Saturday, March 15 of 2014

Monthly messages

Today My mantle extends itself over the world, sheltering all the helpless of spirit and of heart.  The ray of Brotherhood that is born in My chest is radiated to those who are lacking love, and matures in the heart of those who walk the flame of fraternity and of unity with the beings among themselves, with the kingdoms of nature and with God.

My children, as Queen of the Brotherhood I bring you the Peace of My Kingdom and I deposit in your hearts the brotherhood that the world lacks so much.

A heart that lives in Brotherhood is that which knows how to recognize the need in the situations of life and overcomes them with its actions and with its most pure intention.

A heart that beats in the rhythm of universal Brotherhood is that one which overcomes tiredness and discovers the love of sacrifice, when it is before the need of its fellow human being.

Brotherhood is born in the discovery of the Divine in each being.  Brotherhood clears the eyes that cannot see the presence of My Son in each heart.

Brotherhood grows and matures in the beings that aspire to love their fellow human beings above all things and that discovers in the service to the brothers and sisters the nourishment of its soul.

In Brotherhood is the key to enter into a superior life.  It is by seeking to love one’s fellow human being and to serve them that you will find the door that will bring you to the Kingdom of the Brotherhood.  It is by starting to be fraternal and a partner in this world, that one day you will achieve the merits to know the superior and universal Brotherhood.

My children, today I bring to you the Kingdom of the Brotherhood so that there may be manifested in your hearts the permanent and inextinguishable aspiration to serve one’s fellow human being and to love them, constructing a new life in the world and attracting to the beings the brotherhood that is lived in the Universe of God.

I deposit in your hearts a new seed that must be cultivated by your souls through the permanent search and the perseverance in living brotherhood and fraternity among the beings.  This will be reached when you recognize the perfect Plan of God for each sister soul, when you recognize the crystalline essence that shines in the center of each being and that was created by divine hands to manifest in the universe a principle of love and of unity.

My children, today, at the request of God, I present to you a new face of My Kingdom, that brings to you the archetype of life that all the worlds must manifest.

It is already time to awaken for the new and to let the old be extinguished from your hearts.  Do not fear to discover new beings in yourselves, because all that you need to take this leap is already available before your eyes and your spirits.  Only open the arms and the heart and receive with love the offer that is given you.

I am the Queen of the Brotherhood, the always Virgin and Blessed Mother of Christ and of all the beings.  From My womb come all things, because in this way it was conceded by the Lord to His Universal Servant.

My beloveds, I welcome you today in My maternal arms and I receive you with love in My Kingdom of the Brotherhood, so that through the “yes” of those who represent humanity, little by little, a new life may arise on Earth, so that a greater time of Peace may be conceded to the world.

I love you and I thank you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of the Brotherhood