Saturday, August 10 of 2013

Weekly Messages

As Lady of the Graces I come to Earth to pour over the hearts of the world the Celestial and infinite Graces that will permit you to return to the Kingdom of God, when the time has come.

As Star of the Morning I come to shine in the Heaven of each heart. That one who follows My steps and listens with love and attention to My words, will go towards the Great Sun King, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As Queen of the Holy Rosary, I come to teach you to release yourselves from all the old past, so that by means of pure prayer, is born little by little, the new human in your interior. With the rosary between My hands, I come to bring you the keys to Salvation, to Transformation, and to Redemption. Also by means of My luminous Rosary, I come to ask you to awaken to be real intercessors of the souls of the world, and mediators between these souls and God.

As Queen of Peace, I radiate to the world and I transform in the hearts all the pain and suffering.

As Mother of the Holy Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I come to bring you the real food of your beings, that which nourishes and transfigures each particle of your consciousnesses, from the body to the spirit. United to the Most Holy Body of Jesus Christ, you will find always the sustenance of your souls, and you will not perish before the difficulties.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, I approach to the hearts of the world the Spirit of God, because it is only in profound union with this Divine Spirit of the Creator that His creatures turn themselves at last to be similar to their Lord, and accomplish the Divine Project of God.

As Queen of the New Dawn, I come to awaken in the hearts the New Consciousness, to give birth to a new sun that will take you out of the darkness of the consciousness, and will bring you the understanding of new Universal Laws, and of the named Celestial Mysteries, that little by little are being unveiled to humanity.

Each one of My faces brings a Divine Purpose that leads to the same awakening. Despite the different vestments and faces of the Queen of Heaven, there is something that never changes in all of My manifestations of the world, and this is My Heart and My Divine Purpose of awakening and leading the creatures to the Creator and to His Son, the King of kings of this Universe.

With this that I say to you, I want that you find the essence of My presence and to know to perceive how My Heart leads you through the same path, that will end in a new beginning in the Heart of God.

Knowing My faces, take My hands in the garments that you most need, but never separate My manifestations in the world, because the same who appeared as Mary of Nazareth comes today as Mother of the World, the Universal Mother, the one who brings Divine Mysteries to your hearts.

As a unific heart, I lead you always.

May My different flocks unite themselves at this time, because in this way, when all are together, I will be able to show you My true Divine face, the one that is behind all My manifestations of the world and that never changes, because it already is the true essence that came out of the Heart of God.

With the Heart united to Mine, walk always to the unity of spirit and to unity with the other, in this way you will discover that also your faces, despite being so different, in the depths are one only.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity