Tuesday, October 13 of 2020


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The universe is attentive to the situation of the planet and of humanity.

This is the moment when your union with God is very important. This will allow the Supreme Source to descend to Earth through Its instruments.

If this happens, My children, in spite of the end of times, Peace will be established, and this Peace will be profound, and it will guide you and fulfill you, in these difficult times.

I come to the world to make you remember this primary principle, because it is necessary to have mirror souls upon Earth, that can refract the Principles and Attributes of the Source of God, beyond their imperfections and trials.

I need, My children, that you give permission for your souls to be able to govern, rather than your personalities.

You are already in the time of crossing the portal that will lead you to the elevation of consciousness and to the deep understanding about the significance of the Plan of God.

If your souls govern, the events will be different and suffering will disappear. But I know, My children, that most of My children in the world will not live this.

I come to ask you, at this moment, to fulfill an Aspiration of God, so that His Grace may be present in humanity, at this crucial moment.

Therefore, My children, I come to open the eyes of your consciousnesses, I come to allow you, through My Heart, to see beyond what is apparent, beyond all that is material or concrete.

I come to place you before the spiritual vision of the Purpose, so that you may be closer to the Immaterial Source, and from there the impulses may come, which you need at this moment in order to live the situation of the planet and humanity.

The more that souls govern, at this moment, the greater will be the possibilities of the action of the Hierarchy.

It is time, My children, to lose the fear of the unknown, because if you lose the fear of the unknown, its control and power will disappear.

And finally, My children, you will realize that you are nothing, because it is in this nothing where God needs you to be so that He can fill you, with His infinite and spiritual Void, a void that does not want anything for itself, that does not desire anything for itself, that does not flaunt anything for itself.

Thus, you will allow, within the void, for the Love of God to fill you and strengthen you, and your souls will be able to serve and work as you have so expected, for so long, as you have tried to do, for so long.

From the Immaterial Source will come the help for all those who ask for it, trust what I am saying to you because here lies the great key.

My Immaculate Heart today refracts the Rays of the Attributes of God that come from His Immaterial Source.

These Rays enter the souls that open to govern and, in this way, to serve Christ in the prelude of the preparation of His Return.

The great coming of My Son will first take place in the souls that can govern themselves, not as it is done here on Earth among human beings; I speak about the Celestial and Spiritual Government, in which My Son, the Christ, is the great Governor in the universe; He determines, before the authority of the Father, the guidelines and commands.

Your souls and essences can participate in this great army, which He creates throughout the entire universe and beyond it.

In this way, you will understand, My children, that the Government about which I am telling you is not limited to one person or one nation; it is not a system, it is not a conquest nor human control.

The Celestial Government, which My Son carries forward, comes from the Source of Creation, just as from where the Archangels come. Just as the Archangels have their emanations and armies of Light, so the Celestial Government has its principles and Hierarchies.

At this moment of the planet, you can be under this Law, the Law of the Celestial Government, which, in the end of times, will reorder the entire universe, even this planet and humanity.

It is the Celestial Government that will cause the New Humanity to arise, which will finally live the Commandments that it has never managed to live nor fulfill.

From the Celestial Spheres this Message comes for the world, through the Light of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, and I encourage My children to allow their souls to govern, under the impulse of the Spiritual and Celestial Government of My Son.

I invite you to step out what is horizontal and enter into what is vertical, what comes from the Supreme Source, and thus you will be aligned with the Purpose, but also with the Principle, which in this incarnation will allow you to concretize your task and mission.

Your lives can no longer be independent, autonomous, nor be a property of themselves. Your souls are now in the time of living the Celestial Government of My Son, a Government that, in the universe, is preparing to gestate His coming Return.

In the simple words that I say to you, My children, there are many principles and attributes. Benefit from this moment, because most of My children do not have the opportunity to do so.

Be aware that the foundations of the New Humanity must continue being built; a humanity that will be free from hatred, persecution, mistreatment, homicides, exploitation, slavery, trafficking, from indifference and errors.

The souls that carry forward with governing will be part of the New Humanity. This exercise, which I invite you to live, is not a method nor a practice, it is an inner attitude, a burning aspiration to be very close to My Son.

Although your purification may be at its acutest moment, do not give up, rather have faith, because the transformation and redemption of the human beings of the surface of the Earth is possible when there is the aspiration to live in the Law and to then fulfill it and carry it forward.

The more that souls allow themselves to be governed by the Celestial Government, the greater will be the possibilities and the Works that My Son will carry out when He returns. Overnight, greater will be the possibilities for Him to be able to again find His companions, and those who have waited a long time to again meet Him, face to face.

But before He carries out His Return, His great and definitive task, just as it was in the past, My Son will gather some of His companions to break the bread, and He will give to eat from His Glorified and Living Body, and it will be at that moment, My children, that the great promise will be fulfilled, which He made a long time ago, which says, “I will be with you, every day, until the end of times,” until His Celestial Government is established and humanity and the planet may be a part of this spiritual regency.

Let us pray with fervor and serve with gratitude, My children, knowing that each event in life, each experience lived and shared, can be a part of the establishment of this Spiritual Government, that your souls can live in these definitive times; and this experience can lead many, many lost souls to have the opportunity of Redemption and Mercy.

Today, I am here before you in Spirit, but My ascended and transcended Body is in the Universe, also waiting to return someday, so that all may be close to the Mother of God, living the Project of God, forever.

In faith and love, I bless you, be patient and persevere.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.