Monday, April 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

Wherever you search for Me, I am always within your heart.

Dear children:

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, today I want to lead to the heart of My children the soft breeze that causes the movement of the wings of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, which brings light to the spirit and peace and clarity to the soul.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I bring the Sacred Word of God for this time of definition in which humanity clamors for true answers for its consciousnesses.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I come to reveal to you the mysteries that I learned in the Heavens during all this time, because My children need to comprehend them better today.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I need the souls of My beloved children to know the Lady dressed of the Sun, and to unite themselves to Her by means of the prayer of the heart so that the Word of God may be fulfilled.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I bring unity as a fundamental task for this time, the union between all inhabitants of this Earth, between all peoples and their nations; the union of all races and all religions.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I invite you to integration as an initial step, working in prayer to achieve peace, a path that must be traced through true love and true fraternity.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I offer all My children, children of the Virgin Mary, a task of prayer and service, a task that will be accompanied and guided by My Immaculate Heart, that which lives in all My manifestations and that longs to live in the heart of each one of My children.

As Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity I bring the healing that comes from the Heart of God, healing for the spirit, for the soul, for the mind, a healing that this sick humanity needs with urgency.

This Divine Healing that I bring from the Kingdom of the Heavens is available for all those who pray with Me, those who may walk through the Marian Centers of the world, where the Father has asked Me to keep an open door for the Celestial Healing.

There, all pilgrims throughout history have found peace and the great hope of internally encountering Me and My Son, the Redeemer.

Open your hearts, My children, and feel the love that God sends through His Faithful Servant to all the Americas in this time.

Live in the light of My Immaculate Heart and of the Heart of My Son, the Savior.

I wait for you in prayer in the Marian Centers of the world and within My Immaculate Heart.

I love you and I bless you. Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Saturday, April 27 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children:

May the Peace of My Son reign in your hearts forever, and in this Peace may you, as a group, be able to take the steps towards the Divine Unity of the purpose of the Creator.

On this Saturday of Grace and Pity, as a Merciful Mother, I address each one of you to ask for and reveal to you the important task that, as servers of Christ, you must manifest for this nation of Uruguay..

Dear children, the Blessed Mother of Heaven, Mary, Queen of Peace, sends you to an important mission as one group of souls, a mission that will be guided by the Immaculate Heart and by the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

This mission will be throughout Uruguay, with the aim of:

Creating new Marian groups of prayer in each of the nineteen departments of Uruguay.

Going on pilgrimage through the nineteen departments of Uruguay to gather new praying souls, through small prayer meetings.

Bringing, two by two, the diffusion of the message of Christ and the messages of the Virgin Mary to the most deprived families of spiritual instruction in Montevideo.

Being diffusers of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, which was originally born in the Marian Center of Aurora.

Being transmitters of ecumenism through prayer and peace among yourselves and among all groups of prayer.

Loving the purpose and marian mission entrusted by the Mother of God.

Assisting all the souls that may present themselves in your lives and help them through prayer and charity.

Awakening once again in Uruguay the devotion to “Our Lady of the Thirty-three”.

Fraternizing all consciousnesses through meetings of prayer.


Dear children, this mission will be developed in the spirit of unity and of love to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in collaboration with His redemptive work. The Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, the Father of holy missions, will be your pilgrim companion for this important task.

If Uruguay manages to ignite itself again through the prayer of nineteen new Marian groups, the Divine Mercy will act upon each one of the consciousnesses.

The Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity will be your guardian and protector of the paths that you will go through. This mission that I entrust to you for these times has the aim of spiritually helping Uruguay so that it may take the correct steps under the presence of the Father. Uruguay will thus be a renewed heart that will be able to collaborate with the preparatory task for the return of My Son.

My children, for the first time I summon such a wide mission, for this reason you will count on the loving support of the Missionaries of Fraternity so that all may be developed under the spirit of harmony and order.

Uruguay must awaken the Consciousness and for this to happen the honest collaboration of all Uruguayans is fundamental.

As Jesus sent out His disciples two by two to bring the Good News, today My Immaculate Heart sends you out so that you may awaken to the call those who are still sleeping in the world.

In this way, dear children, as servers of Christ you will help to give importance to the task that the Marian Center of Aurora is in charge of. And once all the nineteen Marian Groups are manifested you will gather monthly in the Marian Center of Aurora to begin from this moment on a new cycle for the Light-Network in Uruguay.

Dear children, remember that this mission that I send for you to realize is a celestial mission that will awaken maturity for your consciousnesses, learning experiences for your hearts and growth for your spirits. As Mother I am calling and seeing how many soldiers I will work with in Uruguay so that in this way some more time of Mercy and Peace may be established here in this nation.

I thank you for responding to this important mission of Peace and Conversion for Uruguay!

Who blesses you now and before the pilgrimage,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Wednesday, April 24 of 2013

Weekly messages

Do not cry, My son, My daughter, because when you believe that you do not have anyone to count on, and that you can trust in no one, I am before you to give you My peace and My hope.

In My peace you will find tranquility for your soul, calmness for your heart. In My hope you will stand up again to move foward in your path.

Thus I did with My Son Jesus while He was living His Passion. My presence filled Him with spiritual vigor to carry out His Mission.

Today I want you to feel that I am with you just as I was with Him, to cover the spaces in your consciousnesses that need support to walk through the path of perseverance and patience, those that we always need in order to attain the Divine Purpose.

Do not fear for anything because My Universal Love will fill the hearts of all of those who have made a commitment with My Son. Those who still have not taken the steps expected by the Father are being observed and watched by My Maternal Love so that once you are prepared, you may encounter His Celestial Mother to conduct you.

Stand up again, dear son, dear daughter, and do not be discouraged because the love that the Redeemer brings is so great and perfect that no barrier will be able to remain in any heart.

Observe how the Holy Spirit works in each one of your brothers and sisters and trust in what God has written with His Hand in the Book of the Universe.

I am with you, sustaining and accompanying you. Do not fear for anything.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Queen of Peace, your Universal Mother. 



Monday, April 22 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Today you return to your home of Aurora, the Celestial Aurora, and I ask you to submerge into My protection and My healing, that which I bring to humanity.

I hope that in these next days, those in which I will arrive for My children from Uruguay and above all, from Montevideo, new souls may be ignited and may find the path towards the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, that is also the path towards My Son Jesus.

I Am amongst you, accompanying you, protecting and placing you within the Heart of the Blessed Father who observes how your essences and beings mature in the task that He has entrusted to you.

Many internal and external changes are approaching, changes that will be necessary to carry out the task that in this time, as Mother of all humanity, I am realizing.

Rely on Me eternally, beloved children, to accompany and guide you in these changes, and do not fear because your souls know what is to come and they are anxious for these changes to arrive.

Trust in My Maternal Love and in this commitment that you have made with the Creator since always, a commitment that was waiting for this time to be concretized.

Always remember that here I am, and as Mother of Mercy I want to shelter you in My arms to give you My healing and My forgiveness.

Go ahead, My children, and time will show you that all was written in the Book of the Universe.

My Peace is in you and My Love is within your hearts.

I love you and I bless you in the name of the Sacred Spirit of Christ.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Wednesday, April 17 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Come to Me whenever you are tired, discouraged or feel lost.

By praying together with Me you will be renewed by My love, illuminated by My Light, will be quieted by My peace and you will be absolved from your faults through My intercession before My Son, Christ Jesus.

My beloved little ones:

Although your suffering is not be the worst in this world, I know that for you it is something disturbing, which does not allow you to raise your head and to look to the Heavens.

I want to be, for each one of you the Mother in whom you trust, the one with whom all is shared and distributed. In this way you will be able to feel that the relief and consolation that I am able to offer you moves away from your hearts all suffering and pain.

When you deliver to Me your anguishes I convert them into hope because My love for you is so great, beloved children, that this unknown love that I bring from Heaven is so strong that it changes completely that which you, by yourselves, are not able to change.

My beloved ones:

I see you suffering and I feel as if a thorn from the crown that My Son carried one day pierced My Heart, but knowing that if you delivered to Me your suffering and leaned on My lap, all would disappear.

I want to give you this joy that I bring from Heaven, but for this you have to open your heart and trust in Me.

Accept My help and My consolation because for this I come towards you in this time, to relieve the burdens of this world before the coming of the Redeemer.

Encourage yourselves, dear children, to live this stage of changes that will open other doors through which the Sunlight that I bring will enter and give life to what has died.

I love you and I await you in My Immaculate Heart.

Thank you for being with Me today and for placing My words in the your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Monday, April 15 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear son, dear daughter:

I come towards you to consecrate this task of diffusion of the marian message that My children, My soldiers, are carrying out and will carry out even more intensively in the coming time.

You have to know, beloved children, that I will always protect your beings and very closely accompany all the movements aiming to all My children of the world to know My message of peace, redemption and conversion, which I bring for this time.

I will be protecting and blessing this task that I have entrusted to you and you must not fear anything because as you yourselves say, “Mary goes ahead”.

You have comprehended that the planetary task that My Consciousness is realizing needs the serious and balanced support of the means of communication that you have available on Earth.

By offering to transmit without distorting the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary, they are balancing the bad use that this humanity makes of these same means of communication.

To all pilgrims who follow the Queen of Heaven and Earth, I announce that you must form groups of prayer that may allow, through the sincere prayer of the heart, that My presence may be able to reach more places, more cities, where more souls may enter into My Immaculate Heart and encounter salvation.

Remember that together we are preparing the return of My Son, Christ Jesus, who will come in Glory to rescue from illusion all those who want to listen to Him and also those who do not want to.

We will not rest, He and I, until the last essence of this humanity may have entered into the Kingdom of God and for this we count on the selfless task of the marian soldiers, those who are preparing to form the Army of the Blessed Mother of God on Earth.

Go ahead, My children, and you will soon comprehend the scope of the task that you are undertaking in this time.

I love you and I bless you. I protect you always under My mantle of light.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Friday, April 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Throughout history, My Immaculate Heart has found amongst souls, those that have had the task of transmitting to the rest of humanity the complete history of life of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.

In this time in which humanity has been encountering the life of Mary of Nazareth in a wider task, I want to reflect with you that the Mission that My Son Jesus entrusted Me on the Cross is much more profound than that which humanity has comprehended.

To be the Mother of all humanity does not only encompass the maternal aspects that you understand and know on Earth, but it also encompasses other realities that are manifested in all the aspects of the human consciousness.

It is worth it to say that My Consciousness, as spiritual Mother of the entire race, encompasses aspects that human beings do not know about themselves, about the world as a planet nor about the universe.

Today Christ Jesus is announcing to us His Return with His new role of King of the Universe, an aspect that encompasses a universal task that humanity will begin coming to know from this return on.

Just like the Redeemer, Mary of Nazareth, right after Her Assumption into the Heavens in body and soul, lived new schools of celestial instructions that prepared Her for the task that She was going to carry out as Universal Mother, the Mother of all creatures.

The different faces through which My Consciousness has guided this world throughout history are different manifestations for the different needs of humanity, in different times. These faces kept, each one of them, a series of symbols and messages so that each one of My children would find in them that which they were in need of.

In this end of cycle when humanity is performing its synthesis and defining itself before God, you must comprehend, beloved children, that I Am the same of Nazareth and the same of each one of the different manifestations. The one who arrives today to accompany you in this synthesis as the Woman Clothed with the Sun, who will unite all peoples, all races and all religions through Her Love.

I have learned very much in the Heavenly Kingdom all this time, about the feminine aspect of the Love of God and about the Celestial Matherhood, something that I invite you to learn with Me, with open hearts and the clean minds, just as I learned it when I went up to the Heavens.

It is time to grow in the Love of God and to open yourself to the Divine Wisdom, that which will be the basis for the new humanity.

Wait for My instructions and soon we will begin the cycle of bringing this celestial knowledge to the heart of each one of My children.

I leave sown in your consciousnesses the seed of the eternal knowledge, the one learned in the universe.

Thank you, dear children, for trusting in My words.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Universal Mother. 



Wednesday, April 10 of 2013

Weekly messages

Is it Me who you seek?

Is it the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Where do you seek Her?

Because you will only encounter Me in your hearts if you pray as I have taught you when you were children, with the heart, with devotion and trust.

Beloved children:

I want to transmit to you My love and the celestial promise that in your heart you will always find Me, even when in the future I may not come month by month to instruct you and fill you with Graces.

For the coming time you must already have realized the real and true connection with My Immaculate Heart, that which will always be in your inner world, which will eternally guide you towards the Heart of My Son.

I Am amongst you, working so that in this time you may put Me inside of your inner, that there I must be today and in the future. So that when you no longer listen to My words through My visionaries, you may be able to listen to them in your inner temple, there inside of your heart.

I want that you listen to Me as you listen, and feel the consciousness of your mothers from the Earth, those who you are able to perceive with clearness whenever you need them.

It is simple like this. You just have to open to Me the door of your lives so that I may be able to enter.

Do not fear anything, in this way I, your Mother of Heaven, will be able to act profoundly on you. See how simple it is for Me to be in your hearts.

I love you and I protect you always. Thank you, dear children, for listening to My words with the heart.

Mary, Mother of God and of all of the souls.



Monday, April 8 of 2013

Weekly messages

Remember, dear soul, when I told you that in the Kingdom of Heavens a great group of angels were preparing the site for you to dwell?

Remember, beloved soul, when you were little and you used to climb on My lap to play with the beads of My rosary?

Remember, blessed soul, when you used to get lost without fear in the sea of My eyes and you used to tell Me your dreams and your longings?

Remember, soul child of God, when you used to cry on My chest to calm down your consciousness and I used to caress you and to console your pain, giving peace back to you?

Where are you, beloved soul, that you no longer come to Me?

Where is your longing of a child who used to seek Me during the nights, so that together with your guardian angels, I would take care of your resting.

Is it that now that you have grown up you do not need Me anymore?

Could it not be that now you need Me more than ever so that I may guard you from all the inquietude that you live day by day?

Have you already forgotten the peace and security that you used to feel in My arms? Do you not remember the maternal warmth that used to envelope you when you were together with Me?

I Am the same as always, I Am your Mother of Heaven, the Virgin Mary, the one who gave life to the Redeemer, that One who died for you so that you would have an opportunity of salvation.

I Am this chest of Mother that can console you and give you back peace.

I Am the one who is able to understand all of your anguishes and feelings, and with My Love transform them into hope.

I Am the One who will liberate you from your fears and who will fill your heart with courage to go ahead.

I Am the path of return to the Heart of the Light of Christ, the One who waits for you since so long ago so that He may convert you into His Companion on the pathway of Mercy.

I Am that one clothed with the Sun who returns in this time to fulfill the promise of Love and Unity that God has made to humanity.

I Am the one who will face for you, whatever may try to separate you from the Creator and who will not rest until it may cease to drown My children.

Trust in Me, dear soul, that I Am always here, available for you.

Come and rest within My Immaculate Heart that there you will encounter the truth that you seek, the braveness that you need, the light that will illuminate the path that will take you back to the Sacred Heart of the Redeemer.

Come, My soul, beloved of My Heart, your Celestial Mother claims you.

Come so that I may cover you with My mantle of Light and Love.

Come, dear son, dear daughter, I Am here and I wait for you.

All of My Love for you,

Mary, the Mother of God and of you.



Saturday, April 6 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Blessed be always those who answer to My Call, those who accompany My Heart even if they do not understand My presence.

The Lord waits in Heaven for those who on Earth are able to comply with His Will, who are able to seek through the heart His path to the Redemption of life.

I always guard in My Heart those of My children who gather their strength to walk by My side. I hear with attention those who call Me with truth and with sincerity, those who aspire to get to know Me and through Me, to arrive to My Son, the Redeemer.

I deeply thank those who are listening to Me for the first time and who did not fear to deepen in the unknown that they have before their eyes and their heart.

I invite all of My children of the world to continue peregrinating with Me, to follow My steps of a Pilgrim and to learn about a true Love and a deep surrender of life.

Today I also invite you to get to know the simplicity of the heart, that which will help you to find Me under any circumstance because, My children, a simple heart overcomes the obstacles with lightness and nothing will be able detain it in this trajectory of growth of the soul and of the spirit.

I invite you today to penetrate the mystery that is in living simplicity so that, permeated by a simple soul, your hearts may soon find the doors of My Kingdom, the doors of My Heart.

My Call comes to activate the devotion that was lost in the heart of many of My children. My Love comes to your lives so that through prayer, you may be true intercessors of the Mercy of Christ so that the Source of Mercy may flow on Earth.

As Mother I want to take My children to My Heart, I want to envelope them with My mantle and to teach them to live the Will of God. I want, through those who today awaken, to diffuse My message to the World. I want that your hearts be living examples of the conversion of life.

I want, through you, to demonstrate the Grace of God to the World so that each creature of this Earth, by finding your hearts, may lose the human fear of getting to know God and may know that inside of the Heart of the Lord there is only infinite Grace, infinite Love and Forgiveness so that the heart of the human beings may continue to evolve and to grow under the Mercy and the Plenitude of God.

Go My children, go and give testimonial of My Presence through the love of your hearts, this which I have deposited in these last days.

Continue without fear as Apostles of My Son. Live under the laws of the Gospel, service, charity and prayer. This example that your lives will be able to give will be worth more than any word. The conversion of your hearts will transform the world more than any miracle.

Be My arms, My feet, My verb and My Heart.

Take My Peace to the world.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

I love you and I bless you always.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Saturday, April 6 of 2013

Weekly messages

Guard your pains in My Maternal Heart and trust that God knows all.

Quench the thirst of your spirit in the Source that renovates all, in the Supreme Source of God.

Always live in My Son and for My Son surrender all that you are.

Dear son, dear daughter, open to Me the door so that I may be able to prepare your dwelling for My adorable and sacred Son Jesus. I know your tasks, I know where you go and from where you come. Allow that the Greater Law may nourish you and get to know My true Divine Love, Supreme Love that I guard day by day for you.

I Am your Mother, I Am your Guardian of Faith, I Am your Intercessor. Remember, My Son and My daughter, that above all, I Am your Mother, I Am your little Mother who accompanies the steps that conduct you to a safe place.

What else may I want for you, just that you simply surrender yourself to the plenitude of God.

Open your arms and let the true flame of love conquer you so that My Son Jesus may be able to be all for you. Live in My Heart, in My Sacred shelter. I know your laments but I also know your joys, I know when you give Me a smile and I also know when you lay your face on My Glorified Maternal Body so that you may be able to feel My Love and My shelter.

Enter in My Kingdom of Peace for this time of changes. Peace starts in your inner, peace brings clarity and wisdom for your life, Peace is the eternal contemplation of a soul that trusts God. If sometimes nothing turns up as it was planned by you, ask yourself, where does your will act.

Get the merits in your life through charity, humility and fraternity. Awaken to the sanctity, the one that I as Mother, call you to.

Be strong in prayer and with your pleas build the eternity of your soul to be able to live in Heaven. Do not get discouraged by anything but walk, walk towards My arms, I Am here to advise you, to feel your heart, to walk in silence at your side.

Seek to be a good child of God. Profess your faith in the Lord every day because in this way you will never be forsaken. Nourish your soul with prayer, a prayer that ignites your true spirit. Live the commandments that My Son has simply asked you. Guard your aspirations in the Great Heart of God and learn that before everything else is your neighbor, your brother and your sister.

Get to know My Kingdom of Peace, call for it because My Angelical Spirit will open the door to elevate you. Do not lose your hopes; trust in the Mercy of the Redeemer. Feel in your heart the words that nourish life and spirit.

Be simple, meek, truthful, loving and peaceful. Love everybody above all things and wait in the truth for the Gift of the Love of God.

Come, come, come towards My encounter! Before your existence My Son gave Me the light of your true essence.

Essence of living in God.

Essence of loving the manifested life.

Essence of being a beloved disciple of the Queen of Peace.

Leave all to Me, give into My hands whatever you are and whatever you feel, listen to the Voice of My Maternal Heart.

Open your eyes for the new dawn because the stars of the universe announce a new time for your life.

Vigil in the eve of the coming of Christ.

Accept whatever God may express for your consciousness.

Glimpse the path of the consecration of your being and in prayer elevate those who surround you.

Be the beginning of the new by means of charity, be whatever God wants you to be.

Be holy in life and manifest your love towards the Creator Father.

Guard My words in the heart. Guard your faith in My absolute Faith.

I thank you for being with Me, may God bless you.

Dear children from the Northeast, may My Immaculate Love be perpetually amongst you and amongst your families.

Thank you for answering to My call for Peace in the world!

Who blesses you in Christ Savior,

Mary, Queen of Peace.  



Saturday, April 6 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

I have been hearing your pleas and I have been feeling that your hearts need to be more united to Me so that you may be able to understand, dear children, that you are able to leave all of the pain and suffering of your hearts at My feet.

So that your souls may find relief and consolation they must be closer to Me as I am your Mother, your Redeemer, the One who understands you, who does not judge you, who shelters you in Her Immaculate Heart no matter how you are, and even if you have failed God.

So that I may be able to relieve the heart of humanity you, My dears, must trust in My Love that seeks to realize wonders of peace and consolation in your lives.

Open the heart, My children, so that I may be able to deposit in them the Graces that I bring from Heaven. Do not think that you do not deserve them because our Beloved Father, of Love and of Forgiveness, waits that your consciousnesses in humility let themselves be loved.

I will be the one who will wash your wounds with My Love, I will heal your sufferings with My Hands of Mother, I will caress your beloved presence with My hymn of love and if you pay attention, you will hear Me in your inner world praying for your souls.

My little and beloved children:

In this time so difficult for all humanity, My presence opens the path that you must go through to enter into the Heart of Light of My Son Christ Jesus.

He arrives again to this world to bring the definitive freedom for this race which must break the chains that unite it with evil, obscurity and with pain so that nothing may ever again separate you from God.

Let Me get into your heart to heal this that separates you from the Peace, from the Love of God and again live the celestial bliss in your inner world that is guarded in the Kingdom of Heavens for each one.

My beloved children:

I Am your Mother of Heaven, the one who forgives all, who loves all, who understands all. Come to Me, rest in My arms and feel how all may be, through the sincere love of the heart.

Do not fear for anything. Call me and there I will be. Search for Me through the sincere prayer done with the heart and you will find Me.

I leave My maternal blessings for all of those who have come on this day to be with Me.

Thank you for listening to My call and Thank You for all that you give Me.

Mary, Queen of Peace and of your lives.  



Thursday, April 4 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

Praised be Always Our Lord Jesus Christ.

With great joy in My Heart, I place today My feet on this Earth to awaken and bless many more of My children of the world.

Beloved children, I come to ask you that, with an open heart and with deep devotion in your beings, you pray today not only for this city, but also for the whole Nation of Brazil.

My Heart has received, from the Lord, the permission to traverse this country, to again light in the hearts of My children the devotion to My Immaculate Heart, and to prepare them in Love and Truth for the coming arrival of My Son Jesus.

If you accept to accompany Me in this sacred maternal task, I ask you to pray, renewing yourselves between each bead without losing, not even for an instant, the devotion of the heart. Because in this way, My children, you will be able to help Me, not only in My task of Liberation, but also, and especially, in the Salvation of the souls.

I want to find, in each place of this beloved Nation, Marian soldiers that are willing to walk with Me by means of prayer, of service, and of pilgrimage.

In this way I will be awakening the new apostles of My Son, those who will be ready to walk by His side when it is time to do so.

Beloved children of My Heart, I thank you profoundly for opening for Me the door of this city, and of this Nation. Through Faith and trust in My Heart, you will be able to have, each day more, merit in order to arrive to Paradise.

I ask you that these days, in which My Heart will be accompanying you from up close, be a moment of strengthening Faith, devotion and faithfulness in your hearts. Because when My Marian group of pilgrims are no longer here, I want you to proceed in fervent daily prayer and eternal confidence in My Heart of Mother.

This is the true spiritual reason of My presence, that the consciousnesses of My children not only activate themselves, but remain active and prayerful throughout life.

This is the way to give to the world the testimony of My presence. Because it is no longer miracles that the world needs, but the true conversion of the heart, the true Love and true actions of charity.

The truth in all that you realize in life is the key to find the inspiration that My Heart gives to you. Always be true and loving to all who approach you. This is the sign of a heart united to Mine.

Faith, Love and Truth always.

I accompany you from My Heart.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.



Thursday, April 4 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children of the Northeast, praised be Jesus in your hearts!

Thank you, dear children, for opening the doors to My Immaculate Heart because in this way many souls will be touched by the presence of God in their lives. I thank you for receiving My visionaries internally because in all work, these abnegated efforts that My pilgrim children do to follow My plans of Peace through the world count a lot.

Today I gather you, as I had announced in the month of March this year, to compassionately bless all of My children in this region of the Northeast. Today, I especially come here to gather you in the name of Christ and to renovate you in the commitment with the Plan of God.

By devotion to My Immaculate Heart you will be able to approach the Heart of My Son.

Dear children, may the joy of My Heart for being with you be able to radiate itself during this day in your souls with the aim of encouraging you to fulfill the plans of the Father as servers of the Earth.

Dear children, let us pray so that in this day the Grace of the Father that comes from Heaven may be able to reach the hearts of all of My children from the State of Pernambuco.

Let us pray so that the Holy Spirit of God may gather you in the name of My Son and the works of charity and of prayer necessary for the conversion of humanity may be accomplished.

Let us pray together, My dear children, so that the Mercy of Jesus may reach those who have separated and distanced themselves from the Love of God.

Let us pray so that the youngsters, children and teenagers of Pernambuco may be guided by the Shepherd of Love, by the Mercy of Christ.

Let us pray united so that the work of My Immaculate Heart may be carried forward here in Pernambuco through the solidarity and fraternal spirit of the Network of Light.

May you, as instruments of My Son, be able to diffuse the importance of walking in prayer and of living in fraternity because many of My children must approach the Creator Father.

My children, may this day of encounter with Me be the beginning of the strengthening for service in prayer, in service and in instruction for those who need to pray, of those children who need to be assisted and of those children of Mine who need to be instructed, as My Son has taught you in His parables.

Dear children, for the Grace of My visit that today your hearts will receive, each day unite yourselves in prayer and in service to the most needy because My Son is already making Me gather His new apostles of the heart.

I thank all of My children from the Northeast of Brazil for answering to My maternal call!

Who blesses you in the name of the Love of Christ,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Wednesday, April 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children from Recife:

I have come until here so that your souls may return to the path of devotion towards My Immaculate Heart and towards the Most Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus.

I have passed through other spaces of this blessed country and I have found hearts thirsty for peace and for the possibility of reconciling themselves with God the Creator.

I come from the Heavens, from the Celestial Kingdom to give you My maternal love, My help, so that you may be able to return to the path that will save you.

I Am your Mother, your Protector, your Intercessor before My Son and before the Supreme God, and through My Love I want that you will trust in what I want to give you.

I have come to tell you that it is already the time of the conversion, so that before the return of My Son all of you may have your souls prepared to receive Him.

This world walks through paths where humanity loses, day by day, the contact with the spirit immersed in the dizziness of modernity.

Dear children: How long has it been since you were in true peace? How long has it been since your consciousnesses have not felt themselves as part of the universe that the Creator designed for His Creatures?

How much transgression! How many faults towards the planet!

Dear children: what will be of this humanity if you do not repair the Heart of My Son, and the Heart of God?

Let us pray, dear children, for all of those who day by day forget those who suffer, of those who clamor for love, of those who lose themselves.

Let us pray for all of those who deny the Creator of all things.

Let us pray and let us never stop praying to be able to balance the faults of this world in this time.

I count on all of My beloved Marian soldiers.

I love you and I conduct you to the Heart of the Redeemer.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Tuesday, April 2 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children, may Peace be present on Earth and may Peace be in the world!

Dear children, with an immense joy I am being received in the heart of all of My little children of this blessed Community of God. As Mother, I also guard you in My Maternal Heart, a Heart that wants to indicate to you the faithful path towards My Beloved Son.

My children, let us celebrate today with joy and praise because the Mother of the Highest will be landing Her feet again upon this region of Rio de Janeiro. My eyes contemplate the innocence of all of the children of the community because through the devotion to My Immaculate Heart you return to the Heart of God and you reconcile with His Infinite Love.

Dear children, today I give My maternal hug to each one of those present, especially to My children from the Community of Nova Terra, who throughout the years have fulfilled the Divine Purpose of God by means of the love to My Heart.

For this, you count on the beloved intercession of the Virgin Mary so that you may take the steps and find the light and the guidance about the decisions for the life of the souls.

My Heart returns to Rio de Janeiro to bless it and liberate it in the name of the Love of Jesus to all of the little ones who will need, by means of the Grace of God, to find a new path of peace and redemption. For this I have asked for prayer for all of the children of the world so that these little souls may be touched by a Grace and a greater blessing.

Dear children, Rio de Janeiro will be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart again and this will be the task of all of the pilgrims, that of praying with the heart so that this may happen.

Today, with the rosary between My hands, I pray for you so that you may always guard the healthy joy of living in God. I pray so that all of My little children of Nova Terra may, at the next time, walk by the side of My Son in the name of all of My other children who need of your sincere prayer.

In joy I pray so that this encounter of today may be fulfilled by the sacred presence of the Holy Spirit and by the Heart of My Son. I pray so that many of My children may awaken in time to the life of prayer and to the adoration to the Blessed Heart of My Son. I pray with you so that peace may be reached between the consciousnesses and God, the Kingdoms and the whole world.

I pray to My Son so that He may be present for longer, guiding you through the path of redemption and forgiveness. I pray so that the Grace and the Mercy of the Father may radiate in the hearts that need it the most.

Dear children, I have prayed to God for Rio de Janeiro so that it may awaken to the life of Spirit and to the reconciliation with God and, in this way, it may partake in the source of the Mercy of Christ.

I tell you, dear children, that the Father has listened to Me and a special intercession has been conceded for this place and to all of the people of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

By means of the Grace of the Father and for Him having heard My Prayer, My Immaculate Heart will be able to more deeply bless all of My beloved children, My lonely children, My lost children, My unprotected children, My unsheltered children and My forgotten children from Rio de Janeiro.

The always Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, will be mercifully present among Her most needy children through an Extraordinary Apparition that will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during one of the days in April, in the following week of My apparitions in Recife and Olinda, in Pernambuco.

Dear children, know that the Piety of God will open the definite doors to the conversion of many of My children in this state of Brazil, a Grace that I have pleaded to God since a long time ago.

Beloved children, I ask the praying groups of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais to support and collaborate so that the spiritual task of conversion to My Immaculate Heart may happen by the loving help of all of My devotees.

I thank you for answering to My call and for receiving Me in this sacred place with so much love!

Who loves and blesses you in the Mercy of God,

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Tuesday, April 2 of 2013

Weekly messages

I Am each flower that is born in these fields.

I Am the fields, the mountains and the trees.

I Am the seed of the New Humanity that sprouts in the  Heart of the beings that begin to grow because all of the Creation comes from My womb, and I come from the Creator of all things.

The Lord creates by means of Me and I Am to manifest His Glory, the Glory of God.

Children, My Heart today glorifies the Lord for allowing that My feet, one more time, touch upon this sacred soil in order to bless you and to confirm My kingship in the Heart of all of My children that dwell here, may they be big or little.

My beloved children from Crer-Sendo, I come today in a special way to your hearts so that you may know that I dwell there every day; so that you may recognize Me as the Mother of each one of you and may assume with Me the maternity of one another.

Because by means of the life that is lived here I want to leave this sign for the World: A place where all are children and all are mothers and fathers. In this way all will be able to know, and to live, that it is possible to love one another more than as brothers and sisters, but as a mother loves a child and as a child loves the mother

Today I come to give you an impulse to take one step more in the life of consecration so that by means of My Maternal Heart each one of you may be able to love as I love, and may be able to take care of one another as I take care of you day by day from the Heavens, and also from the Earth.

My Children, I want that the World finds in this place My active Temple of prayer. I want that each one of your little hearts be a mirror that may be able to reflect My Love for the Earth.

I come to construct in each one of My children a bridge that will perpetually unite you with Me. Because wherever may exist a Love that may live and reign between the hearts, there I will be to bring to you each time a little more of the Light of the Kingdom of the Lord, this Kingdom in which I dwell together with the Celestial Angels.

Dear children of My Heart, I also want by means of you, to leave one more sign to the World, the sign of the persistence and of the fidelity to My Immaculate and Holy Heart. Because by means of the Faith of your hearts you will go through each test that presents itself in life, each test that the Lord sends you for the growth and the maturing of your spirits.

By means of the living of Faith and of Fraternity you will be able to help, with Me, My children that live in the world, those to whom are lacking Faith, Love and Fraternity.

Trust in My words and in My aid. I am here day by day to guide you. I listen to your prayers and I know each one of the necessities that you have.

Count on My Love and on My Instruction to fulfill the Plans that God has for each one of you, and for all as a group.

I Love your hearts with predilection, and I wait for you in My Kingdom.

I thank you for answering, with deep love, to My Call of the life of the heart.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace.



Monday, April 1 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

I continue to be together with you as Mother and Instructor of souls, taking you through the pathway that conduct you towards Christ, towards the Good News for this humanity.

Elevate your hearts above this Earth and always place them out of the reach of the vainglory of the world because now My children serve the One and Only Love consciously and must no longer belong to the energies of this chaos that intends to suffocate the souls of humanity.

Rejoice in your hearts because I am arriving one more time to Nova Terra where the littlest ones wait for Me with infinite joy.

Take the example of the children who work day by day in My beloved community in order to be faithful seeds for the New Humanity.

Take this example of love and joy that greatly pleases Our Lord. From High He contemplates how, through the daily sacrifice, these consciousnesses clean their clothes from all sin and, by means of service, find a path to salvation.

They already live in the Heart of My Son who accompanies them and observes them growing up, learning to love and to walk through the pathway of forgiveness.

My beloved soldiers:

Keep yourselves united in the little things to be able to sustain yourselves firmly in the big things. Pray together every day because the world needs this prayer of the heart.

Many souls are being assisted by the prayers of all and it is time to persist and to keep yourselves firm in the celestial requests together with Me and My Son Christ Jesus.

Be Blessed and never allow that the necessities of the world separate you.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Loved be the children of the Supreme God.

With maternal and celestial love,

Mary, Queen of Peace. 

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