Saturday, December 20 of 2014

Monthly messages

I Am That Solar Star that comes from the vast and infinite universe.  I Am the Light of Love that approaches the planet to help it.

I Am That Lady dressed of the Sun, the one who illuminates the darkness and the one who takes Her children away from all evil.

I Am the ray of the love of God manifested, after Christ.

I Am the one who has gestated Mercy in Her womb and the one who announced to Israel the liberation of its slavery.

I Am the Source Conceived of all Graces.  For this I am the one who summons the souls of Christ to work for the redeeming and saving Plan, which My Son has announced.

Behind all of the invisible, I Am the one who unties the knots of consciousness, because I Am the one who is reopening the doors to the redemption of humanity.

I Am the Doctor of the impossible causes, I Am the one who holds the key to solve all issues.

I Am the Ambassador of the Peace.

I Am the Queen Crowned by the Holy Spirit, because I have been the Mother of all the Apostles.

Now I Am the one who announces to you the new time.  I Am the one who shows you the steps towards the Lord.

Dear children, as the Mother of the World and of the Universe, I bring you the announcement of the great time of forgiveness.  Seek to forgive your own selves every day.  That forgiveness may be an act of reparation and of peace so that the anger kept by many hearts may be dissolved.

Open the doors to the Mercy of God and close the doors to evil, this is My message for you.  Be builders of the New and Sacred Humanity.  Be guardians of all of the minor kingdoms and allow that the Grace that flows from My Holy Spirit may be able to relieve all of Creation.  Convert yourselves into living mirrors of prayer and in this way avoid chaos in the minds of the people.

My children, I have come here to Punta del Este to warn it and to convert it by means of the gift of the Love of God, a love that many souls have lost by insisting on material life.  I come to teach you the path to the immaterial life, the life of the union with God and with the whole universe.  I need that many awaken from the dream of material life and that they embrace with love the gift of service to their neighbors.  In this way Uruguay will be worthy to keep receiving My Graces for a longer time.

For this, My children, seek to be humble and simple.  Through these gifts you will be able to help Me to reconstruct that which has already collapsed in the life of many souls.  I invite you to consecrate yourself as a star of My Crown.  Just as John the Apostle wrote,  I will throw to the Earth the rays of salvation and of peace and all of My children will have time to ask God for forgiveness and to unify themselves with Christ, Your Lord.

While I am waiting for more brave hearts to consecrate themselves to My call as workers of the new time and for the formation of prayer groups in Maldonado and in all of Uruguay, the Lord has conceded to Me to avoid many things.

For this, I invite you to search for My Maternal Grace and to unite yourself to it in order that the purity and innocence that many have lost may be able to be reborn as a star at dusk.

Dear children, the time has come for you to decide and to seek for the Supreme.  The Eternal Father waits to see the new redeemed stars shine over the world.

I thank you for having answered once again to My call!

Who blesses you, loves you and protects you,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of the Sun

The one that has been announced in the Apocalypse