Tuesday, April 21 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear Children,

With maternal love I tell you to not fear, and take the risk of surrendering promptly to the Sacred Heart of My Son; He always expects to receive you in the Glory of His Divine Mercy.

Until that happens, make the decision to follow in His footsteps and allow His Unfathomable Heart to conquer you and purify you so that on the great expected day you form part of His Glorious Kingdom.

Children, in this way you transmit the experience of My Son to hearts that have not yet found Him. Attest to the time of your redemption and teach your brothers and sisters how prayer has been transforming you little by little in the presence of the expected Project of the Creator.

Do not lower your arms nor despair; I am Your Mother of Mercy and every day I gather you together at this universal time so that you may live and feel the cenacle of My Immaculate Heart, the Temple of God, which will strengthen you during the tests and the challenges of life.

And thus, children, as My missionaries of peace have done, go toward the discovery of the inner Africa in your fellow humans, in your peoples and nations. Need, and lack of love and of service are expanding throughout the four corners of the Earth.

In Uganda I will cause you come to know the great thirst for love and for spiritual healing that souls have not had the Grace of receiving in this lifetime. For this reason, as your Heavenly Mother and Missionary Guide of Peace, I introduce you to the paths of need, of service, and of love, because, My children, I need you to have the Mercy of My Son be valued and known in Uganda.

If souls had heard about the Mercy of My Son, many would already have been saved; I am not calling you to evangelize, but rather to transmit the Mercy of My Son through your services and works donated to the God of Love.

While My missionaries of peace walk through the streets of Kampala, they are seeing faces without hope, kindred and lonely souls who await a smile and a breath of hope.

Missionaries of Mine, you will also see My littlest children in need of true spiritual paternity, the one that will set them free and allow them to recover innocence.

The poverty of Uganda is the reflection of a continued neglect on the part of the whole of humanity; thus I am again calling the missionaries of peace of the whole world to respond to My call. My love fills all of you.

For this cause of peace and of brotherhood, I thank you for responding to My Call.

Who blesses you under the Supreme Light of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace