Saturday, February 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

In order to prepare your spirits for the Armageddon which approaches the planetary consciousness, you must begin to seriously assume your own commitment to the Plan of God, showing this adhesion in the little things of your daily life.

My opponent will no longer seek you in the great difficulties because he recognizes that the power of prayer allows you to be in an inner state of vigilance in which the great attacks can be perceived. However, will be the most insignificant breaches that will break the structures which seemed to be so consolidated in consciousness.

Children, many are absolutely sure that they will remain strong and faithful until the end of this battle and they believe they are ready to endure the clashes that will come. What they are unaware of, in their spiritual immaturity, is that they will deal with situations and confrontations that are unusual even for universal life.

The planetary Armageddon now involves all of Creation of God, even beyond this universe, because everyone expects to watch the triumph of love and unity on this planet which has been transformed into a dark spot in Divine Creation.

With this I want to tell you that for God to triumph in your consciousness He must triumph little by little in each small space of your beings. The triumph of God in the human heart is something that each creature must offer the Creator by their own merit, because the Lord will not be able to triumph in a heart that does not open itself to live the absolute transformation and unity with Him.

My opponent knows well the shortcomings of humanity and, having himself created the capital forces that circulate the Earth, he knows well how they infiltrate the human consciousness and about the difficulties that everyone has to overcome them, since they have been gaining ground for eons of existence and today they dominate great part of humanity.

But this same opponent has once been by God’s side, and even if he no longer feels inside himself the potency of the Love of the Creator, he knows well that there is nothing more powerful in all of Creation than this Divine Love. That is why his reign trembles before a heart that surrenders itself to God and that launches itself without fear to the discovery of the prayer that unites it, without intermediaries, to the most potent Love of the Highest.

However, children, few are the ones who allow themselves to be taken by the Love of God and that really take a risk of being burned by the Fire of His Holy Spirit because the Love of God removes all darkness from the interior of beings, it overthrows all structures of evil built in the consciousness and often leaves the being in a state of absolute emptiness and non-recognition of the self, since everyone is so used to living under the yoke of the capital energies.

The Love of God is available to every creature: Its Divine Fire aspires to ignite the hearts. However, in order to receive this Grace it is not enough to ask for it with words. You must clamor for it with the heart and generate merits to receive it through your actions and daily effort.

In the experience of fraternity, charity, obedience, humility, meekness and peace are the keys to unite yourselves to God. In the permanent effort to transcend the dark inner tendencies, the Divine Fire descends to your aid and It deposes the reign of mundane forces in the beings’ consciousnesses.

No longer waste time, children, because My opponent not only trembles, he also acts untiringly, in despair for his imminent defeat. Because of this, be tireless also in the experience of love and unity. Be tireless in the understanding of your neighbor, in the donation of yourself, in the service to the Kingdoms of Nature, in the transcendence of you own pride, of arrogance and vanity. Soon the Supreme God will triumph in your own interior.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace