Tuesday, November 8 of 2016

Daily messages

By the Power and by the Motherhood that God has given Me, I come to meet you.

By the Grace and by the Divinity that are part of My Holy Spirit, I bless you.

By the Piety and by the Mercy that live in My Immaculate Heart, I shelter you under My mantle and I invite you to awaken to My Plan of peace and of love on Earth as it is in the Universe, for all Eternity.

Beloved children, as Mother and Lady of Creation, I have come to this place so that from now on I may awaken in your hearts the purity that emanates from the Kingdoms of the Nature.

I have come so that with the assistance of all the Kingdoms – which are expressions of Divine Consciousness – humanity can awaken to the spirit of unity and of peace.

Nature in Costa Rica, children, not only preserves within itself its beauty and its life, but also preserves divine principles of unity and of purity, which sustain a large part of Central America.

I have come to this place so that you may understand the role of each Kingdom on the planet; when observing nature here preserved, may humankind be touched and led into finding God again within themselves.

I have come because, in spite of all the divine expression that is within the reach of all, humanity is distracted by the pleasures and by the capital forces that obscure eyes and hearts, and do not allow you to see the great mission of the Kingdoms of Nature, do not allow you to cooperate or learn with these Kingdoms.

My children, My Heart places itself today by the side of the Heart of My Son and of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, over the great Eden that dwells here, safeguarded by God. And with Our Hearts exposed, we awaken the origin of unity among all the existing life on Earth. We awaken the purest records that the human consciousness has been capable of expressing, especially in the originating peoples of the Americas. It is in this way that we generated the correct balance to heal the past.

Today it will be enough that you open your hearts and are willing to receive the purity that I bring you.

Today it will be enough that you say yes to express in your lives something sublime and no longer backtrack on this evolutionary climb, that the human consciousness has such trouble with.

Today it will be enough, children, that you observe nature with the heart, and in humility, recognize that this world only exists through the balance generated by the Kingdoms.

Give thanks to Creation for having conceded you the Grace of cohabiting with the Kingdoms, and recognize that if they have sacrificed themselves throughout all human history to sustain you and to keep you standing, the time has come for responding, and with love offer a little of your lives to generate peace and balance all that the Kingdoms have lived for you, when in truth, it should be humankind being an example in the evolution of the Earth, because it is from your hearts, children, that the love that transforms everything comes.

Today give thanks to the Kingdoms of Nature, and be willing, from the heart, to commune with all life. As the Mother of Supreme Nature, and as Rose of Peace, I reveal My Presence to you in all that was Created and I thank you for cooperating with the life on Earth, generating peace and preparing the planetary consciousness for a new life, a life of unity with God.

I love you and again I thank you for being here and for opening yourselves from the heart to have My Love in the world triumph.

I bless you today and always,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace