must be the sword that together with love will cut off all evil.

My apostles, brave and decided, work so that My Redeeming Plan may be a great victory upon the Earth. For this you must always be with the heart in the Heights and in the Greater so that nothing may prevent you from realizing in humility the task that has been entrusted to you.

Today My Angels of Peace are upon My Servers, guiding them through the path of the Good and of Love. I love you and I thank you for your perseverance because with a few sheep I will do My Great Miracles of Love.

Go ahead, My soldiers of Mercy!

Under the Light and the Divine Protection of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


In truth I tell you that the one who is willing to serve Me will not perish but he or she will endure with Me all that must be removed from the good hearts. This is and this will be this way because those who are chosen by My Consciousness surrender themselves to the full sacrifice for humanity.

Little by little you will discover how My Redeeming Task is in this chaotic world of illusions and expectations.

I insist: under the power of My Father go, My Apostles and do in My Name all that I have told you from the beginning that you were going to do, greater things than those that I did upon the Earth.

The one who believes this will live it and in this way will prove it because in spite of the times that this humanity lives, My Grace will permit impossible things to be concreted in unforeseeable consciousness. My Law of Love is single and this same love that I lived for you will be what will nourish you and will strengthen you in the moments of crisis.

Above all things, may your faith be greater than any situation because in this way you will be living in My Trust. The wheat is already being separated from the chaff but My Merciful Heart will look for those who least deserve My Celestial Grace and I will do it through those who donate themselves, in spite of all, to My Paternal Heart.

That server who gives even his or her life for My Plan, I Myself will free them at the hour of their death and they will be able to get to know for all Eternity the Dwellings that they have searched for without result upon this world. All is permitted but My Love will always win evil because the true love unites souls to God.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My lessons in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


At the end of the prayer of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy we were waiting for the arrival of Master Jesus but today something special happened: it was the apparition of Child Jesus in the arms of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, who with devotion and an example of humility visited us at 3pm.

From the moment of the apparition of the Child Jesus He transmitted us the following instruction:


My dear brothers and sisters:

Today, as the Child Jesus, as the Little Jesus, I come in the arms of My Father to demonstrate to you that you will only get to the Kingdom of God if you are little and humble children that obey with fidelity and love the designs of the Father.

With this aim, today I call you to reflect if your consciousnesses think and feel like a pure and good child.

If it is not this way, in spite of the experiences of life, I invite you to consecrate yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Child Jesus because it is through your act of faith and of forgiveness of yourselves that you will receive the divine help, that which you may need in order to undo the knots in the consciousness.

For this Friday I also call you to renovate yourselves and to imitate the most chaste path of Saint Joseph. You only must put in your hearts the aspiration of transforming yourselves and of making way so that the Will of God may act through your lives.

Saint Joseph will help you to cultivate a spirit of humility and of simplicity.

I call you, for this special day, to affirm yourselves on the path that Saint Joseph went through by means of obedience and of the absolute emptiness of oneself. If you do not empty your hearts of all property or control in time, how will you be blessed by the treasures from Heaven?


My dears:

An important universal and celestial movement is happening today because  six consecutive months are completed in which My Sacerdotal Consciousness has descended from the Heaven of My Father to daily encounter with you, My little and beloved flock in redemption.

For this reason today I am mercifully present together with My first representative on the Earth and the ambassador of Peace: the Apostle Saint Peter. Today I want that, after these six months of infinite mercies each one of My companions meditate and reflect from the consciousness on the mature steps of surrender and faith that you have been able to take towards My Sacred Heart. I want that you meditate on your beloved interest for My daily Instructions. Within the six next months, during which you will once again see My Beloved Presence, this last cycle will be fulfilled.

After your inner study of consciousness I want that you comprehend and perceive what is it that has happened in each one of you and what were the true fruits that were born in your hearts. Today I do not call your attention but I call you to the awakening of spiritual maturity.

You know, My friends, that the world is going through a grave spiritual crisis; that each day that passes has repercussions in all of the beings and in the definitive decisions of life. It is a path to the great Universal Judgment that will come for all humanity. A judgment is Mercy and Grace because through the cause of pity and service for which you work, many will achieve Mercy.

In this way today I reveal to you My Heart in pain for the great sins of the world, those which grow more rapidly than the quantity of prayers that are offered.

After these six months of daily messages I am removing My children from the garden and I am bringing them to the firsts steps of maturity and of the true wisdom for your spirits.

On this day may your consciousness detain itself to meditate on this important Christic call to cross the portal with maturity towards My Sacred Heart.  God hopes that His children grow up in faith, in hope, so that you may awake reverence in your beings each time that you pray together with Me at three in the afternoon. 


The one who lives through My Sacred Word will know the celestial wonders that I pour in those hearts that day by day say yes to Me.

For this I return to the world to banish from each essence the seed of pride and of vanity that has sown, with its actions, the enemy. With My Power I defeat the plans contrary to the ones of My Father. Through My Merciful Love I save those who have fallen down and by My Grace I redeem what is still immature in the consciousnesses.

To hold My Redeeming and Savior Flag between the hands is only for the brave ones who love the unknown and who live faith as a flame that illuminates  when everything is dark.

I come to ignite again the Divine Fire of My Love that has dried up in many hearts and for this I form the disciples as soldiers and as lives in constant prayer for the world. In this way, by means of this constancy in the devoted hearts, I will be able to establish again the Kingdom of My Father, that Kingdom of Love and Redemption that I made descend through the Sacred Cross.

In My Hands are marked the sins of those who were lost and were liberated. In My Feet were marked the faults of those who, out of ignorance, submerged the entire world. And in My Side was opened the Source of Mercy that, until your present, continues to spring from the Center of My Being for the whole world.

I hope that you never be too tired to seek this inexhaustible source that nourishes you, redeems you and liberates you from your own selves. I open My Arms so that those who have fallen down may return with confidence towards Me. I love you and this you must know very well. I wait for you because there is a place guarded for each disciple of Mine.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


For all those who have closed the doors, I will open them, so that they may enter My Redeeming Kingdom without delay.

Dear brothers and sisters:

The path to be treaded still is long and I only ask you that you keep the faith in your hearts kindled, because in this way My Heart will recognize the disciples and the apostles of the New Time.

Know that I do not get tired of calling you day by day to redemption, because if you are redeemed, all will pass and your souls will dwell with Me in joy, contemplating the Father by means of Creation. Do not delay in coming to Me, because I await you and I will always meet you keeping vigil with Me in the prayer of the heart. Feel My Peace, because I shall return to fulfill the promise of the end of time.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Dear children and companions:

There is nothing more perfect than the Love of God in your hearts because in this Love the Truth and the Faith that you need in order to achieve conversion is found.

For this come to Me and do not fear, I contemplate your fears and I radiate you with My Merciful Love so that, liberated from all, you may take safe steps towards the eternity that waits for you.

I find deep pains in some hearts. I ask you to pray, sustaining faith in the heart. In this way My Sacred Heart will be close to the ones who most need to heal their wounds. Know that I will never abandon you, I Am at your side in the silence. Just walk towards Me.

Under the Divine Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


My dear companions:

Today I take you all towards the depths of My Heart and through this emblem of union with Me I gather you around My Presence so that you may be able to comply with the commandments of My Father.

Dear friends: I know that many of you are about to cross the great threshold of the inner desert in order to thus live the transformation that the Father needs of your lives. He sends Me today for love to you, for love to the whole humanity. My Mercy is today the balsam awaited by your hearts, the one which by means of the Grace poured by Me, will give you strength to walk, love to be able to live and faith to believe in My Powerful Redeemer Word.

Today I am not only with you but also with your brothers and sisters who in this time of infinite mercy are united to My Sacerdotal Spirit.

My dears, I also see in you an intense inner depletion. I ask you to concentrate your faith in My Eternal Faith, your despair in My Comfort, your pain in My Compassion. I love you, I love you so much that I gave the life for you so that your generations would be able to be present in life in this time. Just abandon yourselves in My Arms because My Heart has already received the precious consecration of your souls.

Know, My companions, that the true soldier of Light is formed through the effort in serving and loving God above all things. I adore those who give all for their friends because they will convert themselves into eternal servers of My Kingdom.

While My Spirit circulates throughout the world, pouring Graces and Forgiveness, I ask you that you be brave every day and that you do not lower the banner of peace and redemption.

Dears, I am returning in Omnipresent Spirit in order to let you know the eternal life for your consciousnesses. I encounter in you a luminous path full of blessings.

What else do you want for your lives if from the Cross I completely gave you My Holy Mother?

My friends: entrench your faith in My Immaculate Heart because for you It will be the path of return to My Dwellings.

I thank you for lovingly receiving Me.

Under the Eternal Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of the world. 


My dears:

My Light comes to the world and primarily to the souls to liberate them from the path of sin and of the loss of faith in the heart. For this all of the days I wait for the soldiers of My Mercy so that they may live My Message and transmit it as a sublime balm of life for all of the hearts.

Dear companions, you still must sustain for some time more the flag of sacrifice and of peace, of faith and of love. Live the Gospel in the days that will come because in My Parables you will find the path to transcendence of material life, the impetus of the inner spirit. I take all in My Merciful Heart, I absolve you from past and I open to you, in My Return, the door towards the Kingdom of My Lord.

Dears, unite your lives with My Life, unite your feelings with My Divine Redeeming Feeling, unite your souls with My Soul, unite your hearts with My Sacred Heart. There will be no emptiness or desolation that awakens in you despair or distress because in My Merciful Source you will be able to heal all the wounds.

I hope that you understand My New Precept of Love which is the compassion and the peace that I give to all. Encourage yourselves to follow through the path of the cross, carry it with all that I have entrusted to you, trust that all will transform you and liberate you from past so that the healing of My Spirit may heal your hearts.

I Am the Path that reveals itself to you all of the days through each neighbor. I Am the Kind Heart that will relieve you when you only tell me: yes. I deeply want your souls because I know them since before your birth. I come from the Source of Love, to this Eternal Source I want to take you. Accept My arms to live in the patience of My Law.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



For you I gave My Life and today I come to the world again to give My Spirit for all of you. Thus I want that you know My unfathomable, strong and powerful Love, a love that redeems you and forgives you, purifies you and liberates you all of the days. Come today to the Source of My Unfathomable Love because thus you will recognize that My Light also illuminates the great abysses of the world.

I come to pour over your hearts this unfathomable and majestic love, a love that I poured on the path towards the Cross, a redeeming love that I radiated to those that deserved it and did not deserve it. In the same way that the love of My Heart opens the doors of the deepest abysses, in this way I can also see the strength and the intensity of your love for Me.

Dears, I come to you to strengthen you and to encourage you to walk in the power of the faith of the heart. Love and faith will sustain you above all things and at the right time you will know how to act. For this leave your beings in the Source, in the Fountain of this Love because abandoning yourselves entirely to My Heart will erase from your memories the times that you have not felt beloved.

My Love converts you little by little, it molds you like a new wineskin so that the instruments may be at service of My Creator Father. Companions, may the love be your important mission because in love you will heal yourselves and for love you will redeem many causes that still are not solved in your hearts.

But when you trust in the power of My Love you will be able to take the step that you so much wait for, the definite step for consecration of the spirit and of the inner world. Be part of this Love of God, be a reflection and flashes of this inexhaustible Source of Graces. Be peaceful to be able to get close to this Infinite Love.

Under the Divine Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for feeling My words of love and comfort in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Brothers and sisters:

In the beginning of your lives God had drawn a plan of life for His creatures but throughout the ages the generations of My flocks have decided (instead) to walk through the paths of great learning.

Now My Sacred Heart returns to correct your lives as had been foreseen by the Lord God, My Father. Through your absolute trust in Me, My Consciousness will be able to redirect the flocks through the more peaceful that are coming.

My dears, I bring you today My Good News of the return so that you may be participants in the coming of the Kingdom of God for the second time. Your hearts must purify themselves in the same way that your consciousness, so that empty of all, the Holy Spirit may fulfill you of light and joy, to be living in the Kingdom of the Lord. What today I tell you is not a hypothesis, it is a crystalline reality that the consciousnesses must assume to form part of the next time.

Dears, My Heart wants to transmit to you hope and faith which you must live for the transformation and the consecration. My Spirit also returns to free the souls from the intense weight that many carry on their back but through My Divine Mercy I come to integrate the hearts to My Universal Rhythm of Love.

Dears, I expect from you neutrality and patience in order to not fear being purified by those laws that are of the Father and that come to the world from beyond the Earth. It is the moment to assume the coming times that will show you the profound changes that the consciousnesses will live.

For all this, your union with Me will be important because thus My Eternal Heart will be before you like the incandescent light that will guide you and will remove from you the inner fear. The first step is to trust completely in Me and in what the Father shows you day by day as a learning.

Thus, living the events with wisdom and united with Me, you will be able to untie the knots that impede the free walking of souls. Pray to find these knots because thus My Rays will burn them and you will be released in your path.

Under the Grace of God be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Welcome to a new cycle of evolution, a cycle which will charge spiritual maturity from everyone, that will allow you to live in harmony in the times that will come.

This new cycle will be marked by inner tests, in which the consciousnesses will find themselves facing great responsibilities, with little inner experience to take them on. However, the adhesion of each one to the Will of God that is presented and your efforts to fulfill it will make the grace and mercy that you need to fulfill your mission come down from the universe.

Children, when facing the challenges to come, always say "yes", even if they seem impossible to be experienced and overcome. When you say "yes", the Creator receives permission to operate true miracles in your consciousnesses and heal all that prevents you from making the leap you need.

The challenges will make you grow and prepare you for the cycles that will come later and that will be major and definitive trials not only for you but for all humanity and for the whole universe.

Do not fear to launch yourselves into the unknown or take the steps that will lead you through paths you do not know where they end. Do not fear losing everything and, above all, losing yourselves because - though painful - this is the goal of humanity. Remember that emptiness of yourselves leads you to the Truth, to the Archetype, to the Source.

Today I wish you a start cycle filled by God and the universal life. This new time will be marked by the awakening of humanity to this life.

All the sciences will be united spiritually in the universal science and all true religions will find the common meaning in the experience of love. Knowledge and religion will unite to unveil new worlds and universal principles, and they will discover that the greatest science, which is the experience of love, leads to new horizons, to new universes. Thus you will not fear to know the Truth and with the knowledge filled with spirituality, and religion full of wisdom, you will cross the gates towards a new life.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The essence of the awakening is found in the development of faith, because it is faith that moves you to respond to the impulses of the heart.

Faith is what makes you transcend the atavisms of the limited material understanding for you to enter in the mysteries of the higher life.

Faith is what makes you cross the thresholds of life in this world, so that – although being in it – you do not belong only to it and, yes, perceive yourselves as part of an infinite and indescribable Creation.

Faith is not born in the mind: it comes from the spirit and expresses itself through the heart. Therefore, if you want that the impulses received are not lost, let faith develop itself freely in your own interior, even if you do not understand quite well the object of your own faith.

Many ask themselves, “To have faith in what?” Have faith in the purpose, faith in the teaching, faith in the presence of the Divine Messengers, faith in what moves you to transformation, faith in the communion with Christ, faith in His return, faith in the possibility that each one has to live the Plans of God, faith in Faith.

Let yourselves be transformed by the impulses of your own faith, for which the laws of matter are not the ones that prevail. Faith that comes from the spirit moves itself based on spiritual Laws. It is therefore that the hearts that have faith can experience what is called miracles that are nothing more than the action of superior Laws in the life of those who open themselves to live them.

Discover, children, the potential of faith itself and, by means of it, its prodigies.

Your Father and Friend, in faith and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.