Saturday, June 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

New keys are available to all My children to reach conversion and the protection of their souls in this time of chaos that the world lives.

These keys, those that already have been delivered, are prayer, fasting, confession and communion with My Son, the Redeemer.

Why do I repeat once and again, by means of all My channels in the world, these same things?

Because humanity does not listen to Me and does not realize that it has, before itself, those simple options that permit them to be saved, united to God, to My Son and to Me, protected from the movements of this world in this time.

What else can a Mother do, but repeat and repeat in every way, in every language, so that all My children in the world can be under My mantle?

That which makes My Immaculate Heart suffer the most is to see how the solution for the suffering of My children is within reach of everyone, and also how the majority of them do not extend their hands to gather the Graces that descend from Heaven. Many prefer to remain in suffering and to not make any effort to enter in My Immaculate Heart, and in the Sacred Heart of My Son.

What will happen when you realize that you have wasted so much time?

I wonder if in this moment your souls will be able to have the strength to convert back?

And if not, how to go forward, knowing that you have refused all the opportunities that Heaven gave you?

There is no greater pain for a Mother than to see Her children turn their back to Peace, to spiritual Healing, to the Love of God, and to see them lose themselves in the chaos of this modern life.

You are still in time, as I have already said to you, to return to the Love of God, to the Sacred Heart of Christ and to Me, your Mother from Heaven that seeks you, that waits for you, to shelter you under Her mantle of light and protection.

My beloveds: it is left for me only to pray tirelessly for each one of you so that My love touches your hearts and you accept to live under My protection.

To all My Marian soldiers, faithful workers of the light, I call you once again to double your efforts, and to pray more consciously for those who do not pray, that do not listen to Me, and that are in serious danger of losing this Grace and this Mercy that is arriving, before the Divine Justice pours itself over the Earth and its humanity.

Reflect, dear children, and take a step towards God.

I love you and I bless you today and always.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Saturday, June 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine:

On this 29th day of June, a day in which celebrates the saintly presence of the Apostle Peter, the first and venerable Pope of humanity, blessed by My Son Jesus, I ask you, My children, that during this next week, which will start in the month of July, you pray for the Holy Father; especially so that His actual work can be blessed by the merciful plans of God.

Dear children, as Mother I intercede everyday for you before My Son, so that you reach conversion and the path to paradise; I also pray perpetually as Lady of the Graces, so that the leaders that guide the flock of My Son, that is, the shepherds of Christ, profess the faith and the love that they guard in their hearts.

Dear children, so that the Grace of conversion that the good shepherds radiate can be realized, it is necessary that they be present in your prayers all the time.  In this way from the inner plan of the heart, the true miracle of love will occur among your consciousnesses and the consciousnesses of the shepherds by means of healing of the heart and reconciliation,  because sometimes you have not understood and valued their souls, and have just seen the shepherds as people.

My children, God created the universe, the world and humanity so that they could grow in faith and in absolute trust in His Divine Will.

For this, My little ones, it is time that you live in the love of the heart, true and saintly love that provides you with My Son Jesus in the Eucharist, as in the monthly confession; a confession that you must practice, at least once a month, so that your soul and your heart are free of serious stains.

For this day of Saint Peter, the actual Papacy has been consecrated again by the eternal and loving prayers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the same way that this Papacy of My son Francis has been consecrated by himself to the Most Pure Mother of God.

Why does Our Lady have faith in this Papal Ministry?

Beloved children, God sends Me to consecrate your lives to absolute faith and conversion, so that you can reach redemption. My Heart of Mother guards special preference for simple souls, and when I ask you to pray with love for the Saint Father, it is so that you support and help, without judgment, the challenge that will be faced in these times by My son Francis consecrated to Christ; because the true Church of Christ will form the hearts that unite as souls.

For this I am calling you to ecumenism, that which was seen and written about by My son John, the Apostle.

Dear children, in this way I am asking for the support and the prayer of the Christian Communities of Light, so that they may be united to this important spiritual event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that by My divine intercession will rescue the most unprotected hearts.

I invite you from the soul and from the heart, and in permanent prayer, to unite to and to join the sacred coming of the Holy Father, because Brazil will receive, by means of the Church of My Son, the essential awakening of the consciousness, the recognition that all Brazilians, My beloved children, must act through peace and through faith in God the Father.

Dear children, in this way I am inviting you to imitate on this day and on the days that will come, the spirit of peace of Saint Peter and, thus, I want to consecrate you as real ambassadors of peace for this time.

The hour and the time to unite the hearts and the consciousnesses through the Love of Christ have arrived.

I thank you for listening to me with attention and devotion!

I bless you,

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Brazil.



Saturday, June 29 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children of My Heart:

Today I warn you that these are the times of which the prophets have spoken of, these are the times announced from the beginning of the corruption of humans. In these times Good and Evil can have the same power in the lives of beings, depending only on the choice of each heart.

It is time that My soldiers know how to say "No" to the enemy and, in this way, reconfirm themselves constantly on the path of the Redeeming Light of My Son Jesus.

Many keys have been given to you, so that you know how to open the doors of Heaven, so that this enters with Its Fullness on Earth. It is necessary that My little children know how to recognize the Power of prayer, because in this time this will be the only luminous sword that will cut the ties with evil.

When My Heart or the Sacred Heart of Jesus sends you prayers to be pronounced for the day and sometimes for the hour, your beings must know how to value and to recognize, through practice, the Power that each one of these prayers have on the world.

If you could see the world through My eyes, you would never miss an opportunity to pray, so that just one soul could be liberated from the darkness in which they live.

In these times, My children, your lives do not have any meaning outside of prayer. Collaboration, service and consecration are the foundations that make the deepening in this life of permanent prayer possible.

The Lord waits so that His children can definitively turn their eyes away from themselves, even when it is about their own transformation, so that they can be permanently turned to the Higher.

Do not occupy your hearts with anguishes because of the impossibility of transforming yourself, do not occupy your hearts with fear of staying stuck at the point in which you are, because while you waste time tormenting yourselves about yourselves, the world agonizes in the anguish of a true atavism of soul and spirit, in the true suffering that is not knowing God and being completely submerged in evil.

Today I want you to understand why we ask you so many prayers that must be pronounced with Love, because around your consciousnesses, in the four corners of the world, there live beings who know what it is to suffer, what it is to be lost, what it is to be in the dark and without any breath, and so that My arms may reach these children I need your prayers, fervent prayers, prayers that transcend the limits of the body and that definitively open the heart.

The Power of prayer only makes itself known when you pray. My Heart can only show Itself to those who seek Me and, so that I can come to those who do not seek for Me, because they do not know Me, I need that someone open the doors of this world and keeps them permanently open.

It is time to mature the consciousness for living prayer in its fullness. It is time to grow, My children, to discover the Universe of true prayer and in this way, each time that a new tool of prayer is given to you, your souls be exalted with joy and will be able to discover what is the Mission that this exercise has in this time.

Each one of My children must meditate on what I say to you today, to discover if you are really open to this tool that the Heavens gives you with Infinite Divine Mercy.

Pray, pray, pray much, because in this way you will be able to come to My Kingdom and one day, observing the world through My eyes and observing how you are conducted through this world the prayers of My children, you will be able to finally understand that which I have repeated to you for so long.

I thank you for being today with Me, answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.

Peace descends to the world through true prayer.



Friday, June 28 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

My beloved little ones, flowers of My protector mantle.

Today again I am very close to you, to guide you and bring you to the Heart of the Redeemer, who seeks His Disciples and Apostles of the New Time.

Now that we are preparing for a new anniversary of My Apparitions in Aurora, and in all of the Americas, I want that you understand, that you study all of My Marian tasks during the twenty and twenty-first centuries, and try to unify that which I have told you in these last two centuries.

In My messages of love to humanity, very important keys are found, for everyone in this time. This will make you understand that in the times that will come, all that has been announced will be accomplished, and the world will see that, despite all, with a little effort, many things have been able to be sustained on this planet. If each one of you, My children, stopped and reflected about how the Virgin Mary has announced some possible events, and how, also, through the prayer of the heart, and the vigil in all the Marian groups, you would see many events managed to cease and others transmuted themselves.

It is in this way, dear children, I call you again to pray for the intentions of My Immaculate Heart, that only wants to teach you, by means of the loving voice of the prayer of Her children, that this humanity could revert many prophecies.

I want you to know, beloved little ones, that our Father in Heaven is willing to listen to your pleas, your requests: that as a loving and perfect Father He only aspires that His children can look at the Heights, and once again want to unite their lives to His Mighty Heart.

I, as Mother and Mediator, pray every day so that each one of My children can go back to uniting themselves in spirit to Our Father of Love, who day by day waits for His beloved humanity.

We are in decisive times, in which all My children must know that which unites all of My Apparitions, that Celestial Purpose that God has for His Creatures. Know, dear children, that when the consciousnesses understand the why and the what of all the movements of the Divinity, all of the being collaborates in the realization of the Divine Plans.

Understand! Understand, dear children, why God has sent Me, since a long time ago, to this Earth, and when you have placed it into your consciousness, we will be more united to receive the arrival of the Redeemer.

I love you and I guard you in My Immaculate Heart. I wait for you in the Heart of My Son to pray for the Purpose of God, for humanity.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Saturday, June 22 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine:

Once again I beg you: enter into the Kingdom of My Peace, because if you do not enter into the Kingdom of God, the world will not reach peace either. The times change fast, more than the hands of a clock; the souls each day live new tests that bring them to define for themselves what path to follow, the path of peace or the path of pain.

Dear children of Mine, the main battle that feeds the enemy in this time is the inner battle, the subtle separation, little by little, among humanity and God. As Queen of Peace, in this week and this month that runs fast in your lives, I invite you to the daily strengthening of your prayer with Me and with My Son, because in this way you will now be strengthened through prayer and faith.

How will you face the times of changes?

For the first time, My little ones, I ask you this with urgency and with consciousness, that your beings awaken to what is happening day by day in the entire world; humanity only lives constant spiritual and material crises for the lack of the daily prayer of the Rosary, for the lack of true inner communion with My Son Jesus, for the lack of confession and, especially, for the lack of love and unity among the nations and the families.

That for this month of June, the month of Mary, Queen of Peace from Medjugorje, your hearts renew themselves one more year through the presence of My Immaculate Heart.

My children, it is necessary to let yourselves conquer for the love and for the liberating rays of My Son Jesus, in this way your consciousnesses will heal from the past and from the present mistakes so that the new being can be born, the new soul united to the Holy Spirit of God.

Today, My Heart clamors for justice, for forgiveness and for mercy; as Mother I do not tire of praying for you, so that you can be transformed in my name for the redemption of humanity. And I repeat again, My dear children, that the normal times have already ended, now has arrived the time of purification of the heart and of life. Grasp My mantle, afterwards place yourselves under My blessed feet, in this way I will protect you and place My hands of light over your heads, so that you receive My maternal blessing.

The time of the transition of the life of the spirit has arrived, the hour of deep conversion for each one of My children has arrived; I want to count on your true, constant, persevering support so that My Work here in the Americas can be completed, as it has been completed in the Kingdom of Medjugorje. Peace will be established in the hearts of all My children.

I invite you to calm and to quiet your hearts between My hands, I want to accompany you through this path of redemption and of conversion.

Dear children, it is time to think and to live by means of My Son, He will give you strength to follow the path of conversion of your souls, He will hold out His Merciful Hand to remove you from the abyss and the pain; now you only have to say yes, so that this may happen.

My children, I thank you all for the answer and the perseverance to complete My call for peace.

Mary, Queen and Mother of your Eternal Peace.

Forward My little soldier children!



Saturday, June 22 of 2013

Weekly messages

Under the merciful Light of Jesus, may all of My children be blessed!

Those who clamor for My help will always have it, because My love of Mother is greater than any fault, forgetfulness or denial.

For those who live in the center of their selfishness, I have a favorite space in My Heart and I pray daily so that their consciousnesses may arrive to live, in some moment, the Redeeming Power that comes from God the Father, and His Firstborn Son.

In the heart of My children, sorrows and anguishes must not exist toward those who do not know God, who do not live God. It is enough to pray so that the prayer reaches the Heavens and from there the Mercy of God descends upon all these consciousnesses.

Today I want to transmit to you that, once again, My Heart is filled with gratitude because I can always count on My Marian soldiers, and arrive to any place because they are available to receive Me. Each time a soldier or pilgrim of My Marian task in the world realizes any effort to be with Me and serve Me, their attitude places balance in this world for those who do not follow Me, who do not pray and who believe that they do not need God.

For this, dear children, know always that all the dedication that you surrender, day by day, to My Marian Work in the world, gives the opportunity to other consciousnesses to repair the emptinesses in which their souls live.

In this special cycle that we are living, in which your public task is withdrawn and your path is expressed to complete other tasks requested by My Son, I want you to know that I accompany you very closely, since the Work of the Redeemer is Mine, and all that comes from Him comes from Me.

It is for this that I bless these moments that you dedicate to be with Me in the middle of other great tasks, because in this way I can also accompany the universal development that your consciousnesses realize through this work.

I bless once again your spirits, warrior spirits, impregnated by the love of the Universal Savior, Christ Jesus.

I wait for you, together with My daughter Lucia in our next meeting.

Mary, Mother and Queen of peace.

Thank you for being with Me today.



Saturday, June 22 of 2013

Weekly messages

Before Mary arrived there appeared before us images of the Passion of Christ, of Mary accompanying Jesus and at the end appeared an image of the moment in which Jesus was brought down from the cross and put in the arms of Mary. Mary stood up with Jesus in Her arms and came towards us, in this way She presented Herself in the room where we were praying. She remained a while in silence, then She disappeared and appeared as the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and She transmitted Her Message.

As Mother of Divine Pity I bring today to your little hearts this sign so that you may be able to live the Gift of Pity in your hearts.

My children, pity returned to the world the moment in which My Son Jesus was brought down from the cross and My arms felt the weight of His body which was, all of it, a Most Sacred wound. I felt in My chest not the pain, but the Love that was poured in the blood of My Son, the Son who was given to Me by God and who in that moment was returning to the Kingdom of His Father.

Pity was born as a door for Mercy. The comprehension of My Heart and the Pity that I felt for all of the souls of the world permitted that the Sacred Mercy continued to be poured over the world.

With Jesus between My arms, already so tired from all the suffering that I carried together with Christ, I finally and in a definitive way understood the Love of God for His creatures and I felt, on the scourged and dead body of Jesus, the Greatness of this Love.

Pity, beloved children, is born from Mercy and permits that It be expanded over the world. In order for this Earth to live some time more of Mercy it is necessary that the hearts know how to live Pity.

Today I tell you with the Purest Love of My Heart that Pity springs from the comprehension of the Plan of Infinite Love that Our Lord God has for all of this humanity.

Dear children, just love one another; understand the tests of life without any judgment; have pity in order to accompany the painful transition of each one of your brothers and sisters.

In this time of Purification only Love will sustain you on this path that leads to the Kingdom of God, and the search for this Love will show you the weaknesses of your brothers and sisters so that they may be seen with eyes of Pity.

I aspire that My little soldiers be, in the little things of life, faithful to this God so Good Who guides you always. This fidelity, My children, is in being what God hopes for: loving, merciful, pious, understanding, welcoming, servant.

A soldier of My army fights through Love, its weapon is prayer and its field of battle is the daily living with its brothers and sisters because the world no longer knows how to love.

My sight crosses over the Earth from the Heavens and I see that Piety dies day by day in the hearts of My children. For this, to those who listen to Me I ask that out of Love for My Heart you rescue the Pity of the world, living It among yourselves. Make Love to be reborn, living It. Permit that the time of Mercy be eternal, even during the time of Justice, and this is achieved by being merciful.

Continue to be the sweet breath of My Heart so that I may find shelter in the little hearts of My children that, together with Me, are tireless.

Do not give up, My children, to live Love. Do not seek to be perfect in order to live It afterwards, live It before, in imperfection, because I descend from the Heavens to tell you that this is possible and that it will be with those that listen today to My voice, in all parts of the world, that God will comply with His Plan and will manifest His Eternal Glory on Earth.

I love you with all My Heart of Mother and I thank you for persisting in answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Friday, June 21 of 2013

Weekly messages

I will arrive to any corner of the world, there where a soul needs My help and the Mercy of God.

For this, dear children, do not be anxious about the continuity of My presence, because I will be with you always in this redeeming task.

Although many of My children do not live today in the spirit, My Immaculate Heart is comforted when My brave soldiers are always ready to attend to all of My calls.

This is how the Plan of God is realized for His Creatures, through the fidelity to the purpose of the Father and the valiant intention of following to the end.

I want that you recall the teachings of Jesus to His Apostles. He instructed them on fraternity, detachment from the things of the world, and the absolute and faithful love to God and to His Plans. It was thus that they, overcoming all of their fears and transcending their human atavisms, were able to bring the Word, the teachings about the new world and the new humanity based on the love that Christ taught them to live.

Dear children: study the Events of the Apostles, because there you will find many keys for these times and for the tasks that some of My children will have to realize. Let yourselves be impregnated by the knowledge that your soul is gathering in each prayer made with the heart, and deposit your aspirations there.

Today I bring to you My Maternal Love and I wait for you in our encounter during the apparitions of these next days. Wait for Me in the inner silence, in the quietude of your soul, so that the Spirit of God will come with Me.

I love you and I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Thank you for being today with Me.



Wednesday, June 19 of 2013

Weekly messages

The Grace that goes through your lives in this time is infinite, where the Messengers of Love permeate you with Their Love, Protection and Instruction.

Mercy and Forgiveness arrive to this world through the Queen of Heaven and Earth and through the Redeemer of all humanity so that it may transcend its atavisms.

We have entered into the inner temples of many souls, but into others We have not been able, with Our Love, to even approach the doors of these temples guarded by fake guardians, the fruit of involution.

My beloved children:

You must, as My soldiers and companions of My Beloved Son, defend your inner temples from those fake words and fake attitudes with which the enemy wants to deceive you at times. Because it is there, in your inner temples, where it wants to reach and as soon as it enters, the ferocious guardians of involution may give you the sensation of immunity and protection, that which will not be real and will only distance you from the All Powerful God, the Faithful Benefactor of creatures.

Today, as you have awakened to the truth and as you have chased away the ghosts that surrounded you, take care of your inner temple and convert yourselves into watchtowers where only the Redeemer may dwell with His Rays of Mercy and Pity.

My children:

You are on the finish line of transcendence of that which still ties you up to this world. I Am, as your Universal Mother, accompanying each inner step, each internal and external movement, only being the guardian of your efforts and of the movements of the enemy that tries to permanently conquer your lives through its contraptions.

Resort to My Immaculate Heart each time that a little uncertainty or insecurity may approach your consciousness, because there I will be.

The triumph that the being achieves through the effort of transformation is something that definitely remains recorded in the history of each consciousness, and in the Universal Books.

We hope to soon write definite spiritual sentences of transformation in the books of your lives.

My little beloved ones: I love you and I accompany you at these moments of great transcendence.

In Love to the Plan of God, for all of the creatures.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Thank you for being with Me today. 



Saturday, June 15 of 2013

Weekly messages

Glory to God in the heights and peace for all human beings on Earth! 

Today, My Celestial Grace approaches My children of the Earth, I come in union with the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus to make you a proposal of love.

I have already made to you, many times, the same offer of love, but you, my beloved little souls, not always should you resist this impulse and suffer the same limitations of your consciousnesses, and in this way, instead of bringing me your doubts, your fears and your mistakes, you insist on solving them by yourselves.

My beloved and little children:

Just like this candle lit up that you hold between your hands, I aspire, day by day, that your soul and Mine unite in the fire of the infinite love that I have for each one of you.

Observe this flame, that oscillates with a harmonious movement and emits light and warmth. These are your souls, lights of My Heart, impregnated by the Merciful Love of the Redeemer, that shed light and gave warmth in a harmonious, beautiful and permanent way.

Do not let your flame go out because of incomprehension, pain, and the fear of converting definitely into a greater flame. Do not let the fire go out, and permit that the source of the Fire of the Heart of God enters fully into your lives, through the Divine Messengers; those who only aspire to have on Earth many flames like those of your internal beings, flames that in this time will be converted into bonfires of light and of Merciful and Divine Love.

Come to Me, My beloveds, leave on My lap and at My feet all the suffering because I, your little Mother from Heaven, need you shining like a celestial torch.

Each soul, lit up by the love that comes from their torch, will burn like this flame that today you have in your hands, light of your light, warmth of your warmth, human love that continues on the path towards the Redeemer.

To there you must bring your brothers and sisters, those who wait with an extended hand, an example to follow, a truth in which to have faith, to thus find strength and bring forward the so necessary transformation.

Forward, blessed children, that My Fire of Love and that of the Saviour burns in your hearts. Do not ever be discouraged, and permit that the Holy Spirit inhabits in your dwellings.

I bless you and I guard you in the purity of My Heart.

Mary, Mother of Faith, and your Mother.



Saturday, June 15 of 2013

Weekly messages

Enter into My Heart of Light, and in the silence I will show you the answers that you search for so much.

Unite yourself to My Immaculate Heart and I will bring you to a state of Peace, still unknown to you.

Come to Me in prayer and I will bring you to know the powers of a Word that redeems souls and restores the world.

Permit that through the communion with My Son Jesus, the Sacred Body of Christ transforms your being and your existence, transforms the course of your life and re-writes your history on Earth, and in the Universe of God.

Let, My child, that the confession with Christ cleanses your heart, attracts to the world Forgiveness and deposits in your being the Infinite Mercy that the Sacred Heart brings to Earth.

Find in the Sacraments the strength of your life, live in the Sacraments and by the Sacraments. Transform your day by day into a communion with the Divine, so that the Sacred returns to this world.

My children, I want to teach you to be always in the Heart of God, I want to show you the path to transformation, I want to lead you to the Sacred, to the Divine and to the True, but I need that all hear My Call and practice My Words.

What good will it do you to only hear My Voice if you do not follow the instructions that I bring you?

For so long I have been speaking to the world, I bring from the Heavens the keys for Salvation and for the eternal encounter with Christ, but My children do not hear Me, do not deepen in My Call and do not find strength in My Heart to respond to the Sacred Will of God.

Search for the words that I have pronounced to you over the years, the centuries, and you will be able to perceive in the heart that if you accomplished what I ask of you, your lives would not be the same, and the difficulties and miseries of the world would not be the same either.

It is time, My dearests, that each one truly accomplishes its part, that you give your response to the Higher, conscious that you are part of a humanity that loses itself in the illusions of the world.

Lift your arms to the Higher and ask for the help of God to transform that which you cannot reach by yourselves, but do not wait for God to transform it by Himself alone, but take the steps in the direction towards transformation.

Do not say, My children, that you do not know how to do it, because during a year My Heart has dictated to you daily which steps you should take, and now, in Infinite Mercy, My Son descends upon the Earth to dictate to you, day by day, precious instructions of how to reach the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I need to count on My soldiers, I need your steps on the path of My Son, because My children, the entire world needs this transformation, and those who say "yes" and walk will do it for all.

I thank you for being always with Me.

I love you.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Saturday, June 15 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

One more time I beg you that, through peace and forgiveness, you live the new time and the day before the arrival of My Son. If there is no peace in your hearts, you will not be able to reach forgiveness. For this, with love and renunciation, I invite you to forgive one another.

You know, My dear children, that the world is without peace because humanity, the nations, the villages, and the families do not forgive themselves out of love for God the Father. The Lord is very offended by the actions that today humanity brings forward; for this I ask you to exercise the act of forgiveness, so that the world enters into the heart of God and the souls awaken to the act of reconciliation among all beings.

If humanity does not change this attitude, and does not forgive itself for the errors of life that it commits, they will receive the Judgment; that which will come with supreme Divine Justice and which will be the moment in which all souls will have to recognize the thirst that they have generated in My Son Jesus.

Day by day, as Mother, I pray to My Son for you, so that you can become aware that it is not time to understand life through conflicts among the nations, among villages, among families and among dear beings.  You must make sure that the resistance of your minds and of your consciousnesses be overcome by the Power of the Merciful Love of My Son.

All those that I have chosen to transmit My message of peace and hope to the world must be the first to radiate, through prayer and sacrifice, the harmony that humanity needs for this time; because in this way I will be able to say to you that My Sacred Maternal Word lives and acts through My dear children.

That now the words of My Son and of the Virgin Mary can act by means of the divine action of charity and surrender.

Dear children, I ask you to open the heart and the consciousness for that which I ask of you: that you change, that you transform yourselves, from the wisest to the most simple, through the divine presence of My Immaculate Peace. If each day you were more peacemaking and meek, you would permit, by Greater Law and by Mercy, the hearts distant from God to receive a last, but important opportunity.

May in this week you live forgiveness in all and forgiveness of all, in this way when you just pray with the heart the doors will open for your conversion and redemption.

Dear children, abandon that which is already old in your lives, so that My Son deposits His Healing and Redeeming Love in the simple hearts. Today imitate My example of humility and of fidelity to God. Today live, one more time, in My Immaculate Peace.

I thank you for answering My call!

I bless you and I restore you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Thursday, June 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

May Jesus always be praised in the entire world because in this way your consciousness will open the door so that He may return by the Greater Door of the Universe.

My children, in this day of perpetual prayer for this Marian Center of Aurora, founded by My Immaculate Heart, the Lord sends Me to announce to you the Graces that have generated your precious prayers and your pleas that have been born from the heart that prays with love, with devotion and with faith.

Today I come to reveal to you the power that has had the prayer of all of the souls in the Universe because the Father with total attention has listened to the voice of His Children and for this reason He sends the Blessed Virgin Mary to confirm to you the Love and the Mercy that God still has for all humanity.

My dear children, when you month by month answer to My call of prayer for peace and for the salvation of the world, as good builders and disciples, construct the new bridges towards the Heavens and thus you create the ties of fraternity and of faith between the creatures.

For this with joy and hope I tell you that the Prayer Vigil that was manifested from the 11th day of June until the 13th day of June of 2013 without interruptions has allowed the development of a planetary task on the part of the Virgin Mary which was taken forward by the commands and the celestial armies guided by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For one more time and for a matter of seconds, great and extensive hells of living condemnation and suffering in the world were able to be closed and the light generated by the power of prayer of the Hail Mary has allowed that the Immaculate Mother, together with the Hosts of the Father, penetrate the most opaque regions of the Earth to remove, restore and convert the lost essences.

But the unfailing effect of the Prayer Vigil during these last three days has touched the Heart of God and He, in His Infinite Grace though His Son Jesus, has liberated a great part of the evil that was present as a plan of destruction inside of the heart of some people who out of blindness dreamed to have projects of nuclear and atomic war between the nations.

The constant prayer of all of the praying people who were united to this victorious Vigil of Prayer brought as a Greater Grace the awakening of new consciousnesses to the life of prayer, as to the reconciliation with God the Father.

But the fruit of this praying work has not finished because the Immaculate Heart of Mary collected in Its basket of prayers all of the petitions of Her children in the world and they were presented before the Father, in this way being able to intercede out of love.

Through this praying gathering of Vigil in Aurora during the three last days, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, through love and silence, as through each divine prayer, have been able to amend grave worldly situations that, if they had continued their course, could have condemned millions of souls that would have been linked to them.

Dear children, the most important thing that I have seen was the light of your inner temples, light that awakens prayer when it is recited with love, truth and faith. For this today, My little ones, I have revealed to you only one part of the celestial reality that brings forward the Messengers of God on all the face of the Earth.

Today I invite you to the awakening of your important task of prayer and of conversion for these times. Today I call you to place in your families the standard of Peace through the victorious power of prayer. Today I am revealing to you the gifts and the fruit that prayer awakens in all of those who believe in it.

My children, as in Fatima during the 13th of June of 1917, the little shepherds, by means of sacrifice and the prayer of the Holy Rosary, changed the destiny of the whole Earth, what could happen if all of the Marian groups prayed consciously?

The time of today is different from the time of yesterday, you live in a cycle of mercy and of liberation. Open the door of the heart so that it may occur!

Dear children, as the Mother of Graces I pray for you so that the New Humanity may be born. I pray so that you may live in the Peace of the Lord.

I thank you for answering with love to My call!

Who blesses you under the Light of Christ,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.  



Thursday, June 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

As Luminous and Redeemer Bird I bless you today and forever, sealing in this way the commitment of all of My little children with My Heart.

My beloved ones:

With infinite joy, My Heart descends to Earth because in this blessed House of Redemption I find courage to take to the souls that need it the most. 

Here, in this Aurora of the Heart of God, I want that the world find the Peace that does not exist in the nations. May among your hearts reign a Fraternity that is strengthened through Love and Unity.

Open your arms to receive all of those who may approach to this House, do not fear to receive not even the most lost of My children because I will encounter them and I will make them return to God through your hearts.

I want that here, in this House of Redemption for the world, to be lived a Sacred Charity that may act upon all things. Learn to live in eternal service, each one with the others, because in this way you will awaken, one in the others, the Sacred Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I requested that this House be built of brick and straw so that you would be able to know how to live the Sacred through simplicity. I want that you discover the Kingdom of Heaven in the simple life as it was with the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

All of you, be very chaste, helpful and pure as Joseph. Be loving, welcoming and praying as Mary. Be faithful to God and to His Sacred Plan, for beyond any circumstances that may be presented in your lives and, as Jesus, never fear to carry the Cross that the Lord may send to you; On the contrary embrace this Holy Cross as did the Master who showed you the path to Redemption.

Little children, even though My Word retreats these months into its House, My eyes travel through each space of this place and know the need of each one of your hearts. As the Blessed Mother I observe you in silence and at the first opportunity that you open to Me the doors of your heart, I will answer to the call of your hearts.

I want in this day to thank My little ones who persevere in the heat of this New Aurora, who unite themselves daily to My Heart and to the Heart of My Son. Know My little ones, that you are answering to My Call and that you are answering to the Will God.

When My Heart encounters with all the pain that exists in the world It does not get discouraged because It knows that there is a small place, of bricks and straw, to which It will return and will find ready the few but faithful soldiers of My Heart.

Do not get discouraged before the tests because the Lord allows you to live trials so that you may be strengthened for what will come. Never forget that the King of the Universe achieved the Glory of Heavens through the Cross, through the Love that persevered while His body hung on the Cross of all the Misery of the world.

I come to strengthen you, to warm you up from the cold that comes, so that you may always find in the Fire of My Heart a safe space where you may warm up your little hearts.

Come, without delay, to My arms because on this day I am as Your Divine and Sacred Mother, as a Mother who comes from very far to be with Her children, as She knows how much they need Her presence.

I love you deeply and I will thank you always for waiting for My Heart, and for answering to My Call.

May the Holy Spirit be in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Our Lady of Aurora.


When She finished transmitting the Message, Mary stayed a while with us and She started to pray the following prayer:

Prayer of Union with the Holy Spirit

Spirit of Redemption and Life,
Holy Spirit that restores and illuminates all,
Descend upon the hearts that wait for You,
Fill the hearts that call You,
Renovate the essences of those that suffer in the world.

Awaken Your Gifts in those that aspire to eternally serve God.
Awaken Your Spirit in the hearts of the world
and in all of them find Your Eternal Dwelling,
so that the Glory of God may be manifested on Earth
and the Sacred may again live in this world.




Wednesday, June 12 of 2013

Weekly messages


I am your Mother from Heaven, the One who comes to accompany you to the arms of the Lord, Christ Jesus the Savior.

Praised be Him and His Holy Name in your lives!

My beloved children:

Each time that a little act of your will is guided and enters in the Will of God, the doors of the Heavens are opened and the angels receive this offer that each one of My children realize.

The overcoming of oneself, the taking one step towards the need of humanity, leaving behind your needs and desires, brings to this planet a little relief.

Each time that one of My children consciously leaves behind their own satisfaction and places the need of the world first, there is established in the planetary consciousness that which in the Heavens is called a spiritual truce. It is necessary that all these truces, which are activated day by day by the conscious task of many children of God, be converted into concrete and stable actions.

Each time that a son or a daughter accepts to take a definitive step in consecration, not only is there a spiritual truce, but this impulse is a door that is closed to chaos and is converted into another door that is opened to balance and to harmony.

Each time that a child of this Earth is consecrated definitively to God and surrenders their life to a perpetual practice of devotion, inner order, prayer, and service to others, the monastic consciousness of the planet receives a new light, a new impulse of life which strengthens it.

For this, beloved children, do not fear and take the steps that your souls have longed to take for a long time. Unite yourselves to our Lord by means of full service, and you will be able to feel definitively as a part of His Heart.

In this time, the Divine Offer consists in surrender, sacrifice, and transmutation of the planet and humanity; that is to say, only work and a constant effort. And when these offers are accepted by the creatures, God Almighty places these creatures in a special place inside of His Heart, where all is protection.

I, as your Mother and Guardian of your souls, accompany you in these steps.

Be encouraged to give all, out of love for God and His Plan for this humanity.

Thank you for having been today with Me,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Wednesday, June 12 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children,

My heart aspires to descend over the Earth and find Unity in the hearts of those who follow Me, Unity among themselves and with God.  The Unity that must be born in the hearts of My soldiers will be the unbreakable and impermeable shield that will protect you from all evil.

In order to have Unity, there must be Faith and complete confidence in those who guide you and also, in each other.

Be transparent in the heart, in the soul and in the spirit, as you are before God.  Do not fear that others see the worst of you or the best, because the Truth creates Unity and from Unity is born Love among the creatures.

Seek, by means of Faith, to listen to the words of the Messengers of God in this time, because with Them descend from the Heavens Mysteries that today must be known by humanity.

Today I ask you that you give special attention to the words dictated by My Son Jesus, because by means of these instructions He is forming His Flock, so that you may know how to find Him among the many false Christ’s that will say they are returning.

The Voice of My Son is Unitary and resounds as the Fire of Redemption in the heart of the souls.  Those who today recognize Him and listen to His words, to practice them in Love, will also recognize Him when the time comes to accompany His steps again over the Earth.

My children, do you understand the importance of what I say to you?

The King of the Universe converted into word the keys to open the doors of Heaven and gives them to all humanity.  Any heart that is opened for this Greater Light brought by the hands of the Redeemer will receive from Him, in this time, the Sacred Mercy and the Eternal Forgiveness that He brings from the Kingdom of the Heavens.

As I did in Nazareth, 2013 years ago, I alert humanity once again in order for it to listen to the words of God, by means of His Firstborn Son, that now comes in Spirit and Divinity to heal the hearts and the consciousnesses of those who suffer from lack of Faith and Love.

My Son Jesus will not come to resurrect the dead so that they may live in this world again.  He comes to resurrect those who still have died in life, because the Heart of God does not have space to beat in these hearts.  Many are those who have died in life, because they have lost Faith and the reason to live.  They do not know God and His Messengers and they wander around the world, empty of spirit.

For these My Son returns so that those who are lost may find Salvation, so that those who repent may find Redemption, so that those who seek God may receive Forgiveness and Love from the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Listen, beloved children, with attention to the words of My Son, in this way they will be strength made for your spirits and Celestial food for your hearts. And pray, pray much, so that others may hear them, so that they may come to the world.

I thank you for answering to My Call and for continuing to accompany My Heart.

Peace for all.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Wednesday, June 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

My Dear children:

Praised be My Son, Jesus, in your hearts, and in the most lonely hearts of the world!

With joy, dear little children, I listen today to your pleas, pleas that are born from your love for Me and today I give you My Maternal Love so that you may guard it in the depths of your beings.

As I have already told you, My little ones, the world is living without peace and it will only be the imperious strength of your prayers that will change the course of the events. If you, in love and in devotion, unite yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, Peace will be able to be established for one more time in the heart of all beings.

Today in the Peace, and in the Good, I invite you to be mediators, I invite you to be builders of the new and awaited humanity of God, that which will live the essence of the laws and of the commandments because at the end will reign Eternal Love as it is in Heaven.

Dear children who pray, day by day, I call you to pray as I also call you to fasting and this I repeat to you because I know that many of you have difficulty to live these principles of sacrifice for humanity. Each one of you guards in the heart the freedom of choice. I ask you to give to Me what in truth you are able to give Me. I Am your Immaculate Mother and I know, for example, what it is that you now need to be able to be united to God.

The true sacrifice will be for you to do something for your world which darkens, day by day, from the immense amount of actions and faults that the souls commit. For this, month by month, I descend from Heaven with the hope of Peace for all of My children and of the victory of the Plan of Christ upon the Earth.

From now on, My dears, you will be those who will define the future path of the New Humanity. For this, unite yourselves to My Son Jesus and live through the source of His Blessed Grace and Mercy. This will allow that the consciousness of the world may be alleviated, the Love of God to be present, and the hope of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, these are no longer normal times, I beg you to awake to My call because in Merdjugorje, during this month of June, will complete one more year of the presence of My Eternal Grace among you.

I pray for the children of the world who are not born so that those responsible for bringing these souls to the world may achieve forgiveness and reconciliation with God. I pray so that the suffering may end in the hearts that are disturbed and without peace. I pray infinitely so that My children from the America's and the world become aware of My Maternal presence at the end of these times.

I Am the Queen of the Sun, I Am the Star of the Morning who, as in Fátima, announces to you Peace and the life of daily prayer.

My children, I guard in My Heart your pleas. Let us pray so that many more hearts may awaken in time.

May these two next months represent for all of the pilgrims the prayer retreat in the heart and the meditation upon all that you have lived with Me.

I thank you all for having listened to My Maternal call!

Thank you, dear children!

Who blesses you and loves you from the Heart of God,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Monday, June 10 of 2013

Weekly messages

Enter in My calm, My soul, little cell of God. Do not be afflicted by anything, because here I am, always behind you.

Enter in My Heart, small soul, rose petal that I offer to the Creator. Do not get discouraged, because in Me you will always find peace.

Enter in the Sacred Heart of Light of My Son, the Redeemer, that He waits for you always, to fill you with His Love of a Shepherd.

Enter, small soul of Mine, in the Powerful Heart of God, because there is your house, the one that has waited for you from always. There you will find the blessed home that waits for the tired traveler, to offer shelter, rest and eternity.

Enter in your essence, small and beloved soul, that there I dwell also, your Celestial Mother, that waits for you to pray for humanity.

Take refuge in this place within yourself, where the Redeemer has sown His Heart and has pulsated His Code of Love for a long time.

Only be serene and always remember that you are with Us, and We are in you.

Rest, beloved soul, eternal and faithful servant, that after your rest we will leave again in search of those who are missing, in order to take them to the Lord.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Celestial Mother.

Mary, the same as from Nazareth.



Friday, June 7 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

When a soul resists to learn that which the Will of God has designated in each moment of life, this consciousness starts on a path of suffering that at first is imperceptible for it.

In this way a certain time passes, and this consciousness, which at first seemed relieved for not entering into a new learning, begins to feel restlessness; because while their mind and their emotions seem to live that which they desire, their soul and their spirit enter into a process of fear from knowing that they are not in the correct path and that they are wasting precious time; they feel that life does not wait and that the experiences that are not under the hand of the Most High could lead them to errors that soon will not permit them to find the real way out.

Why, My beloveds, do you insist to live in restlessness? Is it that you do not trust Me and the Saviour, My Son, Christ Jesus?

Always bear in mind, dear children, that in this time I am still with you, accompanying you along the paths of your life, and I want that you learn your new paths taken, holding My hand, without suffering, without restlessness and without fear.

In this way you will learn through your own experience to walk along the path of the Lord with discernment and peace; and thus you will be able to know that the paths that the Divine Will offers us are paths by means of which we find peace and interior freedom, those attributes that make us full servants of the Plan of God for His creatures.

Envelop yourselves up in My protective mantle of Mother and take, without fear, the steps that the Creator indicates to you; the one impulse that shouts in the bottom of the heart, and do not fear losing anything, because you will only find the direct path to the Blessed Heart of the Redeemer.

Do not ever rest in the satisfaction of the mind and in the ephemeral fulfillment of the desires of the body, because there you will find nothing. Unite yourselves to My Immaculate Heart and walk the true path that brings you to being dignified children of God. Everything else pertains to the illusion of this world, that has lost its spiritual connection.

You are still on time to find the real path again, that which the human being has lost in the distraction of the senses, material power and modernity.

Encourage yourselves to live for true love, pure love, the one that sustains the true life of the being in the universe.

I wait for you, to accompany you in this challenge.

I love you and I keep you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and your Mother.



Wednesday, June 5 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Today, when you are in the Home of Aurora again, I want you to rest in Me and to restore your strength, so that after this repose of your bodies you can go ahead firmly in the task that you share with Me and with My son, the Saviour of souls.

I want you to deepen the encounters with Me through the prayer of the heart and that you devote a specific time in the morning, and another at night, to share with Me the Mysteries of the Rosary.

I want that the in the morning we pray together the Joyful and the Luminous Mysteries and, at night, before the recollection of your bodies we unite ourselves in the Painful and the Glorious Mysteries. In this way I will be able to reveal to you some mysteries, the ones this humanity should know before the great changes that are approaching.

With this task that we will realize, at first without a date of completion, we will prepare for the new cycle that will come. When the public and wider task of diffusion arrives again, new horizons will have unfolded in your consciousnesses and you will have another understanding about this task that unites you to the Divine Messengers.

Prepare your consciousnesses to be before this task, awake and available, since God the Father has given His Permision for you to deepen into the Mystery of Creation, so that all His Creatures mature and live their own relation with the Divinity, in another way.

Be attentive, because in this way, this effort that we will start will have the outcome foreseen by Our Father.

Rest within My Immaculate Heart, that there you will recover all your strength.

We will meet in the Divine Prayer of the Heart.

Thank you for answering My call for instruction and peace.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.



Saturday, June 1 of 2013

Weekly messages

Today, once again My Immaculate Heart unites itself to the heart of each pilgrim present in the world, and the bridge of light that unites us is the unity and the love that manifests itself in the prayer of the Holy Rosary. The Holy Rosary has the beads with decades that reveal a precious mystery of love to each pilgrim.

This Divine Love that comes from the Father unites itself to each essence that recites this favorite prayer of Mine, that will unite you to Me in each moment. In each bead an event manifests itself, a realization of the Plan of God reached by all the hearts of the Earth, through the donation to the Sacred Hearts.

Each time that a pilgrim soul prays with Me a new Portal of Peace is opened to the world, because the true Love of God, that unites the essences with My Son and with My Immaculate Heart, manages to express itself.

Dear children of San Carlos and all the State of San Paulo:

This month of June of 2013 has completed the 32nd consecutive year of My presence in Medjugorge and in the world; this month of June has completed one more year of the presence of the Queen of Peace among the simple hearts and the immature hearts, the ones that still do not know God.

For this, with joy and bliss, today I come to San Carlos to close a cycle of blessings that I have given during these last months, and to initiate in this way a new cycle with all of My dear children.

Medjugorje and its message of peace will be what will renew the fidelity of the hearts towards God the Father in the new time. Medjugorje will awaken the profound devotion in the consciousnesses that have distanced themselves from the life of prayer. Here My Divine Light unites itself as a task for the Americas in My Apparitions, the ones that have been taking place for some years with all of you; it is this way dear children, that the bridge between Medjugorje and Aurora is created.

As Mother of Humanity, during this month of June I am inviting you to renew yourselves in peace and to live in My Peace. For this reason I present Myself to the world as Mary, the Queen of Peace, to show to all My children that you are lacking the attribute of peace, and that this has generated great conflicts in the entire world.

Through the Holy Rosary, recited with the heart every day, peace will sow itself in all of those that have lost it and will reflect itself as a mirror of light to all of your families and the nations and the world. When there is absence of peace it is because there is lack of inner prayer, because otherwise no soul in these times could loose peace and hope.

For this I come to the world and come to all of you during this month of June, to reaffirm My presence of Eternal Peace in Medjugorje and in Aurora, South America.
Dear children of San Carlos and all the State of San Paulo:

Brazil will have the precious Grace of receiving the Holy Father, the Pope Francis, as a messenger of Peace and Reconciliation for this time; this is possible because of My maternal presence in the world and because of the aspiration that, through the messengers and instruments of the Father, you find in My Son Jesus.

That today your hearts can please God the Creator, through the donation of your lives to perpetual prayer.

Dear children, that your souls united to the Queen of Peace prepare you in love and in charity for the encounter that will take place in Brazil with the successor of Saint Peter, the Pope Francis.

Because this time is a time of ecumenism and of fraternity, it is time of finally establishing unity amongst creatures and fraternity amongst consciousnesses.

My children, God gives you all the best that He keeps in the Heavens, this is because of the great need of peace and conversion of souls, so that in this way your constancy with Me is always manifested.

The present time merits that all of My children are united under the Wise Spirit of Prayer.

Beloved children, when I travel in peace around each one of the cities of your nation, it is to awaken in you, in consciousness, to the call of fraternity and of prayer for peace in the world. Always, when you are in Me, I will keep you in the Temple of the Heart of Christ; there you will be in Eternal Peace.

Dear children of San Carlos, I hope to see, on this day, the joy reflected on your faces of receiving the Mother of Heaven.

I thank you dear children, for opening the door of the heart to Me!

I love you and I bless you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.

        Prayer of union with the Essence of the Peace of God

     Mary, Mother,
      my Mother,
      Queen of Peace
      may Your sublime rays
      irradiate the world:
      may Your Immaculate Peace
      spring as a inexhaustible fount
      in our souls;
      may the heart of each brother and sister
      reach Eternal Peace,
      so that next to Christ,
      Our Lord,
      humanity redeems itself
      and opens the door for Forgiveness and Love,
      in honor of the Creator Father
      for the many years of Peace
      that the Earth will live.
      So be it.



Saturday, June 1 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

When a child of Mine calls Me with the truth of the heart, so that My presence radiates itself to the world, My Immaculate Heart receives from God the permission to respond to this call. When I make Myself present, I bring between My hands the Will of the Lord for each one who has summoned Me.

My presence on Earth always has a spiritual reason. God allows Me to answer the call of the those who most need My presence and of those who are ready to take a new step.

To those who have with fervor of spirit summoned My Immaculate presence, I say to them:

I bring, between my arms, the plans of the Lord for each one of your lives, and I bring between My hands a luminous rosary that must traverse, bead by bead, the hands of the people.

The fire that lit the heart of those who call Me still must become bigger, before My presence, so that they can sustain, through Faith and absolute Fidelity towards the Heart of God, the Will of the Lord that descends through Me, and the new impulses of transformation that My Heart radiates.

How many are today before My presence, it is because their souls have called Me and I, answering this call, I bring them to My Heart.

My beloveds, even if you do not have consciousness, all that hear My voice accept a commitment with Me, all that become aware of My presence receive from the Lord the opportunity to start a new cycle in life and in all of their existence, forgiving and redeeming the past to build in the Infinite a new dwelling and a new learning.

If the Good News of My presence in the world has come to your little hearts, you must reflect deeply about the responsibility that your hearts take on.

You are in a time of chaos, where Peace almost does not exist in the world, being called to live the transformation of the heart, to be guided step by step on this path of conversion, guided by the Queen of Heaven and Earth, crowned with stars by the Celestial angels and chosen by God to prepare the world for the coming of the Redeemer.

The Lord observes with profound attention the response of His creatures, He knows each movement of the human hearts and He knows the virtues and weaknesses of each one of His children.

My beloveds, My words resonate in a Universal way, so that all that come in touch with this Divine Verb can feel My presence and discover in each word the strength and the impulse that they need to move forward.

I come as Mother and Queen of Peace, so that Peace comes to be born again in the heart of humanity, and does not disappear from the world.

I come as Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to conceive the Holy Spirit in each human heart and this way to remove the veils of ignorance that separate My children from God and from the Universe in which He lives.

I come as Mother of the World and Universal Mother, to unveil mysteries that have been hidden to the hearts of the world during all these centuries of existence, because few have been able to overcome the knowledge and the barriers of the mind, to dive into the Infinite of the Heart of God, through their own heart.

Today I invite you, My children, again to awakening, to the discovery of God through prayer, to the discovery of Love through communion, to the discovery of Piety through a real fast for the souls.

As Mother and pilgrim, I invite you to accompany My steps, to live My words, that are not Mine, but the Echo of the Voice of God, resonating in the world through His Faithful Messengers.

It is time to awaken, beloved children, to live a life of greater Fraternity and Peace, through constant service and through daily prayer.

Count on My presence to take new steps towards transformation and reconversion. Count on the Voice of My Son to open your hearts and call them to follow in His steps.

God delivers, at this time, Heaven into the hands of humanity. Who will know how to accept?

The Universe of God awaits you.

I love you and bless you for all Eternity.

I thank you for letting yourselves be guided by My Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more