With the trust deserved by God, dear children, today I bring you to Mexico the Divine Compassion so that It will touch the hearts of the most in need of inner healing and peace.

Opening the doors to the Love of God, I place each one of your little hearts in the Source of Unity so that you and the world will strengthen yourselves in it and in this way the world indifference will end soon.

It is therefore that as your Mother of Guadalupe I bring you today the Primordial Source for you to recognize it as a filiation within you.

Dear children, with the joy that brings Me here today to Mexico City, I show you how it is possible in spite of everything to fulfill the Will of God, and thus establish the principle of peace that does not exist in many hearts.

By showing you all My Immaculate Heart, today I leave you the possibility to be reborn every day in God and thus live in His Love so that your faith will be unwavering.

My children, I give you thanks for all the efforts performed and I ask you to trust in My Holy Spirit because It will always be for you the source of manifestation of the Work of the Highest.

I thank you all for following Me in this sacred mission.

Who blesses you under the Spirit of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Mexico, Mexico to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I offer you My Heart so that you may have it with you and see in It the Divine Fire of Love for every soul that contemplates It.

I offer you My Soul as a tabernacle so that you may find God and, in His Divine Grace, be in His Peace.

I offer you My hope so that in your heart there is strength, a path that will lead you to meet God.

I offer you My humility so that you may adopt it and, at every moment, see the Will of God.

I offer you My prayer so that you may imitate it and trust that nothing and no one can detain the Plan of God, because all is under His divine care and thus His Kingdom will finally be established.

I offer you all that is in the Heavens so that you may always long for it and know that for every effort you have made, nothing will lack for you, because whoever is in God will lack nothing.

I offer you My Love as a refuge so that in the extreme hours you may be reborn with the impetus of the Holy Spirit and thus accomplish the sacred mission.

I offer you what I am eternally.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who contemplates you with Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



By the Power and by the Motherhood that God has given Me, I come to meet you.

By the Grace and by the Divinity that are part of My Holy Spirit, I bless you.

By the Piety and by the Mercy that live in My Immaculate Heart, I shelter you under My mantle and I invite you to awaken to My Plan of peace and of love on Earth as it is in the Universe, for all Eternity.

Beloved children, as Mother and Lady of Creation, I have come to this place so that from now on I may awaken in your hearts the purity that emanates from the Kingdoms of the Nature.

I have come so that with the assistance of all the Kingdoms – which are expressions of Divine Consciousness – humanity can awaken to the spirit of unity and of peace.

Nature in Costa Rica, children, not only preserves within itself its beauty and its life, but also preserves divine principles of unity and of purity, which sustain a large part of Central America.

I have come to this place so that you may understand the role of each Kingdom on the planet; when observing nature here preserved, may humankind be touched and led into finding God again within themselves.

I have come because, in spite of all the divine expression that is within the reach of all, humanity is distracted by the pleasures and by the capital forces that obscure eyes and hearts, and do not allow you to see the great mission of the Kingdoms of Nature, do not allow you to cooperate or learn with these Kingdoms.

My children, My Heart places itself today by the side of the Heart of My Son and of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, over the great Eden that dwells here, safeguarded by God. And with Our Hearts exposed, we awaken the origin of unity among all the existing life on Earth. We awaken the purest records that the human consciousness has been capable of expressing, especially in the originating peoples of the Americas. It is in this way that we generated the correct balance to heal the past.

Today it will be enough that you open your hearts and are willing to receive the purity that I bring you.

Today it will be enough that you say yes to express in your lives something sublime and no longer backtrack on this evolutionary climb, that the human consciousness has such trouble with.

Today it will be enough, children, that you observe nature with the heart, and in humility, recognize that this world only exists through the balance generated by the Kingdoms.


Through the prayers, I clean the hells of this world and remove from those places whomever cries out for My help.

Through the prayers, I help the lower Kingdoms and relieve all the suffering they undergo.

Through the prayers, I guide souls so that they may find the Purpose and so that, above all, they may live Divine Will.

Through the prayers, I open the doors to Grace, and consciousnesses that would not deserve such an intercession have the opportunity of correcting and straightening their paths.

Through the prayers, the planet is relieved, and at least in a small percentage, its consciousness is protected.

Through the prayers, I can establish the Kingdom of God in hearts so that you always remember it and thus love it deeply.

Through the prayers, My Immaculate Heart is strengthened and this inner strength is radiated toward all who pray with their heart.

Thus everything is kept within a minimum balance, and the planet as a consciousness can breathe and endure.

All this will prepare it for its next transition and all those who have denied the life of the spirit and of transforming prayer will realize too late that they have missed the opportunity of reconciling with the Father and there will no longer be a return.

I thank you all for having prayed to My Beloved Son today.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Peace, only peace, in this way, peace will be established between nations.

For this reason, My children, I visit nations to pour out My holy Peace over them, the Peace which flows out from My Heart and from My Soul, the one which I wish you to live through My Divine Consciousness.

Today I remind you of that divine Peace, because My children of Central America and of Mexico will seek It and will also proclaim It.

Feel peace and you will be instruments of peace in the world; this will bring the inner harmony that is needed so much by the entire world.

Today I observe your effort to always be in God, and this effort is recognized by My Immaculate Heart because through effort many souls, especially those who surround you in this moment, are touched by My spiritual Grace and by My Maternal Love.

Dear children, when you touch the ground of each nation, remember to confirm My Peace, because in this way I will be able to leave My Maternal Light in each soul.

I am happy and I pray for this pilgrimage, which has already started to work in the inner and spiritual planes; this greatly helps the consciousness of the nations, especially the nations that I will visit.

Dear children, once again I leave you My Peace so that you may live It.

Onward, My little ones!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who accompanies you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear and treasured prayerful children,

While new doors of Light open, other uncertain doors close, and the spiritual consciousness of some nations finds itself free of the evils generated by constant errors.

Venezuela and its people, so loved by Me, must finally be free of that captivity in which they were placed. In this way, through the power of the permanent prayer of everyone, the great and last knot will be untied; and the people, without violence or mistreatment, will be freed from that whole chain of errors.

Continue to pray with faith, in spite of what happens or what you experience, dear children of Venezuela. I am your inseparable Mother and I come to lead you on the path of true freedom that is unknown to My enemy.

Trust in Me and I will always open the doors of love to you, rather than that of suffering.

With faith and hope, proclaim the victory that My beloved Son has achieved in you and be His new witnesses, so that love and redemption may triumph.

Remember that part of what you are experiencing today is the consequence of the mistreatment of the Kingdoms of Nature, mainly the Mineral Kingdom.

With Mercy and Piety, ask that the compassion of the Celestial Father be poured out over all your beloved people and that your Heavenly Mother may have first place as regent of Venezuela.

With the gentleness of My Immaculate Heart, I again invite you to peace, for in peace you will find the way, the truth and the renewal of your lives.

Do not give up, persevere and show the universe that you know how to transcend the errors of your peers with acts full of Piety and of Mercy.

From your people I want the triumph of love so that the hunger, the looting and the war may end soon.

I pray that your nation returns to the joy of experiencing national peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who supports you unconditionally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Opening the doors of My Immacuate Heart, I receive all of My children from Venezuela so that, at least spiritually, they may achieve peace facing so much despair.

I open the doors of My Heart for My children to take refuge within Me and to not lose hope to get out of this crisis and to start something new.

I would like all My children of this world to help, with their prayers, My children from Venezuela, so that they may enter fully into My Heart and feel a moment of peace.

At this time, your Heavenly Mother continues praying so that the strong ties of the consciousness of Venezuela can be untied and thus liberate those who are imprisoned in this illusion of life; pray also for all those who are punished by inequality.

Dear children, due to the latest events, I invite and implore to My children from Venezuela to search for the end of this whole story within their hearts and that by imploring to the Heavenly Father, He forgives all the mistakes made so that those responsible can redeem themselves and free themselves from their sins.

My wish as a Mother is that all reach Jesus, regardless of their mistakes. May love and peace reign for time to adjust all that happens.

It will take extreme patience and an unwavering love to learn to overcome, above and beyond yourselves, all the trials of faith; which the Sacred and Divine Family also had to experience in other times for all of you.

Remember that the most beautiful and important thing is the Love of Christ in each one and that this Christic love must act among you, beyond everything because My beloved Son has already taught you how to do it. The time has come, do it, My little ones! And do not lose your innocence for anything.

I thank you for truly listening to me!

Who encourages you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloved children from Brazil and from the whole world:

Today My arms open and My Mantle expands over the Americas, announcing that the triumph of My Heart is near.

Today I thank you and, with joy in My Gaze, I ask you to keep working with Me for the awakening of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

My children, since the beginning, the Creator entrusted each soul of the Earth to Me, as the most precious thing He had as a project and creation. From Heaven He pointed Me this world and asked Me, with love, that I took care and supported each of His children; that I did not look at their faults with sorrow, but rather with compassion and hope; that My Faith in His creatures were that which would eternally support their opportunities of taking steps and of rehabilitating them in the path that leads to God. And so I did it, children, since the beginning of this world.

When I came to Earth as the Mother of Jesus and the wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, it was to consummate My surrender and maternity. It was to materialize, along with My Son and the Most Chaste Joseph, the deep Love of God for humankind. It was for all to come to know and recognize the maternity of your beloved Celestial Mother, because in this way, beloved children, you would be able to find the path that brings you to My Heart, you would be able to feel that My Mantle is near and always open to welcome you.

Not all recognized My Divine Maternity, but it does not mean that I am not the Mother of those who deny Me and of those who do not know Me. I am the Mother of all. I am the Mother of those who proclaim Me and the Mother of those who ignore Me. I am the Mother of those who love Me and know Me and the Mother of those who are indifferent with Me.

Children, I do not love more or any less those who respond to My Call or those who do not help Me to manifest this Plan. The love of My Heart comes from God, comes from the Source. It is a love that descends from the Truth and that recognizes the Truth in the hearts; that is why it loves you all equally.

I do not see, My children, the indifference of humankind, because I know your essences. My great sorrow is that you do not recognize the Truth and believe that you are your imperfections and indifferences, without ever knowing your own essence.


Dear son, dearest daughter,

Conceive, in this time, of a meek heart such as that of Jesus, free of judgments, criticism, and condemnations.

Conceive within you My flame of peace and free yourself from all claims and demands.

Conceive of the humility of being similar to My Son in His Works, in His charity, and in His Infinite Mercy.

Do not reject what you live, and accept with fervor that the time of your inner death has come.

Submit yourself without punishments to the rules of love and make all that you have still limited within yourself germinate.

Freedom of spirit is achieved through first forgiving yourself and then all others. There is no peace in the soul without a reconciliation with life.

The tests that your consciousness embraces are the stairway for being able to take a greater step,  unknown to your possibilities.

Let My Son model the new being and empty yourself, fully empty yourself, every day, showing the Universe that you know how to live love, rather than just understand it.

Rather than watching you walk aimlessly, I hold out My hand to you so that you can clasp it strongly and save yourself from the danger and from the traps that My adversary inflicts.

If you know the power of My Immaculate Heart a little, I assure you that you will learn to come out of yourself to serve others and you will find the so awaited hour of ascension.

Do not let anything external bring you down; take each experience as the opportunity of dying to yourself a little more every day.

You know that redemption starts by being true to yourself; do not seek either external answers or benefits; allow the fluid of spirit to always show you the exit.

If you do not know how to begin, start by loving that which seems impossible to love, forgiving what you would never want to forgive. Do as I did for you and for humanity; I had already forgiven you in holy humility before you crucified the Son of God.

Deeply think about and do not set yourself apart from those you do not understand. True surrender will occur through your humbling yourself before the sinner or the judge who condemns your life.

Imitate the silence of My Son and have confidence, because above all Love will triumph.

Accept what you live with joyfulness. Fly, fly high, and even if you do not manage it, I will take you to the Kingdom of My Lord.


In a Heart as large as that of your Heavenly Mother, there are sublime feelings of love and unity held, which today I invite you to imitate and to live, because times and experiences are still coming that will need your expanded hearts in order to bear with and accept others.

With this I want to tell you, dear children, that love is the foundation of all life and without that love, life has no meaning; it is an empty or hollow life.

That is why I come to place My Great Maternal Heart in some of you so that you may regain the sense of learning to love and to forgive, so that your lives reflect the Light of God over the world.

It is at this crucial moment of the planet that love will be the foundation for everything, for any experience.

Therefore, do not wait to expand your hearts; do it now so that the new times find you prepared to learn again and to evolve.

Thus, I invite you to imitate My Beloved Son Who, experiencing the injustice of the world, negation, and death, did not stop loving each of you for even a second; it was that love that led Him to converting into Christ, your Savior.

Live in love and you will be able to reveal all mysteries, because true love lacks expediency or any other personal realization.

Love is infinite life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you in Soul and in Divinity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Through the aroma of Love of My Heart, I can make My children feel the sacred balm of the Light of God.

Every day I come to appease the wounded and lost hearts. Through the aroma of Love of My Heart I heal and redeem all consciousnesses.

May this time of serenity and peace be the most important premises so that everything that surrounds the material life will be transmuted.

Through the aroma of Love of My Heart I attract the Graces for all My children, and I allow each heart to come know deeply the Kingdom of Peace and of Love of God.

Through the aroma of Love of My Heart I rebuild the bases that My adversary destroys because My Love for the creatures of God is triumph, service and goodness.

Through the aroma of Love of My Heart I pour upon My soldiers the ardent aspiration of being in God, thus, dear children, I distance with My hand all influence of evil.

Through the aroma of Love of My Heart I hand you, dear children, the celestial emblem of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who radiates the aroma of Love of God, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My Spirit of Peace gathers the priests of the world so that, on the plane of the soul, they may together celebrate the Communion with Christ.

In My priests, the Divine Face of My Son must be mirrored, and this will be possible when each one of the priests accomplishes their sacred professions.

In the priests the Passion of My Son must be present; it must be vivified every day through the Sacred Sacraments. The Lord becomes present in Spirit and Life when each of His priests relives His Last Supper.

The priests must be included in the daily prayers of all, for the prophecy of the one hundred and forty-four thousand must be fulfilled in them.

The priests of Christ are present in order to attract the universe to the Earth, and it is the commitment of all good souls to participate in this sacred event when My Son becomes present in the bread and in the wine.

Each time such an exercise of transubstantiation is repeated, new Graces are poured upon the consciousnesses that perhaps would never have received them, except by means of the Sacred Communion.

The priests of Christ are a part of the spiritual movement which is gestated by the Divine Mother of the World, the Marian and Christic priestly movement, through which the foundations of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can be present in the lives of creatures, from the moment when the priests gather among them to celebrate the Passion of Christ in the Communion.

Such movement will be gestated from the moment when, after so many priestly meetings of spirituality, the principles of that movement may be formed and thus attract souls towards the deepening of their Christic path.

Such priestly movement of devotion already exists in the world. The establishment of this new movement is an extension and deepening that will help to strengthen the commitment of each priest of Christ with the plan of salvation, generating a divine field of protection.

I invite all prayer beings to pray for the coming manifestation of this spiritual movement of the Sacred Hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandúu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I will envelop the planet in My Crown of Light so that the majority of essences are protected during the day of the great battle of Armageddon.

I will spread My Mantle over the nations so that the greatest number of souls may be protected during the time of the purification.

I will ask My holy angels to guide and lead all those in need of guidance and spiritual direction on the paths of peace.

I will reveal My sovereignty to the tyrants and with My Love, I will defeat those who persecute good Christians.

In the days that will come, I will not let anybody become lost. Within what is allowed by the Law of Grace, humanity will be able to become aware of the message of the end of times.

I will give My pure Heart to all those who want to adopt it as a refuge and shield against all adversity.

I will emit the signs of the cosmos to the planet and everything will be very clear, so that nobody is confused.

In the times that will come, immediate prayer will be the lifesaver that will withdraw from the shipwreck those who have fallen into their own abysses.

Each true act of love will represent an opportunity for souls to take their steps and be freed of the chains that imprison them.

There will be for a short time, a period of inexplicable peace that all must take advantage of so that many inner and outer situations can be resolved through sacred harmony.

This time is close, and you must prepare yourselves to be always ready in service to Divine Will; for in this way, dear children, you will help to accomplish all the stages of the sacred Plan of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sanctifies you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the District of Miraflores, Lima, Peru to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Be brave, My dear children, in these times of Armageddon.

My Heart is your emblem of battle; it is the impenetrable shield that no one can overthrow. 

So, with courage and valor, be My victorious praying armies who respond to the call of the Celestial Mother; be bearers of the Grace that achieves and redeems all.

Dear children, be brave all the time and do not give up; I am here to intercede for My children and to take you to the Divine Heart of the Redeemer.

Dear children, follow My paths, because on them is written the story of your liberation and forgiveness; on My paths is written the story of all your conversion.

Triumphant in prayer and merciful in love go forth, My dear children, because there is still much to do for all this humanity.

My children, I am your Commander and Guide; I am the triumphant Mother in Heart and in Soul, in Spirit and in Divinity, through all My praying soldier children.

Dear children, it is the time to make the Plan of God triumph, and the Work will be done with the collaboration of everyone.

Be My witnesses, be finally My beloved children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you and protects you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of My Heart is near

Dear children,

Do not fear nor despair because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near and the hell of the Earth will be sealed.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the great powers will tremble; the ground beneath your feet will be removed and there will be no stone left on top of another.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will oppose it, the Kingdom of God is approaching and all souls will see it in the Second Coming of the Redeemer.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the false kingdoms of the world will perish because once again the Love of My Son will triumph, which is the Love of the Living God.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and I will reignite the fallen stars, and make them so similar to My Love that no one will believe it.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the Crown of Light of My head will shine in the abysses to remove from illusion those who sleep and are deceived by humanity.

The triumph of My Love is near and the beasts will tremble at that moment because their great and anticipated defeat will be near and the fallen angels will be rehabilitated.

Have faith and trust because the triumph of My Plan is near and I will prevent, above all, one nation from opposing another nation.

The triumph of My Divine Heart is near, first within those who were self-summoned to this mission of peace in the world.

My children, see the great triumph of My Heart already realized, for the conversion of your lives and souls, at the moment when each one of you must ask God for forgiveness.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the forces of evil will lose the battle after I have protected, in My desert, each of My children. There, the armies and celestial powers will descend to the planet to allow the power of the Love of My Immaculate Heart  to triumph in the great abyss of the Earth.

My Grace sustains you and calms you so far; the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain without being taken into account because everyone will be warned before the end of time that will come.


Dear children:

With joy My maternal and pilgrim Heart returns to Europe to gather in the name of love and peace all My children from the Northern hemisphere.

In this way, in this time what I once told you is fulfilled: “I will send the visionaries on a mission to each continent.” This shows, dear children, that times have changed and that the needs of the planet and of humanity are urgent.

I count on each praying being of this world to help Me to fulfill the plans of peace that are altered by the arts of My enemy. Anyway, beloved children, Your Heavenly Mother strengthens the life of those who consecrated themselves to the Plan, and this fortress, that is forged by sacrifice and love, makes it possible for the plan to be fulfilled by means of all those who respond to Me.

Dear children, in this way I am preparing you for what will come, the time that is approaching is unknown to all, and only prayer and unrestrictive service to God will allow that nothing gets lost within you, but rather that the Attributes of My Son flourish, the gifts that God hopes to see available for the service of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted on the Eagle of Light bus during the journey from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Feel within your hands the warmth of My Immaculate Heart, which transmits and radiates the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Feel within your hands the pulsation of My Heart, and contemplate it in devotion.

Feel within your hands the Light of My Immaculate Heart, a Light that is poured out over the world for each soul on Earth.

Feel within your hands the fire of My Heart, and observe how much it still shines in offering to the Celestial Father for each of His children.

Feel within your hands the Love of My Immaculate Heart, and pour it out with gratitude over your brothers and sisters of the path.

Feel within your hands the humility of My Immaculate Heart, and adore the poverty with which it has saved the world during the incarnation of the Son of God.

Feel within your hands the pain of My Heart, from which, for each word of prayer, a thorn is removed.

Feel within your hands the roses of My Immaculate Heart, which open to emanate the subtle scents of Creation.

Feel within your hands the purity of My Heart, which ignites and reflects like a universal mirror of redemption.

Feel within your hands the kindness of My Immaculate Heart, a kindness that intercedes for you all the time so that you finally wake up.

Feel the rejoicing of My Immaculate Heart, so that you may open and discover that the Plan of God is perfect.

Upon your chest, embrace the splendor of the Love of My Immaculate Heart, for in this way, I will help you to overcome the fears and manifest the apostleship of the New Christs.


Dear Children,

Today, together with you, I celebrate the divine opportunity of having descended from Heaven to the Earth to ask you for prayers for peace, as was once done in Fatima.

Today, with My Immaculate Heart exposed as light to the world, I come back here after ninety-nine years to tirelessly repeat the same request to you: let us pray for peace and for the end of wars.

At that time, Lis-Fátima awakened and brought to humanity the Mercy and the Purity that it had lost, and Your Heavenly Mother came to request from all of you the consecration of nations to the Immaculate Heart, a mission that is still in force for the whole of humanity.

Today, Lis-Fátima shows to the world the purity of its Inner Sanctuary, so that hearts remember that they must awaken to their original purity and live that.

On this day, dear children, when My eyes observe the world, and at the same time, observe the great spiritual and divine task of the Center of Fátima, I wish your lives to be in true offering and given to the fulfillment of My Marian plans in these times.

I bring the angelic presence to you, the incalculable source of love and of peace for an indifferent world. Hence, My children, repair My Heart and thus you will repair the Heart of God of all offenses and acts of indifference committed by those who do not hear and by those who deny My divine call.

Work with Me as soldiers of prayer, and through the uplifted word, close the doors to the hells of this world. Be My witnesses in these times and confirm your cooperation with the Plan of God; there is still much to be done and there is no time left.

Open of heart, relieve the Heart of Your Mother of so much ingratitude. United to Me, proclaim the victory of My Sacred Heart in the whole planet.

The gardens of Lis are still waiting for you so that you may enter and renew your consciousnesses at the source of original purity.

My Grace will manifest today in each pilgrim, in each soul that lights their candle here in this Center of Love(1), as well as in the Sanctuary of Fátima, to thus respond to the plan of peace and affirm their faith before the Lord.


Dear children:

Two days before the 99th anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima, I ask you to pray with Me for humanity to recover its essential purity, a purity that will lead it find peace.

Facing so much adversity in the world, facing so much hate and rancor, search in this month of May for the divine flame of My Immaculate Heart, the one that not only will warm and shelter you, but the flame of My Heart that will also guide your paths.

Dear children, I want you to remember My Apparitions in Fatima, the universal and divine event in which humanity was called to recover the compassion of the heart and so embrace the redemption of life.

As a response to this call, few were able to penetrate the mystery that Your Lady of the Rosary was indicating to you at that time. Now, dear children, with your hearts a little more open, come with Me to the “Cave of Iria” on the following May 13 to pray for peace and for the end of suffering that the terrestrial being themselves creates.

Enter in My Immaculate Heart in vigil and be conscious of what I ask you, pray the Holy Rosary and proclaim the triumph of My Heart in the whole world.

My children, thus you will be able to approach the essential purity that I poured in Fatima through the testimony of the three little shepherds of Aljustrel.

In union with your guardian angels, dear children, feel in this moment the call of My Heart so that more lives on Earth reach the Kingdom of God.

I will thank you for corresponding.

Thanks for responding to My call!

Who unites you to Heart of God,

Your Mother, Rose of Peace


Dear child,

Trust in everything you have accomplished through service to God and hold on to that Purpose. Look with attention at the treasures the Father has given you, and contemplate them in union and gratitude.

Rise up from where you have always fallen and look for the light of My Heart. Today come into in My arms and remain, just as Jesus remained, so that I might bring you to sleep in the peace of My lap. Have patience in learning to tolerate what the heart of humankind does not wish to transform.

Feel the caress of My hands of light, those which erase the memory of suffering and of the tests that My children of today experience. Remain motionless in My arms and surrender with confidence to what I hope to do in your life.

Ask for forgiveness, and in true repentance, feel how the Love of the infinite reopens the doors for you. It no longer matters how many times you have fallen to the ground of the human condition; now what matters is that you look towards Heaven and say: ¨Help me, Lord”, and help will be given you.

God loves you from the moment in which He thought of creating you, and He also loves beyond the miseries of humankind, because what will triumph in this mortal life is the soul, which will become eternal, pure, and free of all error.

The path of transformation is painful when the soul walks towards detachment from its acts, habits, and customs. When the terrestrial life passes through the spiritual storm, aid, assistance, and Grace will reach the heart that repents and asks for intercession. How do you think those who were more holy freed themselves of themselves forever?

The school of love in this world is for the brave and for those determined to know the Love of God, cost what it may. Because of that, to reach the beginning of true love requires knowing oneself as one really is, and to work every day to surmount to the sanctity of the spirit.

My Heart is the offertory for sacrifice and tests. Through My Heart everything is healed, is redeemed, and is elevated to the Celestial Kingdom.

My Heart, which gives of Itself all the time, understands and loves all souls; those who struggle to transform into a spiritual model of conversion for the world will know My Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who motivates you to sanctity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more