Sunday, September 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Come to My arms, those thirsty for the Spirit of God, those who have never felt in their hearts the presence of the Most High, so that through My presence they may discover in their lives the Grace that is to live under the glorious mantle of My Son, and under the Infinite Mercy of God the Father.

My children, today I come to your lives to bring to you courage and Peace, so that you may not suffer for actions of the past, but that you may redeem in your hearts all that which does not correspond to the divine presence.

Wash today your little hearts in the Fountain of Grace that I make come out in this city and in this state, so that all may have the opportunity of be renewed before God.

My presence comes to this place to show the Greatness of God, and His infinite Mercy towards His children.

The Lord has asked Me to be among His little children, and that the Light that My Heart radiates may arrive to each space, even though it may not feel, and may not open to My presence, because it ignores My real existence.

Today I want to show you that the Sacred scriptures are not stories created to maintain Faith in the heart of people. The life of the Sacred Family and above all the life of Jesus, came to renew the world and to bring to all the creatures the living example of love, that which you should love and follow for all eternity.

The Sacred Family is the same today and always, and is not wrapped up in the religious books, but is alive in each one of your lives.

My Heart, the same born in Nazareth, returns from centuries to centuries to awaken those who have not awakened in the presence of My Son, and who have not been touched definitively by His Sacrifice.

Those who have not been healed by the Blood of Christ today receive a new opportunity to be healed by His Spirit, by His Glorified Body present in the Eucharist.

As I have said to you over the centuries, I return to say to you again to open your hearts to discover the new, and to discover the Most Holy presence of the divinity in your lives.

My arms are always open, dear children, to receive even the most lost of My children. Do not look to the past, do not fill your lives with bitterness, feeding your guilts. Place all the fear and all the pain at My feet, and walk towards My arms.

My eyes do not contemplate the imperfections; they contemplate the essences and the pure intentions of to be transformed. If you take the first step, I will be able to guide you and conduct you for all of the rest of the way. Just encourage yourselves to follow this trajectory of Redemption.

The Lord waits for each one of His creatures, as a father waits for his prodigal child.

Come, come without delay, come in prayer, come in confidence and in absolute Faith. Surrender yourselves without fear to My Heart.

The only thing I ask you is that you surrender your miseries, and in exchange I offer you Infinite Mercy.

I love you Always.

I thank you for coming to My encounter.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Sunday, September 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

I am the Star from Heaven, I am the one who descends in Spirit to rescue and bless all My children of the entire world.

On this day, My Immaculate Heart descends in Glory over the city of Rio de Janeiro to bless you and remind you of the commitment of all My children to praying with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, My Heart of Mother is rejoicing when the pilgrims and devotees receive Me with faith and love in the heart. For a great and divine end I come for the second time to this city of Rio de Janeiro, because it will be necessary that those children who sleep in the dream of this world may awaken to the conversion and to the redemption of all the faults committed in life before God.

To this end, My Spirit of Peace has interceded for this place of Rio de Janeiro, so that definitively this city may open its eyes to the light of My Co-Redeemer call. So that My children may listen to My voice and follow My steps of a Pilgrim, the ecumenical prayer groups will serve as bridge and salvation for many children who have refused to find God through the presence of Christ.

So that My children may return to the Most Pure Heart of God, it will be necessary to create strong Marian soldiers who may help the great cities of the world, so that all the inhabitants may receive the Grace and Mercy of God.

Beloved children, on this day My Heart rejoices because My children from the prayer groups in Rio de Janeiro have opened a safe door to redemption. In this time of great changes and of difficult transformations for My children of humanity, it will be urgent and necessary that some praying groups and devotees of My Immaculate Heart are extended and strengthened through prayer, to collaborate in reverting the great spiritual unbalance lived in the great cities.

With the help of the priests it will be possible to form ecumenical prayer groups, and in this way you may have the new network of light and peace for the souls that most need it.

Dear children, it is a real miracle that My Maternal Consciousness can descend over this city of Rio de Janeiro; I want you to see how great is the Mercy of the Father, and how in truth He loves you infinitely, without looking at your sins and faults.

For this beloved children rise in time to My Marian Boat of Salvation, because I only want that you meet again with Christ, Your Beloved Lord.

Continue forward, opening ways and calling hearts to the mission that God has given you! Because Your Most Holy Mother Mary goes ahead to open the paths of Peace to all.

I thank all the children from Rio de Janeiro for having answered My call for Peace for the second time!

I love you and I consecrate you always,

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Peace.



Wednesday, September 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

During the Apparition of the Virgin in the Sky of the Hill we saw during the dawn the Heaven open itself, as always happens, but seconds before the Apparition of the Mother, while the angels sounded their trumpets that announced the coming of the Celestial Mother, we saw appear a moon and a sun, a different sun than the one that we know.

These two shapes placed themselves before us in the Sky. The moon was beside the sun and in an instant we saw how the moon and the sun began to spin rapidly around themselves generating strong emanations of light upon us.

After this we saw coming from the horizon twelve great flames of fire. They were like tongues of fire that were placed around the moon and the sun. After some time a focus of light descended upon the Hill and there appeared in the Sky Our Mother, the One who named Herself as the Lady of the Fig Tree, it was Mary of Nazareth.

Today She was wearing a white tunic, had a golden belt on her waist, a bright pink veil that was covering Her head and a brown color scapulary over Her tunic. She carried between Her hands the Holy Rosary.

When She appeared in the Sky the moon and the sun disappeared in the firmament but soon Our Lady asked us to observe something that was going to happen at Her right side and under Her feet, those that were surrounded by white clouds of light.

A space similar to purgatory and another similar to hell appeared. In this place beings of evil were subjecting many souls, which they were making to suffer perpetually. At this moment Our Lady liberated some of these souls and carried them with Her to a space of light and of peace in Heaven.

Later the purgatory and the hell closed themselves and then we asked Her: Mother, what does it all mean?

Our Lady answered: “It is the Apocalypse because only prayer will help you and the entire world”.

Thus Our Lady took the Rosary forcefully between Her hands and descended closer to us to transmit Her message.

My dear children,

With joy today I come to the encounter of My pilgrims to bring you the peace and the love that your souls need. I Am the Great Fig Tree and you are the fruits that are born and that blossom from it. In the Fig Tree Mother, in flower is expressed the shelter for those who need the most because the Fig Tree Mother sustains Its great roots through knowledge, donation and peace.

All of the fruits that are born from it are collected for the offering on the Altar. In this way Your Father receives from the fruits the great love of the heart. In this Fig Tree Mother flourishes peace because peace is like the water that nourishes with love the roots of this great tree of love.

In the Fig Tree sprouts peace and good, sprouts the inner light that emanates as an inexhaustible source for the souls. New fig trees will grow for this time, for this I ask you to help Me so that they may be able to sprout up in My Garden of Peace and of Love.

Dear children, I Am the Lady of the Fig Tree, in which sprouts the fruits that are dry and which, nourished by My Spirit, are ignited again as the brightness of a great star.

Dear children, for this day of anniversary I invite you to sprout as fruit in My Mother Tree so that I may be able to offer to the Lord what in truth He really expects from all of His children.

Beloved children, may the Universal Sun of God that illuminates your lives be able to sprout again the fruits that have fallen from My Tree. The angels of light will help so that these fruits may be truly reborn and matured, in the Spirit of God.

I ask you to be patient and humble so that you may recognize the path that you are now traversing in this time, a path towards your conversion, because in My Fig Tree the shelter of the most unprotected will be the key for the rescue of those who truly need inner help.

I unite all of you in My Fig Tree because there is found the wisdom of God, that which will allow you to realize works of peace. In this mystery and symbol of the Fig Tree is guarded the original Immaculate Love of the Mother, because for humanity I Am the Fig Tree Mother, that which allows to re-emerge the hearts that are lost and without peace.

May today be born from your hearts the joy of re-emerging through My Heart as renewed souls.

I thank this Center consecrated to My Immaculate Heart for having answered to My call. May this anniversary be celebrated with joy in your hearts because the message of Heaven has come to your lives.

Thank you, dear children, for being today united to My Heart of Peace!

Mary, Lady of the Sacred Fig Tree. 



Wednesday, September 25 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children of My Heart,

Today all the Universe contemplates your little beings and, through the works of My angels and archangels, I open to this place all of the portals that lead to the Divine Dwelling of the Creator of all things.

On this anniversary of the Apparitions of My Immaculate Heart of Peace the Lord has asked Me to open for the Earth the doors that lead to His Kingdom because He Himself wanted to contemplate your little hearts.

I do not know if you understand, My little ones, the greatness of this moment, but I can tell you that the Lord contemplates the fruits that were born in your consciousnesses and in this place, from the luminous seeds that He Himself planted two years ago when your beings opened the door and allowed that upon this soil were born divine trees of Peace and Fraternity.

The Supreme Consciousness of the Creator today, with His own Hands, deposits new seeds in your hearts. Such seeds that will impel you to take new steps towards the Universal evolution. A touch of the Divine Hands will transform not only your little lives but also the life of all humanity.

If you open yourselves to this sublime moment, even though it may be silent and invisible, you will be able to feel that even the cells of your bodies become luminous, awakened by the Greater Light of Our Lord and God.

Clamor today My children, for Adonai, Emmanuel and Abba, Faces of the Creator, in your prayers so that the Divine impulses may be settled in your bodies and in your spirits.

Today I tell you that all of the Celestial Servers contemplate this moment and send through the Love of Their cosmic hearts the impulse that complements the Divine Impulse.

For this unite yourselves with the heart, with the mind and with the spirit to this day of special Grace because Heaven celebrates one more year of triumph of My Heart and It also commemorates the awakening of many consciousnesses to the Universal Life.

The year that will come will ask from your hearts the maturity that I come to build day by day through your prayers. The tests which you are all subject to, they will endeavor to strengthen and to consolidate in your interior all the instructions that you have received throughout the years.

So today, My little children, I only tell you to guard in your hearts these words and to collect these seeds that today are given to you in a sheltered place, in the interior of the being.

Because an impulse of God has always a spiritual and divine reason and, for His own Consciousness to be today among His creatures in such a special way, it is because you will need this impulse and these codes left by God in order to confirm this union with the Celestial and Supreme Father once it comes the time to do so with trust.

I thank you for being today with Me and for allowing the Sun of My Universal Consciousness to be born in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Wednesday, September 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children, blessed creatures in service of the Creator,

I come today to definitely cut the ties that some of you have with this world, this world of sorrows and spiritual defeats.

From today on, for some of your souls, the presence of God will be total and you will not recognize anything or anyone else. From today on the path of sacrifice and of surrender will be the only path in your lives.

There will no longer be personal pain and suffering for any of those who today will enter in this path, only the suffering of the world, that which you will transmute in Glory to God until the last day of your lives.

It will be in this surrender to God that you will find comfort and relief, knowing that through this small surrender of your lives, day by day, in each corner of the this world a Son of God relieves the fear, the desperation and the pain of humanity.

The prayer of the heart will be your faithful companion; the presence of the Passion of the crucified Son of God will be your breath and prayer, and the company of all of My children who pray will be your spiritual shield.

To you, son, and you daughter, who have chosen from the depths of your consciousness to surrender your being to the universe as an assisting channel to the Great Transmuting Channel of the Glorified Body of Christ, I say to you:

Here I Am, I Am your Co-redeeming Mother, the One who will cover you with Her mantle each day. The One who will pick you up in Her lap at each moment of suffering and of surrender.

Here I Am, I Am your Celestial Mother, the One who will place petals of roses over your bodies so that they may emanate perfume, the One who will always have a lake of light in which to wash your wounds.

Here I Am, My beloved son, My beloved daughter, to give you to drink from the chalice that guards the blessed and sacred blood of My Son, blood that will purify you once, and one more time, so that you may stand up again and continue to surrender yourself more each day.

The world begins its great purification and in loving fraternity we will all help so that this phase may be for humanity that which marks the beginning of the new race, a race renewed in love, spirit and peace so that there may no longer be in the world the sacrifice of a few in the name of all.

Beloved children of the entire world that enter into this path:

Today I consecrate you to the full life of surrender, renunciation, sacrifice and faith that My Son lived upon the Earth. And, as it was more than two thousand years ago, I will accompany you until the end as I accompanied Him.

In Glory to God, be Blessed.

Who loves you always,

Mary, your Mother of Nazareth.  



Friday, September 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine:

Today we are already one month from the consecration of the entire world to My Immaculate Heart.

With this most important universal and Marian purpose I ask you that from today and until the 13th day of October of 2013, the anniversary of My apparitions in Fatima, Portugal, that your hearts pray seven Our Father, seven Glory, and seven Hail Mary’s, daily. In this way this sacred offering of prayer will reach the Thrones of God, like the most beautiful flowers donated by His beloved children.

Dear children, I ask that you do not fear. I Am the same of Nazareth, I am the One who seeks the lost children, those who were separated from the communion with My Son and that now it will be necessary that they return soon to the Heart of God.

I am Your Mother and Queen of the Rosary, I am the One who wants to remind you that by the Holy Rosary, prayed with the heart, a universal war that destroyed the peace and the innocence in all people was stopped, by the pure and simple sacrifice by the three little children in Fatima.

Now, before the eve of the consecration of the world to My Immaculate Heart, I ask you to be pure, simple and innocent, because the world has lost this sacred symbol.

I come from Heaven to unite what the religions and beliefs have separated for centuries. I come to recognize the Church of My Son, that which He founded in the heart of all the Christian and non-Christian beings. I Am the Star of Light that shines for all Her children. In My Maternal Heart there is no religion, but there exists union, mercy, and hope. I come to demonstrate to the world that I Am not only the Queen of Peace, but also that I am the Mother of the whole world.

I lovingly ask that you pray for the priests, so that they may carry out the designs that My Son has entrusted them with. I ask that you pray for the Holy Pope and for all the representatives of the world religions, so that the Holy Ecumenism that was taught by My Son may awaken in the heart of all.

Beloved children, I ask of all the religious people, believers, devotees, pilgrims and atheists, that they listen to My call of Love; I do not come to the world to evangelize. I come to the world to unite that which is separated in the within all the beings.

Beloved children, I only pray for you so that in this time humanity considers Jesus Christ, the Savior, as the Christ of the whole humanity, because when He returns to this world, He will show who He was in truth, and is, for this universal time.

Little children, remain in My Heart, I will never abandon you, I will always accompany you, because I love you and protect you.

I want to thank the loving and abnegated effort of all those who pray for allowing that My Work in America be accomplished according to My celestial designs.

I thank all of you for uniting yourselves to My Maternal Heart!

Who loves you now and always,

Mary, the Most Holy Queen of the Rosary of Peace



Friday, September 13 of 2013

Weekly messages


Rest your little heart in My Infinite and Immaculate Heart. Find, in the Peace that My presence brings to your life, the reason to praise God daily.

My children, even though you may not understand My presence in the world, God sends Me to visit you day by day.

Even though many may not believe in My Words, My Divine Heart only asks Me to be tireless.

Even though the world may nourish wars, conflicts and the lack of Love, My Heart never loses the Hope and the trust that an Army of beings surrendered to God will win this battle, with prayer and will install Peace among the nations and among the creatures.

Today I invite you to a silent mission, a mission that happens between your hearts and Mine, between your little lives and God.

My Marian Army walks in the invisible because its weapon is the divine word that can only be seen in the depth of the heart.

Today I come to invite you to discover the Power of prayer. Many will wonder why once again I invite you to discover this Power and I tell you that I call you to this awakening because you still do not know the true Power of prayer.

I want that you nourish the Faith of your hearts so that the intentions of your prayers may encompass the impossible and the unreachable, because for a prayer true and full of Faith obstacles do not exist, the impossible does not exist. 

Prayer walks in the invisible like pure water that is molded between the difficulties and permeates the obstacles. Prayer runs like the wind, cleaning the airs of the world and bringing life to all of the bodies and consciousnesses. If there were not beings on the Earth who pray, it would no longer exist.

It is not only of air, of water and of food that the beings live. They live above all of the Spirit of God and of the support of His Divine Consciousness. 

This is a mystery that the human science is about to discover, but the divine Science is found in the heart and not in the mind.

It is for this that today I call you to open the eyes of your heart, to lay aside the fear that has grown in your essences, a fear of opening yourselves to the unknown and of surrendering yourselves to the spiritual life.

I do not ask you for anything that will harm you, I only invite you to prayer, to fasting and to Peace. I only call you to the conversion of life, of customs, of acts, of thought and of the word so that we may no longer destroy the world with our actions and feelings, but that we may build a new world through Love and Peace that springs in the heart as it prays.

Leave today under My feet all the fear of losing what you are in order to become something new, because in truth I call you to abandon the old in order to be reborn in Christ. I invite you to lay aside the modern treasures of the world in order to make to grow the true treasures of the soul, its spiritual virtues that lead to Peace, lead to Love, lead to Fraternity that builds the New Earth.

This is My invitation, this is My Call: that you pray, pray, pray much.

I thank you for listening to My words and for coming again to the Encounter of My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Thursday, September 12 of 2013

Weekly messages


My dear children from Brazil and especially today from all of the State of Espírito Santo:

After almost five hundred years of prayer for you, God has conceded Me the Supreme Grace of coming to your aid and shelter. Because in spite of the mistakes of humanity in the past, My Mercy and My Maternal Love brings you together today in order to renew you in the compassion and in the faith that it will be always possible to change the events in the world through the loving strength of you prayer, of your hope, of your love and of your dedication to the task for the achievement of My Maternal Virginal Call.

Today I am here, in My beloved and sublime State of the Holy Spitit, of God, Spirit of Truth and of Justice for this times that humanity must seek to live so that in harmony and in peace they may be established in the entire world.

Today a ray of the Spirit of God permeates My Immaculate Heart and it is this same Holy Spirit that I bring to you to heal your old wounds, to heal your hearts and to carry you eternally towards My Peace.

My children, it is by means of the groups of prayer that God, in His Infinite Mercy, allows Me to come to your encounter and to radiate to you My Love of Mother and of Faithful Servant. It is through the prayer groups that the doors upon the Earth are opened for Me so that My Heart may descend in Glory and may visit, in love, each city of this world.

Through these Marian apparitions that in this time you live with Me I peregrinate among the essences of all of the hearts to realize and fulfill with the Plan of God upon the Earth.

Dear children, for this day of a new vigil of prayer I ask you, as the Mother of Guadalupe, that you pray for all of the indigenous people so that they may also be elevated to Heaven as today your souls will also be elevated by My maternal presence.

Beloved children, never lose the hope of being reborn in the Love of God. Now we are in a cycle of Forgiveness and of Mercy. For this, open your hearts so that I, Your Little Mother from Heaven may be able to accompany you through this path of redemption because it will be through My Son that you will find Peace for this entire world.

I thank the groups of prayer of the State of Espírito Santo for opening the Divine Door towards the Holy Spirit of God!

Who blesses you in honor to God,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace.  



Thursday, September 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children,

By means of My presence it is time that all the past of your lives may be redeemed, and that all the faults that, as humanity, you have committed over the centuries, may be forgiven.

My presence in this place has a spiritual reason of Redemption and of Liberation, so that the souls may return to the Kingdom of the Creator and the spirits may live redeemed in their celestial origin.

My Heart traverses the world, bringing the Peace that the souls so much need, because as you may see in each one of your lives, Peace almost does not exist in the world and, for lack of Peace, Love among creatures dims day by day.

I see from Heaven My little children lost in the modernities of the world, and their little souls submersed in illusions that, little by little, separate them from God and from His Celestial Kingdom.

For this I come to unite that which is separated; I come to rescue the Love that must exist among creatures, and I come to bring Light and relief to all the suffering that sleeps in the history of the nations.

My children, much is there in the world to be forgiven, to be liberated and redeemed by the Most Holy and fathomless Mercy of My Son, but He alone can do nothing. It is necessary that humanity, represented by each one of your hearts, knows how to say yes to this Mercy.

For this today, dear Children of My Heart, open yourselves to receive My Heart. Unite yourselves one to the other to sow Peace, so that there is in the world a place more of Peace, that may radiate itself to all the nations that still have not been opened to My Presence and that are lost in a sea of endless suffering.

Come to Me through your prayers and the most pure Love of your hearts. Remind yourselves of when you were children and the pure devotion that you kept for the Immaculate Heart. With this same purity and simplicity be today before My presence; because if you are simple before God, He may show you many secrets from the Celestial Kingdom, that only are shown to the eyes that are opened with purity, and to the hearts that are encouraged with simplicity. One of these mysteries is My Presence in the world.

Do not fear approaching My Heart. That My Presence may not surprise you. How can a Mother abandon Her children? A good Mother returns from time to time, from centuries to centuries and, tireless, begs before God for Her little children, even for those who do not believe in Her Presence.

This Am I, I Am Mary, Your Mother and Queen of Peace.

I thank you for answering to My Call, and for coming to the encounter of My Heart.

I wait for you in prayer,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, September 7 of 2013

Weekly messages

I Am Mary, I Am the essence of Peace, that Peace that emanates from the Heart of God.

I Am Mary, Mother and Guardian of this Peace in the heart of men and women of this world.

I Am Mary, Faithful Servant and constructer of Piety in the inner worlds of humanity.

I Am Mary, loving and pure Mother who weaves in the universe the mantle of light to afterwards cover My children with protection and love.

I Am Mary, the Eternal Faithful Mother who collects flowers in the sky to place them in the hearts of the children who suffer for the lack of peace in the world, for the lack of reconciliation with God and for the lack of fraternity among siblings.

During this day in which the world prays and fasts for peace among humanity, My maternal presence is with all of My children.

Today I have talked about peace to the nations through My spokesman, My beloved son, the Pope Francis, and the universe expects that these words and the pleas of thousands of hearts that have accompanied these pleas that have arrived to Heaven, also get to the heart of the ones responsible for the nations who must understand that Peace is vital in the world in order to be able to go ahead.

I want, on this day of vigil and loving and powerful prayer, to thank each child who has offered his or her prayer and fasting for peace in the world and to tell them that from now on there will be many days with vigils and fasting for this humanity that clamors for the Light and the Forgiveness of God.

More each day, beloved children, we must be united, you and I, your Celestial Mother, and pray to God for the people, for the nations, for the religions so that the light of the Holy Spirit may descend and bring wisdom to face the events that will come.

Today we have seen from the Heavens brothers and sisters united in a single purpose: peace. And in the universe a light of great hope has been ignited. Let us advance in this pathway of peace and fraternity so that when the Redeemer, who is returning, places His Presence among you, He may find the hearts ignited with the flame of reconciliation and love.

Be blessed, pray united for a Greater Purpose, the one that appeals to seeing human beings in fraternity.

Peace for the hearts.

Light for the consciousnesses.

Love for all on the Earth.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, September 7 of 2013

Weekly messages


As Mother and Queen of Peace, I want to diffuse My Peace to the world and build, in the heart of each of those who listen to Me, a portal of Peace and of Salvation for the souls.

Children of Mine, while your little hearts share this sacred moment at My side, other children of Mine suffer amidst conflicts, wars, hunger and discouragement.

I see in the world many hearts that get lost due to the lack of God in their lives, because they do not allow that the Divine Graces transform the events of the world.

To those who today hear My voice. I ask that you unite with Me for this Calling of Peace.

To those who strongly believe in the Power of prayer I ask today that they engage in prayer with true fervor;  and to those who do not believe, but that are willing to experiment, that they pray, pray with all of their hearts, with all the will that they can draw from their inner.

Remember, My children, that the world is much greater than what your little eyes can see, and life on Earth does not comprise only your little lives.

I come to form missionaries and soldiers of prayer, these who set out with the intention and with their heart to take Peace to all the spaces of the world; these who obey to the Call of God day and night and that are able to forsake their own needs in order to pursue the well-being of their neighbor's, above all through prayer.

My Heart needs the encouragement that the prayers of the world provide Me, to bring this encouragement to those that agonize permanently.

If your little eyes could see what happens with the little victims of a war, you would never cease praying and, only by thinking of the possibility that a soul finds itself in this condition, you would pray day and night.

For this reason, today I ask of all those who hear Me; to all those who believe and do not believe in My presence; to all beliefs, races and religions, peoples and nations, that you unite yourselves with My Call for Peace; Peace that must be born as the sun and shine over all the hearts of the world.

Unite in vigil with My son Francis, the saint Pope, so that he may be reconfirmed day by day in this purpose of reaching Peace and, by means of the response given by all beings, that he may find the strength to go ahead.

My Dears, this is My only request today: that there be Peace in the world; that there be Love among the hearts; and this will be achieved with the response of all.

When many hearts are united to glorify God, the Heavens are opened and the Creator listens to the requests of His children, sending in this way His blessed Graces to the world.

Understand today that the Power of God is greater than any force that may exist in the Universe, but this Power only will be able to act when the human hearts cry out for the assistance of the Creator, and demonstrate, through prayer, fasting, and the communion with Christ, that they desire ardently that His Light be manifested on Earth.

For the sake of the Glory of God, pray and vigil for Peace.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.

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