To follow the Plans of God, remain in prayer, and allow your spirit to constantly drink from the Fountain of Peace of the Universe.

Live each moment like it is unique, allowing your heart to be renewed in faith and in union with God.

Each day that goes by, the spiritual trial that the planet will experience is drawing closer, and each step taken by beings on the evolutive path or against evolution is what defines the destiny of the planet and the seriousness of the trials that it will go through.

For this reason, child, each time you perceive that the world is destabilizing and nations are spiritually lost, make the correct effort in order to deepen your spiritual life and always remain in prayer.

Throughout the whole way with the cross of these times, there will be tests to overcome, temptations to conquer, doubts to dispel. And every time hearts are confirmed in their faith and love for their fellow beings and God, they will transmute some part of human sin and damnation, and they will generate merits so that this planet may remain in peace.

The response of the hearts at each new day is indispensable. The renewal within beings is what renews the Love in the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Message of the Blessed Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Beloved children,

On this day, I want to thank you for the loving response of your hearts to My maternal request. I want to tell you that My Presence touched hearts beyond what your little beings are able to understand; for there are mysteries that you will only understand when you are in My Kingdom.

But at this moment, I can affirm that My Love acts through the intentions of your hearts, much more than through your actions or words. For this reason, many may not perceive it, but when your hearts emit a true intention, My Immaculate Heart of Love can intervene for souls and for consciousnesses.

Thus, today I invite you to meditate with your heart on this mystery; I invite you to search in the depths of your beings for your true intentions because it is through them that the Lord acts.

Today, I want you to learn that what is True lies within beings, and it is in this nucleus of simplicity where My Peace will be established.

I want you to seek to work on your intentions in all the actions of life, because if you want to know the most hidden intentions within you, you will truly be able to know yourselves, and you will not only discover that there is still much to be transformed but will also find the fruits of what My Presence caused to be born in your hearts, which you yourselves do not know.

I want you to know the depths within you, for the greater purpose of discovering the luminous potential that you hold in your essences. I want to show you, in this way, the purity that still exists, very hidden, in all of humanity.

Through My Presence, I come to take out from the lost chests within you the precious treasures unknown to you.

Today I tell you that My Words and the Essence of My Peace are transforming your lives, especially for those who go on pilgrimage with Me and in those that accompany Me with their hearts.

I say this because I want you to be aware of the treasures that you have already caused to grow in your souls, the luminous virtues that the Spirit of God left in your lives, so that you may avail yourselves of these virtues and take new steps.

The path of the Lord is infinite, and there will always be another step to be taken. But today I want to teach you to gather the fruits of this tree I planted, with divine seeds, in your lives, so that from these fruits, new seeds can be born, strengthened by the faith and by the will of your spirits to accomplish the Will of the Creator and manifest His Sacred Plan of evolution for the Earth.

Today, I open your hearts and make them transparent before the light of your souls and God, so that not only My eyes can see how beautiful your essences are.

With Me, contemplate the purity of your hearts, and in it find the strength and the divine power that give you the impulse to continue onward.

I thank you for being today by My side.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

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