Most Holly Mother


An anniversary of Graces for the planet

Today, from the altars of Heaven, your Most Holy Mother offers at the Feet of the King and of the Creator all the works accomplished, all the songs offered, each effort made in matter and in spirit for the divine realization of the upliftment and the healing of humanity.

In this way, My beloved children singers, the Universe celebrates and communes of today’s meeting, which will close a cycle of apprenticeship and of challenges, to begin a new cycle in which music, instruments, and voices will become essential in the moment of the transition of the Earth.

The Mother of all the choirs, in the bliss of Her Spirit, today celebrates all the fruits attained from the moment in which your consciousnesses said “yes” to My call for the upliftment and healing of humanity.

On this sacred day, where the Holy Chalice of Christ spiritually shines at the very top of Mount Shasta, I ask you, dear children, to offer this meeting as the moment in which to make an inner synthesis, after all the steps you have taken in faith and in brotherhood.

Thus, on this day, My children, your Heavenly Mother makes this offering to God as the symbol of the union of souls with Him, as the Grace that has descended month after month, and within which the planet and the consciousness of humanity have been freed from many evils and from extremely serious events that would have been irreparable.

In this way, My beloved singers, the Universal Mother of uplifted and eternal music joins with each one of your hearts so that, being renewed by My impulse of love, your lives may be offered for the rest of your days to sing to the Eternal Father as an act of reparation and of absolute surrender to His Divine Heart.

The Source of all Graces, which comes from My Immaculate Heart, will be open so that through your song you may implore for the redemption of a sleeping humanity.

For this Christmas that approaches, dear children, the Sacred and Divine Family will be among you, in each heart as well as in each home, to renew you in love and in mercy.


My very dear children,

Finally, your Most Holy Mother and Queen of Heaven has, with Her Divine Consciousness, entered the United States, thanks to the support and contribution of all.

In the coming weeks we will begin the long awaited mission.

In this way, through the union of hearts, the Ideas of God will slowly be delineated and thus, My children will be more conscious and consistent with the Divine Plan.

On this day your Heavenly Mother prepares the field of consciousness to mercifully cause the codes of redemption and of rehabilitation to descend.

The city of San Francisco was chosen by the Divine Messengers to be the spiritual region that will receive all the necessary help so that the entire country may benefit from what will happen here.

Thus, your Heavenly Mother precedes the coming of Christ as a preparation for the spiritual consciousness of the nation.

Because of this, dear children, all that will happen here in the United States, from the beginning until the end, will be important; as well, all the support that manifests will contribute to the psychic balance of this nation as well as others, no matter how distant it may seem.

From the moment in which your hearts implored Mine, I heard you, and with the power of love and of mercy, I opened the doors so that this could take place in the face of the spiritual need of millions of souls.

Now that the Celestial Divinity looks with eyes of mercy upon all His children of the United States, a door of atonement has opened to bring a sacred and final opportunity from the Universe, the opportunity of truly loving God.

For all that has happened and for what will happen with the help of My children, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children of Mine,

In these times you will be able to see how My presence and My message of Peace traverse the world by means of the sacred pilgrimages, the ones that are possible because of the loving help of all of My children.

On this day, I wish to place you in consciousness before the magnificence of the task that your Mother has been carrying out in the whole world and especially in Medjugorje and in South America.  For these moments, beloved children, these two places have been chosen by the Supreme Will to represent some of the last points of light that My Immaculate Heart is igniting in the interior of the souls.

The whole of the Americas need the gentle visit of the Mother of God by means of the pilgrimages.  It is for this reason that I announce to you again My pending task in the Andes and in the United States.  As these are important missions, My Son has allowed for My Maternal Light to concentrate in one of the most needy places of each one of these two regions.

For this great purpose, children, today I announce to you that My Merciful and Maternal Heart wishes to arrive, in the next months, to Bogotá, Colombia, where My luminous presence will carry out, as the Bird of the Sun, a special task of blessing.  For this, I also come today to ask the groups of prayer of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic to form an only weekly group of prayer to pray and to work for this divine cause.  In this way, your Heavenly Mother will help you to concretize Her upcoming presence in Colombia.

In the United States, your Most Holy Mother wishes to carry out, together with Her Beloved Son, a spiritual mission of conversion before the material and liberal life.  In order for this conversion of the hearts to become possible and occur soon, I will ask the groups of prayer of the United States and of Europe to weekly unite in prayer in order to concretize the aspiration of the Queen of Heaven of lovingly going on pilgrimage to the city of Miami, Florida, and to the indigenous communities present in State of Oklahoma in the United States.

Awaken every day with the Light of My Immaculate Heart. Remember, My child, the call of praying together for the Kingdom of My Peace for the hearts.  May your heart of servant not be afflicted, may it be opened by My maternal presence.

I want you all from the depths of the Heart of God.  I illuminate you in your paths through the silence of a Great Mother.  I shelter you in My Immaculate Being so that your hearts may feel the relief of My wondrous Love.

My dear children, for this moment we must pray with the greatest fervor of your hearts, so that the Lord may return to kindle the hearts that are empty of Him and to the hearts that feel without Him.

For this, My little soldiers, open the fountain of prayer and of renewed life, that each one of your hearts keeps since a long time ago; thus they will be melting with Me in the Eternal Work of Prayer.  I wait for you every day because it is time to prepare yourselves for what is coming.

For all this, My little hearts, I announce to you that  the hour of the permanent vigil of prayer is approaching.  The inner light in each heart must be kindled for when God, our Father summons the awakening of the instruments that will serve in assistance to the last hearts that will be reintegrated to the greater light.

Thus, My little ones, your souls will confirm their vows to the Most High, because the time will come that each soul and each heart shall be One with the beloved angels of the Lord.  All this shall prepare the way for the last ones that will be converted to My Immaculate Heart.

Walk, My little ones, in absolute faith that together with the Merciful Light of My Glorified Son, every path can be treaded.  The time has arrived to confirm the complete trust in Christ.

May Peace reign in your hearts.

Who guides you, adores you and loves you,

Pray with love and purity in every moment of life; for this path you will remain inside My Immaculate Heart.

Today I invite you to the inner preparation for the new cycle that is coming. For this My little ones, you must continue praying with the mission that many of My children be redeemed by the glorious light of My Love. I pour over the hearts the Graces that come from My Celestial Father, so that your hearts may be strengthened and be donated without tiredness, for love to all the souls that are blind.

I invite you to remember the origin and the beginning of My Original Purity that was announced by the Archangel Gabriel. I am the Blessed and Immaculate One among all the women, because I bring the Message of Peace for all the hearts and for all the souls.

For this My dears, be as blessed as My Heart is and unify in fraternity and compassion that which the hearts of some people have separated from God. Cultivate the seed for the coming time and let us pray together, so that My Peace may be established in the hearts that are alone.

I call you all, and in every moment I wait to find you united to My Immaculate Heart. Unite your hearts to My Heart so that My Motherly Voice may resonate in you hearts.

My little ones: as so many years have already passed, in humility, reverence, and love I invite you and call you to prepare the birth of My Son so that more light may be kindled in the souls distant from His Most Sacred Heart, thus preparing His Celestial Return. I bring all the hearts upon My mantle so that they may be elevated like roses to God. Find purity in the inner: I will help you. Let us pray for Peace. My Kingdom will come to the assistance of the little hearts.

Who shelters and guides you always with Heart and Soul,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  


Today it has been two years, on the 18th of August of 2011, when Aurora dawned in splendor, it received the Grace of the descent of the Virginal Mother, of the Mother of Love. She in Her humility and maternal surrender, opened Her arms to shelter all in Her Heart.

This was the day in which Heaven was united with the Earth and the celestial angels filled with light the corners of the Inner Aurora. From this day on God opened a new source of Mercy for the world, that which would serve the reparation and the healing for the souls of the entire world.

As in Merdjugorje, My Mother has prepared the path so that more flocks recognize the Only Shepherd of Love and of Mercy.  For this today Heaven is reunited to praise God eternally so that His Magnificent and Loving Will continues to be poured upon the world and on all of the souls.

Now you will be able to see through prayer the fruit achieved in many creatures of God, those that have returned to the Kingdom of the Father and have reconciled themselves with the Infinite Love of God.  See today, My dears, the fruit of the New Aurora, the New Sun that shines in the hearts that have only said yes to the call of the Most Holy Mother.

May this day remain guarded in your memories because God has been able to fulfill His Purpose in the most little hearts.

Let us praise the Father for His Unfathomable Mercy and Pity!

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to God with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Perceive the life around you, the Kingdoms, the elements, the presence of your brothers and sisters, the light, the color, the sounds. Perceive what the surroundings create in your heart, what they reflect in your mind, in your emotions, in your heart.

Life, child, is permeated by the silent presence of the Spirit of God, but He is hidden, hiding like the King of the Universe, hid in the Womb of His Most Holy Mother. The Spirit of God only reveals Itself to those who are humble of heart and who open to perceive the mysteries of the divine presence among humankind, just as His Son revealed Himself to the simple in the manger of Bethlehem.

If you are not able to feel the presence of the Spirit of God around you, close your eyes, breathe and become silent. Within the air that enters your being, that is where the Spirit of God dwells. In nature, in its sounds, in its colors, there dwells the Spirit of God.

Live in this presence and act, in each instant of your life, under the Eyes of your Heavenly Father. In this way, you will see, child, that you will no longer do those things that cause you to fall, again and again, into the same errors and tendencies of the past.

Live with the gaze of the Spirit of God upon you. But do not only live in fear of God; know that His Presence comes to help you to re-consecrate your life and to persevere in your consecration.

May the Eyes of the Fire of God that are upon you lead you to transformation.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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