Monday, November 25 of 2013

Monthly messages

When the Heavens are opened towards Earth, a possibility of Redemption is opened for the world.

When My feet touch this ground, for one more time, they bring to humanity all the codes that exist in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

When I open My arms and permit that from My Heart the Love that I receive from God may flow, I pour over the creatures the true Message of the Creator, that is His pure Love and His Eternal Grace.

When the little creatures respond to the Universe, praying and vigiling in devotion, a light is lit on Earth and the Creator contemplates, then, the fervour of His creatures and understands the clamors as requests for help from all of humanity.

My beloveds, for Our Lord and God nothing is separated, the step of one of His children is the step of all. In this way also, a step that is not taken is a lost opportunity for all of mankind.

Those who pray with love and say yes to Me, renewing themselves day by day, permit that month after month My Heart returns to the world, and intercedes for all of humanity.

When I say to you that I contemplate the arising of a new race it is because I see growing, in your hearts, the seed that God planted in the origin of creation and that now His Gardeners come to make grow and bloom.

As I have already said to you, My beloveds, each one that takes My words for themselves and follows their path of Redemption; each one that answers for themselves and for all humanity to this request of Peace, if they seek Peace in the world, each one may be a peacemaker of their own lives.

The great conquests of the world are reached through the most simple but true actions, actions that they realize with the heart and with the intention of being radiated to all of the human consciousness.

My beloved children, each one of you is part of a unique Divine Project, a project that has already been made possible through the life of My Son Jesus. Now is the moment to imitate His steps, and to live this conversion in the modern times.

Each one of you must contemplate in the heart your own path of imitation of Christ, permitting that God shows you what His Will for this time is and how you will find the christic path in the current times.

My children, you will no longer sustain a cross of wood, but a cross of vices and of modernities, an invisible cross of capital energies.

You will no longer walk to convert the sinners and heal the blind of body, but you will convert yourselves and, by means of example, you will heal the blind of spirit and the abandoned of heart.

Apostles are not made by means of the word, nor by being persecuted by the Pharisees, but you will find those who will awaken through your prayers and that will follow the christic path constructed by your intentions that are not visible, and by the silence of your hearts; but yes, you will be persecuted by all the illusions and the pleasures that the world offers you, by all the technology and by the modernities that will seek to distract your souls and push them away from the path of God, with the excuse that this is an outdated path.

My children, find in your lives the apostolate of the new time and through the study of the Gospel seek to live it today, finding the steps of Christ in your lives.

Listen to the voice of the Master that continues echoing throughout the world, continues touching the spirits and awakening the essences that must remember the commitment that they assumed with Christ, and the promise that they made to God, to be at the end of the times, implanting amidst the chaos, a race of Christs that will walk against the current of the sleeping humanity, and will bloom in the desert of love as a miracle of conversion.

In this way must your lives be the true miracle that God achieved in the Universe, a race that arises from pain and suffering and that lights up the torch of Redemption, overcoming the darkness that sought to defeat it, and amongst all the hatred and all the war that feeds the enemy in the heart of humans, the Love deposited by God in His creatures wins.

Love is unconquerable and Mercy reaches all who in the hearts say yes.

I thank you for accepting to follow this path of conversion and of life.

I bless you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of all the peoples of the entire world.