Saturday, August 30 of 2014

Monthly messages

I return to each city so that My children may triumph by means of My Immaculate Heart, so that in this way My plans of Peace may be fulfilled in this world that is in such suffering and sorrow.

Dear children, I return to the heart of Brazil to establish, in a definitive way, the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but this will only be possible through the adherence that all of My children may actualize without delay and without wasting time, because My requests are special and divine for these times when peace is lacking in the interior world of many beings from the Earth.

The Americas must continue working as a one and only Spiritual Nation in order to establish, in this time, the Kingdom of Peace and of Conversion.  By means of unity and of prayer you will fuse together, by the action of the Holy Spirit, all of the groups of souls in the same Redeeming Purpose.

In each city that I visit I pour the power of the Graces, the same ones that I achieved in My passing through the Earth.  Graces that were sown by the Angels of Heaven in honor to God and to the Redeeming Plan of humanity.

Dear children, with this aim I return to Brasilia to establish My Immaculate Kingdom of devotion and prayer in a greater group of souls, those that will awaken in time to answer to My call.  Heaven today reunites the powers of the Mercy of God by means of the offer of My Immaculate Heart so that a greater number of children may find healing and forgiveness.

I come to announce peace in the heart of all of those who do not have it.  For this I need your determination and union with Me.  As a Mother I will be able to raise you to Heaven and in order for you to meet the Great Consciousness of Jesus, and in this way you will return to the House of God, that which has been very much forgotten by this world.

On this day My dears, My divine inspiration will be to awaken you to the universal consciousness of the power of prayer so that in this way you may resolve in time all of that which unites you with God and with His Project of Love.

In Glory I descend from Heaven in order to lift from the ground all of those who have fallen because of suffering and desperation.  My Hope for you is promising and truthful for those who just may open their heart.

I pray for you all the time, I pray for the peace in your hearts, I pray for the end of the spiritual war, that which dwells in the mind of unjust men and women.   I pray so that humanity may not continue loosing itself, I pray for those who consecrate themselves and for those who distance themselves from God without realizing it.  My prayers are for all of you and for the world.

I adore the Father and I Glorify Him so that He may never cease to pour His Infinite Mercy over each one of My children.  I traverse cities and nations in order to awaken the new soldiers of peace and of prayer because the urgency of redemption and of a great change in the consciousness is imminent.  For this I pray so that the Angel of Justice of God may not come to the world in order to show what is not well in the deluded and sleeping humanity.

I wish for you to pray with Me every day, that you do not forget to do it, because the chalice was half full and now it is being filled more filled than I expected.  Only through your transformation will the word be convert and achieve peace.

The Universe of God awaits your offers and sacrifices and, no matter how small they may be and the more insignificant that they may seem, all will be contemplated by the Divinity.  I come to awaken you, I come to call you and to activate you for the service and for the prayer for those who do not adore, do not wait for and do not love God.  I come from Heaven with the hope of reverting the grave outrages that many of My children continue to commit.  I come to prevent the application of the Law and the Justice of God, something that humanity does not either know or understand.

As an Intercessor I come to approach you to the Heart of Jesus, I come to announce My last call before the return of Christ to the world.

Dear children, I come to listen to your Yes which is so crucial for the final time.

I thank My children from Brasilia for having answered one more time to My call for Peace!

I wish for them to know that I am truly very thankful.

My Peace and My blessing is upon each one of them.

Who thanks you now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Brasilia



Saturday, August 30 of 2014

Monthly messages

My beloveds,

While the world agonizes and many souls suffer the consequences of their actions others are blessed by the Grace of My presence.

To the ones who sleep I give My Mercy so that one day they may be able to awaken and become worthy children of God the Father and the Savior.   To those who are awake I give My Grace so that they may be able to become soldiers of My Marian army.

Today My dears, I return to this city because I wish to find here more than the spirit of Devotion.  Here must beat the active heart of this nation, so beloved to the Lord and to My Immaculate Heart.

I still see much illusion in the world, I still see that the souls do not understand My Call because they do not allow My Word to completely transform them. 

My dears, the moment has come for My presence to become alive in the hearts of those who listen to Me. Up until this moment I have been building a union of your hearts with Mine in order to lead them to the Most Sacred Heart of My Son.  But now My dears, is the moment for this Grace that you receive of being with Me to not only be the reason for the relief of your anguishes and fears, because the world is in need of beings who are awake, of soldiers who are willing to surrender all out of Love of God and for the salvation of the souls.

My dears, I want to tell you that I do not come to the world only to find you in devotion and in faith.  I want to find the hearts more conscious of the time in which they live because much has been said and little that you could truly understand.

Those who have listened to Me did not truly believe in My words because if they had their lives would already be other lives and in their inner would dwell another strength that is not of the world.

I want that My words get to the hearts in order to touch them with Celestial Love and that they also get to the depths of your beings in order to transform you into instruments of the Heart of God.

For all the Graces that I have given to you I ask you to truly listen to My Call.   Doubt no longer about My presence because My Heart has made you feel and has touched your souls, dissipating the fear of encountering the Divine.  Now is the moment to grow up and to wait for My arrival, as a companion of Christ, the one who waits for Him so that together with Him they may be able to manifest the Will of the Father.

My dears, there was a time in which the men and women of Jerusalem listened with attention to the words of their Master.  They awakened the devotion and the trust in His Divine Word, they accompanied Him in His Passion, they cried for His death and they glorified Him in His Resurrection and after His Sacred ascension, they became His eternal Apostles, companions of His Divine Love and, for all eternity, they awaited His presence, surrendering the life so that other souls could achieve the awakening.

Now My dears, these men and women of Jerusalem must reemerge in order to wait, to sit at the table of Redemption, for the Glorious return of Christ and reconfirm the commitment that as humanity they made with His Divine Heart.

These men and women of Jerusalem must sit again at the table of My Son, share the bread and the wine, and commune with His Living presence for the renovation of this world.

Today I tell you that if in another time there were those who surrendered all to God out of love for His Son, after 2014 years this love must have matured so that in the face of the tests of these times, these men and women may overcome the fear of losing the world and of losing themselves, in order to live in Christ and for Christ eternally, proclaiming His return, His resurgence in Glory and Divinity.

I thank those who listen to Me and those who will make My words alive, who I summon to walk by My side.

Who loves you eternally, your Mother and Queen of Peace,

Most Holy Mary

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