Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Holy Angels of God,
faithful guardians of the Divine Relics,
radiate Light and Peace to the world.
(5 times)

I have fulfilled My promise and here I Am, with the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body.

Revere one of the Sacred Relics of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

Forms are permeated by the Light of My Heart at the moment.

Corrupt matter begins to be transformed, density is transmuted and elevated, and within the atoms and cells of beings the Sacred Science of Healing is fulfilled. In this way, the bodies of human beings will liberate themselves from this retrograde condition of the surface.

The angels send their voices to the Heavens, so that the shackle of perdition may be broken and souls may be liberated from the cage of spiritual enslavement. In this way, the time of My prophecy is fulfilled. Hearts begin to attain redemption.

The doors of the Heavens open with the help of the saints and angels. Those who dare to cross them will discover in themselves the sacred mystery of the unknown, which will cease to be a higher mystery and become an inner reality in the consciousness.

Thus, the angels, responding to the request of the Lord, begin to remove the very fine layers of planetary illusion. In this way, many veils will slowly begin to fall from your eyes, from all the eyes of humanity and, on the horizon, those who used to be enslaved and now are liberated begin to see the Son of God coming.

And the Son of God will no longer hide behind the Sun. He will no longer withdraw into the stars, because the great mystery is unveiled and, just as it was on Mount Tabor, the Lord will arrive transfigured. 

And that which has always seemed to be unattainable for many, will be a palpable reality for those who have faith and persist on My Christic path. Because the chosen and the self-summoned will feel the planetary cross with Me, not as suffering, but rather as a great moment of liberation.

And that hope that has been suppressed from humanity, due to all the errors it has committed throughout the ages and up to the present moment, will again emerge and appear as a supernatural force in the heart of those who persist in Christ.

Thus, life on the surface will cease to be a calvary, because the school of suffering will no longer be necessary. The law of spiritual debt will be dissolved, and those who have come with Me until the end, will never again know about duality.

There will be no differences, there will be no dissociations, there will be no wickedness, there will be no sadness, anguish or disease. Because those who will be part of the Last and New Humanity will not know what sin is, because sin will have been transcended by the merits of the power of My Blood, and souls will be bathed in My Light, just as My Light envelopes the world today.

Despite the errors and outrages, despite the indifferences and omissions, despite the fact that the majority no longer seeks God today, nothing will prevent Me from returning to the world.

You may feel at the moment that the spiritual desert becomes more and more arid, that you cannot find the oasis to quench your thirst, that the soil under your feet dries and cracks, perhaps leaving the paths confused.

When all seems absolutely dark and it may seem that the Light will not shine at the bottom of the abyss, that will be the hour of the Lord, just as it was His hour during His Death and His rest for three days in the sepulcher.

At that moment and in that time, which are not so far away, I will descend to the hells of this world, in which many dwell on the surface, to put an end to that suffering and despair.

I will come to heal the deepest wounds, and with My own Hands touch your bodies, just as it was in the Holy Land at each place where your Master and Lord passed.

And at the least expected hour, I will open the door of your homes and you will see Me, just as the apostles saw Me in the Holy Cenacle after I had resurrected.

I will re-appear and fulfill My promise. At that hour, the existing evil will tremble and cry, unable to come out of its profound abysses, because I will give the order to Saint Michael the Archangel to close the uncertain dimensions of the planet, because He will pour out upon the world a Source of Light that is unknown, and never seen before.

But this will not be an analogy or a theory. The Source of Light that your Lord will open upon the world will be seen by all. It will have more power and splendor than a rainbow.

And thus, little by little, the spiritual darkness will dissipate, the sick bodies will be healed, the blind who have never seen will see. Many of My enemies will be converted; and I will be upon a Mount, similar to the Mount of Olives, so that all may see Me come in glory.

I know that many still lack preparation for this event. But do not be perfectionists. Be simple, just as your Master and Lord, just as your Most Holy Mother is, just as Saint Joseph is in humility.

Because God is in that which is simple and true. God does not stand out by Himself, because He shows Himself where His Love lives and reigns, not only in the Heavens, but also on Earth. His Love is shown and manifested among the brothers and sisters who love each other, who are capable of giving their life for their friends, just as I did for you.

When you have Me close in your homes, or when you find Me on your paths, at the moment or on the day you least expect, what will you do? Because I will see everything in you, just as I saw everything on the Cross, in the solemn Silence of God.

When you are face to face with Me, what will you say to Me? Will you do the same as Mary Magdalene did, when she found the Lord in the garden of the sepulcher? In this way, I will call you by your names, just as I called Mary Magdalene. Just as I called the apostles, because they were afraid for having abandoned Me.

And how many times have you perhaps abandoned Me, through the brother you do not love, through the service you do not assume, through the step that you do not dare to take, through the lack of prayer? But I will not come to point out these facts. I will come with Love and Mercy, because I know who Mine are.

Therefore, prepare yourselves to meet Me. May your lives be a mirror of gratitude, let there no longer be complaints, may you no longer be petty. May you value and honor all that I have given to you, because just as you listen to Me today, you will listen to Me when I call you by your name and your guardian angels will be witnesses of that moment.

Therefore, you must remember the Tabernacles of the Earth, just as the angels remember them every day and adore them, so that your hearts may be ready for the first moments of the Return of the Lord.

For just as I showed some of My apostles My true Face on Mount Tabor, so will I show to Mine their loved ones who have left. And at that moment, the covenant of Love will be sealed. And through your efforts and sacrifices, you will allow many of your loved ones to enter My Kingdom, just as many have already entered.

Now, the Chalice of the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body is in My Hands. It is the Sacred Heart of Jesus that comes to offer this Chalice to humanity, so that it may be filled with the most precious offerings of My children, because in the self-giving itself of each one of Mine lies liberation.

Give of yourselves and you will be liberated, and the cross of each one will no longer be a burden, because there are worse crosses in this world, and many of them are in Africa. And My children of Africa are brave, because their faith overcomes all adversity and the Holy Spirit guides the humble in heart.

Now, we will do what I have asked of you, before the moment of Spiritual Communion, when this immaterial Chalice will be attentive to your offerings: you will offer the adoration to My Eucharistic Body so that the Angel that guards My Eucharistic Body may receive the offerings of the hearts.

Thus, I bless you in this new stage and in this new cycle, when My Love must be brought to the nations of the world. Remember this: the Love of Our Sacred Hearts must be brought to the world and to the nations that need it the most. Do not forget it, because the coming months will be definitive to avoid more suffering in humanity and on the planet.

Let us adore God, the Creator, through His First-Born Son, the Lord of Israel.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The universe is attentive to the situation of the planet and of humanity.

This is the moment when your union with God is very important. This will allow the Supreme Source to descend to Earth through Its instruments.

If this happens, My children, in spite of the end of times, Peace will be established, and this Peace will be profound, and it will guide you and fulfill you, in these difficult times.

I come to the world to make you remember this primary principle, because it is necessary to have mirror souls upon Earth, that can refract the Principles and Attributes of the Source of God, beyond their imperfections and trials.

I need, My children, that you give permission for your souls to be able to govern, rather than your personalities.

You are already in the time of crossing the portal that will lead you to the elevation of consciousness and to the deep understanding about the significance of the Plan of God.

If your souls govern, the events will be different and suffering will disappear. But I know, My children, that most of My children in the world will not live this.

I come to ask you, at this moment, to fulfill an Aspiration of God, so that His Grace may be present in humanity, at this crucial moment.

Therefore, My children, I come to open the eyes of your consciousnesses, I come to allow you, through My Heart, to see beyond what is apparent, beyond all that is material or concrete.

I come to place you before the spiritual vision of the Purpose, so that you may be closer to the Immaterial Source, and from there the impulses may come, which you need at this moment in order to live the situation of the planet and humanity.

The more that souls govern, at this moment, the greater will be the possibilities of the action of the Hierarchy.

It is time, My children, to lose the fear of the unknown, because if you lose the fear of the unknown, its control and power will disappear.

And finally, My children, you will realize that you are nothing, because it is in this nothing where God needs you to be so that He can fill you, with His infinite and spiritual Void, a void that does not want anything for itself, that does not desire anything for itself, that does not flaunt anything for itself.

Thus, you will allow, within the void, for the Love of God to fill you and strengthen you, and your souls will be able to serve and work as you have so expected, for so long, as you have tried to do, for so long.

From the Immaterial Source will come the help for all those who ask for it, trust what I am saying to you because here lies the great key.

My Immaculate Heart today refracts the Rays of the Attributes of God that come from His Immaterial Source.

These Rays enter the souls that open to govern and, in this way, to serve Christ in the prelude of the preparation of His Return.

The great coming of My Son will first take place in the souls that can govern themselves, not as it is done here on Earth among human beings; I speak about the Celestial and Spiritual Government, in which My Son, the Christ, is the great Governor in the universe; He determines, before the authority of the Father, the guidelines and commands.

Your souls and essences can participate in this great army, which He creates throughout the entire universe and beyond it.

In this way, you will understand, My children, that the Government about which I am telling you is not limited to one person or one nation; it is not a system, it is not a conquest nor human control.

The Celestial Government, which My Son carries forward, comes from the Source of Creation, just as from where the Archangels come. Just as the Archangels have their emanations and armies of Light, so the Celestial Government has its principles and Hierarchies.

At this moment of the planet, you can be under this Law, the Law of the Celestial Government, which, in the end of times, will reorder the entire universe, even this planet and humanity.

It is the Celestial Government that will cause the New Humanity to arise, which will finally live the Commandments that it has never managed to live nor fulfill.

From the Celestial Spheres this Message comes for the world, through the Light of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, and I encourage My children to allow their souls to govern, under the impulse of the Spiritual and Celestial Government of My Son.

I invite you to step out what is horizontal and enter into what is vertical, what comes from the Supreme Source, and thus you will be aligned with the Purpose, but also with the Principle, which in this incarnation will allow you to concretize your task and mission.

Your lives can no longer be independent, autonomous, nor be a property of themselves. Your souls are now in the time of living the Celestial Government of My Son, a Government that, in the universe, is preparing to gestate His coming Return.

In the simple words that I say to you, My children, there are many principles and attributes. Benefit from this moment, because most of My children do not have the opportunity to do so.

Be aware that the foundations of the New Humanity must continue being built; a humanity that will be free from hatred, persecution, mistreatment, homicides, exploitation, slavery, trafficking, from indifference and errors.

The souls that carry forward with governing will be part of the New Humanity. This exercise, which I invite you to live, is not a method nor a practice, it is an inner attitude, a burning aspiration to be very close to My Son.

Although your purification may be at its acutest moment, do not give up, rather have faith, because the transformation and redemption of the human beings of the surface of the Earth is possible when there is the aspiration to live in the Law and to then fulfill it and carry it forward.

The more that souls allow themselves to be governed by the Celestial Government, the greater will be the possibilities and the Works that My Son will carry out when He returns. Overnight, greater will be the possibilities for Him to be able to again find His companions, and those who have waited a long time to again meet Him, face to face.

But before He carries out His Return, His great and definitive task, just as it was in the past, My Son will gather some of His companions to break the bread, and He will give to eat from His Glorified and Living Body, and it will be at that moment, My children, that the great promise will be fulfilled, which He made a long time ago, which says, “I will be with you, every day, until the end of times,” until His Celestial Government is established and humanity and the planet may be a part of this spiritual regency.

Let us pray with fervor and serve with gratitude, My children, knowing that each event in life, each experience lived and shared, can be a part of the establishment of this Spiritual Government, that your souls can live in these definitive times; and this experience can lead many, many lost souls to have the opportunity of Redemption and Mercy.

Today, I am here before you in Spirit, but My ascended and transcended Body is in the Universe, also waiting to return someday, so that all may be close to the Mother of God, living the Project of God, forever.

In faith and love, I bless you, be patient and persevere.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And today I come from the highest place of the Universe, and I come to this planet to be able to assist and help it.

This is the main planet of God, within the Creation.

This is the Project that once had its origin for a greater and unknown cause.

For this reason we are here, for this reason we surrender our Lives and our Hearts for humanity, for the concretion of this Project of Love and of redemption, which was once experienced by all during the presence of Christ on the Earth; during His Passion, Death and Ressurrection.

Today, I descend upon the highest peak of the Andean mountains and I begin to prepare the inner planes for the next Pilgrimage for Peace.

At the same time, the universal Hierarchies unite under the same purpose and the same mission, as the planetary necessity is very great in these times.

As days, weeks and months go by, many events are unleashed. The planetary situation becomes more acute and the reality of the inner worlds of human beings also becomes more acute.

Therefore, the Universe of God is calling all of us to participate in this important assistance toward humanity, in this important planetary rescue, which first begins within each one of you, by thanking God for the life He granted to you; by thanking the Universe for the opportunities of paying off your debts and past experiences, not only of this planet, but also of the Universe.

Therefore, My children, this is the moment of the great purification, but it is also the moment to recognize yourselves as worthy children of God, so that many more may recognize themselves as worthy children of God.

Today, I bring, in My Immaculate Heart, the experience of this genetic project, which in ancient times began upon the Earth as Adam and Eve.

We all know, My children, that the Project diverted and moved away from the path of the Father, from the direction that the archangels were giving to you in that time, because temptation came to the man and woman of the surface, through Adam and Eve.

As much as this Project has diverted, God tried it again for each one of His children. He again created new civilizations, new experiences and cultures that crossed throughout the times, up until the present moment.

But now, humanity of the Surface is in a momeny similar to that of the past, and this Project must be corrected, first, within you, and then it can be corrected in the rest of humanity.

Therefore, we are all called by the Universe and by the universal Hierarchies to carry forward the correction of this genetic project that begins with the purification and with the redemption of your lives, and that will end with the spiritual victory of your souls over all evil.

Christ, My Son, taught you how to do it. He came to this world and incarnated in this world to teach you how to do it.

You must not be crucified, martyrized nor chastised. You must live your redemption and your purification with bravery, every day, knowing that there is a spiritual goal that must be concretized for each one of you.

Therefore, My children, within My Immaculate Heart is kept the essence of this genetic Project, which is the Project that God thought for this part of the Creation and for this blue planet.

If humanity still keeps destroying the Kingdoms of Nature and everything that exists upon the surface, if the human beings still mistreat one another, by means of wars, conflicts, by means of everything that the human being conceives, day by day, they will be defeating the Project of God; they will be moving away from the path of Light and of Truth.

Therefore, I offer, as Mediator and as Universal Empress to intercede for this genetic project that has not ended yet, and that must still be concretized by means of the collaboration and the adherence of each one of you, My children.

It is posible to make a New Humanity arise, but it will be necessary for humanity to truly repent and to ask for forgiveness for its sins, for its faults, for its omissions and indifferences, for everything that is outside the Law.

We know, My children, that the majority is not willing to do this.

Therefore, the lives of the majority of people reach extreme and difficult situations. The lives of people go through great suffering and trials, as they do not position themselves in the Heart of God and ask for Mercy.

But you, My children, who have learned to do so and to live it, day by day, keep spreading to the world the power of this repentance and penance so that the most lost souls may also attain reconciliation with God, because the Universal Father is not a judge, He is a Father of Mercy, He is a Divine Consciousness of Love and Wisdom that still waits to hear the request of His children.

Therefore, these are times when everything will be defined. And the time is ending, My children.

It is time to know to truly decide, having much care and much prudence, so that your paths may be on the paths of God, and so that nobody and nothing takes you away from the path of My Son, the Christ.

The Heart of My Son becomes silent before the planetary situation. He, more than anyone, sees that there is great need. Therefore, I implore you, every day, to let Me come to humanity and descend to the Earth, in a spiritual way or in a way closer to you, in order to lead you and guide you toward where God needs.

God will not be able to stay in your consciousness as one God, because God is something bigger and infinite. He is this mystery that has not been revealed to humanity, but this has been communicated throughout the times, with many children of Mine, only in order to construct and manifest this sacred civilization, like those that exist in other points of the Universe and that humanity still does not want to recognize, not even the Church itself.

The Project of God can not only be similar to Christianity. The Project of God is impelled by something universal and cosmic. It is integrated by an immensity of Consciousnesses and tools that humanity once knew and today does not remember, because it has veils over its consciousness.

In order to take humanity from the situation in which it is in, My children, it is with the help of these sacred Consciousnesses of the Universe, of the most elevated angels and of the tools of the Father, that humanity will manage to get rid of this situation in which it is in.

If this did not happen, if this intervention did not happen, the Project would remain unconcluded. And what would be of this humanity and of this surface, which God gave to you so that you could learn to live in love and in forgiveness?

From My Heart, I emanate these instructions because they are part of the Divine Knowledge, because humanity cannot only stay with what is concrete and material. Humanity, in order to be able to step out of the perversion and chaos that My enemy imposes, must elevate its consciousness toward the spiritual and the cosmic.

But pay attention to something, dear children: there is one path and one direction to attain contact with the Universe, and no other.

There are many souls upon the Surface that become confounded with spirituality, creating movements and groups, parallel to the Plan of the Father, absolutely believing that that movement is real and true.

If the Hierarchy is not present, My children, God is not present, and neither is the contact.

Humanity needs the intervention of the Hierarchy and of the Law of Hierarchy because it has demonstrated that, without the Hierarchy, it is lost, not only due to disobedience but also due to the lack of love for instruction.

Therefore, it is important that you keep in mind, in this moment, the love for instruction, not only of the spiritual Hierarchy, but also of those who offered to guide you in this incarnation and on the surface.

It is time to dissolve appearances, judgments and criticism. It is time to go through, by means of love, the portal that will lead you to understand cosmic life and how this life, coming from the Source of instruction of the Universe, manifests through different lines, which are paths that take knowledge to souls and to consciousnesses.

The legacy that you have received throughout the times and up until the present moment is unique. This legacy is filled and impregnated with codes of Love,  Mercy and forgiveness, of purity,  brotherhood and of union for the New Humanity.

Therefore, dear children, you must remember that you are a civilization in transition and that there is still time to build the bridge toward the new, to that which must come and manifest in the new race.

Therefore, everything you do and offer, not only internally but also externally, by means of service, of surrender and of donation, will build the bases of this New Humanity, because this New Humanity will not only be spiritual, it will also be concrete as it lives the patterns of conduct and the divine attributes that the people of Israel once lived, which it lost throughout the times through this eternal conflict between Israel and Palestine which, up until today, is still experienced, even with My Son having come.

This incomprehension is still present in the consciousnesses of these nations. But, as I said in Fatima once, on October 13, 1917, when the great Consciousness of the Universal Mother materialized to appear to the world and to this region; today, I come to say it again, as I said it to the visionaries of Fatima: in order that the third secret not be fulfilled, humanity must demonstrate true change and true repentance.

Therefore, as Mother, intercessor and advocate, I will guide the souls to the Islands of Salvation. And the souls will arrive that will need to awaken and be placed at service, as you have been, so that the greater number of souls of this humanity can keep being assisted and helped, until the limits of consciousness, until where it is necessary, My children; because this is the time to give the best so that some things do not happen; horrible and inexplicable situations, part of which humanity carries forward with a certainty and an action that is absolutely far from God, from love and from purity.

So, the sacred precincts that God conceived for the world, which work and act silently, offer to help humanity, to find a path of brotherhood. Because in brotherhood will be the meaning of rebuilding this race of the surface and of again inserting it into the Project that once began during Genesis and remained unconcluded.

Now, My children, take My words into your hearts, just as I carry in My Heart the aspirations of God; the Immaculate Heart that is offered so that the Father can speak to the world and transmit His message.

I ask you to not busy your minds in adversities, in spiritual battles or in trials, but rather learn from them; because the most important, My children, is that you may grow internally in order to be able to grow in maturity, in responsibility and in the solidity of your personal and spiritual mission.

The Father still waits, that many more offer to suffer for the world, just as the shepherds of Fatima suffered and silently offered, at that time, for humanity. Otherwise, My children, no one would be here today.

I know that it is not easy to accept this path, experience it and go through it.

God does not want to make you suffer. God wants you to learn, just as My Son learned, offering completely out of love for humanity, because it is Love that transforms suffering, guilt and errors. It is Love that elevates you and brings you consciousness and discernment, for these times.

From the highest peak of the Andean mountains, today I am blessing all on this October 13th, when My Heart feels and remembers its passage in Fatima; a place that will be always open for your inner healing and for the reencounter with your original purity.

May the inner bells of the Sactuary of Fatima today sound fully, to celebrate the awakening of My children toward the greater Knowledge of the Purpose of God, maintaining the spirit of faith, of strength and of confidence, so that the Divine Will may be fulfilled.

I thank you for having responded to My call in these last times. And I also thank you for the call that you will respond to in the future, until God needs it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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