Saturday, November 30 of 2013

Monthly messages


Blessed are those who gather their strengths to be with Me in these times; those who make an effort to overcome, day by day, the limits that the world and their own body imposes on them.

My children, I am with you to teach you to live the last times, and to overcome this threshold with bravery and peace in the heart.

It is for this that day by day I ask you for more of an effort. And, at the same time that I conduct you through a path of sacrifices, I accompany you step by step, radiating the Peace that is born in My Heart and that is expanded throughout the world.

In this way, a space is opened so that I may be present in your lives, even if your are giving the maximum of yourselves, never will you lack the peace and the strength to offer always more.

Today I say to you that, when I ask you something apparently unreachable, it is to show you that you are able to do much more than that which you are doing today.

On each day that passes I will ask you for a little more, and I will make you donate of yourself that which you did not know you had. And little by little you will perceive that the impossible has become simple, and the unreachable already rises on the horizon.

When the time comes to cross the threshold of a new race, many will see themselves in the plenitude of the human race, as God idealized it in the Universe.

I just want you to be simple and true and adaptable as the water; that you may be true and pure in your actions, in this way the Creator Hands will be able to act in your lives and in your consciousnesses.

Those who have said yes to Me, that they may be renewed each day in this yes, and take care to not have conditions in their surrender. If they are attentive to that which I say to you today, they will see that they still say no to Me many times, believing that they are deepening in this surrender.

Upon awakening and at going to sleep, renew yourselves in the adhesion to the divine Plan, and if today you are tired, prepare yourselves, My dears, because you know nothing of what I have for each one of you. But do not fear, because I prepare you in the measure that I offer you new sacrifices and I will not place stones in your paths which you are not able to step over.

I want to thank you on this day for the Love with which you have received Me in this city, and say to you that I have waited for long to come to this place and to awaken those who have been commited with Me for so long.

Come, dears, come to My encounter, because My arms await you, and the Lord waits for you for the return in Redemption to the Celestial Dwelling.

I love you and I welcome you in My mantle.

I thank you for the answer to My Call.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, November 30 of 2013

Monthly messages

Today a Great Celestial Rose descends from Heaven and lands lovingly over the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto; this sublime rose is the expression of the Immaculate Love of the Celestial Mother.

By means of the Mystical Rose the children will understand the mysteries and the paths towards the Eternal Father, and these paths will be reopened to those who have closed them. Seek in yourselves the mystical rose of the heart; contemplate in your beings the true essence, that which from the beginning comes from the Source of God. In this way you will recognize your true spiritual identity between Heaven and Earth, because the Divine Angels of the Throne will help you to find the one and only path of return, which will bring you to eternity. This will be possible through your prayers.

The three mystical roses that I carry over My Immaculate Heart aspire to reveal to the world the three principles and attributes that will help in the conversion of humanity and in its forgiveness, forgiveness for all the faults commited before the Father of Love.

The Supreme Truth is the Mystical Rose that will reveal to you the path to follow, a path free of obstacles and interferences.

The Mystical Rose of Pure Love is the conducter of your hearts and it is that which will permit you to see, above all things, the Love of God.

The Mystical Rose of Prayer is the one that constructs and restores that which was damaged in the interior of each being. The Mystical Rose of Prayer is that which opens the new doors and in consequence profoundly heals the life of each soul that is united to this divine mystery.

The three mystical roses of My Heart are shown before your eyes so that you may perceive that the moment to change something in this world has come, and especially so that all My children become collaborators of the Great Plan.

Your Lady of the Mystical Rose today presents Herself before the world and especially before this blessed city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, with the spiritual and divine end to awaken all those who have been asleep for a long time to the life of the consciousness and of the Supreme Truth.

The Lord has asked Me to call you all because there exists a great need of prayer for this world; if all gave this answer, the entire humanity from North to South and from East to West would reach a time more of peace.

The Lady of the Mystical Rose wants to bring Her children to the precious encounter with Jesus; if many rekindle the love that they have lost for Christ, the Infinite Mercy will dissolve the universal doubts that humanity has generated, and an opportunity of inner healing could arise in the hearts and minds most closed to conversion and redemption.

The Holy Angels from Heaven take part in all of this Redeeming Work, and silently collaborate through the Love of God, so that the world is not immersed in obscurity.

For this, dearest children, it is time to form yourselves as victorious soldiers of light and of prayer. In your daily prayers you will find the consolation that no one upon this world can give you, because to be in prayer is to remain in the plenitude of the Peace of the Lord.

Prayer will definitively be the key that will redeem the Earth.

Beloved children of Sao Jose do Rio Preto:

Today I come from Heaven to call you to walk in a safe way by the path of consecration of all your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

From now on, your lives and your city can count on the loving intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph so that in this way the new family of peace and good may arise in the end of the times, the family that will reflect the same principles as the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

Dear children: many are the aspirations of My Heart including that you may take the steps. The Lord on this day, by means of My presence, sends you His Love and His Grace for all those present.

Thank you Sao Jose do Rio Preto for opening to Me the door of the trusting heart!

I thank you and I bless you,

Holy Mary, Mystical Rose



Monday, November 25 of 2013

Monthly messages

When the Heavens are opened towards Earth, a possibility of Redemption is opened for the world.

When My feet touch this ground, for one more time, they bring to humanity all the codes that exist in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

When I open My arms and permit that from My Heart the Love that I receive from God may flow, I pour over the creatures the true Message of the Creator, that is His pure Love and His Eternal Grace.

When the little creatures respond to the Universe, praying and vigiling in devotion, a light is lit on Earth and the Creator contemplates, then, the fervour of His creatures and understands the clamors as requests for help from all of humanity.

My beloveds, for Our Lord and God nothing is separated, the step of one of His children is the step of all. In this way also, a step that is not taken is a lost opportunity for all of mankind.

Those who pray with love and say yes to Me, renewing themselves day by day, permit that month after month My Heart returns to the world, and intercedes for all of humanity.

When I say to you that I contemplate the arising of a new race it is because I see growing, in your hearts, the seed that God planted in the origin of creation and that now His Gardeners come to make grow and bloom.

As I have already said to you, My beloveds, each one that takes My words for themselves and follows their path of Redemption; each one that answers for themselves and for all humanity to this request of Peace, if they seek Peace in the world, each one may be a peacemaker of their own lives.

The great conquests of the world are reached through the most simple but true actions, actions that they realize with the heart and with the intention of being radiated to all of the human consciousness.

My beloved children, each one of you is part of a unique Divine Project, a project that has already been made possible through the life of My Son Jesus. Now is the moment to imitate His steps, and to live this conversion in the modern times.

Each one of you must contemplate in the heart your own path of imitation of Christ, permitting that God shows you what His Will for this time is and how you will find the christic path in the current times.

My children, you will no longer sustain a cross of wood, but a cross of vices and of modernities, an invisible cross of capital energies.

You will no longer walk to convert the sinners and heal the blind of body, but you will convert yourselves and, by means of example, you will heal the blind of spirit and the abandoned of heart.

Apostles are not made by means of the word, nor by being persecuted by the Pharisees, but you will find those who will awaken through your prayers and that will follow the christic path constructed by your intentions that are not visible, and by the silence of your hearts; but yes, you will be persecuted by all the illusions and the pleasures that the world offers you, by all the technology and by the modernities that will seek to distract your souls and push them away from the path of God, with the excuse that this is an outdated path.

My children, find in your lives the apostolate of the new time and through the study of the Gospel seek to live it today, finding the steps of Christ in your lives.

Listen to the voice of the Master that continues echoing throughout the world, continues touching the spirits and awakening the essences that must remember the commitment that they assumed with Christ, and the promise that they made to God, to be at the end of the times, implanting amidst the chaos, a race of Christs that will walk against the current of the sleeping humanity, and will bloom in the desert of love as a miracle of conversion.

In this way must your lives be the true miracle that God achieved in the Universe, a race that arises from pain and suffering and that lights up the torch of Redemption, overcoming the darkness that sought to defeat it, and amongst all the hatred and all the war that feeds the enemy in the heart of humans, the Love deposited by God in His creatures wins.

Love is unconquerable and Mercy reaches all who in the hearts say yes.

I thank you for accepting to follow this path of conversion and of life.

I bless you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of all the peoples of the entire world.



Sunday, November 24 of 2013

Monthly messages

Discover under My mantle the mysteries that the Universe guards so that when the hour comes, the Lord may reveal to you even more secrets that are guarded in the Infinite.

Come, My son, come, My daughter and awaken your souls through the Love that today God offers you.  It is time to open the heart for the immaterial existence and to be able to live on Earth the infinite possibilities that you guard as a perfect creation of God.

My dears, permit that today an infinite source of love may flow from your little hearts; a love that each one will find within themselves, a love that has been deposited by God in the origin of His creation, and that today the hour has come for it to see to light, to go in aid of those who have not opened their eyes, and of those who do not seek God.

My beloveds, I come in this last time to invite all of humanity to a new awakening, an awakening for a divine and universal life.  And for this it is necessary that the bravery of your spirits be manifested in your lives, and that your souls make the decision of abandoning definitively the illusions of the world, to hold themselves eternally to the divine Graces and to Their infinite Glory.

These are times  to make Peace to be born in the hearts, times to dissolve the conflicts that impede you from maturing the consciousness, times to permit that the spirit imels you to a new stage of growth.

My beloveds, it is with deep joy that today I descend from the Heavens to come to the encounter of My little children, and in this encounter, invite you to answer to a divine Call of prayer, of conversion and of surrender.

Do not fear to approach to My Heart, as there is no pleasure in the world that may overcome the Grace that I deposit in your hearts.  And I say to you that when you truly know the Peace and the Love that I bring to you, you will never find in the world something similar to this divine source.

My little children, it is the moment to walk towards the Heart of God and to be willing to make an offer for all humanity, because your souls and your spirits have brought you today to the encounter of My presence, but there are still in the world many who deny to open themselves to this Call and who lose themselves amidst sufferings, surrendering the soul in the hands of the enemy and not in the hands of God.

I need soldiers in profound and tireless prayer, soldiers of a peacemaking army that dissolve, through the word, the conflicts of the world.

Purify today, in My presence, the conflicts of your inner world, so that through My maternal Love I may clean your souls and your hearts, preparing you in this way for a new mission of Peace on Earth.

Go forward, My beloved companions!

I thank you for being with Me in prayer.

Your Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace



Sunday, November 24 of 2013

Monthly messages

Dear children:

Today Heaven is opened and the Lady of the Divine Mercy descends in Glory over the city of Brasilia and the entire world. My Mantle of Light is expanded over humanity to help My children to walk in faith and in the love of Jesus Christ.

Beloved children, in honor to God the Most High, My presence today will enter into you hearts so that you may feel that I Am the same from Nazareth, that Holy Woman from Galilee that took care of the little child Jesus and that brought to the world the Sacred Purity of God.

For this today I need more than ever that your hearts open themselves, just like a flower under the rays of the sun; in this way you will grant the permission for the entire world, which suffers and despairs day by day, to find through My Heart a time more of Peace.

Once I said in Fatima to Sister Lucia Dos Santos that the world should consecrate itself to My Immaculate Heart; but the souls that are most sought after by the astuteness of the enemy are decaying and they need prayer from all the devotees, because in this way they will permit that fraternity among the peoples be manifested.

Dear children: today My message is a call for the awakening of your consciousness, especially the awakening to the need of prayer and of Mercy for Asia and for all that live there, like the souls, the life of the sea and nature.

Pray! Pray from the heart for all the Creation of God! Because His children's own hands have destroyed the beauty that He gave them from the beginning. As Your Mother of Mercy I come to remind you that there exists this Sacred Fountain of Piety and of Reparation, where your beings may clamor for help and greater intercession.

Little children of Brasilia, My Heart is rejoicing for your sincere donation to My Marian Work in America; I thank you from the depths of My Soul that you have opened the door of your hearts to receive me, as living the message that I announce for this time is the premise that will permit to generate the salvation of the world.

Dear children of Brasilia, begging God for Mercy, remain in My maternal arms; I will always help you when you just call me.

I thank you for listening to My call for Peace!

Your Sacred Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy


At the end of the message transmitted by the Virgin, Our Lady started to pray the following prayer a number of times:

Mother of Heaven,
Mother Earth,
intercede for us
and for the Kingdoms.


And she said to us at the end of the Apparition that this prayer could be recited as many times as the soul feels like doing it, and especially for the situation that is happening with the nuclear plants of Japan, and also for all the Kingdoms of that region.



Sunday, November 17 of 2013

Monthly messages

My beloveds,

I come in Heart, in Spirit and in Divine Essence to announce the last time of Redemption for Earth.   I return occasionally to the world to give new opportunities to those who, over the centuries, have preferred to continue in deep sleep instead of awakening to the life of the spirit.

Today My Heart comes as bearer of the Spirit of God and of the Divine Will to place in each heart and in each consciousness the awakened purpose, the Will of God for each one of His creatures.

My beloveds, as Mother and Queen of Peace I come to sow in the world a project of Life and of Redemption so that a divine and supreme life may bloom in the heart of humans, a divine and supreme life, a life of Love idealized by the Creator of all things.

But so that this purpose is manifested even those who are considered awake must convert their lives, because in this path of eternal and infinite transformation there will always be something guarded in the interior to be converted and redeemed.

Today I announce to the world the possibility of a new life, a life that is gestated in each heart, and that matures in one’s own interior  before it is manifested in matter.

Many, over the centuries, have tried to manifest in matter a spiritual and sacred life, but they have forgotten that before everything this life must be mature in the inner essence of the being.

For this, the Divine Messengers of God arrive in this planetary moment, that announce the happenings of the world, and announce the Will of God so that through His word, His silence and His simple presence, they may transform the inner world of creatures.

My beloveds, if today the new life seems to you something distant it is because you still need to make it mature in your own inner world.  The signs of a life that matures is the vision of the impossible and of the unreachable, as something totally within reach of your hearts.

For an essence that is awake the impossible stops existing, because the awakening makes it contemplate the greatness of God and of His Universes, and before the Magnificence of Creation nothing is impossible to them.

For this today I say to you that, in prayer, do not contemplate the world as your eyes can see it, but rather, contemplate it as your essences can idealize it.   In this way, through the intention and through creative thought you will find the Divine Archetype and will help God in the manifestation of this Archetype in the material life.

My beloved and little children, great is the mystery guarded in the Celestial Universe, but if you trust My words and feed the pure intention of living them, you will be able to perceive in your hearts and, through this love, you will be prepared for the glorious Return of My Son and for the new life with Him on this Sacred Land.

I thank today each one of My children of Belo Horizonte because once more you have opened the doors of the heart so that My presence may come to redeem the world.

Through the devotion of your hearts, God finds breath and Peace; He finds the possibility of pouring His Mercy HHhover the world.

I bless you.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Sunday, November 17 of 2013

Monthly messages

My dearest children,

Today I want to help you remember something important for this time of changes that everyone lives in the interior of the hearts, as well as in your souls.  Today I invite you to be affirmed in the protective shield of the Divine Hope.

This sacred ray that also comes from one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit will help you to strengthen the faith and the peace in your hearts.

The great spiritual crises that many of My children live today is due to lack of the Divine Hope in the heart.  For this, day and night, from time to time, as from century to century, My Immaculate Heart has tried to lift the consciousness of humanity by means of Divine Hope.

This sacred gift of the Holy Spirit will help you so that you do not lose the daily aspirations of approaching the Kingdom of God.  Today, all of humanity suffers from lack of Divine Hope.  It may arrive to your lives by means of the simple exercise of the prayer of the heart.  Divine Hope is a Great Source of wonders and of reparation for the souls that have fallen.

I, as Most Holy Mother, know your inner situations of life.  For this, today I say to you that you awaken in time for this precious ray of the Holy Spirit.  In this way, your lives will help to balance the lack of hope that there is in the world.

When My Divine Heart descends upon the great cities, it is to bring you a little more hope and peace in the face of the most serious offenses that the souls commit.   It is time that your consciousnesses, in a definitive way, grasp themselves to the safe path of the Divine Hope.  In this way, you will construct a spiritual path filled with Graces and Forgiveness.

Dear children of Belo Horizonte, as I promised you some time ago, the Holy Mother of God, the Virgin of Virgins and Mother of the Divine Mercy of Jesus, returns here to encourage you to live this day in hope, in faith and in peace.  A good disciple is formed by means of the gifts that God gives them by means of His Most Holy Spirit.

In this time of so-called human advances the lack of life of prayer and of communion with My Son is generating the absence of Divine Hope.  For this, as your Dear Mother, I come to help you remember that there is this ray of reparation and of healing that is called Divine Hope.

Beloved children of Belo Horizonte, My Heart has favor and devotion for your little souls.  In truth, your permanent effort to accomplish My Call has opened the Doors of the Heart of God and He has permitted Me to return to this blessed city as many times as it is necessary.

I thank you, dear children, for being united in heart and soul to My Call!

I bless you on this special day of Glory and Marian celebration,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Divine Hope

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