Saturday, August 31 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children:

With the blessing of Heaven and the bliss of the Holy Spirit, I descend from Heaven to this sacred place of prayer and of Adoration to the Eucharistic Body of My Son Jesus.

For this answer to the call of perpetual Adoration, I thank you; the Lord rejoices at the immediate effort of the little beings, and of the hearts of the Earth.

But now is the moment that this exercise of silence and of prayer expands itself to the lives that still do not practice it as something sacred.

The Lord of Heaven waits for at least the greater part of this group, that corresponds to the region of this great City of Sao Paulo, to realize once a week the exercise of Adoration; an exercise that will have as spiritual and divine goal that the city of Sao Paulo is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Also so that the City of Sao Paulo may venerate and consider the Adoration to Jesus Christ as an act of reparation for the offenses that He receives daily from the cities of the entire world; so that the City of Sao Paulo may receive the Grace of Piety and of Mercy, so that at least a small part of this City may be a point of light in the darkness.

If the hearts are willing to answer for some time to My call, the plans for the entire Brazil will change, and the souls will receive some more time of peace.

When I asked you to construct this place of Prayer and Adoration it was, and it is today, because of the great spiritual need of light and of conversion that there exists in the souls that do not see, not even for a moment, the God of Love and of Mercy.

I Am Your Mediator Mother, I Am the Sun of the Universe that brings you the light that you need to be able to change the course of your lives. The Adoration of My Son will help you to concentrate your lives in the Heart of Jesus and you will recognize that, in this critical time, it will be necessary to act and to be through Jesus.

Dear children, today Heaven thanks you for your attention and love, since the Sacred image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity will be the praying mirror of peace that will be reflected upon all who pass through this place; and the House of Adoration to the Most Holy will be your temple of recollection in order for you to meet with Jesus Christ.

I thank you for attending to My spiritual calls of the end of time.

I bless the sick ones, the lonely ones, the seekers of God, and the devotees.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Saturday, August 31 of 2013

Weekly messages


My children,

I Am so close to your hearts in a way that you never could imagine. I come in Spirit, in Sacred and Divine Essence, I come in infinite Virginity and Purity in order to radiate the Archetype mirrored in My presence to all of the hearts of the world.

Today I leave over this city My mantle and over your hearts My Infinite Grace so that you may be able to take the steps towards the supreme Will of Our Lord.

Today I want that the burning flames in your hands represent all of My children that are not present in this place and that day by day their souls distance themselves still more from God.

Today I want that you walk towards Me, in maturity of spirit, recognizing My presence in your hearts.

If today you see the growth of this Marian house of Mine, this nucleus of Salvation for souls, where beings will search for Eternal Grace, it is because you will have an important task of union with Me: you will give testimony of the principle of My presence and, in the face of the Graces achieved by the beings that may pray here.

Together with Me you will be able to contribute the Grace of the memory of this day in which My Spirit, through the Holy Spirit of God, permeated the matter of an image in order to make it into more than an image, but an eternal symbol of the Divine presence and a portal of the infinite Source of Mercy that descends upon the Earth.

The room of prayer of this place represents the inner dwelling of each one of your hearts, this that I come to prepare so that it may be the eternal Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the heart present in the Eucharist of which you will commune every Friday.

This temple, as well as your little hearts, must be the focus of greater Light for this city because there is nothing greater than the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

This luminous safekeeping must be so adored by your eyes and hearts until may be engraved in them the purity of Christ and His Eternal Love, this which will unite the souls with God as soon as they meet their eyes and hearts.

The Mysteries of Heaven are infinite, also infinite is the Divine Science that converts hearts and souls into portals for the perpetual union with God, as soon as the hearts open themselves to these Mysteries and allow this Divine Will to manifest.

I invite you to live under Celestial Laws.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Queen of Peace and of the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus



Saturday, August 31 of 2013

Weekly messages


My beloved children:

Today, as the Mother of Sacred Humility, I come to all My children to bring this presence of abnegation, detachment and surrender that I learned as Mary of Nazareth.

Each soul that enters in the true Christic path, that which is marked by My Son Christ Jesus, begins to live this school of Sacred Humility; an experience totally new and unknown for humanity.

Much has been said and written on this Earth about Humility, but few have been able to really experience it; it is so transforming that those who are willing to receive it, in general, are not conscious that they are living it, and think that they will never be deserving of living it.

It is as soft as a breeze in the spring, harmonious as the flowers that grow in the gardens of Heaven, and powerful, yes powerful, that dissolves any expression of property, self-realization, pride and self-love.

It is so majestic, as a queen without kingdom, as a sword of love that cuts softly the links with matter, and so transparent as a thread of light, that strings the souls together in a perfect fabric that unites them to the eternal service to the Creator.

Beloved son, beloved daughter:

What about you, do you want to receive in your life the Sacred Humility, the one that I lived and shared with Jesus and Joseph?

Do you want to know definitively what it means to be a humble consciousness?

Then, open your heart, surrender your will, that never more will be yours, to the Supreme, and eternally obey His Holy Will. Learn that My Beloved and Sacred Humility is found in the little actions of life, in anonymity, in patience and in simplicity.

In these times of so many transformations, some consciousnesses will be called by the Father to live the ways of Sacred Humility as apostles of Christ; the new apostles that have united themselves with Him in body, soul and spirit to serve Him eternally.

Today I leave you this reflection because some of you, who are present before Me on this day, will be disciples of the Sacred Humility of God.

Pray, be blessed, surrender your will to the Will of the Most High, and love your destinies.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of the Sacred Humility



Saturday, August 24 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear Children,

As I will be today with your hearts in this spiritual community, I will also be sharing with you the anniversary of My first seventeen apparitions on the Hill of the Apparitions.

For this reason, children of Mine, today I call you to be ambassadors of Peace and of Prayer in the whole world because the Lord has asked Me to prepare your souls for the new time.

As Mother and Queen of Peace, I remind you of this important attribute of peace as in the day by day your consciousnesses may forget it easily.

Today I call you for the rescue and the salvation of your spiritual heart, a sacred dwelling for your Most High Father.   It is through the heart that the most serious and difficult situations of life will find the true solution, because in your heart it is found the Love of God, the Purity of God manifested in all of His Creatures.

For this, dear children, the humanity of today must be a humanity that lives by means of the love from the heart.  This will prevent wars, confrontations, social fights and, above all, unbalanced movements related to food and hunger in humanity.

My Maternal Spirit reminds you today of the consecration to the Immaculate Heart, thus the spirit of faith and the strength to be able to remain all the time in Your Beloved Lord will be able to be born in you.

Dear children, Heaven tells you the truths about your world.  For this, with the rosary in your hands and the active and peaceful prayer from the heart, pray for the emergencies that exist in your humanity because while some sleep, others die, while some have everything, other children have nothing.

My Heart invites you to experience the spiritual balance, the correct use of the goods that the Father sends you.  Thus you will truly help the whole world to receive the divine help needed in these times.

Beloved children, with joy in your hearts today I am inviting you day by day to live the transformation by means of the perfect model that Jesus represents.   Imitate Him, follow Him and pray to His Sacred Heart, ask God for what you really need, the Heavens open themselves before you each time that My Immaculate Heart descends to your encounter.

May this vigil of prayer be a preparatory vigil for the pilgrimage that My Heart will carry out with you around the different cities of Brazil.

I thank in advance all of My dear pilgrims and praying beings for answering to My call of the visit of My Consciousness to each place of this Nation.

I thank you now and always,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, August 24 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children of My Heart:

With joy and Peace I return to this house of Mine to bless it and to consecrate it through My presence, renewing in this way the commitment of My soldiers with Me and restoring Peace in this place and in all of the hearts so that this may not be lost.

My children, I thank you for having prayed together with Me, preparing in this way My arrival to this blessed house. Your sincere prayers allowed the awakening and the Salvation of many souls that used to live forgetting God.

Through this impulse I come to ask you to renew yourselves with Me in prayer and to give priority in your lives to the vigils that you realize in union with My maternal presence because in this way you will be demonstrating to God that you understand a great necessity of these times.

A vigil realized with Love, with purity and with truth, for the simple necessity of uniting the heart with the Most Sacred Heart of God, will be able to bring Light to the darkest spaces of the human consciousness; it will be able to convert the sinner most involved with evil and it will be able to save the souls that are most lost.

I do not ask you for great efforts, I only ask that you commit yourselves with soul and spirit to manifest My requests and that you pray, that you pray much in order to attract in this way all of the Graces that live in the Celestial Kingdom and that await to descend upon the Earth.

If you truly pray all the obstacles that exist against the manifestation of My Marian task will be dissolved because the Light of your hearts will take Love to the plans of the enemy, Love that transforms all that is a will contrary to the Will of God.

The key necessary to open all of the doors of the Universe and to transform consciousness is in prayer. For this pray so that the Plans of God may manifest themselves.

Pray so that the souls may approach to My Heart.

Pray so that Light may traverse the world and illuminate the abysses of this Earth.

Pray so that the kingdoms may be alleviated from every pain caused by the human being.

Pray so that your souls and spirits may definitely find the Heart of My Son.

Pray because you must pray, because the Archetype of the life upon the Earth is in the beings that are perpetually united to God.

Today I tell you that prayer is the primordial task of My Marian Centers because without it the Will of God will not descend upon the Earth and conversion will not reach the hearts.

If you do not pray My Mission in the world will not be fulfilled.

If you do not pray your hearts will not achieve God.

Without prayer you will walk without going anywhere.

Pray, My children, pray always with Me, I come to the aid of your hearts.

I love you and I thank you always for being with Me, answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, August 17 of 2013

Weekly messages

Come to My Heart, just as you are, come with your veils, your miseries, and all your ignorance. Come to me, just as you are, with all pride, vanity, anguish, and pain. Come, because My arms wait to shelter you.

Do not be afraid, My children, of listening to My words, of discovering what is hidden in your hearts. Do not be afraid of walking towards Me, just as you are, because I do not seek perfection, I seek truth, I seek purity, I seek the surrender of your hearts, souls and spirits.

Those who glimpse before themselves a new step, that they will take, but will take with consciousness, with attention, with certainty; will take it with willingness, with the heart lit in profound devotion to God.

In these times, and more on this day, My Heart renews you and propels you, because My hands receive your hearts, and support your beings on this leap that you must take. But before making any decision, feel, clamor for the Holy Spirit, and clamor for My Immaculate Heart, in this way Heaven will confirm to you each stage to be lived.

Those who have doubts, may place them today in My hands, so that I may dissolve them in the certainty of consecrating oneself to the One and Only God, and that those who are steady, that they may strengthen even more the bases of their offer and of their surrender, so that it may be a reason of divine inspiration for other hearts.

Today I invite you to reconfirm yourselves before God, and to re-consecrate yourselves, I invite you to strengthen the heart and the spirit, because difficult times knock on the doors of the world, and the enemy confuses the souls of My children, but those who today really surrender themselves to My Heart, and to the Most Holy Heart of My Son, will see their hearts supported by a Celestial Grace that is the Divine Will.

Today I say to you, My children, that the enemy will only overcome those who fear placing their will in the hands of the Creator, because in this way he may take hold of the frail human will, but if, otherwise, you offer your little wills to God, so that His Greater Will is accomplished, nothing will be able to shake you, because in your lives there will reign a One and Only, and Mighty King.

My dears, I say to you all these things because from this day on the Celestial Universe will seek from My children new steps.

My presence in the world will become more intense, and there will not be a person who will not feel Me, and not only those who accompany Me directly must mature in order to sustain My presence, but that all My pilgrims must be one only being, consecrated to My Heart, so that in this way they are the bases that will receive the first steps of those who encounter Me for the first time.

Intense times will arrive.

Light will prevail in the hearts of those who say yes to Me.

I thank you for answering to My Call and for persevering in My Heart.

Mary, Mother of all Graces



Saturday, August 17 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Today I ask you to be patient as was My Son, when He carried the Cross and the weight of the entire world.

Dear children, be very patient so that your hearts may be converted in peacemakers of light.

Beloved children, this week I invite you to the fasting of silence and of prayer because by means of silent prayer the celestial universes are opened to the world. As your Mother from Heaven, I come on this day of Glory to heal your hearts, so that they may glimpse the humility of My Son Jesus in yourselves.

Dear children, live the science of peace, live this gift of God for a moment when many souls, that have assumed the commitment with My Son, lose their will to proceed in faith, even with everything being in darkness.

My Dears, My eyes illuminate your paths because through My eyes God has permitted Me to see the realization of your paths of conversion and redemption. Today the universal ray of My Divine Healing approaches you to pour Graces of cure and of spiritual healing over the causes that impede the free walking of My little children.

For this reason, as Your Healing Mother I open My arms to embrace and to feel you very close to My Heart, with the purpose of delivering to you My sweet comfort and My peace in spite of all the trials of life.

Saturday after Saturday I leave you a new message, a lesson and an instruction of a Mother and of a Servant of God, so that in your lives may always shine the hope of living in God and by means of His Divine Love.

Dear children, while the world suffers with the lack of healing in the soul and in the heart of every being, My Voice is announced lovingly to you, to raise you up from your constant falls and to lift you up in My arms to Jesus, to say to Him:

“Dear Son of God, Beloved of Mine, I beg You, have Mercy on this soul and on the mistakes it has committed! Behold, My Jesus, how it flourishes in Glory inside My Maternal Heart!”

Dear Children, this is My Eternal Life, taking care of you and of the entire world. Now God sends you the test of maturity to your consciousnesses, of maturity in face of the most painful situations of life and the day-by-day. But have no more fear because I am here to elevate to God your prayers. Breathe Peace, dear children, breathe the renewing air of Heaven and pray together with Me for the victory of the Plan of God.

I need you in good and in wrong. I need you strong or feeble. My Immaculate Spirit will comfort you always. Courage, My dear children!

I thank you now and always for responding to My celestial call!

Mary, Mother and Universal Star of Eternal Peace



Saturday, August 10 of 2013

Weekly messages

As Lady of the Graces I come to Earth to pour over the hearts of the world the Celestial and infinite Graces that will permit you to return to the Kingdom of God, when the time has come.

As Star of the Morning I come to shine in the Heaven of each heart. That one who follows My steps and listens with love and attention to My words, will go towards the Great Sun King, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As Queen of the Holy Rosary, I come to teach you to release yourselves from all the old past, so that by means of pure prayer, is born little by little, the new human in your interior. With the rosary between My hands, I come to bring you the keys to Salvation, to Transformation, and to Redemption. Also by means of My luminous Rosary, I come to ask you to awaken to be real intercessors of the souls of the world, and mediators between these souls and God.

As Queen of Peace, I radiate to the world and I transform in the hearts all the pain and suffering.

As Mother of the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I come to bring you the real food of your beings, that which nourishes and transfigures each particle of your consciousnesses, from the body to the spirit. United to the Most Holy Body of Jesus Christ, you will find always the sustenance of your souls, and you will not perish before the difficulties.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I approach to the hearts of the world the Spirit of God, because it is only in profound union with this Divine Spirit of the Creator that His creatures turn themselves at last to be similar to their Lord, and accomplish the Divine Project of God.

As Queen of the New Dawn, I come to awaken in the hearts the New Consciousness, to give birth to a new sun that will take you out of the darkness of the consciousness, and will bring you the understanding of new Universal Laws, and of the named Celestial Mysteries, that little by little are being unveiled to humanity.

Each one of My faces brings a Divine Purpose, that leads to the same awakening. Despite the different garments and faces of the Queen of Heaven, there is something that never changes in all of My manifestations of the world, and this is My Heart and My Divine Purpose of awakening and conducting the creatures to the Creator and to His Son, the King of kings of this Universe.

With this that I say to you, I want that you find the essence of My presence and to know to perceive how My Heart leads you through the same path, that will end in a new beginning in the Heart of God.

Knowing My faces, take My hands in the garments that you most need, but never separate My manifestations in the world, because the same who appeared as Mary of Nazareth comes today as Mother of the World, the Universal Mother, the one who brings Divine Mysteries to your hearts.

As a unific heart, I lead you always.

May My different flocks unite themselves at this time, because in this way, when all are together, I will be able to show you My true Divine face, the one that is behind all My manifestations of the world and that never changes, because it already is the true essence that came out of the Heart of God.

With the Heart united to Mine, walk always to the unity of spirit and to unity with the other, in this way you will discover that also your faces, despite being so different, in the depths are one only.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Saturday, August 10 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Throughout My six years of Apparitions to the visionaries in America, you, for the love of God, have received spiritual impulses of cure, of redemption, and of salvation in order to, in this way, find from now on the true path towards the peace of the heart.

In this sacred week I present Myself before you as the Guardian of the Holy Spirit, as the Conductor of the Spirit of God for the Earth, and for all humanity. For this today I invite you to meditate with respect to your internal union with the Holy Spirit of God.  Today I call you to awaken to the celestial realities that exist above your beings and in all the universe.

With this aim, beloved children, My Immaculate Heart not only guides and protects you, My Motherhood shows to your lives the true path to find peace and redemption in these times.  So that the sublime Graces of the Holy Spirit may descend in Mercy over your lives, it is time, My most little children, for you to have taken the steps in spiritual maturity, and with your surrender to the Plan of God over the Earth, to allow for the world to be saved again.

It is time to gather from the heart the flocks of My Son, it is time to love the Law of God as it is manifested in your lives.

Dear children, when I was living among you over the Earth, My Heart already beat to the universal rhythm of the Holy Spirit; for this I want to say to you, My dears, that the Grace of God waits to awaken in your lives, so that from then on other planes may change your consciousnesses.

In this time, in which the world loses the faith and the love of God, I return to show you the path of return to God through the Sacred and Beloved Heart of Jesus. Between My Son and I, we intend to light again in all beings that which the enemy dissipates, which is the true love of the heart.

For this the conscious and vigorous fasting, the Bible read as a part of your spiritual formation, prayer as a barrier of protection before the enemy, confession as an act of humility and liberation by means of Jesus Christ, and the Eucharist in all the days of your lives, will permit, as sacred sacraments, to protect and shelter your essences as a powerful action of the Grace of God.

The Holy Spirit must be conducted as consciousness to the interior of the spirit of each being, for this God has entrusted Me to be the Mother and Guardian of this Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that we received together with the Apostles, as an initiation in the Holy Cenacle.

The Holy Spirit congregates the evolution of all the laws of God, the Holy Spirit is the Divine Fire that permits the descending of His gifts over the souls and, in this way, all of them may accomplish the Holy Will.

In this way, My dears, today I am approaching you to the spiritual and conscious science of My Marian Path; that soul that accomplishes in life the sacred action of the sacraments that My Blessed Son has instituted, may receive the immediate help of the Holy Spirit of God. Thus you will permit, in consciousness, to accomplish in this time one of the prophecies of Saint John: The peoples will unite as only one spiritual nation, through the Spirit, and the Love of God.

For this holy day of Mercy, I blesse you in the merciful love of Jesus,

Mary, Mother and Guardian of the Holy Spirit of God



Saturday, August 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

I want that in prayer you may surrender to Me your lives, and that in the silence you may offer to Me your difficulties, so that My Maternal Heart may transform them in new steps for your hearts.

I want that at My feet you may deposit your faults and your achievements, because any sincere offer is welcome to the Heart of God, be they miseries or acts of Mercy. Always when your heart makes an offer to God, it is converted into Salvation for the souls, because in the world, the souls need to surrender their faults to God, as much as they need to offer to Him merciful acts.

Today I want you to lift your arms towards Mine and permit that My holy hands touch yours and hold them firmly, renewing the commitment of your little hearts with My Immaculate Heart.

I want that you permit Me to come to your houses as a sweet perfume that arises in a beautiful morning of sun, I only need that you open the doors and windows of your inner dwellings, so that all may feel My Celestial aroma.

I want to renew you in My Heart, so that you may not lose Hope of coming to My Kingdom, even though the tests of the path are each time more intense.

I want to expand My Peace in the world by means of your hearts, and for this I need that you learn to pray and to love prayer, as an instrument of planetary radiation.

I want to help you in your daily difficulties, to help you to mature, always a little more, the heart and the spirit, and for this, the only thing that I ask you is that you love the trials and to live each one with total intensity, permitting them to purify up to the depths of your consciousnesses. If you do so, soon you will understand what I say to you today.

Be obedient to the indications of the heart, they will conduct you to the union with God and, little by little, will open the doors so that one day your ears may hear the Voice of the Creator resonating in the interior of your whole being.

I want that you be sincere in all the acts of life, that you be more conscious of each action. I want you to feel the repercussion of each act of a Marian soldier, because by saying yes to Me your works will have another weight before the Universe, and just as your prayers reach the entire world, so also your acts, thoughts and feelings are radiated throughout the world with great strength.

For this today, My children, I invite you above all to watch your own actions, thoughts and feelings. I invite you to act with consciousness and to think and feel many times the repercussions of your acts before committing some mistake.

Seek the Light of My Spirit before acting, in this way My sweet voice will whisper to your hearts what is the Will of God for these times.

Always be simple and be peacemakers. Be loving, pure and joyful of heart, in this way you will permit Me to be always among you.

I love you and I bless you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, August 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

May today all be blessed by the light of My Immaculate Heart.

As Mother who gave origin to the manifestation of this Marian Center, today, dear children, I thank you after so many years, for having made the reality of this planetary epicenter possible, the reality of the Aurora which, for this month, will awaken in the heart that is united with it.

My children, this month is a month of great mercies and of blessings. As Mother, I ask you that for these next days, your hearts be attentive to what the Universe will bring to you as instruction and as blessing; it is an Eternal and Infinite Grace that God is revealing to you, My dears, the inner realities of your world of evolution as an awakening for all of humanity.

From the revelations of Aurora, dear children, together with the prayer of the heart, you will understand the science of the laws and will be able to unite yourselves with them through the opening of your inner world.

As Mother of the Sacred Philosophy, I want to inspire your hearts so that they are near the precious mysteries that the Father wants to reveal for these times.

My dears, as Mother of the Good, I pray for you and for humanity so that you may walk definitively through the path of light that represents the heart of My Beloved Son. For this, under the Grace and the Mercy of God, the two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be present during these days to pray with you, to intercede for you, to learn together with you, to heal and redeem your souls.

The great Divine Fountain is descending for all, for this, in definitive times, assume with the heart the part that the Father, out of love and reverence, wants to deliver to you for the good of all My children. Heaven and the Material Universe will be uniting in these days so that, from Aurora, a great irradiation of redemption, of peace, and of awakening may occur for the whole world.

For this God has chosen, in His perfect Plans, this place of Uruguay, so that from the beginning to the end, humanity awakens to that which many want to see; may all awaken to the spiritual and divine evolution.

The Woman Dressed of the Sun is preparing to gestate the New Being, that which will shine in all throughout eternity, and will allow to arise the new humanity as spirit. But before it is necessary to continue exercising prayer, fasting, confession and constancy in the spiritual path.

My dear children, more than a yearly celebration for My presence, all will be at the door of a great cosmic and universal jubilation.

On the 8th day of August, the universe will answer spiritually to all who are encouraged to say yes.

I am with you always, I bless you and I love you.

Thank you for being always in My call!

Mary, Mother of Peace and Aurora of the Morning

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