Sunday, March 30 of 2014

Monthly messages

Children of Mine:

I come today to your encounter as the Mother and Virgin of Perpetual Help because from the Heavens I have contemplated the need for assistance that exists in the world. The Lord listened to the pleadings of the souls that suffer and sorrow in this humanity, and for this He has sent His Savior Servant to assist the poor in spirit and in heart.

My beloveds, this world is already crossing the threshold of a new time and many can feel this change in their own interior.  At the same time Infinite Graces descend from the Heavens; the Lord permits that His children be tried by all means and that from the depths of the interior may emerge all miseries.

But this takes place, My dear ones, because it is in this moment that all the assistance that you may need is available.  For this, as the Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you to not fear to purify yourselves; that you do not resist in the face of the trials that come into your lives, but rather that you clamor for the Celestial assistance and that you cling to all the Graces and the Divine Instructions that the celestial Messengers have brought to the world in recent times

This is a unique moment for all of humanity.  The Voice of God resounds through His Messengers in all corners of the world, so that there will be no one that will not have the opportunity of awakening and of finding help to live this transition that is initiated first in one’s own inner world.

As Queen of Peace I invite you to live the Peace of the Heart of God in you little lives, and to bring this Peace to all those who lack this Divine attribute. The time has come that all the peacemakers will raise their voice as the Messengers of God do, and that they will announce to the world that it is possible to live a life of profound Peace even in times of transition.

In every moment of your lives you ought to know to choose between participating in conflicts and collaborating with evil, and with overcoming the negative currents of the world and living the Peace, thus dissolving all the plans of the enemy.

The worlds needs Peace and those that come to My encounter receive from My Heart the intense Peace that exists in My Kingdom; they must be capable of persevering in this Peace and of setting the example to the world of how to reach it.

Children of Mine, these are not normal times for this world.  When My eyes turn to Earth I feel in My Heart the suffering of My children and I find in the necessity of the world the valor to return again and again, and unwearied, give an impulse to your little hearts.  Today I ask that you see the world by means of My eyes and that you feel through My heart the pain in which the souls live.  Thus you shall find the strength that you need to rise as many times as are necessary and attempt, until the end of your lives, manifesting the Plans on Earth.

My beloved, today the Queen of Heaven comes to your encounter and says that God does not contemplate the number of falls of humanity, but rather the capacity of getting up and returning to comply with the Greater Will, independently of your weaknesses and imperfections.

As Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you that I am at your side and that I will be here always, helping you with that which you will need.  All I need is that you call Me and clamor for My assistance, and soon after I will be visible to the eyes of the heart that seeks Me.

Today I place this entire city under My mantle and I embrace with love each one of My Children who with devotion and simplicity generate merits for the Salvation of all souls.

I thank you, My dears, for having responded once again to My call.

I am always in your little lives.

Your Mother, Mary, Holy and Virgin of Perpetual Help



Sunday, March 30 of 2014

Monthly messages

I come from Heaven to São José do Rio Preto so that all may get to know Me as the Lady of Liberation and of Peace.

I have the power, after My Son, to purify all your sins through My Virginal Purity.  My Maternal Love has the power to transform lives, and of setting free the moorings that imprison the hearts.  My Celestial Light has the power of healing any evil and of alleviating suffering.

I Am the Mother and the Lady of Liberation because I have the Divine Authority to make you re-emerge from the darkness of life, and to make you fly as high as a bird.  I have the power to absolve your mistakes and to transfigure them in love and truth.

I Am the Universal Mother, that one who has the power to radiate Her Divine Love between the spaces and universes.

I Am the radiating Sun that was born from God and I Am that who gestated on Earth the Firstborn Son.  I have the power to make life be born in a barren womb, because life arises by the action of love.

I have the permission of God to succor you and to liberate you.

For this, that on this day of Jubilation, may you have sufficient strength so that you may be able to surrender all that makes you suffer, and that prevents you from walking towards God.

God has given Me the power of transforming you and of redeeming your life through the Supreme Light of My Heart.  Now, in consciousness and awakening, may you know the presence of the Lady of Liberation because I wish that all My children seek the assistance that they need.

Dear children, today I present Myself for the third time in São José do Rio Preto because your request that I would return was heard in the Heights of Heaven.  I have the power to respond mercifully to the needs of all of My children.

I want that you know that Christ, Your Lord, acts also by means of the Immaculate Love of My Heart.

I hope that each child of Rio Preto will be united to the Redeeming power of Jesus through the Eucharist, because it has the power to forgive and to redeem you; by means of Confession, which has the power to absolve you; and by means of Prayer, that has the power to strengthen you and to prepare you for the path of consecration to God.  

God waits for you to awaken to the liberating power that lives in Heaven, to the power of love that is poured each time that the Lady of Light descends and appears to help you.

Dear children of Mine, your captivity is ending, hold onto My Sacred Mantle because in this way I will elevate you to the Kingdom of Peace.

São José do Rio Preto shall diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart through the groups of prayer; thus you will be able to be Legionaries of Mary for the end of this cycle.

I lovingly leave you a prayer of liberation and of redemption for your lives:

Supreme Mother,
Universal Star,
may Your Powerful Love
liberate the ties.

May the luminous swords
of Your Holy Angels,
cut away involution and
any difficulty.

May the power of Your Healing
reconcile our heart with God and,
united to Your Immaculate Heart,
may we experience the promise of the
victorious return of Christ,
Our Lord.


I thank all My children of São José do Rio Preto for having prepared My arrival with so much love!

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Liberation



Tuesday, March 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

May the Peace of Christ be always in your hearts!

In the end the flowers of devotion will open up in the interior of all those that invoked the Precious Name of the Lord yesterday!

Praised be Our Father who is in the Heights!

Glorified be always His Presence, in Heaven as on Earth!

May the angels always elevate the humble offers of love from all the children of God.

May every expression of true devotion among the healthy creatures permit that the plans of the Most High be concretized.

Praise be the name of Adonai!

Blessed be the presence of Emmanuel!

Hallelujah for the existence of Abba, the Eternal Father!

May the Infinite Heavens be opened and may the rays of Mercy be poured over the impious and the innocent.  God is for all the creatures; His loving presence is in everything that is life and evolution.

May the great stars of universal salvation descend upon the Earth.

May the doors of love and of celestial healing be opened for all.

May the suns awaken to the Great Call because for the Father, the time of salvation and forgiveness has come.

Let us glorify the God of Love!  May all the souls of good will pronounce His name and may all of humanity receive the power of His Grace.  As the Sacred People of Israel, the soldiers of Peace come together to respond in joy to the call of Adonai.

Holy is Our Lord!

Holy is Your Name forever!

May Your Original Project be accomplished in all the hearts now and always!


Dear children: may this divine declaration of love and of devotion awaken in you the enthusiasm and the spiritual and inner impulse to proceed forward.  Remember My little ones, you have a place saved for you in the Heart of God.

For this, be encouraged to live the accelerated transformation of the end of this time, in the same way as the world turns fast, the souls reach the path of transfiguration.

I am among you always; I bless you.  That on this day of unity and of joy may you receive My dear children from prison with love, because now I have opened to you the door to Freedom, to the Freedom of the heart and of love.

I love those that surrender at the feet of Christ because Your King will liberate you.

Thank you Figueira, Sacred Tree, for responding to My call!

Mary, Immaculate Conception



Tuesday, March 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

When the soul finds the path of devotion and of faith in its life, it also finds the plenitude of My Kingdom.  Devotion opens one by one the doors that humanity closed and that unite it to God.  Devotion is one of the manifestations of the soul that, full of joy, finds in God courage and its refuge of Peace.

Children of Mine, let yourselves be permeated and overcome by the devotion that enters into your lives.  Permit that this manifestation of love be greater than the earthly forces of shame and fear, because God contemplates the sincere intentions of the hearts and knows that which truly goes on in each interior.

Devotion is the manifestation of the love of the soul and each soul has a precious form of expressing itself when it is before God.  Let that your hearts be free in this expression of love and thus allow a holy madness to enter into your lives and to impel you to realize great surrenders of your inner, sincere acts of service to your neighbor, and self-sacrificing service to your little brothers and sisters of the kingdoms of nature.

My beloveds, the devotion that you begin to feel in the heart will open the door so that God will construct in your souls an unshakeable fortress of faith and courage, because through devotion you meet with states of purity that are hidden in your inner world and this, which is pure and that is kept in your essences, reveals to your hearts that which in truth they are, and in this way, strengthened by the truth, nothing is able to deter you on the path to the spirit. Notwithstanding your facing hard trials and powerful enemies, the faith in the truth will always be more powerful, and will pulse to the rhythm of the heart that already fully trusts in God.

Children of Mine, do you understand then My plans for Peace?

My soldiers discover in pure devotion the entry into the great fortress of the spirit.  My Plan is silently manifested in the life of the beings.  To those that open themselves up to live with intensity that which is granted to them to live, a transformation will come without their realizing it, children of Mine, as a result of the grand action of the universal love.

As Mother and Lady of this sacred Figueira I say to you that My plans begin to be manifested in the interior of My little soldiers because the Marian Center, which is the expression of My Love for the beings of the Earth, now begins to spiritually merge itself with the essences of those that walk with Me.

If you walk trusting in My Heart; responding one by one to the celestial indications; you shall understand how our Lord works secretly in your souls and, through you, in all the souls of the world.

On this day I thank you, dear children, for truly opening to Me the doors of the heart, and for allowing that many evils be liberated from your lives and thus from the entire world.

Today I ask you that with greater fervor you accompany Me because My Heart, united to the Kingdoms of Love that pulse in this planet, will liberate a great evil of the world, and will alleviate the suffering of many souls.

Know today that on this hill lives a great channel of planetary liberation that you must sustain through true prayer and the unconditional love of your hearts, so that, in addition to My direct presence in this place, the world will keep being liberated from all the evils because endless is the necessity for liberation of this Earth.

Thus I count on your hearts to be the living extension of My Immaculate Heart in this world.

I love you deeply, I bless you, and thank you for responding each day more to My Call.

Mary, Mother and Lady of the Most Sacred Figueira



Monday, March 24 of 2014

Monthly messages

Enter into My Heart of Light, because there you will find the answers that you so much seek for the doubts and questions that disturb your little life.

Enter in trust into the protection of My mantle, because it is there, under the protection of My maternal essence, that you will be safe to grow and mature the consciousness.

My children, it gives Me happiness to return to this house of Mine and find hearts strengthened by the learnings of life.  It gives me happiness to see that many have woken up to the life of the spirit and to the life of the soul, through prayer.  Some do not even perceive, but they are entering, each day more, into the essence of My Kingdom.

My little ones, this is a sacred path, the one that was chosen by your souls, that have awakened in time to build in the interior the strength of prayer and to learn, through union with God and service to others, the Love that the whole world needs so much.

While many deny God and seek to flagellate His Most Holy Heart, I travel the world in the Divine Hope of awakening the greatest number of souls and, through the intercession of those who pray with fervor, to be able to rescue those who clamor day and night for help.

My children, today I say to you that because of your most sincere prayers, My redeeming Light is being expanded throughout the world and, by your constant efforts, My maternal presence will be able to arrive to those who are lost.

I want you to know that upon your answer depends the expansion of My Marian task over the world.  Each time that a soul takes a firm step towards the Heart of God, I receive from the Lord the permission to be a longer time over the Earth and to balance situations that many times already seem not to have a solution.

I want to let you know that My maternal Heart has accompanied the meeting that occurred in the Marian Center of Figueira and with attention observed the fruits, converted into transformation, that have arisen in the hearts and in the consciousnesses by means of the instruction received in these last days.  I have contemplated with joy the inner step that you took towards a greater comprehension; in this way, you are approaching God's Purpose for this time.

My children, know that when a drop of the Universal Truth is poured and is molded over a consciousness, the whole planet receives the possibility of waking up to the Universal life.  For this I count on the support of those who unveil My words, who know how to read between the lines of My divine Word and that, in this way, permit that all of humanity may receive the possibility of discovering a little more about the Divine Truths that are available to those who seek for them with the heart.

My beloveds, as Our Lady of Figueira I collect in My Heart the beautiful fruits that were born in the last times and I ask you to continue to deepen in this path that  conducts you to the meeting with the Spirit of Christ, because in this way you will generate merits so that all your brothers and sisters who live in ignorance may have in their lives a chink of light that may illuminate the heart and bring to the soul the Peace that it needs to come out of the darkness and of perpetual suffering.

Pray much and discover in prayer the true power of the word that God gave to His creatures.  The world needs the intercession of all the beings and yes, their sincere prayers can change the events that are predicted and that by Divine Justice, already descend over the Earth.  For this I ask you, My beloveds, pray, pray much and seek with determination to find the power of prayer in your lives.

I thank you for uniting yourselves to Me in this intercession for the nations of the world.

Let us pray, because the world is in need.

I love you and I will always love you.

Your Most Holy Mother, Mary, Lady of Figueira



Monday, March 24 of 2014

Monthly messages

The flowers of light that are born in My Sacred Garden are diverse, but all together emanate the same aroma of prayer.  My celestial rays water the flowers of the garden every day so that they, on their own, may reach the expression of their inner beauty.

In My Garden the roses are a beautiful present for the Altars of God, each one of them has its time to be harvested and after be taken in My basket of gold to the Thrones of God.

These precious and diverse flowers from Heaven are the sublime expression of the souls that pray every day with Me and that, as in the earthly life are transformed step by step.

Today I wish that you be new flowers in My Sacred Garden, that you may beautify life upon the Earth through your love and your prayer; it will help that most of the flowers that die on Earth may blossom again as seeds in the stable of Your Lord, Jesus.

Dear children, in this way is expressed My Mystical Rose.  My Light profoundly springs from the Immaculate Heart in order to transform and convert in love the souls that have fallen.

Think, dear children, about the possibility that you may spiritually materialize this aspiration of Mine, that you may be beautiful flowers at the feet of the Creator; in this way your lives may be guided by new laws and that which to you seems not transformable, the Holy Spirit of God will transform.

Beloved children, encourage yourselves to live in the new; seek in your sincere prayer the Divine Life, that is the Life of Heaven, the path of holiness and of service.  Be holy in life, proclaim the greatness of God in all things; in this way you will help that all be renewed and many of your brothers and sisters may find hope again.

Beloved children, the Lord of the Universe observes you and accompanies you every day of your lives; only seek the one and true union with the Eternal Father. He waits for His servants to give Him the fruits collected from the great harvest of the end of the times.

I am still here among your hearts, because there is still much that heals and that scars; it is time to place your beings under the healing rays of Christ, so that My Son may exorcise and transform you in precious seeds of light, ready to be sown as groups of prayer upon the surface of the Earth.

After so many precious instructions that the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph have poured, today I announce to you that this will be the last message that I will give to you for the Prayer Vigils.  Now I need for you to meditate, in the beginning of each new vigil, about the Daily Messages that I have given to the world; in them are deposited important keys for the conversion of the world and to be able to establish peace.

The Daily Messages, beginning in the next Prayer Vigil, will be those that will open your hearts month after month and will be the ones that will prepare your inner beings for the exercise of prayer for peace in the nations.

This does not mean, dear children, that I Am withdrawing Myself; God needs that you wake up to the reality that all have lived with Me since the last trip to Medjugorje in the year of 2011.

Dear children, I leave you My Eternal Peace, I love you and I bless you always!

Mary, Lady of the Sacred Figueira



Saturday, March 15 of 2014

Monthly messages

Dearest children of Cordoba and of the whole world:

In the name of the Love of Christ, Your Lord, I gather you to renew you by means of the Source of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My Immaculate Heart attracts to your lives the gift of Piety, the gift of Strength and the gift of Science; these three gifts will be the ones that will renovate the life of the consciousnesses that participate in the Plan of God and in consequence, many hearts will see themselves benefited when My servants live and work through these three gifts.

As Queen and Mother of the Holy Spirit I call you on this day to reinforce the efforts in the mission of the prayer of the heart.  My Divine Spirit will guide the steps of the souls who are willing to be active representatives of the Spirit of God on Earth because, in this time, only through the strength and the wise power of the Holy Spirit will be resolved many confusing situations.

Now the Holy Spirit embraces you and welcomes you in the Essence of the Love of God, so that in this era your walk in the Plan of God is totally defined and confirmed.

New soldiers must arise from the planetary chaos, for this My Holy Marian Spirit will accompany the servers that lovingly diffuse the Science and the Life of the Holy Spirit.

My Heart invites you to think and interiorize in the heart the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit wishes profoundly to be a part of your lives and to transform that which still has not been transformed; for this your determination will be necessary, so that He may work.

Beloved children of Cordoba, in this way My Immaculate Heart returns to your dwelling places to light the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  Only in the Holy Spirit of God may you find the inner strength and the determination to proceed accomplishing the Plan of the Father.

Cordoba and the North of Argentina have the mission of representing the Holy Spirit through His gifts and of being groups of pioneering souls of the divine gifts.

Through the daily prayer to the Holy Spirit and the invocation of the Supreme Consciousness of the Spirit of God, new and renovated sources will arise for the conversion and the redemption of the hearts of your nation.

The Celestial Universe of the Holy Spirit waits for you, so that the gifts that Argentina needs to live and to profess from the heart may descend and be materialized through your lives.

The Queen of the Holy Spirit comes from Heaven to give you this luminous impulse of devotion and of loving work dedicated to God the Most High.

May this day, of encounter and of celebration with the Holy Spirit of God be the reason for the renovation and the confirmation of your lives to the Sacred Universe.

I thank you, dear children of Cordoba for having trusted once again in My call!

I bless you in the name of the Holy Spirit of God,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy Spirit



Saturday, March 15 of 2014

Monthly messages

Today My mantle extends itself over the world, sheltering all the helpless of spirit and of heart.  The ray of Brotherhood that is born in My chest is radiated to those who are lacking love, and matures in the heart of those who walk the flame of fraternity and of unity with the beings among themselves, with the kingdoms of nature and with God.

My children, as Queen of the Brotherhood I bring you the Peace of My Kingdom and I deposit in your hearts the brotherhood that the world lacks so much.

A heart that lives in Brotherhood is that which knows how to recognize the need in the situations of life and overcomes them with its actions and with its most pure intention.

A heart that beats in the rhythm of universal Brotherhood is that one which overcomes tiredness and discovers the love of sacrifice, when it is before the need of its fellow human being.

Brotherhood is born in the discovery of the Divine in each being.  Brotherhood clears the eyes that cannot see the presence of My Son in each heart.

Brotherhood grows and matures in the beings that aspire to love their fellow human beings above all things and that discovers in the service to the brothers and sisters the nourishment of its soul.

In Brotherhood is the key to enter into a superior life.  It is by seeking to love one’s fellow human being and to serve them that you will find the door that will bring you to the Kingdom of the Brotherhood.  It is by starting to be fraternal and a partner in this world, that one day you will achieve the merits to know the superior and universal Brotherhood.

My children, today I bring to you the Kingdom of the Brotherhood so that there may be manifested in your hearts the permanent and inextinguishable aspiration to serve one’s fellow human being and to love them, constructing a new life in the world and attracting to the beings the brotherhood that is lived in the Universe of God.

I deposit in your hearts a new seed that must be cultivated by your souls through the permanent search and the perseverance in living brotherhood and fraternity among the beings.  This will be reached when you recognize the perfect Plan of God for each sister soul, when you recognize the crystalline essence that shines in the center of each being and that was created by divine hands to manifest in the universe a principle of love and of unity.

My children, today, at the request of God, I present to you a new face of My Kingdom, that brings to you the archetype of life that all the worlds must manifest.

It is already time to awaken for the new and to let the old be extinguished from your hearts.  Do not fear to discover new beings in yourselves, because all that you need to take this leap is already available before your eyes and your spirits.  Only open the arms and the heart and receive with love the offer that is given you.

I am the Queen of the Brotherhood, the always Virgin and Blessed Mother of Christ and of all the beings.  From My womb come all things, because in this way it was conceded by the Lord to His Universal Servant.

My beloveds, I welcome you today in My maternal arms and I receive you with love in My Kingdom of the Brotherhood, so that through the “yes” of those who represent humanity, little by little, a new life may arise on Earth, so that a greater time of Peace may be conceded to the world.

I love you and I thank you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of the Brotherhood



Thursday, March 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

Feel the sweet Voice of My Heart in your interior and embrace firmly the networks of salvation that I give to you.  Leave behind all that makes your heart suffer and see coming now in the beautiful horizon My Celestial Light.  Give Me all that you are and permit that My hands of compassion and of love caress your face, wash your hands, and prepare you to receive in the night the Great Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ Your King.

I come all of the days to give you to know the Divine Mysteries of Heaven.  I come to your encounter with the Sacred Hope that you may walk lovingly at My side.  Always I Have Been Your Celestial Mother, I Am the Flower that opens itself to the rays of the sun and expresses the beauty of Creation.

Find Me in the love of your prayer.  Seek for Me in the manifestation of nature.  I Am the steadfast tree that sustains the good fruits, those that in the coming time will be harvested by the Shepherd of souls.

I want that you trust in that which I ask you, I need you to be reborn through the Fire of My Devotion.  I wish to see over the world pillars of prayer and banners of Peace and of Fraternity.  The Father has waited for His children since the beginning.

Today My Faith is poured as a fountain in the hearts that open themselves to feel My maternal words.  I want, on this day that you may give your YES to the Celestial Father, because the Lord waits from you the best and the good.

Remain between My arms, as one time Jesus did.  Let that which I have foreseen to be accomplished in you.  I hope that you may know the light that comes from Heaven and the latent love of My Heart.  Give yourself to My Heart and you will know that which you still have not known, you will recognize the Love of God in your heart.

While many souls despair for lack of comfort and of peace, I come to awaken the soldiers who fell asleep in the sleep of this world.

Encourage yourself to be that which you still are not, I will help you.  To all the children consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, I say:

That a Child of Mary is a spark of devotion that illuminates obscurity.

A Child of Mary is an apostle of Christ that serves in full and opens itself to find charity. 

A Child of Mary is a soul that has disposed itself to accomplish the requests of Heaven and has offered itself to help materialize them.

A Child of Mary is a servant that prepares consciously the coming of Christ, because a Child of Mary is a collaborator soul that is at the complete and absolute service of the Immaculate Heart.

A Child of Mary represents the manifestation of the ray of Peace for this world.

A Child of Mary is like a bridge that intercedes so that the souls may be relieved.

In Christ all of you are potential Children of Mary, the Lord opens Himself to receive your offers.  My Heart gives thanks for your efforts to accompany Me.

I thank everyone of Santa Fe for having answered to My call to conversion!

Know, dear children, I need you as you also need Me. Will we help each other?

I protect you and I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Most Holy Queen of Brotherhood



Thursday, March 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

Children of Mine,

For My Immaculate Heart there are no obstacles that separate Me from My children. There are no barriers that are strong enough to prevent Me from approaching to your hearts.  The only thing that I ask you is for you to call Me. 

If there are still doubts in your hearts regarding My presence, ask with love for Me to dissipate them because then I will do that.  If for some reason you feel something in your hearts that separates you from Me, only hand Me this difficulty, because great is the Power of the Creator that heals and redeems all, that restores and reconciles all with His Most Sacred Heart.

Beloved children, in this time I place at the disposal of your souls the greatest celestial Graces and the only thing that I ask you is to be willing to face the barriers that the mind itself places before the heart because, in spite of not having anything external that prevents Me from approaching to your little hearts, only you can give Me the permission to act in your lives.  And even if it is a little yes, little by little you will surrender your beings to Me and you will see how I can take care of them and protect them under any circumstance.  You will see how within My mantle all true needs will be contemplated.

My children, a celestial life waits for you even while you are on Earth.  However, for this life to arrive to the world it is necessary to not detain the steps and to not ever think that you have already reached the goal because there is still a lot to be unveiled, there is a lot to be lived by the human heart and it is necessary to have hearts that are willing to take one step more on the path of consecration and of surrender to God.

Today I contemplate the need of the world and I see many of My children waiting to wake up, many that are ready to open the eyes and the heart, but that wait for the coming of those who may be able to show them the path.

My children, never detain yourselves.  Surrender to Me every day your little lives and allow yourselves to dive even more profoundly into your own inner world because there are those who wait for this one more step from those who are already on the path so that they may be able to get out from the darkness in which they live.

For this I call you day and night with urgency, to the permanent conversion, to surrender and to sacrifice, in order to be the example to the ignorant and the light on the path of those who are in darkness.

My beloved ones, I count on your hearts to be the apostles of the New Time, those that surrender their lives without conditions, without time nor space, those that seek nothing for themselves and whose luggage is the aspiration to fulfil the plans of God.  Carry in the heart My Message and the hope for it to touch the brother and sister souls.

Ignite in the chest devotion and joy so that the cold hearts may feel warmed up whenever they are before you.  May the whole life be a permanent spiritual exercise of love and charity.

Let us, dear Argentina, raise up the flag of Peace and of victory of Light, and may the Mission that I have given to you be the opportunity of awakening the souls that are around the world, waiting to receive a call.

Ignite the heart and activate your spirits!  Clamor for My presence and know that I want to get to absolutely all of My children.

Do not be preoccupied with the critics nor with the judgments, and neither with the denials.  I will arrive to each heart as soon as you get to known about My presence in the world and I will place in all of them the seed of a new life.

I thank you for answering with joy to My last call.

Your Mother, Queen of Peace and of all of the hearts



Wednesday, March 12 of 2014

Monthly messages

My dears,

I come again to the world in order to remind you of the importance of living in the faith of the heart.  Who professes their faith for these difficult and definitive times will be able to look to the supreme help of God the Father. 

Dear children, today I come to Santa Fe in order to institute My Kingship of Faith and of Peace in all of the souls, those that need mercy and forgiveness in this cycle.  My Beloved Son has sent Me with the hope that I, Your Sacred Mother of Heaven, may lead you to rehabilitate yourselves in the Spirit of the Faith of God.

Dear children, do you, in truth, know the power of the Faith of God?  Today I will lovingly tell you:  those souls that confirm their lives in God will never lose faith because faith is the flame and the favorite gift of Your Eternal Father.

I need you to enter into the Universe of the Faith of God because the Faith of God has enabled the creation of all of the forms of life and of evolution.  The Faith of the Father has enabled the existence of Divine Love, the Faith of God has sown in all of the essences the promise of the coming of Christ.  Christ sowed the Faith of God in all of the souls that sought forgiveness and peace. 

My beloved children, great and infinite is the Faith of the Father.  The Faith is the perfect gift that will always allow you to take the steps towards transformation and towards conversion.

Today My Heart ennobles itself for the faith that all of the dear children from Santa Fe and from Argentina have lovingly expressed to Me.  As an answer to the letter that all of My children from Argentina have sent Me I say:

“Dear children, a new Argentina must be born through the Christic love that your hearts may be able to radiate and the perpetual prayer will be the path that will fulfill the promise so that My Beloved Son Jesus may be among you in some moment of His awaited return.  Prepare the path for His arrival and it will begin in the daily union of your lives with His Pious and Merciful Most Sacred Heart” .

Beloved children of Santa Fe, My Maternal and Healing Light is poured today upon you with the hope that new groups of prayer be born so that they may be mirrors of love and of mercy in all of Argentina.

Dear children, I will come to this nation every time that God allows it as the Father has a precious project for you.

For all that you have given to God, I thank you!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Lady and Queen of the Most Holy Faith



Wednesday, March 12 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

I come to bless with the Spirit of God those of My children who open the heart and the soul to Me.  I come for those who do not know Me, but that still clamor inside for My presence.  I come to the world for those who are lost, because in the search to quench the thirst of the spirit they confused themselves and drank from the water of the world, instead of the Water of Life.

Today the Messengers of God return to Earth so that Their voices may echo in all the corners of the world and even the smallest and most lost of the beings may find themselves with the Divine.  At the request of the Lord this Greater Light is expanded and seeks tirelessly for all the beings.

It is time to awaken from the sleep in which you live.  It is time to open your eyes, because even the blind will be able to see, the deaf will be able to hear, even the hard of heart will be able to feel, when the Redeemer of the world approaches Himself.

Those who were not able to recognize Him in the beginning return to recognize Him in the end and those who committed themselves to Him in the beginning also return to prepare the path with flowers and fruits, with prayers and love, so that His feet may come to the world and His steps may definitively remove from the Earth the impurities and imperfections that prevent the beings from growing and evolving, as the Divine Will impels them to do.

My beloveds, permit yourselves to listen to My voice that resonates in your interior and open the hearts so that My love may enter and transform all of that which prevents you from walking to My Son.

I want to see in each being a temple of eternal prayer, sacrifice, surrender and love, because these are the keys that will bring you to overcome the limits imposed by matter and to reach the profound Peace of My Kingdom.

I see in the world crystalline essences born from the Heart of God, with the purpose of manifesting, not only for themselves, but for all of the Universe, a perfect and pure love, a unific love.  I find in each one of your beings the possibility of a superior life.  Will you be willing to see the world through My eyes?  Will you be willing to find in each brother and sister the Living Christ and to see Him return in the essence of all the beings?

My beloveds, the Christic Spirit has already come to the world and has left in each essence the seed of the awakening of the spirit.  Those who know how to cultivate Peace in their hearts will make to blossom and grow this Christ in their interior and will merge with the King of kings, because they will recognize Him when they are before His eyes.

On this day, I want that you rejoice your little hearts and prepare yourselves with love to receive Me, because the intensity of My presence in your lives depends only on the openness of your hearts.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more