Sunday, October 27 of 2019

Mensaje especial

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the superior silence that permeates the Earth, in this moment we contemplate, as Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner decisions that have been made and we wait, just as all of you, for the result of these decisions.

But what is most important at this moment, My children, is that you do not forget what is kept within the inner world of each one of you. As I have told you, it is the essence of God that will protect you and support you in this time, in spite of what may happen or emerge.

In this time, hold on to the favorite union with the spiritual Hierarchy and thus your steps, consciousnesses and lives will be guided by means of the Greater Purpose.

We are together, near the Earth, within this Solar System. On this day I am not alone, but rather accompanied by many Hierarchies that contemplate, with love, dedication and prayer, this planetary moment, especially this moment of South America.

The time of the planetary transition has arrived, but of a more acute and complex transition; for this reason there is the importance of being in union with the Hierarchy so that not only you can endure it, but also so that you can help your brothers and sisters to endure these difficult times.

The Armageddon is part of a difficult test for humanity, just as the Apocalypse. But I tell you, My children, that this Armageddon and this Apocalypse can be lighter and more short-lived for all, depending on how each consciousness acts and behaves in this time.

The more united you are to God and to His spiritual and universal Hierarchies, the more short-lived and lighter this Armageddon and Apocalypse will be.

We all know that the majority of humanity is completely hypnotized and delluded by many things, and that this situation distances them and separates them from God, day by day.

But, as in other ancient times, the Father will benefit from the small groups of consciousnesses that carry forward His Plan of Love and Redemption, until His Beloved Son can return to Earth.

I need you to understand, My children, that these times are not normal times, these are times that are different from other times and other cycles that different civilizations and different races in humanity have experienced.

This is the time to cross the threshold towards redemption, and to be able to live within yourselves this process of redemption so that humanity and the Earth may have an opportunity.

Today, I am here, My children, accompanying each one of you in the silence and quietude of My Heart. I radiate toward you and give you My Graces so that you can have more strength and  keep moving forward.

You must not be surprised by everything that you will see, although inexplicable and unexpected situations may happen.

The Hierarchy knows that humanity is not conscious of what it has generated and of what it has produced throughout the times in order to today arrive to this moment of a planetary turning point; therefore I tell you again about the importance of being united to God and of placing your consciousness in the Heights, no matter what happens, so that none of My Children, or at least most of them, may not become pulled and dragged by the planetary transition, and by the events that will come and unfold upon the surface of the Earth.

Your only faith must be in the Heights, in the nonmaterial and in the cosmic; in this way, the currents of the universe will come to help you and will lead you to understand all events, beyond the situations that may emerge.

You will be able to accompany the hard times, with more maturity and determination,  and you will know how to help your neighbor.

There is a part that corresponds to humanity; we cannot fulfill this part, nor can we intervene. This is the cycle in which each human being becomes responsible for their actions and their attitudes before the planetary moment, before the transition of humanity.

But now, My Children, it is important to maintain a strong faith and confidence in the Father, because the help from the universe will never lack for you. For some reason and motive, we are here to accompany you, to sustain and guide you.

If your consciousnesses and mainly your minds are positioned in the Heights, you will allow the Mirrors of the universe to reflect to the Earth their attributes, their powerful currents and their codes, so that humanity may be more protected and balanced, although very complex situations may be happening at this moment.

We know that the great populations of the nations will move from their place, seeking hope and an opportunity in other regions of the Earth, as it has already been happening. Therefore, it is also important to maintain your heart open in order to perceive all necessities and all realities, in order to welcome and receive those who are most in need and do not have anything; and who are the result of those who command them, of those who govern them and who lead them to live great and desperate sufferings.

With all these events and other events of the planet that you, up to the present day, do not know, and of which you are not conscious, it is the time for humanity to assume its responsibilities and make a true and clear decision. Upon this decision and this attitude will depend if the universal help can keep descending to you and to the world.

And that regions of the world may remain protected, in spite of the purification and of the transition of the planet, so that  a new humanity can be re-born and re-emerge.

The Plan of the Hierarchy will depend on the attitude of the men and women of the Earth; the Plan will be fulfilled and this will be the the objective of the Universal Hierarchies, although it may be in small groups.

The main cell, which is the family, must remain protected, because in the times of today it is much interfered with and very influenced. Just as in other times and in other civilizations, the family was protected and supported in spite of its tests and sufferings, in such crucial moment as this, the family must remain united to God and to His Divine Consciousness; in this way, nothing external nor internal will disturb it.

My Children, the Human Genetic Project wants to be defeated, and it is high time you perceived and realized this. But your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must not be submerged in this occurrence but rather in the effort, in the diligence, in the dedication, in the surrender and the fulfillment of this project, day by day, by means of your  acts and your works of charity and prayer to the universe.

Remember that, on this planet and in its innermost worlds, sacred locations are kept that could regenerate and recondition the surface of the Earth; but it just so happens that the moment has not yet arrived. It is important that humanity goes through this transition and, depending on its attitude and on its actions, this transition will be lighter or stronger.

The facts, the events and the consequences that happen are exclusively the responsibility of the human being, of this race that is upon the Surface of the Earth.

Everything was given, everything was donated with love and dedication so that a civilization could emerge in the degrees of love and in the evolution of consciousness.

But duality has not been defeated, duality must still be transmuted, liberated and redeemed so that the balance and harmony may be within the beings and all can be in contact with God and thus fulfill His Plan, His aspirations and His promises.

The moment will come when My Son will return; He will return in a surprising and unexpected way. He will be seen in many places of the world, He will be recognized, although many will also reject Him, because He will come with an unknown aspect, never before revealed to humanity.

But the moment will come after His apparitions, after His Presence, and when He again approaches the human consciousness, this is when He will show who He truly is, just as He ascended to the Heavens and attained His greater degree of evolution of consciousness and of love.

It will be the moment in which the forces of chaos and the adversary will be defeated, and the government of this planet will again be granted to the Universal King, as it was granted when He was born on this Earth and among you, to bring you the good news of redemption and the opportunity to again find the path toward the Light.

We, all the Hierarchies, are contemplating the good events, facts and happenings that humanity experience through the consciousnesses, the souls that offered to live and express Christic Love.

Everyone who has lived this experience throughout the times, the generations, are being contemplated and at this moment helping the human consciousness in the inner planes to know how to make a good decision, and that this decision may have beneficial repercussions throughout the rest of the planet.

Now the moment has come to withdraw into the Heart of God and to seek, above all events, the essence of Peace.

Today I send this special message to the world to be Heard and remembered by all, knowing that the Universe also experiences a transition and that, each day more, we are reaching a culminating moment, when everything will be defined, when everything will become more clear, when uncertain realities will end and, at last, the Kingdom of God will be able to be established.

But for this, many situations must end, My children. The planet must cleanse what weighs on it and all that which hurts in it, all that it has received from humanity of the surface throughout time.

Everything will be reconfigured, re-established and re-ordered so that there may exist a new opportunity and the Plan can return to its origin, to its beginning, to its essence. Therefore, the movements will be strong, will be determining and unexpected.

For this, throughout the last times, we have prepared you, instruction has been your key to live these times of Armageddon, and to be united to the Plan of God and to His divine consciousness by means of the word of the Hierarchy.

In an extraordinary way, I send these words to the world and especially to those who sustain the Islands of Salvation so that the codes, attributes, gifts and virtues may remain present upon the surface of the Earth; and so that those who suffer, who undergo pain and who do not have anything may know someday that Love, the Love of God did not dissolve from the heart of humanity and from some places of the Earth. That Love can rebuild everything, Love can renew everything, that the Love of God can liberate you and save you.

I leave you the Light of My spirit and of My soul so that you may be led and, above all, peace and unity may be established.

In the name of the non-material Source of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in the name of the Governments and Councils that guide and lead this and other Universes; in the name of the Confraternity and of the Celestial Brotherhood that has accompanied this race for a long time; in the name of the Voice of the Father that resounds and has repercussions as an echo through His Messengers; I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And together let us pray so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled, so that His divine Purpose may be established. Pray with Me, My children:

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand  in us
and  the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.
(Repeated three times)

I elevate these prayers, My children, to Heaven, so that the Father may hear them and in response make descend His infinite and incommensurate Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Friday, October 25 of 2019

Monthly messages

When I cry for the world, it is to clean with My tears the indifference and the lack of love that blinds My children and do not allow them to see the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

When I cry for the world, it is so that I can, through the pain that I feel in My Heart, alleviate the pain that the Heart of Christ feels for seeing the planet and the evil that overtakes the hearts that He loves so much, since the beginning of life.

My tears are shed upon the world, as a river of pity and compassion. The tears of a mother for her children heal, repair and generate merits for the salvation of souls, no matter how sinful and lost they may be.

Therefore, My children, today, with My hands in prayer, I wash My Rosary with tears; tears that seek the awakening of humanity; tears from eyes that see a reality that only the Heart of God can reach.

My children, through prayer, through the awakening of consciousness and the sacrifices experienced for love, you will be able to heal this world and dry the tears that My Immaculate Heart sheds today in reparation for the Earth.

Infinite life awaits you. The Thought and Essence of God still await to manifest within humanity.

May the agony that so many nations experience today lead you to look within and upwards, to seek the Truth that hides within you and to know that only with Truth will you be able to overcome these times, having love triumph and not strengthening hatred and indifference.

Struggle, My children, but struggle for Peace, with the rosary in your hands and with the love of your hearts. Struggle, overcoming your human condition and establishing peace, as the greatest service that you can render today for this wounded planet.

While the consciousness of nations live their passion in this time, be imitators of My Immaculate Heart.

Sustain this cross in silence with the truth of your hearts. Sustain this cross with prayer and win each test through faith and the certainty of the Divine Presence. Remember that behind every cross, there is the possibility of making a new love triumph, of seeing the spring of Divine Mercy emerge.

My Heart observes you, My Love supports you, and I constantly inspire you to live the Purpose of God.

O, how many truths and mysteries I aspire to reveal to you! But the greatest among them, beloved children, lies within yourselves, and the revelation of this mystery is born from the overcoming and the sanctity of your lives.

Believe that the love, which is born within you, can give a new opportunity to the world, just as it happened more than two thousand years ago.

Just do not be indifferent. May faith not lack within you, nor the willingness to overcome and to live the mysteries of prayer and love, every day.

I love you and inspire you to be true imitators of Christ and of Mary, in these times.

My Immaculate Heart supports you and I bless you with love.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




Thursday, October 24 of 2019

Monthly messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I descend to the Earth, and through my consciousness, I ignite the Mirrors of the Cosmos so that the Mirrors and the doors of the Universe may bring the help that humanity urgently needs in this cycle. 

By igniting the Mirrors and opening the doors of the Universe, I bring to all the Attributes of God, althought the majority of humanity at the moment is unconscious of what this means for this time. 

By igniting the Mirrors, I bring the powerful current of peace, so that the spiritual planes of this planet and of human consciousness may be transmuted and liberated so that, from the most invisible planes to the most material planes, the interferences do not keep descending, those that My enemy imposes in nations and among souls.

This is the time to understand the movement of the Universe and of the Hierarchy so that, being more conscious and more available, you may accompany the Divinity in all that there is to be done in this cycle.

All the necessary help will be delivered by the Universe to humanity, but it will be up to the human consciousness, no matter what, to give a conscious and true response in order to receive all the help it needs, so that souls may not only be freed, but also the chains of oppression, exploitation and conquest that many human beings carry forward, at this moment. Serious actions, for which Universal Justice has a price, a consequence and a response, that will be given at some moment.

But by means of the Mirrors of the Universe that make the Light descend upon the planet and humanity, I come to intercede as Mother of the World and Mother of the whole human race so that the possibility of Mercy and redemption may exist.

So I gather all the Commanders of the Universe, all consciousnesses that unconditionally serve God, in the Universe and on the Earth, so that in this unity and in this brotherhood, the opportunity may be established internally that many, many consciousnesses need to keep evolving in the coming cycle of the Earth or in other parts of the Universe.

Everything will be reordered. Everything will transform. Nothing will remain as it is. The Universe will intervene and will bring the new to all human consciousnesses and especially to the planet that endures the aggressions of the humanity of the surface, all the time.

The spiritual healing granted by the Univese will not only be for the beings of the surface, but also for all the Creation manifested on this blue planet, that is its house, that is its home, is its dwelling place for having the experiences of forgiveness and redemption.

The human beings have forgotten that they are passing through this planet and that afterwards they will depart toward other regions of the Universe to learn what they could not learn here.

But those who open and offer to listen to the Hierarchy, and to fulfill what it requests, will be mediators, will be intercessors, will be collaborators of those who live ignorance, in the blindness of these times, and who have lost the meaning of reality and truth.

Therefore, all the elements of the planet, all the cosmic forces of the Universe that work to establish the Plan of God gather and congregate because these times requires it. And the necessity is more urgent than what the eyes can see and than what the heart can feel.

Today I come as a Mother that governs the macrocosm, that governs the planet which, throughout the times and the infinite Apparitions, throughout all the culminating moments of humanity, has tried to help the children of God, and will keep doing so until the last soul, the most lost and submerged in darkness, receives the opportunity of being redeemed and of finding the path of Light, the path it lost toward the Celestial Father.

Therefore, all the angelical hosts also congregate and join efforts so that the spiritual planes may be within universal order and harmony, although we know that the very human consciousness itself generates many situations that disharmonize and generates chaos in the human race itself.

All human beings, believers or non-believers, atheists or devout, or even those of other religions, must keep in mind and be aware of what they are generating, of what they are producing, not only for the planet, but for their own civilization.

Meanwhile, we make all efforts, we carry out all possible operations and carry forward all the requests of the Universe to maintain the Doors of the Cosmos open, because they are the Doors that will not only liberate chaos toward other regions of the Universe, where it will be transmuted and liberated, but also these Doors that are profoundly internal, spiritual and cosmic will bring the Grace of God to all.

When the human being recognizes that they do not have power above all things and beyond God; when they bow their head down upon the ground, ask for forgiveness and do penitence, the help of the Universe will be stronger, the change of consciousness will be quicker and no one will lose the path toward the Love of God any longer.

The change of the great human situations, of the great problems of the nations and in peoples will have to begin first within each being, because if each being is not in contact with God, with the One or however you want to call or name Him, nothing will be solved.

Open the doors of your hearts, extend your arms toward those who suffer, welcome all those who are not accepted, those who are not understood, those who do not want to change.

Be merciful, be blessed, be peacemakers of My beloved Son, and the world will change in the small things of life and then will be able to change in the greater and larger things. Each one must be responsible for their redemption and for their surrender.

I once told you, beloved children, as I once told the world, not to place the responsibility upon God nor upon anyone else. Each being in this time must perceive the consequences and the responsibility in everything they do and in everything they practice.

The Universe is there to hear you, to receive you, to attend to you and to help you, it only depends on a correct and peacemaking attitude, on repentance and on true change, because if this is not present, the help will not come.

Many are the evils, the adversities and the chaos that the race itself has generated thoughits ties with My adversary. But now a time of truce will come and, in this time, it will be the only and unrepeatable opportunity in which the souls, the consciousnesses and My children will have the chance to change and reverse something for all that is taking place.

I come as a Messenger of the Universe in the name of many more Messengers who circulate and who live in this macrocosm and beyond this galaxy, to tell the world that we are attentive, that we are accompanying the gravity of these times.

But we need and plead for you to stop, to reflect, to meditate and to no longer do evil. Suffering must not be the path of the loss of hundreds of innocent consciousnesses who are mistreated, exploited and sold like animals from a barn

It is time to deter the roots of adversity, generated by My adversary in the ideals of abortion, of the exploitation of nature, of the slaughtering of animals of the sea and of the land, of the transgression and the contamination that all the large industries of the planet produce, in the ambition of power and of money, which only exists in the consciousness of humanity.

Reverse your attitude and the Apocalypse will change. Do not boast nor desire for what does not correspond to you. Be thankful for everything that surrounds you and you will not lose peace.

I thank you in the name of many consciousnesses of the Universe for having listened to Me with bravery and courage, with openness and especially with gratitude.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




Wednesday, October 23 of 2019

Monthly messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today happiness is lost in the world because of the lack of peace and love among beings.

Therefore, as part of the emanation of God, as the Feminine aspect of God, represented in the Mother of the World, I come to give to humanity the divine and cosmic Love that it so needs.

And I ask you not to fear, not to doubt nor to spiritually fail, My children. This is the time of adversity, the great moment of the planetary Armageddon, in which everything will be defined.

It is also the moment when My Son approaches the world, each time more, to be able to place it upon the Path of God.

Therefore, I am here today, My children, so that you may listen to My voice and so that you may announce My message to the world.

Today, may this Meeting of Music that will be offered elevate the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of humanity, but may it also bring the spiritual healing that nations need to attain peace and reconciliation among peoples.

Do not cease to aspire to attain the Sacred Merits of God. These Merits will make you worthy before His Presence.

Therefore, My children, offer each moment of today as if it were the last one, so that God may listen to the voice of His children that rises through singing and instruments.

May this elevation, which will be built from you, as a bridge of light toward the Universe, transmute the corrosive and retrograde energies so that the most lost essences, which are in darkness, may be rescued by Me.

As up until now, I count on the adherence of each one of My children; because elevated music and the music that brings consciousness to souls will always transform everything, although it may seem impossible.

When souls group together and gather in the name of God, to sing to Him and praise Him, the extraordinary and inexplicable Graces of the Universe can descend so that all creatures, regardless of whether or not they are in the good, may receive the help they need to awaken.

Today I come as the Mother of the Sun, as the Governess of the Universe, to tell you, My children, that the Universe will  again open to hear your melodies and vibrations that you will offer in the name of My Son and for peace.

I bring you the true joy of being able to live in God and to find Him in each moment of your lives knowing that, beyond what you live, what you experience or the pain that you suffer, God will always be attentive to help you, because He is infinite in Mercy.

Hold on to and affirm yourselves upon the powerful Kingdom of God, which is within each one of you; and in the giving of self, in service, in singing and in prayer, you will be able to be in contact with the Supreme Father and in communion with His Spirit.

In these acute moments of humanity, may the Prayers for the Nations of South America keep being offered daily.

On this special day, in which Heaven will commune with the voices that will emerge from the Earth, and the Earth and its inhabitants will commune with the Universe, I wish for a weekly prayer for South America to be offered, which would include all nations, all peoples, all situations and acute moments that it is going through, to reaffirm the re-consecration of South America to the Mother of God, to the Immaculate and eternal Heart of Mary, before the sacred face of the Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas, Mother of all peoples and of all cultures, so that the flame of faith may ignite in hearts and so that this flame may attract peace to societies, to governments and to peoples.

We know, My children, that the world will come to know, in this time, the reality that was always hidden. And humanity will not be able to transgress the laws nor omit them, nor from all this take advantage and benefits, because if there is no justice and equality, there will be no peace.

The conflicts in nations are crises to mature, reflect and change. May My children no longer hurt one another. May transgressions or violences no longer exist in peoples and in societies.

This is a time of rebellion, but it is also a time of Mercy.

Raise your voices to the Heights, may the Father feel the love of His children within His Heart tonight so that the whole planet and its humanity may receive His Mercy, and Peace may be granted to the world, especially to South America.

I thank you for everything that you will offer, because it is very important for your Heavenly Mother.

And those who still do not feel motivated to take a step toward service for the Plan of Love, let them do it, because they will lose nothing, but they will rather receive the treasures of Heaven, which are incalculable and infinite.

Support this work of Music for the Healing of humanity. May souls volunteer, may hearts congregate, because prayer and elevated music is what will heal and cure humanity.

I bless you, My children, and I wish you a good gala of offering to the Creator Father.

May this be a night when the stars of the cosmos will shine in the inner firmament of each being.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




Sunday, October 20 of 2019

Weekly messages

My beloved ones,

Today My feet tread upon the high mountains of the Andes; but beyond the distance, I am close to you, My dear youths of Peace.

Today the Universe recognizes the true efforts of having built, out of love and service, this new edition of the Youth Festival for Peace.

It is in this way that God avails Himself of the impulses that are born within young souls in order to materialize His Work of Love and Mercy.

Now, more than ever, Uruguay needed an edition of the Youth Festival for Peace with extreme urgency, for the young hearts that are there have the commitment to establish the Presence of God in the consciousness of this country; but not an institutionalized God, rather a God that lives with all His Power and His Kingdom within each being.

The Youth Festival for Peace has reached Montevideo, which is the heart of mistaken decisions, in order to give a chance to the consciousness of the Uruguayans that, in spite of its artificial dream and the instilled illusion, must someday recognize that it has distanced itself completely from the one Truth and that the country, being conducted by a few idealists, is moving toward a nonrescuable state.

Thus, as Mother of Uruguay and Lady of the Thirty-three, I return once again to the Uruguayan people so that it may hear the voice of the faithful Servant, the Mother of the Uruguayan church corrupted by power and by the indifference before everything the nation freely practices and experiences, distancing itself from the principles of dignity and human fraternity.

The Youth Festival for Peace came to Montevideo to create an inner echo through the voice of the young people, the ones who, in the near future, must face and assume that which a few have decided on for the life of the nations, such as Uruguay, which was called upon to be the cradle for the Return of Christ.

Yet, Uruguay as a society, denies the Church of My Son; the Uruguayan people, who used to have a warm devotion, which later became a cold devotion toward God, has lost trust in those who manage Peter's institution.

Here there are many responsible for the faith of the Uruguayans becoming impoverished and completely seperated from the Truth; and furthermore, for this faith being turned toward substances and plants that promote a fictitious spiritual freedom.

Do you understand, children, the importance of it being the youths who peacefully promote the change?

Fully into the twenty-first century, Uruguay absolutely believes that, through the practices it has imposed, it has achieved a form of evolution.

Everything that the country experiences today as freedom, granted by the laws of humankind, is the result of an instability in the essence of meaning and discernment.

Through the Festival, Uruguay has the Grace of perceiving that it not only has distanced itself from reality, but that it has also distanced itself from love, because true Love would never allow losing the sense of what is healthy and good.

Uruguay, Uruguay! Awaken from the dream you have entered.

Uruguay! Do not forget that your commitment is sealed by the Light of the New Aurora.

Uruguay! React and do something for your people and for your land before it is too late.

Uruguay, I am your Mother and I come to help you.

I thank the youth for all the efforts offered.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, October 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

May peace reign in your hearts today, My children, so that you may approach God and thus your inquietudes and fears, your abysses and anguishes may dissolve.

May faith reign in your souls and love reign in your spirits today, so that you may know that when you respond to the celestial call, in spite of all battles, all miseries, doubts and fears, the Love of God will always triumph.

Today, I come, with the rosary in My hands, to ask you to keep praying for this world. My eyes see things that you cannot imagine, that you would not accept nor believe that they exist in humanity. But your hearts and your prayers can actually reach, My children, not only the lost souls, but the deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the innermost core of the consciousnesses of the nations.

Now that you have learned to be in My Heart, to love Me and to recognize Me as your Mother and Protector, as the One who accompanies, not only the cross of Christ but the cross of each child of God, now, My beloveds, be more aware of your mission with Me.

May each day lead you to deepen, not only into the transformation and the surrender of your lives, but also in your service to this wounded planet and to its sick humanity that lacks love. This takes place by means of increasingly deeper prayer, of increasingly more sincere singing, of more selfless service, of a more complete surrender of yourselves, each day.

Pick up your rosaries, every day, and pray with Me. Pray, pleading to the Father for this world, for that which your eyes cannot see.

The Time of God now draws near toward the Earth, and the promises of a new world now approach their manifestation, in which the Kingdom of your Father is expressed. The promises now approach their manifestation and will soon become alive, the promises that together unite all true religions and allow them to become fulfilled, in one truth.

But before that, beloved children, the Book of the Apocalypse and everything that was taken out of it, by the hands of humanity, will also be fulfilled.

Many hard and deep trials will touch the consciousness of nations, like that of humanity, and in order to make of each one of these moments true triumphs of God, and not of chaos, you must be in permanent prayer.

It is possible, children, to experience the cross and allow a new Love and Divine Mercy to triumph within it, just as it is possible to live the Apocalypse and the Armageddon and make of this a confirmation of your souls before God, of the potential that is in your hearts, as His children.

You were created to love and to renew Love, and this happens beyond all circumstances of the world. It is just necessary, children, to pray from the heart, to serve with love, to surrender, to be in God, to seek the Father, each day, in each instant.

My Heart inspires you in silence, guides you to this purpose and accompanies your steps. My Love sustains your cross, My Grace helps you in your falls, My Peace renews you and makes you discover who you truly are.

Therefore, on this path, pray, My children. Pray for the world, pray for peace.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, October 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

Dear children,

After one hundred and two years since the miracle of the sun, the material approach of the Sacred Feminine Consciousness today allows for the rays of the Mother and Empress of the world to embrace you completely, so that all your inner worlds may feel the spiritual protection and support they need in order to go through your acute moment of purification, and the superior rays of the Mother of the World allows the transformation of your consciousnesses and makes them available and open to keep lovingly attending to the situation of humanity.

May the celestial Love that was held in the heart of the little shepherds of Fatima also be held in your hearts, so that you may feel, in this time, trust in God, that which will lead you to make new inner decisions and will place you above yourselves, at the infinite service to others, to those who suffer the most and have nothing.

Today, dear children, upon you reflects, within the internal planes, the same event that occurred in Fatima, by means of the miracle of the sun. But now, instead of the sun shining and turning before your eyes, the inner sun of each being must shine more strongly to be able to illuminate and transmute the obscurity of these times. 

Open your consciousnesses to find the meaning and the reason to be serving and experiencing God, in this crucial moment of the planet, and not of living a common life like that of others.

So, understand, My children, that the opportunities are unique at this moment, and they will not be repeated, like in other times. In this way, you will be before the reality and the truth of being able to recognize that everything in which the Universe gives to you today can never be wasted. In this way, you will be attentive and vigilant so that your own processes of purification do not expel you from the path of My Son, but rather, by assuming with maturity the last and definitive times, you may be adults in evolution and within the action of missions of service and help, assuming, as the Hierarchy does, the moment of planetary turning that the human race is going through.

I encourage you, My children, to take another step, so that other children may have the grace of awakening, as you have awakened. Therefore, today the rays of the sun, that turned and turned in Fatima, come to your consciousnesses to be able to remove hundreds of people from ignorance and from illusion.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Saturday, October 12 of 2019

Monthly messages

Today, from My Heart springs forth infinite gratitude for the devotion and the faith that My children have for the different faces of the Divine Mother.

This infinite gratitude that springs forth from My Heart is the love that My praying children express to Me when they pray from their heart to My maternal Heart.

Therefore, the Heavenly Mother, under Her celestial sovereignty, can be present in many nations of the world, revealing and making Her different faces known so that each people, culture and civilization may recognize the ever Virgin Mary, Mother of the world and of humanity.

Today, My children, another anniversary is completed of when the Celestial Father decided to reveal, to some humble fishermen, the face of Our Lady Aparecida; a face that protects and safeguards Brazil as a country, but also a face which arrived, at that time, into the hands of the fishermen, to destroy, once and for all, the slavery and subjection of the black and African people.

Therefore, today is an important day for Brazil and for the world, not only as the presence of the Lady Aparecida in Brazil is celebrated, but everyone also today remembers that there is a path to liberate oneself from spiritual and material slavery, and that this path is offered by the Virgin Mary so that more and more consciousnesses may attain the freedom from their own prisons in life.

Therefore, My children, your Heavenly Mother and Lady Aparecida extends Her hands towards you so that you may be guided along the path of spiritual freedom, which the majority of humanity will need in order to be free from the chains of oppression and of mental and material slavery.

May the divine symbol and the venerable image of the Lady Aparecida of Brazil give an impulse for the whole world to keep fighting every day so that the trafficking and human exploitation of these times may dissipate, and the souls that suffer most, for these sequels, may have the Grace of a dignified life and support from the Love of God.

Offer this day of Vigil of Prayer for all those who are imprisoned within themselves, and cannot liberate themselves from error. But also lovingly raise your prayers to the Heights so that the trafficking of people may end and this great network may be banished from the minds that promote it, so that all My children can experience the Grace of redemption and of forgiveness.

Today I will avail Myself of all celebration and of the devotion of My children who will visit the Sanctuary of Aparecida for this important cause to be fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Brazil



Sunday, October 6 of 2019

Weekly messages

Due to the beginning of the synod of Bishops for the Amazon and this meeting of prayer, which is taking place in Manaus, the Father has granted the world a spiritual reprieve, which in these coming hours will mark the closing of the cycle of that Grace.

This is why all the angels are attentive to the inner decisions of the souls so that, through this decisión, the planet may receive a last Grace that would place it in a rescuable condition.

Therefore, My children, a way to give a response to the Divine Plan is to assume it and with responsibility carry it forward, beyond circumstances and facts.

If souls really place the Plan first, before themselves and before the spiritual reprieve ends, they will allow millions of souls to be considered by the Celestial Father for the arising of the coming Kingdom upon the Earth, which will be free from evils, exploitations, and human and social injustice.

The decision is in the center of the heart of each being, and the Universe will be attentive to the spiritual movement of souls because this will also have repercussions in the Church of My Son, which will need to be redeemed and purified.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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