Wednesday, December 31 of 2014

Monthly messages

In the history of humanity, will be written each detail of the days on which the Queen of Heaven extended Her reign over the world, and by means of Her infinite Love, conquered the hearts of Her children one by one; awakened them to their true celestial origin and guided them to the fulfillment of the Plans of God for each one of His creatures.

On the 31st of December of all the years of this world, the Love of God will descend once more over the world and over the consciousnesses of the creatures.  It will awaken the codes deposited by the Mother of Heaven, those which remained latent in the depth of many beings.

My children, in all these years that I have been among your little souls, the light of the Universe expanded itself, not only in your lives, but over all souls of the world, delivering to each one of them, the opportunity of being once participants of the Plans of the Lord and being able to become aware of their mission and the mission which this planet must accomplish before the whole universe.

My beloved, now that My Heart begins to retire to the depth of your beings, I want the world to understand the true motive of My Presence here on this Earth, which is not only to deliver a time of greater peace to humanity.  The peace that the world will live will be the result of the conversion and awakening of souls.

I have not come to the world only to teach you how to pray, but prayer is the basic principle that opened the doors of the inner universe of your beings, so that in this time you could express the truth of your consciousnesses.

All this time, as in all centuries that My Presence permeated the world, I have been preparing the hearts and making them faithful to God, so that in the final times they would not have fear of understanding a superior truth, which is far beyond from what humanity comprehends as superior life.

I want those who feel ready, to take a new step in consciousness and allow the true awakening to be a reality for their lives.

Time has come to forget the past and release all the roots that bonds you with the mistakes made by your own selves and by others, so that you may untie the knots that do not allow you to get out from this purely material reality, reality which is so far from what you truly are and from what you must truly manifest.

​Each 31st day of December will open a new cycle to humanity, through the impulses that My Immaculate Heart will send you.

You will discover year after year what really happened with your lives and with the planetary life while I was here in this world.

You will discover who I really Am and the greatness of the moments in which I gathered you around My universal mantle of light.

You will discover that in My words there were truths that you could have never comprehended, until you opened the heart and the consciousness to do so.

You will discover that you believed to already know what I dealt with in the world, because some already had a little bit more of knowledge about the superior life, but that only the living of the superior principles and of everything learned would allow you to be true knowers of My words and the words of the Divine Messengers.

You will discover that I Am more than the presence of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth and that, despite having been the same, you will comprehend that God was in Me, as in His Son, and with a different mission, He expressed Himself in His Servant.

You will discover that this world is sacred to the eyes of God and that the whole universe awaits the life thought by the Creator, that today is so distant from the human reality, to be manifested here.

You will discover that the seeds have grown and borne fruits, and then you will comprehend what you are, where you come from, what you must manifest and to where you will return when the time comes.

I love you and ask you that despite of yourselves you persist and put all the love in the fulfillment of what I tell you, because God speaks in the Word of His Servant and reveals His Will to the world.

Completely surrender yourselves to the Divine Will and allow the Mother of the World to gestate the Trinity in your consciousnesses.

I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Wednesday, December 31 of 2014

Monthly messages

The Apostolate of Mary

My Immaculate Spirit comes from the Light of the Heart of God; from there I originate in a divine and chaste essence and I arrived on Earth to fulfill a great mission, the one of being Mother of the Son of God and then to be the Mother of Humanity.

I learned in purity through the holy love; from this divine love the gifts of the spirit were born, those that helped to concretize the mission of the Plan of the Creator.

Before the eyes of the spiritual and angelical universe I was conceived and God gestated in His Divine Thought the projection of maternal love, that intransferable love that would be able to overcome the fear and the Cross.

At the age of twelve I was already working through the living example of the Sacred Family of Anne and Joachim.

The old village of Israel was conceived as the principle essence of life, the people were those who would receive the coming of the Messiah.

The angels of the Lord guided all the Plan; in their prayers was expanded the mystery of the Faith of God and in their silent work was expressed immediate service to the whole world.

At that time, the Eternal Father accompanied the advent of Christ.  For this reason My holy womb was the purest receptacle to receive the Spirit of God.

When the Archangel Gabriel descended from the universe to My encounter it was the first time that the most profound light of Adonai began to expand throughout the whole Earth.

Gabriel, the Archangel was the one who announced the word of salvation and redemption to the world.

The Angel of the Lord brought with him the superior worlds and, in His presence before Mary, changed the laws of humanity, turning it into a redeemable race.

When Gabriel the Archangel proclaimed My Eternal Grace, My Consciousness was at that moment the column of light that was the repository for the new consecration for all women.

Mary was that one who renewed in virginity the maternal essence in all female beings and fertilized in Her womb the infinite Mercy of God.

For this, My Grace has no end; happy is that soul and is that heart that proclaims My blessed name.

After the Resurrection of Jesus began the expansion of the spiritual task of Mary.

My Immaculate Heart says to you that, when Christ ascended, the Mother of God in Her grace took over the Work as Co-redeemer together with Her son; and since then was born the springs of Universal Mercy through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

At that time Christ entrusted Me to the entire of humanity, in order that through the Maternal Grace and Divine Love, all of the generations after Israel could recognize me as the Virgin, as the Mother of God, as the Intercessor of humanity.

Fulfilling the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel, Jesus from the Upper Heavens entrusted Me to guide humanity.

For this, forty years after the Ascension of Christ, My Spirit and My Body became glorified during the Assumption and later became fused to the Highest during the Universal Coronation.

The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit poured the power of the gifts of the Holy Trinity, so that now the Mother of God would conquer the serpent of evil; that serpent that from the Adams and Eves diverted the project of the Father.

For this, God honored His Humble Servant and crowned Her with twelve stars, in order that, from the twelve universes and from the twelve celestial choirs, She would guide the redemptive purpose of Christ for all of humanity

Also, the Creator gave to the Mother of the World the power of His Seven Swords, in order that through Love, Healing, Faith, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Transmutation and Liberation She could by means of His Holy Grace, save humanity until the return of His Son.

Thus, God asked the Most Holy Mother to go to the world again to reveal the secrets that would allow Redemption and Mercy and to appear in all places and times of the world to announce to humanity the warning to change.

On behalf of the Supreme Will everything was fulfilled and, throughout the centuries and years, the Mother of God has come to the world to call all of Her children.

Now the Lady Dressed of the Sun comes with Her Seven Swords, those that are invincible, in order to guide the flocks of Christ toward the saving portal.

And now My Spirit is here, among you, My dear children.

Have you understood after seven continuous years why I am still here?

Have you recognized My principle message and call?

In every place of the world that I have appeared, I have left a warning and a primary request.

Here, in South America, after Medjugorje, I come to complete My task of the end of time and warn Uruguay and the sister nations, that they must follow the steps of God and not of humanity.

For this I come in this last time in order to consecrate hearts and soldiers, those who are willing to go with Me even to hells and save all those who get lost second-by-second.

I come to reveal to you the power of My Conception and in order to demonstrate to all humanity, from here, what was in truth the profound wish and the Infinite Will of God for this race.

In order for these mysteries to be known by all, I come as the New Aurora, that which brings in Her lap, the birth of the New Humanity.

I Am the Mother of the Divine Conception, the one that reveals to you the Power, the Mercy and the Liberation, Who conceived the Holy Father, the Firstborn Son and the Holy Spirit.

Happy are those who listened in this night with attention to My message and kept My last words of salvation for this end of the year.

For this, those who are still not willing to follow Me, may follow Me!

I will only take you to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will bring you into the arms of Emmanuel.

May the Celestial Universes be opened!

May the Holy Spirit of God descend in Glory!

Let us celebrate, with joy and fullness, the day of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, so that the Church of Christ may not miss the call of My Voice.

Times call for the unification of the creeds, of the peoples and of all hearts of the Earth, this will soon liberate you from all evil.

Who blesses you under the Supreme Light,

Your Holy Mother Mary,

Lady of the Seven Swords and of the Southern Cone



Saturday, December 20 of 2014

Monthly messages

Beloved children,

In this state of Grace, that which on this dawn I bring to all of you and for this nation, I want that you to listen in your hearts to the song of My maternal voice.

This song brings the Celestial Light that covers the spaces, liberating the souls from the oppressor, that one that has always tried to distance My children from God.

Today, upon the mirrors of light of this Aurora that emerges before your eyes, My peace reaches to all the spirits and all the kingdoms.

Today, also I want to express to all My children the gratitude of the Celestial Hierarchy for the unity and love that all My soldiers are beginning to express.  From this love and unity is that from which the new race will emerge for this planet.  In this way you begin today to live timidly the fraternity between your beings, so in this way you must continue along the path that My Son is showing you.

This fraternity begins to be glimpsed among you, where not only are you answering to the requests of the Divine Messengers, but that also you have begun to strengthen between yourselves the spiritual ties of love that, through which you are learning, spiritual ties that will form the basis of that which we crave so much – you, little children in evolution – and Us, the Divine Messengers.  We see in your inner beings how the christic essence has begun to shine, that which will conduct you through this transition.

When the prayer groups are more strengthened, you will begin to live together with Us, your Divine Masters, a spiritual fusion; we have said many times, that even though evil will be spread with fury over the Earth, so also will the Light and Love of God be established and shine in the hearts of those who truly clamor for the return of Christ, the Redeemer.

In these moments, the love of the Celestial Hierarchy will be like a great voice that will resonate in the spirit of each redeemed child of God, and will have an echo in the whole universe.  Then all the stars of the cosmos will hear the singing of the self-convoked ones who, gathered as the 144,000, will take the great step towards the new time of the 1000 years of peace.

There will emerge a new race that will prepare the New Christs, those that will teach the whole universe about love and forgiveness.  Remember that My Son promised once that you would do greater things than He had done.

Therefore, these things that My Son was referring to, were based on the love that He has lived and taught, which will be multiplied in the new time through the coming Christs, those that will emerge and become someday masters of the Masters.

And all this, My beloveds, will happen in this time with those that merge themselves in sincere prayer, pure of intention and empty of expectations, that which is born from each essence.

Strengthen yourselves My beloved prayerful soldiers, strive each day for living fraternity, so that unity and love may be the pillars of this new humanity that you are building.

I am with you, I Am the Lady dressed of the Sun that comes in this Aurora to light the mirrors of light that will clean your spirits so that you may enter into this new time.

Thank you for being with Me today. 

Who blesses you and loves you,

Mary, your Mother of the Sun and Universal Queen



Saturday, December 20 of 2014

Monthly messages

May My eyes be the living sun that illuminates your paths.  Through My presence in your lives, there will never be darkness that confuses you or lack of faith that separates you from God.

My beloveds, may the rays that come from the sun of the world be the same that come from the Heart of God, by means of His Servant.

Feel these rays of the sun of this world which represent My Fire and the Fire of the Heart of My Son, which come to the world in order to liberate it from all evil.

I come among the clouds surrounded by Celestial Light in order to announce a new time of great changes, a time which you must enter consciously.

I arrive in this city in order to show you that not even the greatest beauty built by the hands of humans can be compared to the Celestial greatness.

All of what you can see around you, built by human hands, are illusions that imprison the heart to matter and to material desires, while all that comes from the Divine Creation liberates the soul and makes it come out of itself in order to merge itself with the Source of Creation.

My beloveds, My presence arrives to this city, as a last hope in order for this nation to awaken definitively to its mission.

I know that many think that there are greater illusions in the world, greater wealth, greater perdition, but I say to you My dears, that this nation represents for God one of the pillars of His redeeming project and must comply with its primary mission in this time.  For this, here, in this nation, I create one of My main houses of the world so that it may radiate conversion and awakening for all.

I hope to find here a strong group of prayer able to balance, through faith, all the lack of union with God that exists.  But for this dear children, I need souls that are truly committed to the Divine Purpose and that do not hesitate to abandon all illusions and mundane desires in order to dedicate their lives to the fulfillment of the Plan of God.

Today I want to leave you an impulse for the total consecration of your lives to God, in this way you will be able to balance the faults of this world.

In this time that will come only a true and full consecration will be able to balance the evils of the world.  It will be necessary that besides prayer, there is a consecration of the souls that surrender themselves completely to God and renounce all of what this world can offer them in order to live a life that goes against all of the human currents, those which purify and renew them.  Thus, little by little, this humanity must become sacred.

My beloveds, My voice echoes in this world with softness and purity, with love and with forgiveness, but there will be the time of Justice and those who did not reconcile themselves with God will have to live the consequences of their union with evil.

I warn you in this time, in order that there may be no doubts in your hearts.  As your Mother it is up to Me to tell you the truth.  For this, give thanks to God for My words and be consistent with what your hearts dictate.

I love you and I will guide you every time you want to follow My steps.

May this nation be consecrated and this city be redeemed by prayer and consecration of the hearts that are faithful to their Creator.

I bless you today and forever.

Mary, Mother and Universal Queen



Saturday, December 20 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am That Solar Star that comes from the vast and infinite universe.  I Am the Light of Love that approaches the planet to help it.

I Am That Lady dressed of the Sun, the one who illuminates the darkness and the one who takes Her children away from all evil.

I Am the ray of the love of God manifested, after Christ.

I Am the one who has gestated Mercy in Her womb and the one who announced to Israel the liberation of its slavery.

I Am the Source Conceived of all Graces.  For this I am the one who summons the souls of Christ to work for the redeeming and saving Plan, which My Son has announced.

Behind all of the invisible, I Am the one who unties the knots of consciousness, because I Am the one who is reopening the doors to the redemption of humanity.

I Am the Doctor of the impossible causes, I Am the one who holds the key to solve all issues.

I Am the Ambassador of the Peace.

I Am the Queen Crowned by the Holy Spirit, because I have been the Mother of all the Apostles.

Now I Am the one who announces to you the new time.  I Am the one who shows you the steps towards the Lord.

Dear children, as the Mother of the World and of the Universe, I bring you the announcement of the great time of forgiveness.  Seek to forgive your own selves every day.  That forgiveness may be an act of reparation and of peace so that the anger kept by many hearts may be dissolved.

Open the doors to the Mercy of God and close the doors to evil, this is My message for you.  Be builders of the New and Sacred Humanity.  Be guardians of all of the minor kingdoms and allow that the Grace that flows from My Holy Spirit may be able to relieve all of Creation.  Convert yourselves into living mirrors of prayer and in this way avoid chaos in the minds of the people.

My children, I have come here to Punta del Este to warn it and to convert it by means of the gift of the Love of God, a love that many souls have lost by insisting on material life.  I come to teach you the path to the immaterial life, the life of the union with God and with the whole universe.  I need that many awaken from the dream of material life and that they embrace with love the gift of service to their neighbors.  In this way Uruguay will be worthy to keep receiving My Graces for a longer time.

For this, My children, seek to be humble and simple.  Through these gifts you will be able to help Me to reconstruct that which has already collapsed in the life of many souls.  I invite you to consecrate yourself as a star of My Crown.  Just as John the Apostle wrote,  I will throw to the Earth the rays of salvation and of peace and all of My children will have time to ask God for forgiveness and to unify themselves with Christ, Your Lord.

While I am waiting for more brave hearts to consecrate themselves to My call as workers of the new time and for the formation of prayer groups in Maldonado and in all of Uruguay, the Lord has conceded to Me to avoid many things.

For this, I invite you to search for My Maternal Grace and to unite yourself to it in order that the purity and innocence that many have lost may be able to be reborn as a star at dusk.

Dear children, the time has come for you to decide and to seek for the Supreme.  The Eternal Father waits to see the new redeemed stars shine over the world.

I thank you for having answered once again to My call!

Who blesses you, loves you and protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Sun

The one that has been announced in the Apocalypse



Saturday, December 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

Dear children,

May Peace reign today and may each being reach the union with God for these times.

I Am the Mother and Lady of the Andes, I Am the Condor that flies over the world calling Her children to redemption.  I come to this world to save it with the hope that Christ, your Lord, will find the souls strengthened and decided to live the Plan of God.

For this My little children, open your eyes and look at the Star-Sun that enlightens you, look at the mountains that surround you and invite you to elevate yourselves to find the path of the inner union with God.

You, who are My disciples of the new time, have the mission of helping to transcend the human conditions, so that this planet and all its minor kingdoms becomes sacred and blessed; but there is still much to forgive inside and outside of you.

Dear children, I invite you to proceed without tiring, without discouragement, only looking towards the top of the mountains in order to find Me in flight, guiding your lives and your steps.

For this last cycle of transition, you will find yourselves in many tests.  With joy and united to the strength of the Heart of Christ, do not fear to unmask your old habits and, thus, to make them sacred through the constancy in the prayer of the heart.

Now you are at the moment of never retreating and complying with this blessed project which should incarnate in life and in the essence of all My servers.  While this is about to happen, I ask that you live through the spirit, through the good courage and that you risk to banish your own self.

Now, as disciples, among you there should be no preferences; the path of My Heart indicates to you the time for your rapid purification so that in this way the Light of Christ may dwell in you.

The Lord sends Me glorious and resplendent as the Condor of Light, so that humanity may comprehend that it is no longer the moment to stop nor delay in this life.  It is time to walk, to overcome barriers and obstacles inside and outside of your little beings; that will be only achieved through a loving act of repentance, that which will lead you to do penance for all those who not even think in God the Father.  Thus My little ones, you may be adults and may be mature to face this last time of changes and of massive transformations.

When My Immaculate Spirit appeared for the first time upon the soil of Aurora, many did not understand the meaning of My message, and the ones who accepted Me the priests, when at the time I called them to accompany Me on this planetary mission of peace and of permanent pilgrimage.  And this responsibility was granted to the more immature and inexperienced in the path of the spirit, but it was only the faith that they incarnated and the devoted love to My Heart that permitted that My work towards other nations and continents.

Only by the love and fidelity of the prayer groups of the Network of Light I have been able to fulfill the designs that God had given Me.

Remember children that I Am the Mother who must give you the essence of the Most Holy Trinity for this cycle, so that all of you will be conceived and contemplated once again by the Merciful Heart of God.  This is the work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity: that all the souls of the world may revive the union with the Love of the Father, with the Faith of the Son and with the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I still hope that My Holy Church in Uruguay and in the world may take the first step, in order for all the good Christians to recognize My presence.

Dear children, as your Mother, I bring you to this day, the 13th of December, these reflections; I wish every day that you may be able to grow and thus separate from the illusion with which the enemy fills you and which confuses you.

May in this time of changes, your aspiration to be with Me be permanent.

My Light will always illuminate you!

Who blesses you, heals you and loves you,  

Your Mother Mary, Lady of the Andes



Saturday, December 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

I want to call by the name those of My soldiers who must answer to the commitment that they have with Me and for this, My voice echoes in the interior of your beings as an unknown impulse that invites you to prayer, to service to the most in need, to reconciliation with your families, and to the understanding towards the other.  These, children of Mine, are the manifestations of My impulses in their hearts.

I want to build in My children the principle of the new life which will not be in any way unattainable by the souls of this world.

I just ask you for prayer, to strengthen the spirit, to purify the past and to generate merits for the redemption of the souls and of the whole world.

I ask you for fasting to balance the injustices of the world.

I ask you to be peacemakers, to break for good the chain of evil that ties humanity and impedes the evolution of all the kingdoms of nature.

I ask you for reconciliation, to open the doors to new opportunities for the souls.

I ask you for fraternity, to build the basis of the new life upon the Earth.

I ask you for love, so that it may be the air that will breathe the new world and without which this universe will not be able to exist.

I ask you for conversion so that you may stop being what you are and abandon the impulses that this world has built in yourselves, in order to be just like what the Creator has thought, living in this way all the principles that today I have delivered to you.

Is it too much what I ask you?

With everything that the Celestial Universe has delivered to you, just follow the words of those who were sent by the Lord and, in this way, all the Graces that I have deposited in your essences will be able to sprout, grow, bloom and bear fruit so that other souls may reach the same awakening or an even deeper one.

My beloveds, listen with attention to My words and seek between the lines the truths that in other times I did not reveal to the world.

This humanity has already been in evolution for a long time.  The moment has already come that a new and very great step may be taken by the consciousnesses of this world, and for this, it is necessary to be open of heart and to know that you know nothing.

Trust in what I tell you and in what I will tell you in the times that will come.   I want to prepare you for this end of cycle so that the events may find you ready.

Do not despair.  Do not seek for solutions outside of the heart.  The only preparation that I ask you is prayer, fasting, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, love, and fraternity among the beings.  Thus, you will be able to cross the old time and to enter into the new time that will lead you.

Do not forget, My dears: pray, serve and act always with love.

These are the keys for the times that will come.

I love you and bless you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

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