Sunday, June 25 of 2017

Daily messages

The pain that transforms into love

My dear children,

Just as My Beloved Son lived His Passion for all of you, some of you will live the spiritual passion that He lived.

This will be one of the paths through which humanity will be purified and will be saved.

All the pain of the world must be transformed into love, because love will be the key that will always open all the doors and will bring incalculable opportunities for souls.

Thus, some of you will be called upon to turn pain into love.

This same state was experienced by My Beloved Son in an unconditional and pious way.

Jesus made Himself available to transform the pain of the world into love and into compassion.

Given the grave planetary state and the condition of humanity of these times, representatives of this race will offer themselves to the Celestial Father to transform all the pain into love.

This will help in that many souls that are lost in the unconscious abysses of the Earth may receive an opportunity of awakening and of getting out of these spaces of perdition.

All pain will be transformed into love.

In this hour of the planet, the situation of humanity is at a precipice and the ambition for more material and human power blinds many.

Thus, pain will be transformed into love through the unconditional help of those who will be called by God to fulfill this silent service.

As in past times, there will be the saints of the last times, who will precede the Coming of Christ and will give all for all, with the goal of spiritually balancing this humanity.

All pain will be transformed into love, because all evil must be defeated and emptied out from the human consciousness through the Power of the Love of God.

Many situations that the world experiences today will be resolved because of the saints existing in the end times, who will transform all pain into love and thus, souls will be alleviated, will beable to take their steps, and will become aware of the precious time that they missed to be in God.

All pain will be transformed into love and you will see the Divine Plan being fulfilled in the spaces of this world.

Souls will be purified to be worthy of the Greater Grace and no one will be left behind.

All will receive the opportunity of being conscious of their mistakes and of being able to correct them in time, because all pain will be transformed into love.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, June 24 of 2017

Daily messages

Feast of Saint John the Baptist

Dear children,

May humanity renew on this day its spiritual baptism, and not its habits.

On the Feast of Saint John, may souls remember the message of this holy man, cousin of Jesus.

May all return to the Kingdom of God, which is much forgotten.

May the majority of souls unite again with God and not with all that is lived and fostered on the surface of this world.

On this festive day of Saint John, may the consciousnesses of this planet celebrate the Sacrament that Saint John brought to the world: the possibility of being renewed by the Father, by the Son, and by the Holy Spirit.

On this day may you not only remember your baptism, bestowed by the priest through water, but also remember the spiritual blessing bestowed by the Holy Spirit.

In truth, the purpose of the feast of Saint John, as of the other saints, was distorted by My adversary; he was able to draw the attention of all souls toward something external, mediocre, and superficial.

Instead, on this day, Saint John brings the message that, at each new year, souls may be renewed in faith, remembering the Sacrament of their baptism and confirming themselves before God and before His Divine Will.

Baptism is the blessing that the soul receives directly from the Source of Grace and of Mercy that allows it to be liberated from stains and all sins.

The purpose of the Feast of Saint John was that souls that communed on this day could renew their baptism through an act of faith and of union with Christ.

Nowadays, this intention is far from the attention of souls, and many of them, instead of renewing themselves, condemn themselves to Purgatory without even realizing it.

Thus, your Mother, the Queen of Peace, on a 24th of June in 1981, descended to Medjugorje at the Feast of Saint John, to try to reverse this human custom that, up to today and after 35 years of Apparitions, continues to carry many souls to the precipice.

The choice is in the hands of each soul.

Your Mother, the Queen of Peace, came to Medjugorje to unite again a people that had been destroyed and separated by war.

My Son asked that on the Feast of His cousin Saint John, His Heavenly Mother appear to remind the world of the time that it still has for returning to the Heart of God and cease offending Him.

After 35 years in Medjugorje and almost 10 years being present in South America, the Mother of God comes to warn Her children that it is urgent to convert and to surrender as soon as possible to the Love of God, in order to not lose inner peace when the world is violently purified.

Thus, today the Queen of Peace descends to confirm one more year of Her maternal and loving Presence among Her children who love Her and that invoke Her.

The Celestial Father hopes that, as soon as possible, all may look within themselves to perceive how urgent it is that there be a change in humanity, before the definite door to Holy and Divine Justice opens.

Today, on the Feast of Saint John, your Celestial Mother comes to awaken many hearts from the earthly dream and from a hypnotism, who are far from the Kingdom of God and walk towards suffering.

Through the work of Grace, the Queen of Peace invites all Her children to renew today their baptism and that they also do it for those that no longer remember this spiritual blessing.

On this day of prayer for peace in the nations, let us remember the coming of Mary, Queen of Peace, to Medjugorje, so that the human consciousness may be elevated and purified.

Your Heavenly Mother returns to Barcelona, because there exists here an open path to begin to live this change that Gods so expects to see manifested in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, renewing the Sacrament of Baptism,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Friday, June 16 of 2017

Daily messages

When a soul or a heart surrenders and places itself in My arms, I can heal it and have it feel what is new, what is hopeful, and what is good.

When a soul places itself in My arms and trusts, I can spill the codes into it that it needs to achieve peace during its time of redemption.

When a soul places itself in My arms and trusts in My designs, I can have it become similar to the souls that exist in Paradise.

This is why surrender is not a resignation or martyrdom, but rather an opportunity of emptying as life and as an instrument, because in this way, all that is to be redeemed and forgiven will achieve its inner liberation.

In order to surrender into My arms, the soul must trust in the Love that I can give it through those who surround it, because the Father needs each soul, each life, and each heart to be capable of keepening its degree of love, because love is what will make of each consciousness a full server of God.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, June 13 of 2017

Daily messages

The second part of the New Prophecy

And you will see that those who say they have the power of religion in their hands will lose control of everything overnight.

Their spiritual blindness and ambition will be as great as also well known.

You will then see the sign of the end time reveal itself, a sign that will indicate the last culminating phase of the fall of the false temple.

Wailing will be heard, so similar to the wailing wall.

The ambitious will no longer have their own refuge, because the Great Spirit will have moved and will only be with the simplest. 

This will be the hour of the great test of the patriarchy because neither leaders nor nations will be able to stop it, for the Divine Will that will move with the strength of the Holy Justice will show everything.

There, not one stone will be left upon another, the false power will fight with its own ambition and the great crisis of religions will take place.

Because, as it was said, the keys will be taken away and, those,  will not be able to open the doors to enter the House of the Father.

Those who have hidden the truth and were not transparent or crystal clear as water, will soon get dirty. Their social life clothing will be torn because the wolves’skin, that was hidden under good sheep’s clothing before, will come out. 

At this hour, everyone, as a believing humanity, will have the opportunity to unite with or to separate further from the Hand of God.

Like in the blowing of a very strong wind, the structures of the temple will fall, just as the temple of the pharisees fell at the moment of the death of the Only-begotten Son at the Cross.

And more revelations will come.

The boat of the old temple will be shaken by the rage of the great seas.

A storm will fall upon the boat at the time when it will be expurgating all its evils.

There, faith will be in proof and the poor hearts of thousands of sinners will have to confirm themselves before the Law.

They will have the Grace of remaining above all, or they will have the disgrace of remaining submerged in the terrible purifying turmoil.

But in this hour of great uprisings, the Lord will send His angels to succor the one who, with a poor name, will have the foundations of the old temple shaken.

This is why you must pray for this shepherd, seen as the great opponent of all times and as the interference of all nations that live materially, without God.

Thus, Justice will come as a strong blow of light, which the divine hammer will give at the hour of the final sentence.

The Beloved Son, Who knows all things, will, one by one, the words of His Holy Wisdom into the ears of the humble shepherd and will give him more courage and strength through the anonymous ones that pray, who, like in the past, helped the Holy Mother give a worthy burial to Christ.

The Great Shepherd and his flocks, which are not from that temple, will be wrapped up as in cloths of protection, so that nothing similar or invisible may touch them.

They will be much protected, just as Christ kept His Wounds protected by the linens of the Holy Schroud.

There will be no mind or intellect that remains clear and discerning in this hour of tearing down the old temple and of purifying the old boat.

That one soul who does not soon go to the heart, will be disturbed all the time.

Therefore, run quickly, and enter the dwelling place f the heart before it is too late.

Because the adversary, with its dirty intelligence, will confuse all those who seek for or aspire to mental answers.

Move forward before the time and invoke the Grace of being able to feel the dwelling place of the heart.

There the enemy does not know the Kingdom, nor will it know how to cross the desert, where the Woman of the Light will protect Her children.

Before the temple is shaken, run to the temple of the heart, where God has His true Church, His Existence and His Eternal Presence.

Everything will begin again in the New Church from the heart, and from there everything will be done as was thought and meditated since the Beginning by God, the Creator.

And, even though the wolves show themselves furious and tear off the false sheep’s clothing with their hands, do not be frightened, this will be the sign that, in truth, the change is coming.

The hour to come indicates the arrival of the renewal and the true children of Eve will finally lose the bondage with the Original Sin; they will be free from all the errors of the past.

Thus, the new temple, free from the ambitious and boasters, will be worthy of receiving, at its High Altar, the One, Who has always reigned, the very Christ Himself, your Lord.

Make simple penance for those who do not convert and for all those who only crave for power, and more power.

Live and practice the commandments, because God will send Moses again, in his new aspect, to tell the world how much it has moved away from the Law and has not complied with it.

Live the Laws, on behalf of those who will not live them and for those who proclaim them at the altars and do not comply with them.

May your center be the Divine Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, there you will be safe from those who do not speak the truth.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, June 13 of 2017

Daily messages

Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, to once again assuage the injustices of the world, revealing the truth to the heart of human beings, renewing their faith and washing their souls so that they may re-establish their link with the Father.

Behold, My children, the Lady Clothed with the Sun, Who once again places Her feet on the world, drawing away from it the evil and falsity, which blind the eyes of those who have come to experience Love.

The whole Universe stops to contemplate the presence of Its Divine Lady on the Earth, Who in humility comes to warn Her children that there is no longer time to try to deceive God and themselves, proclaiming a false faith, which aggrandizes humankind and not the Creator of all things.

I come to help to lift up the just and the simple with My holy hands, to return to them the peace that they had lost when not finding on Earth an example that strengthens their faith.

I come, children, to place your eyes again on the example of Christ, Who today is beyond the stars and contemplates you from Infinity, that you may seek in Him the only Path, Truth, and Life.

I come to renew the Gospel of My Son, with the words that God gives to His creatures through His Messengers, because it is time you were guided by God, and no longer by human beings.

It is time to renew your faith, to remove the barriers that made you stall in time, imprisoned in the limitation of the human mind.

I come, beloved children, to remove you from the walls of ignorance, and that you no longer encase the divine words and designs in a human comprehension.

Do not limit God to a doctrine; do not encase your own faith in human words. Seek the constant renovation that comes from unity with the Whole, the unity with one another and with the whole of Life, with the Universe that awaits you beyond this world.

Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, because the Creator has asked Me to be His Intercessor at this time and at this place. He has granted His power of renewal to Me so that humanity may awaken and see the true meaning of their existence on the horizon.

Children, the Gospel of Christ did not end on the Cross and in the Resurrection. He continues to write the living of the New Laws in the Universe. Beyond the dimensions, He keeps building a Kingdom that exists not only to transform the Earth and human life, but all of Creation.

Our Lord came to the world for a much greater purpose, and He spoke to you in symbols and parables that very few were able to understand, and much of what He said is not to be found in the sacred books, but only in memory, in the consciousness, and in the human heart.

The universal Gospel is being written and God invites humanity to read, in the Sky, the new Laws of life that, in truth, are the pure living of what Christ taught you on Earth.

If you live what He taught you, the little that you know of what He left in the world, you will be able to find the door that opens to the Cosmos.

Because the one that truly lives the teaching of Christ cannot be encased in a human comprehension and limitation; their consciousness expands and their heart is thirsty for a truth that is unknown to them.

In this time, I come to reveal this truth to you, for all those who, in every corner of the world, are thirsty and confused, are looking for an answer, and do not find anything that satiates them in this world, nothing that answers them.

Here I am, My children, with the Scepter of God in My Hands, which is the Scepter of unity and not of separateness. It is the Scepter that reveals the truth to you about the human heart, and invites you to enter into this universal Mystery; it is the Scepter that unites religions, cultures, and nations under a single purpose, which is the living of love and the return to the Origin.

Allow yourselves to be touched today by the Scepter of God, which dissolves the lie and vanity, and makes you crystal clear before the Father.

This Scepter purifies and elevates you from the abysses, the abysses of the world, so that you may find in God the reason of your existence.

With the Scepter of God in My hands, I bless you and renew you so that you may walk with Me towards a new awakening, which does not seek anything other than giving you back peace and truth.

I love you today and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, June 12 of 2017

Daily messages

The New Prophecy

Its foundations are made of covered stone, but in essence, there is nothing that supports it.

Its high columns elevate the apparently conquered power, clearly forgetting that God is the one who has the Power.

Its heart is lined with gold and shows all the beauty that is not from Heaven.

It shows its supposed justice, but inside its temple, the truths are hidden from the great vastness of its people.

The sacred Name of God is used in order to carry out its works.

But who will awaken ahead of time in order to be see the reality and not the appearance?

The Eyes of Fire observe its actions and the majority fall into a sort of trap of surprises. Faith is put into play and it is necessary to find the truth.

It emanates water so similar to a fount, and the thirst for light and love is so great in souls that all of them run, half blind, in search of a solution.

Because of this, few know that not all is right, just, and healthy.

The temple is going to be removed, and its faithful will feel it, but the majority will remain hypnotized by what is external.

It will be difficult to defeat this power; it grew so much after the trust granted by Christ. But as from the actions, the paths completely deviated.

Who will correct the mistakes of whole centuries?

For this reason, the Father observes with Mercy and only trusts in those who live His Truth and do not distort It.

Many are the shepherds who are responsible for entire flocks, but very few do what the Lord has taught them.

With their hand they take up the shepherd’s crook, but they do not know how to guide the flocks on the path of faith.

The temple is so similar to a coin, it has two faces: one of fire, and another of gold. On it is written a story of the past that, at last, must be purified.

Its steps are as confused as the soul that does not know how to walk or to find its direction.

No one has managed to oppose it; it is the mother of the apparent “peace”. But its works are not luminous or real.

Many will cry for having had their faith bought. Thus the divine Scepter of Light will strike so hard that its structures will move, just as the earth moves in an earthquake.

Despite its most acute phase, the Lord places His Divine Hand on the one who is just and simple, but who in all must keep silent in order that his people not be shocked.

The Father will give him the strength to move forward; his name is poor and this will protect him. From him the strength of the very Christ will be born in order to purify the temple and all its kin.

The greatest suffering will be to know the Truth, and as it was said, not one stone will be left upon another.

Even in the times when Christ is returning, all unfaithful foundations will move, within and outside the consciousness.

In the next dawn, the Sun, the Aurora, and the Light of Love will show themselves to the crystalline hearts, and they will show themselves to the opaque and perverted hearts that are ruled by spiritual ambition.

In order for love and the good to be fulfilled, the Mother of Heaven comes to intercede, but now under the command of Divine Justice, which will correct the events of the past.

It will be the moment in which each soul, and each life, will know where it has placed its faith, and in whose hands it has placed it.

Blissful will be those who will, above all, have been able to place their heart in Heaven, and unhappy will be those who will remain on the surface of the events.

The Lord sends His Servant to save the faith of thousands of souls, because the adversary still continues working.

Wise will be those who pray, because they will possess discernment.

Illuminated and clear will be those who always seek humility.

Holy will be those who have divine compassion for their brothers and sisters.

Nothing will be perfect until Christ returns, Who will finally govern in sovereignty, and the power will be taken out of the hands of humankind.

The simple will experience hope, and in spite of events, will be able to remain in the inner light.

In this way, all will become aware of the true request of Christ, His House is poor, and not lined, within the heart of the humble.

And all will see the coming of the House of the Light from the Universe, and will know that their dwelling places inhabit the subtle worlds.

Lastly, the old keys will be removed and the angels will show human beings who has the Keys of the Heavens.

Meanwhile, let us pray, until the Night Sky announces the sign of this forthcoming moment.

Your Celestial Mother will dry the tears of those who will strike their chest for having trusted in humankind.

But Christ will bring the joy of being able to live and feel Him vividly, above all appearances.

The time has come for the true apostles of silence to give testimony of the Kingdom of God to those that cannot manage to see It.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who prays together with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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