Message for the Apparition in the Marian Center of Aurora, transmitted by the Most Holy Lady of Aurora, the Virgin Mary, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, so that I can take you to the Kingdom of the Heavens in heart and consciousness, and so that your soul may be an instrument of God.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, so that through you all humanity may experience the holiness and consecration of its essence.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, so that this world may be perpetually united to the Most Sacred Heart of My Son, the One I bring as a celestial gift to humanity.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart every day, so that your soul does not run the risk of getting lost on this path so full of shadows and traps.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, surrendering your life and all of your virtues to Me, so that I can have them available for the salvation of all souls.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, and set an example of life for all creatures.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, and be the thread that leads the evolution of the lesser Kingdoms, which will find in you the path to evolution.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, tirelessly, so that the temptations of this world may not overcome you.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart and be the joy of the Heart of God, so that I may find in you the reason to intervene for humanity.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart and do not lay down your arms; be a tireless soldier of this army of Peace.

Consecrate yourself to My Heart, My son, My daughter, so that the Plan of God for this world may be fulfilled.

Walk towards the consecration of life permanently.

Always count on the help of My maternal arms when you fall on the ground and feel that the oppression of this world is greater than your ability to stand up.

Dear children, I want you to set an example of consecration for this world, so that through those who respond to My Call, this whole planet may light up and the souls may awaken to the consecration of the Divine.

Today I bring in My hands the Most Sacred Heart of My Son, which I lovingly give to the world, so that you may merge with Him for centuries to come.


My dears,

Today I want to confirm to your hearts that My Mantle must be a single mantle of light that covers all of humanity. I want each corner of this Mantle to be sustained by the hands of My children, those who have given themselves to My Heart, independent of religion, belief, or race.

My Heart contemplates hearts, souls, and spirits, and there, where My gaze can reach, there is no difference between My children.

My dears, My Word arrives in this time in many places of the world and, in all of them, My Message is the same, a message of peace, of union between peoples and nations, races and religions.

Humanity itself created its own separation, so that each one, in their own way, could find God, and now My Heart comes to unite all of My children under My Mantle of Light.

As the Mother of all humanity, I come to ask you to pray for one another, so that all of My children may know My Heart and thus reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let there be no competition, envy, nor any distinction between My little ones, because today I tell you that all the creatures that your eyes can see and your hearts can feel must equally enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

All of My children must walk together to achieve the Grace of being by My side. And it does not matter to the Heart of God who will arrive first at His Kingdom, nor does it matter to Him the number of merits generated to reach Paradise. 

My Heart descends to Earth bringing the boat of salvation for souls and for all Kingdoms, and this boat will only return to the Kingdom of God when the last of My children has entered it.

Today My Heart invites you to awaken to love and fraternity; it invites you to see the hearts of the world through My eyes and, when you see any creature before yourselves, aspire with the heart that it may find Me, that it may walk towards the Heart of God, through the Heart of Christ.

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Mother of the Divine Mercy, transmittedin the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

For another month, today I gather everyone into the depths of My Immaculate Heart, in this way, preparing the anniversary of Graces that will take place during the next month of August, in the original place where Heaven touched Earth.

For this purpose, and so that more hearts may awaken to My call, I invite all the prayer groups, for love and universal order, to help through their prayers and their donations so that the mission of the new bridge that is being built, and has not yet been finalized, may be fulfilled at the Marian Center of Aurora.

My dear children, if among everyone we are not able to gather the praying and donating efforts to concretize this bridge, before the month of August, this bridge, that wants to lead you to peace, will not be concretized.

Therefore, as Mother, I invite all My children to fulfill this request in truth, love and faith. Today I reveal to you that, some time ago, I asked My visionaries for the construction of a new bridge, for everyone to be able to reach the Marian Center.

Now I ask you, My beloveds, to incarnate the symbol of My petition within all of you.

What will it mean for your souls to build a new bridge and to concretize it, even in the physical plane?

God is showing you that, in this time of change, the bridges will be built by all.

My children, as a Mother, I give you this challenge that, if it be fulfilled with love by My dear children, the Marian Center of Aurora will be able to count on a secure path for the next month of August, in which My children will be able to cross.

While My Heart speaks about these small things, it wants to transmit to you the importance of everybody being able to build a new world based on spiritual maturity and faith.

If this bridge is able to be built before August 8th of this year, the current path and the ecosystem that is used by all will no longer suffer aggressions, and the Kingdoms will be able to once more approach all the regions of the Marian Center and to manifest, in this way, the harmony that existed, when the old bridge was present.

But what will building a new bridge mean?

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Most Holy Peace, transmitted in Manantiales, Maldonado, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children,

Blessed be Christ Jesus in your precious lives!

On this evening of Saint John, I invite you to imitate the loving example of the faithful disciple of Jesus. As Mother of the Divine Mercy, today I ask you to consecrate your beings to the perpetual and eternal Light of My Immaculate Heart. As Mother, I call you so that your lives are consecrated to the Mother of the Celestial Divine Universe on this consecrated evening to Saint John.

Dear beloved children, with joy, My maternal Heart reaches this part of Uruguay to confirm My company and My Presence on the special awakening that the Marian Center of Aurora will have during the month of August 2013.

As Queen of Peace, I invite you to tomorrow enter into My Immaculate Heart once more, on June 25, so that thus you may follow me especially on this new anniversary of the 32 years of the Apparitions in Medjugorje.

My children, during this cycle of June, you will be able to understand that Mary, Queen of Peace, returns to the world with the hope of a prompt conversion and awakening of humanity. Therefore, on this day of Vigil, I ask the Marian Centers and all pilgrims who follow Me, to unite in profound prayer for the special intentions of the Virgin Mary.

Your hearts will pray constantly during the next six months:

• For Peace to be established among nations and in the world.

• For the future mothers to love the precious coming of the children of God through birth.

• For the nuclear conflict to end and so that the only plans of human beings be peace and good for the whole world.

• For the planetary healing that emanates from the Sacred Heart of Jesus to be poured out upon the most inveterate sinners.

• For the children, youth, and adults of the whole world to awaken to the call of conversion and the true change of the attitudes of life. This will be possible when parents who are responsible for the spiritual path of all their children experience and spread the life of prayer among families and among all beings.

Today I also ask you to pray:

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to Friar Elías

Dear children,

Once again I will be among you in the primordial Center of prayer of Brazil. I will be among you in the Center of prayer of Figueira.

Dear children, today, with the special devotion that My Heart radiates, I will transmit to you an instruction from Mother to child, from the universe to the disciple.

My children, God prodigiously manifests Himself in three ways for souls, for His creatures. God can manifest Himself through the spirit of His creatures and transmit His Wisdom; God can manifest Himself through the minds of His creatures to transmit His Ideas on the Plan of Love for the universe; and God can manifest Himself through the soul of His creatures to transmit His Love to all the spaces of Creation.

God is an Essence of pure, wise, and divine Love; from Him comes all the powers of Creation and manifested life. God is owed honor, glory, and praise because He achieves His greatest expression through the love and unity among creatures.

Today, dear children, I want to teach you in this time to experience a lesson of humility, because God expects your consciousnesses to mature. This lesson of humility consists in your recognizing that God has the majesty and the power to manifest Himself to His creatures in different ways, in order that souls may know Him and feel Him as the Source of Love for life on Earth.

When God recognized the offering of His faithful Servant, the Virgin Mary, there was never any intention of appropriating it, in this mystery of surrender and sacrifice. The Love of God rested in My maternal consciousness, a pure and true Love that entered My Heart to have it become immaculate.

See, My dear ones, how God acts and reveals Himself to His children with Love and Faith, because God expects humanity to attain peace through the knowledge of Divine Truth.

When a heart gives itself to the universe, God is able to manifest Himself in that creature, and then His Will is etched in that consciousness that, through faith and devotion, must accomplish it.

Weekly Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in Villa La Angostura, Neuquen, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children of Mine,

Today I place each one of you in My embrace of love, so that you may feel My maternity within your hearts.

My children, praised be the homes of the families that open the door of their hearts to the Queen of Heaven.

Praised be the families that pray with Me every day, to reach conversion and redemption.

Praised be the families that teach their children to pray with the heart in the first years of life, for My motherly Heart will be with them.

Praised be the adolescents and the youth who find My Son in Communion because, as an example of faith, they will open the door to those who are lost, without love and protection.

Praised be the homes that day by day are consecrated to the victorious Light of the Immaculate Heart, for I assure you that God will be present through Me to guide you in faith and hope.

Dear children, today My motherly aspiration is that all homes may praise the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today I come to you to ask for prayers for the families of the world since few live the Commandments that My Son has given you.

Today My Heart also rejoices for so much beauty created by God the Creator in this region of South America. Behold, dear children of Mine, how God is withdrawn in the silence of this entire blessed place.

For this motive of joy and praise, I ask you to unite in these times as one network of prayer throughout Argentina. I ask, out of love for God and everything created by Him, that you be one in spirit, in heart, and in consciousness.

Dear children, God expects from Argentina the absolute awakening to prayer and to the conversion of all those causes that offend the Creator. God has precious Designs and Graces for every nation that, above all things, is part of the universe of God.

Welcome the Holy Spirit in your homes, open the door to It so that just like in the Cenacle of the Virgin Mary, your spirits of love may be guided by Its blessed gifts. When My Heart approaches your lives, it is the Holy Spirit cultivated within My Heart that radiates to help you take steps towards the immaculate faith in It.

Special Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Praised be Jesus, dear children of Rio de Janeiro!

For the first time in the history of My Apparitions, My Immaculate Heart receives the celestial permission to descend in Glory and Mercy upon your needy city of Rio de Janeiro.

In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on this day I call you to truly open your hearts to My Heart, so that, in this way, I may have the permission to take you to Jesus Christ.

Dear children, after so many months and years in which My Work has been accomplished in this part of the Americas, together with the Center of Medjugorje, My fundamental Message for all of you is Peace! Peace! Peace! If you do not try to live in peace, how will the Kingdom of the Heavens reach your tiny lives?

For this reason, dear children, may peace reign among you, so that it may later reign in the cities and in the peoples; mainly, peace must reign in families, so that my Son Jesus may receive the permission to reign, with His redeeming Light, in your hearts.

My children, let peace be the keynote of this epoch. The world must be in peace so that it may be in the Arms of God, and this will be possible, beloved children, when you simply pray the Rosary with your heart.

Dear children, in each Mystery of the Rosary you have the keys to achieve your conversion and find the states of peace: peace in your heart, peace in your consciousness, inner peace, peace in your souls, peace in your work for God, peace in each space.

In the Peace of Heaven, you will find relief for your recurring problems. If you still do not have peace, My dear ones, it is because you must first love God. If you love the Father, you will never lack joy, and thus, Peace will be the main cause that will generate happiness, hope, and daily victory in you, a divine victory that can reside in the heart of each being.

Seek within yourselves where peace is to be found because peace is strengthened through the sublime power of prayer. The repercussion of prayer is many Graces; so, My dear ones, may prayer be the true reason for you to live in peace.

Special message received of the Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Children, today I keep you all in My Heart, and this means a victory of My Immaculate Heart in your hearts. My arms are open to gather within My heart the praying servers of My Son Jesus because the moment to share the life of prayer and fraternity among all the souls of the world is arriving.

Dear children, with joy, I invite you once again to the prayer of the heart. Prayer must be your constant work of love; a prayer that resounds in your hearts, that builds the goodness and peace among the groups, families and nations; a prayer that helps the souls that day by day despair due to not finding the correct path towards light and peace.

Children, as Queen of Peace, I call you to be permanently in the Kingdom of My Peace. This Kingdom, of victory and glory in the Heavens, is near your lives and homes. This Kingdom that My heart wishes so much that you are able to gestate through examples of goodness and charity, of love and brotherhood.

Children, you know that My Heart of Mother watches over all the children in the world and that the world is in a spiritual crisis due to the lack of love in the hearts of the human beings towards the Kingdoms created by My Father. They ask humanity for help and assistance; day by day souls suffer and are discouraged. This is the evil of the enemy that can take the attention of My children away from prayer.

Therefore, dear children, I still appear here, as in Medjugorje and in Salta, to sustain, with My maternal spirit, the inner chaos of humanity.

As a Mother who consoles the afflicted and in despair, I ask you that, week by week, as you have done on Tuesdays, My little ones, you embrace with love the life of prayer and, in groups, pray for the concretion of the Plans of God on Earth, pray for peace and for the conversion of all who need the Love of God.

I constantly gather the prayers of My children throughout the whole world, day by day. When you pray with Me My spirit of love is among you, within your homes, feeling the hearts and needs of each child.

Open the doors to Me! because I want to reign within your hearts, in your families, marriages and friendships. I am the Sun that descends upon the universe to heal you and finally take you to the Arms of My Son.

Message for the special apparition of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in Asunción, Paraguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dearest children,

Today I gather all of you, in the name of My Son, because your small hearts are in My arms, so that you may feel the maternity and the transformative love of My Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, dear children, may all your intentions be raised through love towards the Heavens, so that My hands may gather the needs of your beings, spiritual needs that are heard by the great hearing of My Heart.

My children, today I shed many blessings upon your hearts, so that they can recognize the power of the Mercy of God.

Dear children, may your souls find rest and shelter in the Heart of My Son, because in Him, My Heart will guide you through the steps that your consciousnesses must take towards the Lord.

May your eyes see the joy of My spirit, may your hands be in constant prayer and devotion so that you may distance yourself from the normalities of the world, because they are the plans of the enemy upon My children who awaken to conversion.

So that the plan of My Peace may be fulfilled, your prayers will strengthen the coming of Mercy of My Son upon humanity.

Therefore, during this evening, go in absolute and thankful peace, because My Heart contemplates you and tomorrow, on a new day of blessings, I will await you from Heaven and then descend and radiate My maternal Love.

May your open hearts be partakers of the Love of God. Never get tired of loving that which God sends you to learn. All is contemplated by the Universal Heart of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you always,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I am the Lady clothed and surrounded with the Light of the Great Sun.

I am the Immaculate Spirit guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the Universe, I am the Queen of Peace.

I am the emanation of Love, of Unity and of Faith for all My children.

I am the refuge for those who are alone, I am the morning that awakens in each one of the lives.

I am the Morning Star, I am the Aurora that gathers the flocks of Christ.

I am the Immaculate Conception that brings comfort for the desperate, Love for the dispossessed, Faith for the lonely and Redemption for those who have denied God.

I am the bridge to the Heights, I am the Mother of the Perpetual Prayer of God.

I am part of the Divine Word, I am the testimony of the Creator.

I am His Servant, I am His Server. I am part of His Light for the world.

Dear children, I am the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I am for you the New Flower, I am the subtle Scent from the Fount of God.

I am the Mother of the Redeemer, I am the Servant of Christ. I am, for My children, the fountain that heals the wounds, I am the Blessed and Immaculate Heart.

I am the Mystic Rose, I am the Spirit of Peace.

But I will be even more, upon this world and in the universe, through your love, your compassion and your humility.

My children, today I invite you to be part of the Great Spirit of God. I invite you to live in the Heart of the Most High so that humility, sacred devotion and reverence may be able to be born from your tiny souls.

In you I will be the Mother of Graces. United to My Motherhood you will be united to the Eternal Father who conducts each soul, each one of My little children.

Dear children, may from your essences spring the wisdom to understand with the heart who, for Love and Grace, visits you month by month.

Just as I want to be with you, My Son wants to be part of your beings.

What greater Love is there if not the one that is born perpetually from God?


Under any circumstance of life, remember, dear son, dear daughter, that I am the Celestial and Universal Mother. I am the Queen of Peace and the Guardian of Faith in all hearts.

This is why, My children, today I invite you to contemplate My Immaculate Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Most Chaste Heart of Joseph, so that your lives may rise up as flames of peace at the feet of the Creator.

Dear children, the devotion to these three Hearts will protect you from all evil, will prepare you as souls, will alleviate you from every pain, and you will always find in Them the Eternal Light for your hearts.

Today I call you to strengthen the devotion of the heart, not only for life, but also for your pure essence, that, at the end of everything, must reach eternity.

Little children, lovingly consider these three Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Peace, Love and Unity as a guide, because thus the consciousness of all My children will be redirected towards Love and Redemption.

You, as instruments of the Creator, of Life and of the Only Existence, are called to repair these three Hearts, because an act of love to the neighbor, a sincere and true prayer and an action of peace and charity will repair the offenses that these three Hearts receive from many souls that, in ignorance, lose themselves on the path towards the Light of God.

For this reason, dear children, as the Mother, Help of the believers and of the non-believers (*), of those united with God and those distant from God, of devotees and of the incredulous, I ask you to pray so that in this way, under the action of the Grace of the Holy Spirit, each soul and all of humanity may awaken and find the true Will of God, the love and the total forgiveness of all causes.

Today, My dear children, I call you to wake up, with bravery, from this time of apparent normality so that your hearts, united to Christ, King of the Universe, may act as Light on the planet, as relief of pain, as shelter for the great number of souls that walk without guidance in this world.

My children, it is time to collaborate from heart to heart, and from soul to soul, so that the Kingdom of God may have its streams on Earth.


Dear children,

Today I ask you that your hearts do not lose the Peace that My Son is giving you through My Maternal Presence.

My children, opening My Perpetual and Immaculate Heart, I ask you to come into it so that I may be able to elevate you as consciousness to the arms of the Creator.

Today is a moment for your lives to withdraw into the Heart of God by means of the imperious exercise of the prayer of the heart. All of you, My dear children, are co-responsible for My Marian mission here on Earth. Because of this I not only ask you to open your hearts to My call, but also to My requests for the salvation of the souls of God.

May your lives, in these times, be able to represent the path that Christ walked here on Earth. Therefore, dear children, it is important that all of you remain under the light of the Holy Spirit, because the time has come to learn to love, forgive, accept, give and fraternize your lives with each one of the hearts in the world, also with those hearts that you do not know.

All, as humanity, are inside the great boat of God that, about to leave towards the infinite, waits for the last flocks that are called to elevate themselves towards the arms of the Creator.

Dear children, this call that God has entrusted Me to make through My monthly coming has a spiritual reason that, throughout time, My Heart of Peace has been building in your little dwellings.

The life of prayer will allow your hearts to unite to each other, and above all, to unite in the call that My voice pronounces day by day. The new time has not come yet for My children; much must be forgiven and reconciled from the heart. But yes, My little ones, the moment of the Good News that I bring to you has come so that you can be partakers of the Kingdom of God.

My children, the promise is for all when you simply say “yes” to Paradise.

I thank you.

Thank you for responding to My call for humanity.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

May trust be the next spiritual goal that all your hearts will be able to radiate as worthy children of God. My little ones, may this trust between the creatures and the Supreme God be the new redeeming alliance for this humanity in need.

My children, today I call you to strengthen, by means of prayer, this same alliance which My Son established between His Sacred Heart and God. Dear children, may this purpose for your lives be the reason of your presence on Earth in such a way that if you keep this spiritual flame of God ignited, many creatures in need will be able to be helped by the Great Angels of the Lord in the final time.

Dear children, it is important to consider this in your life: to build in your dwelling the perfect union between the soul and God. And this unfathomable trust will begin through the act of love, a love that My Son teaches you to live in your life, a repairing and redeeming love.

For this reason, today I invite you to open your hearts to the Light of the Creator, Light that is being poured over all My children of humanity through My Maternal Presence among you.

My children, may your hearts ignite again with joy, in gratitude so that your lives can be eternally in the Lord.

Today I call you to live in this trust as it will take you towards faith, and faith will keep you in the devotion to My Immac- ulate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May Our humble Hearts be the essence of forgiveness and hope in your lives in the moments that humanity will live.

If prayer were the Light in all of the families of humanity, they would become sacred families, members of the Fraternity in these times.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In Jesus you will find the true path towards peace. For this reason, dear children, opening My merciful arms today I ask you above all things: come to Me because if you do this My Immaculate Heart will help you.

Today, especially, I open My Protecting Mantle so that, through the prayer of the heart, each one of My children may place themselves under My Mantle so that the Rays of the Eternal Light of God may illuminate you and may show you the just and holy path that you are invited to travel, imitating My Son who traveled it once for all humanity.

Dear children, find the strength of faith in the devotion to My Immaculate Heart. I want to cause you to be reborn as Jesus made brother Lazarus resurrect. Dear children, it is time to walk so that you may be able to see the Eternal Light of Divine Mercy that My Son wants to give you.

Go forward and do not waste time because My Son needs you strong and brave as the flight of the birds in the dawn.

Dear children, today I invite you to pray for Light in the heart, I call you to remain in joy, because this will allow you to awak- en the inner presence of the Holy Spirit in each one of you. Come to know the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

Stay in My arms! Trust in the surrender that My Heart makes for you today.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In My Spiritual and Immaculate Heart you will find the protection and the help that My Maternal Love wants to pour for each one of the sheep of Christ.

Dear children,

With your hearts directed towards the Heights, I invite you to be in peace and to search for this Eternal Peace in the depths of your souls. It is the time and moment to prepare the heart for the coming of the Good News that My Son will pronounce for each one of your lives.

My children, looking at this world with compassion, I ask you: pray with the heart! Because if you do not pray with the heart, the precious instrument that God has given to you will lose its spiritual strength. The world lacks a deep and loving life of prayer. Through this prayer all My children can be guided, as the Holy Spirit guided My Immaculate Heart.

My Maternal Heart counts on all the hearts open to respond to My call, a call that My voice pronounces from Heaven to this entire humanity that is deaf to the Divine call to the conversion of the heart.

For this reason, dear children, I invite you to convert all that still needs to be converted by the merciful fire of My Son. I talk to you with love so that your consciousnesses may awaken and not fall asleep when My voice lovingly manifests Itself to you.

I ask that you follow the path of consecration to My Heart because in this way you will give Me permission to guide you towards the state of peace that you must now live as a premise for your lives.

Dear children, never tire of praying. Constantly elevate prayer towards the Heights. God, attentive to the supplications of My children, will respond to you. Trust in this so that in this way you may love the Celestial Will.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Dear children,

If you carry a cross in life this is a sign that your hearts must continue walking as the Heart of Jesus has walked to the end. The more that the cross seems heavy, more is the reason for you to follow the path to redemption, forgetful of everything and loving everything each one has that was given by the Lord.

Know My children, that the path of redemption is a path that calls you to reparation of the past through forgiveness, so that thus your hearts reach reconciliation with God the Father. He awaits you with immense love and compassion so that your lives, through redemption, may be elevated to the Heavens.

For this dear children, may each cross that you carry be an offer for peace in the world and above all for the reconciliation of all hearts with the Highest God.

The cross of pain has yet been carried by My Son, His redeeming love has triumphed in the world and He returned eternal life to all.

Now, I know the burden and the magnitude of each cross of My children and I want to help you relieve any burden so that you, with your hands and your arms, may run in immense joy to God.

Humanity carries a great cross that across time the Celestial Father, through the presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart, has tried to alleviate.

But now, little children, you as true groups of prayer, may call for the fountain that heals all and restores all: the unending fountain of Mercy. It is in Mercy that all may be relieved.

Trust in the Merciful Christ because His Love will embrace you when you only say: “Yes, to You I surrender myself, Lord”.

Thank you for answering My call.

As Mother of Consolation I give you peace and all the Celestial Love of the Father.

As Queen of Heaven I want to bring you closer to the Divine Heart of My Son.

But today dear children, permission on the part of each one of you will allow for your souls to be united with Christ and Christ to be united in love with you.

It is the time to live the conversion of the heart through daily exercise in the verb of prayer.

Your lives must build the example of brotherhood and charity so that this message of donation may be transmitted to those who still do not live in the absolute service to the Creator.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart is the great consoler and helper for all souls because in My arms may be found refuge and the support necessary for each of My children.  And when everything seems hard in your lives it will be the moment, My children, to commune through prayer with My Glorified Son.

It is time for your gaze to be directed to the consoling and merciful gaze of Jesus because in Him you will also find relief for the inner calvary that you are living.

Know dear children, that the great consolation that My Heart wants to pour out is the consolation of Peace.  Because it is in Peace that many of My children in the world may be born as precious essences before the throne of God.

The true consoling relief for the afflicted ones is that of My heavenly missions on Earth.  But now to all Marian groups of prayer I place the task of reversing through the prayer of the heart all  that causes suffering to the innumerable children that need peace and love.

You are already under My mantle, but now the other children, the ones more distant from Me, must also be under the Redeeming Light of Jesus, the infinite Light of God the Father.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


In My sweet stars you will find the guideline that I come to announce to the world. They are as the loadstar of Bethlehem for each of My children, because the stars are as the dawn and the bright light for those who must revive to life in Christ.

Dear children, with immense delight I bring you to the Heart of My Son, who must be loved and venerated daily by this humanity.  In this way this preparation will allow you to receive the coming of the Redeemer for the second time to this humanity.

With all this dear children, today I want to invite you to contemplate the Merciful Face of the Living God through the presence of My Son and so that you may also witness the presence of the Most Beloved Heart of God through My Immaculate Heart.

Know dear children, that in My stars you may see the new dawn, the long years of peace, that promise written in the Heart of God the Father for all My children.

In the adorable and venerable Heart of Christ you will find the safe path that will lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Humanity may with prayer, remedy the past and the suffering that it has gestated for a long time.  Now My Marian soldiers must express hope and redemption for all those who still do not have them.

Also today I announce dear children, that My monthly presence for the days of May 12th and 13th, again in the re-emerging and beloved Portugal, will end on May 14th, with a pilgrimage of all those present in the apparitions to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Aljustrel.  In this exercise you will be as many other children relieving My Immaculate Heart and repairing the Justice promised to Europe.  The angel of the Lord will help you and He will consider this humble offer as on behalf of all.

Thank you children for replying My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


To those that are fallen, I will raise them. To those that are sad, I will cheer them. To those who have lost hope, I will give them hope. The ones who suffer, I will relieve them. Dear children, these are promised from My Son.

For this, pray, pray with the heart so that all My children may receive this precious and merciful act from My Son.  My Heart serves you as a support, as a guard and as a salvation, so do not fear the falls of life.  Today I invite you, through the Divine Spirit of Christ, to rise from where you are and walk again, held by My Beloved Son’s Hands of Light.

You dear children must build in your hearts through prayer the promises of the Live Christ as a preparation for the new time of peace and in honor of the return of Jesus, which is awaited by all.

Today each one of My little ones must see themselves as a disciple who having received the instruction of the Master of Love, now awaits in vigil the coming of the next call.

Thus My children, My Heart of Mother in this time brings you again to the call of prayer, to forgiveness, to reconciliation and to mercy; may your hearts purify the feelings and all intention become pure and crystalline as the water of a charming river.

Open your hearts, day by day, before the Voice of My Heart because know well that God calls you so that your lives manifest the gift of peace and of meekness for this time.

The world may receive from you the prayers, but even more it may receive the effort to transform life into an instrument of My Peace.

I prepare you with love and I guide you with immense maternal love.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Never forget to set aside and dedicate some time for the encounter with My Son and with Me through prayer and through Our Presence in your hearts. In these times, dear children, Our careful effort is that Our Hearts of Mother and of Redeemer Son be the columns that may sustain each one of your lives.

Dear children, We as Hearts, have offered Ourselves to the world because God in His Kind Mercy sends Us to recover the world and all of the souls that are upon the face of the Earth.

My children, so that the enemy does not interfere in My Plans of Peace, I invite you to follow Me day by day in prayer. Do not lose the faith that I have given you with love and with gratitude. Whenever you lose the strength to pray do not detain yourselves, run towards My Son so that He may embrace you and shelter you. Whenever you feel lack of love, do not despair, penetrate into the Light of My Immaculate Heart and affirm My Maternal Presence in each one of your lives. I love you deeply and I wait for you as true missionaries of prayer, because in this way you will be able to help Me radiate the peace and faith that are lacking so much in the hearts of all My children.

Awaken the joy and praise God for all the change that you are living in your lives. This is the sign of the consecration of your hearts.

Thank you for responding to My celestial call! True joy for all of your hearts!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more