Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to this sacred place as a Mirror of Peace so that the world, that is, humanity, may be more aware and may have more discernment, may open its inner eyes to see what exists beyond that which is material, all that exists in that which is spiritual, which is the center of all Creation.

Today, I am upon these mountains and hills of Medjugorje, not only to bless the world, but also to again unite it to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother so that the Grace and Mercy that nations need may descend and be established, so that the conflicts that are generated and created in these times may be dissolved, so that those who are most fragile, oppressed and vulnerable no longer fall into the traps of war and persecution.

Today, I am upon a land blessed by My Heavenly Mother, because She brought the Message from Heaven to awaken consciousnesses towards repentance and prayer, towards fasting and the good. All must know the existence of this place, the origin of these peoples and nations which, having once been united, have now separated due to conflicts.

When God created His children, that is, His creatures, He created one people, one nation, one civilization. But His children, throughout the times and the errors, separated and re-grouped, forming their customs and even their cultures.

The former Yugoslavia is the reflection of a cosmic history that comes to this planet, like other peoples, to solve and redeem itself. Through Medjugorje, the Mother of God granted Graces to the hearts of the whole world, and especially for those who live here.

These peoples of the surface of the Earth originate from other older peoples that passed through this world as you did. In the generations of this race there have been several learnings, there have been several situations that took place throughout the times.

Everything that the peoples of today experience, such as the former Yugoslavia, is a reflection of all that was experienced in other times, of great debts that need to be healed, important stories that were lived here and that also need to be redeemed.

Eastern Europe is a project that is not yet concluded. This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy silently works here so that, at the most opportune moment, this project may be fulfilled, just as there are other projects, throughout the rest of the world, that are carried out with other peoples and other nations.

All originate from different stars and places of the universe. They have come to Earth to keep building their history, to learn to love, to redeem and forgive themselves. Each nation and each people are where they need to be in order to live this experience, to conclude this trajectory, while it is still necessary.

My Divine Consciousness is here today to work with all the inner worlds so that you may know that the Project of God is one and has one meaning and one goal.

The diversity of peoples and cultures of this world marks origins from different places of the universe. This is why it is important that you may understand that the passage through this planet is not superficial.

It is important that you may know that today My Presence speaks to you as the Solar Son, as the Solar Consciousness of Christ, which comes to work with all inner worlds so that they may be redeemed and awaken.

While I am here, in this place and upon these mountains, the Sacred Sites of the Heavenly Brotherhood brightens so that hearts can feel them and thus be united to what is Divine and Cosmic. Because, it is there, in this awakening of all consciousnesses, in the redemption of all peoples and cultures, that you will again reach the Project that My Father wrote for your consciousnesses, a Project that is special and unique for each being.

When a consciousness from some nation or from some people takes a step toward My Path of consecration and surrender, it is not taking that step alone, but it is rather taking its steps for all the others, for all its nation and for all its people. That is, it opens a door for the moment of redemption to come, the great moment of forgiveness of all faults committed, of all situations experienced, and, thus, the consciousness of a nation or of a people renews itself and breathes the air of Heaven.

Today, My Message is symbolic, but in each statement, there is a key for you to be able to open a door to the elevation of consciousness so that you may understand the true existence of My Being, so that you may come to know the Cosmic Christ, who is the One who works with all consciousnesses and souls.

In spite of the nations and peoples, you must remember that you are one consciousness, one race, one people, one Project ruled by one Will, which is the Will of the Father.

May this 2022 awaken in everyone the unceasing need to further elevate the consciousness, to seek connection with the Divine, to find, on the Cosmic Path, the response that you so much need, and to know, once and for all, why you are here, and why you came to this world.

Because the lives of each one of you cannot end only in what is material and concrete. Discover the universe of your true being and you will be freed forever, and, thus, you will help redeem your peoples and your nations, your cultures and even your customs. Because if just one opens the door to Me, one representative of some nation or of some people opens the door to Me, there will be so much more that I will be able to do at that moment!

My invitation, for all of you and in this new year, is that you cease to be citizens of the world so as to be citizens of the universe, beings who live in confraternity and who follow My Cosmic Plan. Because the more people seek the elevation of consciousness through love for the Plan, the greater the possibilities will be for the Hierarchy to rescue this race and save this planet.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness illuminate your paths.

Just as the former Yugoslavia is placed today before the opportunity of unity among its peoples and cultures, may the other cultures and peoples of this world also receive the opportunity of redemption and peace. Because, the more awakened you are to Universal Life, the more you will understand why you are here, in this world, and what your true origin is.

May the Rays of My Solar Consciousness bless you, impel you towards transcendence and towards the liberation of ties.

May your spiritual paths be clean and pure so that you may know My Will, which is the Will of the Supreme Source.

Do not find it odd that at this moment I do not speak to you with more earthly words, understandable in your language. It is time for you to know the vibration of the Hierarchy. Through the elevation of the mind and of the consciousness, it is time for you to reach the higher spheres and enter the Real Time, because when you love the unknown, you will be liberated from yourselves, and, by loving the unknown, you will understand the Universal Plan.

From the mountains of Medjugorje, I bless the whole world, and all those who are brave and have the courage to hear My Voice and live My Words. In this way, you will even more open the door to Me so that I may return with My True Face, the Face of the Cosmic Christ, that Face which is still not accepted by this world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The month of May, children, could be known as the month of intercession for souls and the planet.

It is the month in which the Laws of Grace and Mercy are more intensely active on Earth, through the devotion of the souls that consecrate themselves and re-consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May is not just a chronological period, but rather the period of a spiritual cycle in which the Mirrors of the cosmos align with the Mirrors of the depths of the Earth, as well as with those that are within the heart and essence of those who pray. In this way, a network of spiritual, divine and planetary light manifests through the simple fact that souls expressed their devotion and love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of all the Mirrors of Creation.

Through the prayers of Her children, the Mother and Celestial Governess manifests Portals of liberation and intercession between dimensions for the most sinful and lost souls. It is in this way that an opportunity for Grace is granted to those who repent from the heart and pray for redemption and peace on the planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature, the elements and the life that dwells on the planet are also touched by the deepest Graces that come from the Heart of your Celestial Mother.

In the universe, as well as on Earth, the angels and archangels remain attentive to the pleas of those who pray in all cultures and religions, those who sincerely cry out for peace, because in spite of their lack of understanding and ignorance, the love in the hearts of those who pray is transformed into merits for healing, redemption and the awakening of all souls.

For this reason, pray, children, and re-consecrate your lives to God in each instant. You are in a cycle of Graces, of Mercy and of intercession, even during the chaotic scene of the planet. Let your souls be in the correct position for your elevation so that you may always achieve peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Canada is a land of many histories, although they have been written by the limited comprehension of the human being, that did not prevent this region of the planet from being one of the most important inner centers of the world that works silently for a new configuration of the human being, through special existing work plants, by means of the planetary Mirrors located throughout the country.

Canada has not had the opportunity until recent days to be conscious of what it holds as a spiritual and inner legacy for humanity.

Its history is not the only truth of what happened here. Canada, through the expression of its nature and of its preservation, has generated an adequate atmosphere for the great tools of the Hierarchy to largely work to the point of uniting, in the inner planes, important spaces with Antartida.

Through Canada, the natural integration among races and cultures is also reflected upon the surface.

From different places of the Earth, different ethnicities and races come to Canada, to be socially integrated under a form of life that unites them all in common.

In this sense, Canada represents this bridge of continuation of the project of the families of the world, which brings with them the synthesis of the different experiences of their origins.

As this intercultural relation is expressed upon the surface of Canada, also within the inner planes of Canada there is a similar relation, which now the moment has arrived to know and understand.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children, I transmit this message again today from the Grand Canyon of Colorado, but this time from its depths, in which you reached today, not only to meet with Me but also with all of the Brotherhood.

While you went down these sacred mountains, your inner beings and the inner beings of your brothers and sisters gradually entered into the reality and truth of other times. You crossed thresholds, doors and spaces where the history of this humanity is kept, the most evolved, important and outstanding history.

And so, on this day and under the embrace of these sacred mountains, I continue the message that I had pronounced during these recent days so that the consciousness of humanity may not lose the impulse of finding, in this time of chaos, the return to its origin and toward the essence of its purpose within this humanity.

I am with you, here today, but I am also with the whole world, as the Mother of the World, the Mother of the New Humanity, the Mother that holds in Her Heart the knowledge and history of this civilization of the Earth, which went through and had many experiences, lessons and tests.

But what My Heart will reveal to you today is that which was most sacred, whatnwas achieved by the most ancient civilizations of the planet, from Lemuria up to the current time. And all these civilizations, peoples and cultures learned to be in communion with the Universe and to know the Universe through contact. Something that humanity has always sought, has always tried to find the secure doorway to cross that threshold toward truth and cosmic existence. 

Today My maternal Heart opens that door, lights up the sacred spaces of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, so that the information of the most ancient civilizations of humanity may come into light, awaken your consciousnesses and you may thus experience the commitment of bringing continuity to this sacred genetic project that has still not been finished, and which is at its culminating and most important moment of being able to evolve and represent, within all this Universe and macrocosm, a victory, the same victory that My Son, the Christ, achieved, which He continues to achieve and continues to live for you, for all your brothers and sisters, for this small but most beautiful planet that the Father gave to you in trust, so that you and your brothers and sisters could represent Him not only in evolutionary material life, but also in spirituality, in the essence of contact.

So, while I speak to you, the doors of the inner worlds of the Grand Canyon open so that your hearts, and, above all, your souls may be filled by these principles and attributes that the most ancient civilizations of the planet achieved, and in which each one of them stood out for something very important. And this, which has been something so important until today, spiritually helps all of humanity, especially My most lost children, most ignorant, most distracted from reality and from superior truth, which are latent in the Universe and are a part of the reality of the Plan of God.

Through this message, I want your consciousnesses to resume the commitment to carry out this genetic project, which goes beyond something spiritual, religious or inner. Which reaches the depths of your essences and consciousnesses, where the story is also held of your origins, your experiences, your lessons and life situations in this sacred Universe that surrounds you and waits for you.

Make vows, My children, of being able to carry out this project that will be finalized by the Presence of My Son, the Christ, when, in the most culminating moment of this humanity, which is close, He will arrive, to gather all the treasures, merits, lessons and experiences that you have been able to live in this incarnation and in this present time.

Even though the planet and its humanity may be convulsing, though the nations may be in great upset and conflict, in spite of any situation that may be present upon the surface of the Earth, nothing will prevent you from being able to experience and live what God so desires and expects.

For this reason, I am here, and I am sent to this planet as the Mother of the World so that you may also be conscious of the new task of your Divine and Spiritual Mother, which today is a vaster and deeper task that not only encompasses this local Universe but also other galaxies, worlds, stars and suns, which also constitute the existence and the experience of the Plan of God. And, with it, all of its Hierarchies, Consciousnesses that have worked in this human project and in others throughout the course of millions of years. Humanity today, since after 1988, has the opportunity and consciousness to know all these things that concern what My voice speaks of today, which is the Voice of the Father resounding in this valley and especially in the inner worlds that must achieve the truth and awareness of this definitive time.

From within these mountains, in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, your Heavenly Mother announces Herself in advance and proclaims this information for all the beings of the Earth, regardless of their beliefs, their religion or their inner situation, because, in essence, all are children of God and all come from the same Source, the same impulse, the same Origin that created you, and as from that point on, your consciousnesses, like the sacred consciousnesses of the previous civilizations of the Earth, come from different places of the Universe to continue learning to truly love and to be redeemed from the heart, without fear nor traumas.

So, it is through this sacred information that emerges from the Grand Canyon of Colorado that humanity has the spiritual opportunity of again healing, reconciling and redeeming itself, so that all the fallen stars that live today upon the surface of the Earth may again ignite, again find the path, again find their existence and origins. Thus, all these stars will be able to again shine in this cosmic firmament and, in this way, they will be within the history that continues to be written by the Hand of the Eternal Father Himself.

If this happens here today, in this inner and spiritual condition and situation, it is because there is a greater reason and purpose, which are unknown to you today, but I know that you can feel and understand what this means, beyond the forms and the moment.

Today My Heart opens the spaces of the Universe, fuses and unites the realities that are found within this sacred Canyon of Colorado, where humanity will be able to have the reference and the place to find, in the greatest silence and the innermost attunement, all that it needs for this cycle of transition and to overcome these difficult times in which illusion embraces the human consciousness more and more, and causes it to lose the path of the Purpose.

By means of these words, I bring you the Grace of again finding the meaning and reason for being on this planet and in this humanity, knowing that there must be a fulfillment of what the Father has determined and written, from the most ancient times of the Universe, since before the existence of the different Universes and civilizations, and of all that was created.

This is why it is time to thank, to thank from the heart for this impulse that the Father has decided to send you through the Mother of the World.

And so, My children, the veils of your consciousness will continue to fall so that you may have knowledge of the reality within you, which is also written in the Universe, a reality that must experience a synthesis and an end so that everything may begin again.

While I speak to you, through My words and My presence, I send the entire world the most sacred attributes and principles that the most ancient civilizations of the Earth achieved, a history that will never be lost, a history that will be able to continue being written by each one of you, so that the triumph of love and truth may be accomplished in this time, and that My most lost children, most deceived and placed in darkness by My enemy, may have the same Grace that you receive today.

In this way, the planet and its spiritual consciousness will be able to be regenerated. The soul of this planet will be able to breathe again and be what it came to be in this time, from the beginning when it was decided that this sacred planet should exist.

Embrace this call, accept this invitation, and bring continuity and a response to what I ask of you, because you will not be complying with Me, but with the Eternal Father, who is the one who sends Me so that all the beings of the Earth may finally see the truth written in the Universe and also held in the most beautiful places of this planet.

To all I send My message of peace and awareness. May the Light of the Grand Canyon of Colorado shine in the heart of all self-summoned beings and servers so that the Plan may continue to be accomplished. 

I bless you and I thank you, permeating you with the Light of My Spirit and of My Heart, because I am your Mother, the Mother of the World.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Brothers and sisters, at the request of the Divine Mother, from here, from the heart of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, we are going to say the prayer of the Advent of the New Race three times, so that we may decree and affirm this inner commitment with the Divinity.

Prayer for the Advent of the New Race


let the advent of the New Race be fulfilled.

May humanity express its archetype.

May the word be alive and build Your Temple.

In us may Your mystery expand and 

may true existence be revealed to the world

so that we may gather in Your Name

and glorify perfect unity.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through His Divine and universal Messengers, God silently contemplates humanity, just as He contemplates everything He has created for His children.

If the trees could speak, you would hear their pain. If animals could express themselves, you would understand their suffering and anguish. If everything created could pronounce itself, just like if stones could speak, humanity would become terrified by everything it has done against evolution.

Although this keeps happening and a part of humanity keeps committing the same errors, there is a solution and a way out.

Therefore, God silently contemplates you to be able to somehow hear the response from humanity.

The Kingdoms of Nature are a part of the evolution of beings, they could never be separated from the human being nor could the human being be separated from them.

Everything follows a cycle, everything follows an evolution. And if this cycle and this evolution are transgressed, the evolution of the human being and of the Kingdoms will remain incomplete, and the suffering that is generated toward the lower Kingdoms must somehow be transmuted and liberated.

Therefore, it is not only time to have more consciousness but also to have a good and healthy attitude towards the lower Kingdoms. If the lower Kingdoms were not on this planet, the planet would not express itself, nor would humanity.

The human being must find the sense and the meaning of the presence of the Kingdoms of Nature. They are part of the communion with its spirit and its soul.

The lower Kingdoms are not there to be exploited nor constantly transgressed. This keeps the human being from evolving and awakening to the great universal knowledge. This keeps them from climbing the stairway toward the Infinite, to be able to someday find Truth and Wisdom.

Therefore, the human being itself stagnates its evolution and does not conclude it. Therefore, very few offer to unblock this evolution of the human race.

The steps are towards ascension, towards the path of the spirit, toward the fulfillment of the personal mission of each being.

But as long as humanity does not see these deeper and more internal things, it will never be able to understand the Plan of God nor its existence, because it will be out of the Law, it will be out of balance and harmony.

In order to attain new spheres and to be able to Access the new knowledge that exists in the Universe, the Laws must no longer be transgressed.

We know that there is unlimited ambition on behalf of the human being that is already uncontrollable and unsustainable. Therefore, all efforts made, all prayers said, all services rendered, not only for your neighbor but also for the lower Kingdoms, will help this part of humanity to someday awaken and become aware of all that it does, so that it can correct it.

As long as animals die, there will be incurable diseases for the human being. As long as great extensions of woods are cut down or clear-cut, there will be conflicts among nations.

Everything has a consequence, everything has an origin. Nothing is separated. It is a chain that the human being cannot break by themselves. Only with the spiritual help from the Hierarchy will these chains and this oppression be liberated; but repentance is needed, it is necessary to feel within the heart all that is happening and to help reverse it.

As long as nothing happens, as long as a part of humanity does not listen and does not welcome the call that comes from the Hierarchy, the change will not come and humanity will keep suffering its own consequences.

It will not be able to be only the minority of humanity that experiences the change of consciousness or the awakening. All are called to take care of and to protect that which they have received, because it is unique and does not exist in any other place of the Universe or on another planet.

Therefore, all Hierarchies, all Messengers and all consciousnesses of the Universe contemplate the planet and humanity with love, because God gave them all the best that He has so that His children could grow, mature, learn and evolve.

But this cycle broke since the errors committed by Adam and Eve. And new races, civilizations and cultures arose to try to correct that which had been done by the deviations experienced and by the errors committed.

But not all cultures, consciousnesses or civilizations attained the evolution that God needed. Therefore, new races emerged, new generations emerged, so that the Plan could continue forward. And the most important: so that this genetic Project could attain a more elevated vibratory state.

As the experience was not sufficient, as it was not sufficient to attain the aspirations and have them concretized by the human beings, the cultures or the peoples themselves, even having lived the great process of contact and of union with the universal Hierarchy, the Father surrendered Himself through His beloved Son so that this Project, so that the human genetics, which were lovingly thought of and meditated upon, could be corrected through the Christic Love that came from the Source of universal Love-Wisdom.

Throughout the times, after the passage of Jesus on Earth, there were examples, testimonies and experiences of consciousnesses that attained degrees of Christic Love. But few managed to live the same states that My Son attained up to the height of the Cross, until the last moment of His expiration.

For this reason, He shed His Blood and His Water for each one of His companions, so that the Earth and its deepest locations were permeated by the Blood of Jesus, so that this testimony of Love and of redemption remained held in the spiritual memory of this race and of this planet.

All these codes attained, all these planes lived and experienced by My own Son, were very deep spiritual experiences that He left to the world so that souls and especially essences could benefit from this precious and pure energy, the Christic Energy.

Now that time and humanity is in a culminating moment, it is time for the consciousnesses that surrender and that give themselves to Christ to access these Codes of Light in a spiritual and internal way, reflected in the attributes of service, donation, fraternity, surrender, prayer, Mercy and Peace, so that healing may be established not only in your consciousnesses but also in your neighbor, in your brothers and sisters, known and unknown people, in all beings of this surface.

May this love reach the deepest and your most intimate place in this crucial time, not only so that your faith and your confidence may strengthen, but also so that these codes of Christic Love may reach the consciousnesses and the lower Kingdoms that most need them, penetrating into the hardest and most resistant layers of consciousness, of suffering, of oppression, of slavery, of conflicts.

And this harmony and this universal peace will be attained upon the surface of the nations, in the peoples and in the continents, when this Christic Love is truly lived and you accept it as a part of you, in deep communion with the Divinity of My Son.

This will allow the genetic Project, which God thought of from the beginning, to continue forward, even in the times of Armageddon and Apocalypse. The doors to wisdom and to Cosmic Love will not close, although the events may trigger in some regions of the Earth and in some parts of humanity, so that the human being can learn, become aware and truly repent.

It is no longer necessary for the human being to keep suffering and undergoing all that it does and all that it lives. To be in the Law means a greater effort, not only of maintaining the consciousness and the mind open, but also of participating in these Laws by living them within you and by practicing them externally, so that the sacred people of God may again gather, may again unite, may again congregate in the name of the Christic Love of My Son, which will always lead you to peace and to the perfect vision of the reality of these times so that everything may be reconciled, redeemed and healed in the human consciousnesses.

The planet, but especially humanity, is before two paths, and it must choose one of them, not in an impulsive or egoic way, but in an intuitive and loving way. They are two different destinies, they are two different realities, they are two different situations and two different results.

Therefore, before this cross-road or this decision, you must pray, pray and pray so that all of humanity as one consciousness and one civilization may choose the path that will free it or condemn it forever.

For this reason, the Laws of Mercy act, govern and proceed in the humanity of these times, so that souls may recover the feeling of loving God, of seeking and finding Him, knowing that the Father, in His eternal silence, waits for you with His Arms open to receive you and help you.

But now His children are the ones who must choose and decide. All the help of the Universe will come according to the response of the human consciousness and of the availability of souls.

This decision is in the heart of each being of this planet, but do not forget to pay attention and to reverse the damage caused to the Kingdoms of Nature, which are inoffensive if compared to humanity, and which are here to balance their emotions and their thoughts.

The lower Kingdoms offer to transmute inconceivable situations. And, in spite of the mistreatment and of the aggression they receive all the time, they do not cease to give and to surrender, so that humanity can evolve and attain the maturity it needs in this cycle.

Open your eyes, not the physical, but the inner eyes. Open your ears, not the physical, but the inner ones. Perceive, feel and contemplate the planetary reality and you will understand all that we are telling you, because what is most important in this time is to do good and to proclaim peace. Thus, no longer will nation rise against nation, nor people against people. No longer will brothers hurt brothers and thus, the Light will never lack and Love will always come because it will be emanated from the Source of the Universe.

We are here as universal Consciousnesses, to help you to live the change and so that this change may testify, on behalf of each being, love for the divine.

I thank you for accompanying Me and for listening to Me in these times.

May the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be in you and give you an impulse to live that which God so much expects.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more