Friday, May 31 of 2013

Weekly messages

I will pour My Graces upon all of those who, with sincerity, come asking for My help.

I Am the Mother of God, and Mother of this world, of all the creatures that God put under My care since He conceived My task in His Powerful Heart and gave My Son the authority to name Me Mother of all the beings of the Earth.

Together with My children and soldiers of peace, of reconciliation and of love, I will pass through this world to bring to the furthest places My Love of Celestial Mother, My help for those who suffer, and for all those who, in the final hour, want to know the direct path to the Heart of My Son, the Redeemer.

I will accompany each soul that suffers and I will be there, where any of them want to search for consolation, relief, peace and refuge.

I will enter into the heart of the chaos, there where it is joined with evil to subjugate My children, and I will rescue, with the power of the prayer of My Marian soldiers, all the consciousnesses that open their hearts.

I will not permit that any essence of this world be captured by the enemy, he that fears the Love of God because his pride made him lose himself in the labyrinth of obscurity.

Beloved children:

My Love for you is invincible and in it you will find the inner strength and the value to stand and follow the steps of My Son, who is arriving and hopes to find you gathered in His Name.

Place in your essences and in your hearts the times that will come after the refreshing rest that you will live, because I will need you available and steady to follow Me to where the Father permits me to go.

I will keep you, I will protect you, and I will give you strength when your merciful channel opens itself so that the consciousnesses are relieved from suffering.

Prepare your consciousnesses to be called favored children of the Virgin Mary and of Christ Jesus, the Savior; because you must incarnate the inexhaustible source of Mercy, Piety and Charity, and bring it there, where I bring you.

Feel protected by the universe, because in this way you will be surrounded by the lights of the stars that will guide you and will assist you from within.

Unite every day with your guardian angels, that from now on belong to My Host, those that accompany Me always. Remember that they are to accompany you silently and to help you in the most difficult processes of your life.

Beloved children of the Holy Spirit:

Ask every day for the light that comes from Him who consoles, from Him who arrives with His gifts to this world so that the Light of Creator God floods this humanity and redeems it.

Permit that the Spirit of God, that brings the Woman dressed of the Sun, enter in your consciousnesses and activate the gifts, so that they can be poured on this planet through each one of you.

I love you, My beloveds, and I prepare you as a Warrior mother prepares Her children, soldiers of the celestial universe.

I bless you with the Light of the Heart of God, the one that He brings Me to pour upon His Creatures.

Let us remain sheltered in My Immaculate Heart and there, rest always.

Your Celestial Mother,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Thank you for surrendering your lives to Me.



Monday, May 27 of 2013

Weekly messages

Today I have brought your soul here, to My Garden of Roses in Heaven to tell you dear son, dear daughter, that I infinitely thank you, day by day, for your prayer.

With many of these prayers I have formed My garden, above all, with those that burn in sincere devotion and that are impelled by purity of intention.

With each one of your prayers I have been able to rescue souls from purgatory, I have received permission from Our Father to be able to go on visiting you for some more time on Earth, while we prepare the return of My Son, that each day is nearer.

With this devotion that My children learn, day by day, and that they send to My Immaculate Heart, I have been able to save many souls that were imprisoned by sin and by ignorance.

I have been able, day by day, dear children, through your sincere prayers, to avoid that some children be subjected to violence, to hunger and to cold.

I have also been able, My beloved children, to bring comfort to many consciousnesses that are alone, abandoned, desperate, because through your sincere prayer a door is opened and My angels can enter and rescue these souls from dark places and bring them peace.

And above all, My children, through your perpetual and vigilant prayer some planetary situations of serious conflicts have found balance and harmony.

For this I ask you to always go on praying, because the more you do it, the more I will be able to be with you and more balance, peace and comfort will I be able to give to this humanity.

So that the Woman dressed of the Sun, from the prophecies of John the apostle, does not enter the desert yet, you must pray and pray, in this way I will be able to be present with you for some more time.

I love you and I bless you always.

In union with the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus, the Redeemer, praised be this moment of union with all My children.

Thank you for answering My call for peace.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Sunday, May 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

Peace for those that have been exiled from their lives.

Peace for those that do not believe in the Good News of the Redeemer.

Peace for the nations that live in constant conflict.

Peace for the souls that still do not live in the Light of God.

Peace for those who impart disharmony and chaos.

Peace for those who live through My Son Jesus.

Peace for the hearts that suffer and have no comfort.

Peace for My soldiers who pray with Me, for the presence of Eternal Faith.

Peace for them who divide the borders and separate the fraternal relations of peace.

Peace for those who have stopped turning their attention to God.

Peace for those who search for the Celestial Father through other paths.

Peace for the favorite Church of My Son.

Peace especially for all of this beloved city of Betim, because it has opened the doors of the heart, so that My rays of Maternal Love may descend from Heaven.

Dear children:

Again I ask you to be within My Peace, because while your present time passes rapidly, the souls forget to live the sublime attribute of the peace of the heart; in this way the souls are left as empty, vulnerable and blocked, in this way peace is dissolved and there enters the action of the constant conflict.

I request, I ask you, today I beg you, dear children, that you live in peace, in the Eternal Peace of God, because in this way you will allow that the new suns shine upon the face of the Earth, the suns of the heart, the imperishable and powerful light of all of those who consecrate themselves to the plans of God.

Beloved children:

You will receive peace in your lives, if you are in peace. It is time that you, as groups of souls, accept to live in My Maternal Peace, so that the serious conflicts in the world can loosen themselves from the consciousness of those that do not live in peace. The lack of this peace is because there is no prayer.

For this, with the Rosary in hands, congregate new groups of prayer, groups that collaborate lovingly so that peace is present in the world and especially in the heart of all My children of the Earth.

Dear children, search day by day for the essence of the Eternal Peace of My Heart, so that the presence of the Kingdom of My Peace radiates itself in your families, in your work and in your hearts.

As Lady and Queen of Peace, today I gather you in the joy of this extraordinary meeting of prayer and peace for all My children of the world, because My Merciful Heart will unite you in the purpose of this peace, and of the good.

Dear children, permit that through love and prayer is ignited the flame of the Eternal Peace in you, because in this way this peaceful presence of love will come to all the corners of the Earth, especially where there is a lack of these attributes.

My children, as Mother I return to the world, I return here, to the south of America and also to Medjugorje in Europe, fulfilling in this way the prophecy of John the Apostle: There will arrive the Woman of Peace, who will come lit up of the Sun of God.

Open your eyes for the signs and the symbols that the Immaculate Lady of Heaven will shed as Grace upon the world.

Dear children, today I come to say to you that you are on time to reconcile yourselves with God.  He is present in your hearts, He is waiting to meet again with His prodigal children.

In humility open the door of the heart, so that My loving call to conversion can awaken in your hearts.

May this day of extraordinary encounter with the Queen of Peace renew you so that you recognize that the Virgin Mary, the Mother of all peoples, nations and races, the same of Nazareth and the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit, who is in Glory, Love and Obedience to God Almighty, will be arriving to your encounter, because I love you and I hope that you open the heart, so that My Light can intercede for more souls in need of forgiveness and of redemption.

Dearest children of Belo Horizonte and Betim, I thank you for answering My call for Peace in the Americas and in the world.

I love you, I bless you and forgive you in the Love of Christ the Savior,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Sunday, May 26 of 2013

Weekly messages


My beloved and little children:

I contemplate with the Heart each little effort of the creatures of Earth, because if, day by day, they transcend tiredness a little more and offer Me a little renunciation, they will generate great merits so that more souls can arrive to My Heart.

Dear children of Betim, Brazil and the world:

Today the Queen of Heaven and Earth descends upon the world to bless, forgive and awaken all creatures. My blessed Heart belongs to this world, it was offered to God for the Redemption of each creature of this Earth. For this, recognize today, before your hearts, the One who lives and reigns for humanity, so that the Plans of God for each being can really be fulfilled.

My beloveds, the Lord keeps a perfect Plan for each one of your hearts, a special and unique mission for each one of your lives. But humanity has forgotten the Will of God to realize nothing more than their own will. The world has chosen to not follow the perfect steps that the Creator has designed so that this world became a sacred world, where there would reign a Love that would not exist in any other place of the Universe.

Still there is time to revert this situation. My Heart arrives to Earth, My beloveds, to remind you of the Plans of God, to retreat your hearts from illusion and conflict, from competition and lack of love, and to say to you that the only way to God is the path of Forgiveness, of Unity and of Fraternal Love, capable of exceeding any difference amongst the beings.

My maternal Love approaches your hearts to bring to you Forgiveness and Mercy, to offer you the Redemption that will place you once again beside God and His Son Jesus Christ.

I only arrive at this time, in the same way I came in the last centuries, to awaken My children, the children of God who have forgotten His Paternity. Day after day, My beloveds, I say to you tirelessly that it is time to awaken, it is time to surrender, through Forgiveness, all of that which suffocates your hearts and that will not allow you to take the steps towards the Lord.

I am here before your hearts to teach you Love and show you the true power of a fervent prayer that can transform the happenings of the world. Keep in your hearts the example of My little shepherds of Fatima, who freed the world from a great war through prayer, fasting and the full union with My Heart.

If your hearts aspire to be clean of all suffering and of all pain caused by this world, enter My Heart. Through a sincere prayer, offer the Lord the situations of life, allow yourselves to awaken above everything to live Forgiveness.

The world has a lot to forgive, My children, I see many hearts that close themselves for the lack of Forgiveness. Forgive, forgive everything that afflicts you, so that you can reach Forgiveness.

Do not allow yourselves to get lost in the things of the world because awaiting you are the things of Heaven. Do not live in ignorance of a common life, empty of God, when My Heart descends upon the Earth. I am the same of Nazareth, the Blessed and always Virgin Mary. I come to the world at this time to embrace it with My Heart and to repeat in a untiring way: "Awaken, little children, awaken".

The Plans of God must become reality on Earth, Love must reign in the world, the Redeemer that arrives in Divine Spirit will come in body, soul and Divinity, and will search for the Gifts that one day He had deposited in the human hearts.

Do not waste time in the pettiness of life, open yourselves to Love, live Forgiveness, call for Mercy. Push discord away through Fraternity and reach for prayer and for communion with Christ, the Redemption for this world.

I thank you My children for answering My Call and for searching to know My Heart.

I bless you today and always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Tuesday, May 21 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

I know that in this world there are true souls who love My Immaculate Heart, but also there are souls that separate My presence from their lives and from their hearts.

For this, I will raise, one by one, the essences that have fallen and I will lift to the Heights the shield of redemption. On the horizon will be seen the Star of Peace and all beings will live in this Peace for the centuries that are coming.

No one will remain in this world without knowing My Immaculate Face and in this way I will pour My Graces in the hearts that cry out for a spiritual intercession. With My flocks, with the flocks of My Son, I will watch in prayer for those consciousnesses that still have not chosen Me.

I will make them feel the greatness of My Maternal Love and in this way I will bring down the illusion of the hearts that have become hardened, because in My arms I will gather those that have suffered unjustly so much. To all of them, I will bring them into the presence of the Celestial Father and He, in His Glory and Love, will be who will free them from the evil of the past.

Evil will no longer live amongst the hearts of My children, because My sword of Love and Divine Justice will cut the bonds that have tied the heart of humanity to sin; in this way My Light will be seen from East to West before the great Light of Wisdom and Mercy that will bring the Love of Christ.

The Star of the Morning will light up the new paths of those who have delayed to find Me in prayer, and the devotion of the silent ones will be the great key that will open the Celestial Portal for those who have remained in pain and in loneliness.

Never again will a soul be outraged, because Grace will penetrate into the hearts so that they embrace it with love. The soldiers of prayer will sustain the new times, the ones that rapidly pass through the life of all the beings.

The New Sun King will shine in the heart of all those who have believed in His Powerful Word of redemption and of conversion. The Master Jesus will return in Glory to gather at His Table all who have not communed with His Sacerdotal Spirit and, in this way, the alliance with Eternal Love will be expressed in all those who, from error or pain, have not known the Love of the Son of God.

The Peace for the next time will be so profound that prayer will be the new word manifested for the consciousnesses. No one will fear to see the Master Jesus because through His Wonders and His Word all will recognize Him.

My Maternal Love will open the doors for those who, by their actions, had them closed. The path of the New Humanity will finally shine in the firmament of the universe and the original project of God will have been accomplished in the heart of all the souls of the world.

For those who pray in faith, the world will be saved from perdition, and at the end of all humanity will awaken from the dream in which it has lived for so long. In this way all will be able to recognize that the only and true love that nourishes life and consciousness comes from God, the Creator Father.

The stars of the humble crown of the Woman Dressed of the Sun will be launched towards the Earth and the Children of the Sun will see the sign that will indicate the great moment. The world will find the peace that it has lost, it will strengthen its faith in the Plan of the Father and it will once again light up the fire of devotion for the Universe of God.

The ones who by injustice have become barefoot will be the ones who by merit will receive the Major Grace, and humanity will harmonize daily life by the presence of the Mercy of the Redeemer.

United to the Immaculate Heart, Grace will be true in the hearts that, by redemption, have worked for the purity of the heart; in this way the Holy Spirit will be poured and the new consciousness will form the New Earth redeemed and forgiven, because the laws and the commandments will reconcile humans with God.

May Love always rejoice you so that Grace awakens devotion in your hearts.

Thank you for answering My call for Peace!

I bless you in redemption and in peace,

Mary, Mother of Love and Queen of Peace.



Tuesday, May 21 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Praised be today and always Our Lord Jesus Christ in your lives.

My children, with deep joy in My Heart I bring between My hands a luminous rosary to be deposited in your hearts, this one that in honor to God will seal the union of your hearts with My Immaculate Heart.  In this way, each little prayer that you realize will unite you a little more to Me and, through you many souls will be able to come out of the illusion in which they live.

My beloveds, renew yourselves, renew yourselves all in My Heart.  Renew your lives, your plans, your aspirations.  Renew your vows toward God, renew your souls, your spirits.  Renew your offers, because the doors of Heaven are open, and the Divine Mercy flows as an eternal Fountain of Graces.

With a heart full of joy, renew yourselves, all of yourselves.

This is the moment in which Heaven offers you the New.  In this way, abandon, with courage and bravery at the feet of the Lord, the old baggage that you have carried until today.

Allow yourselves to be reborn in My Maternal Heart, so that the Celestial archetypes that the Creator has for His creatures may descend on this day over the Earth, through My presence.

Let go of the old being, the virtues as well as the miseries, because what is born in Heaven is totally unknown to that which lives on Earth, and so that this New Child may arrive, it is necessary to be empty, clean, to offer oneself as a new vessel, a New Humanity.

My children, in these times of Graces incomprehensible to your hearts, the New must be born.  The doors of the Universe of the Heart of the Creator are already open.  Those who say "yes" to Him may perceive themselves as reborn in Christ with deep joy.  And those who have closed their eyes in order to not see that which is presented will miss the old, which will be taken away from them.

Pray much for those who will not perceive the arrival of the Light.  Pray for those who do not see the Grace of God in the events of life and who do not know how to feel the greatness of the pain of a delivery that brings the New Child to the world.

Today I say this to you My beloveds, because My special presence over the Earth has a greater reason than celebrating the rebirth of one of My children.  Today God wants to make known to all of humanity that the whole world must be reborn.

All the consciousnesses that inhabit this Earth have the opportunity today to take new steps, and have all the help from the Kingdom of the Heavens to leave behind the old, even that which seems extremely pleasant to the eyes of the world.

Open your hearts, as I open My arms, and in this way the infinite Mysteries that lay dormant in Heaven, will be able to descend over the Earth and to show themselves to the hearts of all of humanity.

Guard My words in your little hearts so that soon you may understand that which I say to you today.

And do not forget: renew yourselves, renew yourselves, renew yourselves always.

I thank you for sharing My maternal task, and for answering with love to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Tuesday, May 21 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear ones:

On birthdays My Immaculate Heart places upon the heart of My children a special Grace, because it is a remembrance of the day in which the Creator permitted that this consciousness arrive to this world to realize a task for His Celestial Kingdom.

In these days My Heart celebrates that you, My children, have had the courage to say yes, because, despite being imperfect and sometimes distracted, you have surrendered your lives to Me and to My Son and this permits that the Graces of Heaven can descend to the Earth for all my other children.

Today I want to deposit a special Grace upon all of you that day by day listen to My call and that in devotion are permitting that My Work on the Earth, which is the Work of the Creator, that which prepares the arrival of the Redeemer, carries itself forward in this time.

To all, dear children, from those who transmit My word, to those who pray in their homes in this moment, I thank you with all My Heart. You are My beloved children, My beloved blessed ones, in whom the Almighty has placed His trust for this time.

Through your persistence, your devotion and your surrender, many souls in this humanity will find My lap of Mother, My maternal love, and will be able to prove that living in the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary is simple and possible for all.

Go forward My blessed souls, because I will always be with you. We will always be together and united in the Sacred Heart of My Son and in the Mighty Heart of God.

My little and beloved children:

Thank you for being with Me today and donating your life to My Work of Love and Rescue on the Earth.

In the blessed love of My Son Jesus, today I caress your heads and place one of My Stars in your hearts.

Praised be Christ Jesus!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace united to your hearts.



Saturday, May 18 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children

In humility, that the world may see the example of devotion in My children, so that the Lord may use this devotion for the Salvation of souls.

In the simple but sincere acts of a heart that burns in the pure flame of devotion, My Heart finds encouragement.

If you knew how valuable and appreciated the little demonstrations of love of His children are to the Lord, this moment in which you allow the heart to leave the things of the world,for an instant, to be totally fulfilled by Celestial Love.

My children, let yourselves be permeated by the devotion that touches you, surrender your hearts in the purity of a holy madness, to show Love to God, following the voice of the heart.

In the invisibility of your true acts is the merit generated by the love of your hearts, so that many souls may arrive to My Kingdom.

A soul that answers to the call of the heart and surrenders without fear to the Most Holy Heart of My Son is a soul that is lifted for all of humanity.  Each one of the hearts that risk themselves to surrender their life to God, without knowing, do it on behalf of all humanity.

When one of My children surrenders definitively to My Heart, the joy I feel is so great, as if all of humanity were in My arms, because this is what it is like in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

For the Lord nothing is separated, the human heart is a single heart.  In this way, My children, the evil caused by humanity is an evil of all, that does not allow the walk of My little soldiers.

For this, be stronger than the opposing forces, cross this sea of adversities created by yourselves as humanity, and take another step for all of humanity, confirming that your hearts and the human heart, belong to the Heart of God, and that with Him they will merge when the time comes.

Live each test with patience, with the will to overcome the obstacles.  Be faithful to the purpose of your hearts, and if you already know that you are here to serve this One and Only God that guides you, do not fear to do it.  Do, with all your heart, what the Lord asks you in your interior, and also through the situations of life.

Be more conscious in your lives and never lose sight of the horizon towards which you are walking, never allow yourselves to forget that you represent the whole world, and that all your actions, from the most simple to the greatest, generate merits for the Salvation of souls.

Walk, My children, walk only to grow in your hearts the devotion that unites you to My Heart.

Do not lose the fervor that already exists in your hearts and while you pray, alone or in group, remember always that I am listening to you, and that I unite Myself to your hearts to form petals of flowers to be offered to Our Lord God, for the eternal reparation of His Most Holy Heart and of the Most Holy Heart of My Son.

I thank you eternally for persisting in answering to My Call.

I love you and I accompany you from the Heavens.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Saturday, May 18 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of São Paulo:

With reverence, love and joy I arrive today in Brazil to bless you once again, because during this Marian month I come to prepare it for the special encounter that will be brought forward during the month of July of 2013 in the city of Rio de Janeiro with the successor of Saint Peter the Apostle: the beloved servant Pope Francis.

For this reason this month of May, dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima, will gestate new fruits so that Brazil can harvest them when the Servant of Christ arrives, the Pope Francis.

With joy today I gather once again the Marian servers of all the state of São Paulo. I congregate them as sole flock in a place that, from honor to My Immaculate Heart, will be blessed by My Virginal Spirit.

Dear children, when a soul consecrates its heart to My Heart, this is a bliss in the Heavens, because it means that the plans of the Father are being accomplished. When a family consecrates their possessions and spaces to the Will of God, they will be living in the harmony of the law of the Lord and this way they will better live the commandments.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart during the month of February of 2013 in Salta, Argentina, announced the coming of the Lady from Heaven to the house of one of My faithful devotees in the city of San Francisco Javier; in this way the Father has permitted Me to consecrate with much love this little Chapel that today is offered to the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children, most important in this time is that you consecrate your beings to God, because in this way you will open the doors for the Sacred Hearts to be one in your lives.

Dear children, in this way I am reaching more profound spaces in the souls of the world, those that most need forgiveness and conversion, which they will receive through the consecration of this place to prayer. When each new consecrated space opens itself somewhere in the world, My Light expands itself as glimmer of Repairing Graces upon all the hearts that must arrive in Paradise and in this way be flocks of My Beloved Son.

Dear children, with joy in My Heart I thank you for the efforts realized in honour to My Immaculate Heart. Today I also invite you to perseverance and to peace, with the hope that all people and religions recognize Me as the Mother of the World, the Mother of all creatures.

Pouring Graces from My blessed hands, I call you to be participants of the eternal communion with My Son, through the act of confession and forgiveness, because in this way humanity will be most helped.

Dear children I thank you for having answered to My call!

I bless you in the Grace of God,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.

Prayer of consecration of the homes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Dear Mother,

I open the doors of my being

to consecrate my heart to Your Virginal Spirit.

Powerful Mother,

I receive with humility

the eternal blessing of Your Heart.

Blessed Mother, I consecrate my home

to the Good and the Peace on the Earth.

Beloved Mother,

elevate my heart to the Kingdom of God,

because united to Christ, Our Lord,

my inner temple will be the dwelling for the Creator.

Celestial Mother,

may Your Mercy lead us

and may Your Light cover us,

now and always.




Monday, May 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine:

As Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, today I invite all My children of Argentina and of the world to peregrinate with the heart and with prayer to the Beloved Sanctuary of Fátima.

Today My intention is that your hearts feel and discover the purity of the Kingdom of Fátima, a purity that My Immaculate Heart has sown in all of this place of adoration, silence and prayer.

Dear children, the world as a totality must awaken to the Virginal Purity; the souls must open themselves to live in the purity of My Maternal Heart, because if you do so you will reach mercy, peace and humility.

The purity of the Kingdom of Fátima is open to all the praying hearts that aspire to change their lives, for a life of true spirituality and love.

My children, today the 13th of May of 2013 is accomplished one new year of the presence of the Kingdom of Fátima to the whole world. I invite you, as the Marian Centers of Fátima, Lourdes, Medjugorje, Aurora, Figueira and Schoenstatt, to turn your homes into Centers of Prayer, where the souls feel attracted by the devout prayer of the heart.

I want that for this 13th of May you keep in your essences the maternal intention that you may have hearts each day more pure and crystalline, as the rain that falls from Heaven.

On this day of honor to the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the Celestial Mother will open the doors of Heaven so that the Marian Center of Fátima will be united to the Kingdom of God and, this way, a fountain of mercy and grace will descend upon all the children who unite themselves to this Marian Sanctuary.

Dear children, see how the Love and the Will of God acts so that, although the world does not live in purity yet, God waits with so much compassion that it wakes to the call of those living as pure hearts. In purity the conflicts will be dissolved, the evil and the lack of faith; proclaim through daily prayer that you are pure hearts, because in this way My Virginal Consciousness will help you to take the steps to Christ.

My children of San Carlos de Bariloche: may in the memory of each one be guarded the coming of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary to your hearts.

I thank you for answering My call of living in the purity of the heart!

I bless you always,

Mary, Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.  



Monday, May 13 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children:

I Am the New Sun that rises in your lives, that which comes to remove your hearts from the darkness in which they live. I come to dry with My warmth the tears of those who suffer. I come to bring a new Light, a new opportunity to light up the heart, a new path through which to follow in trust.

I Am the Divine Mother for your hearts and for your spirits. I Am the repairing Source that gestates from time to time a new dawn for the world.

It has been 2013 years ago since I was on earth, to gestate the One who would be the Savior and Redeemer of the entire world, the One that brought you Mercy for all eternity.

Now, My children, My Heart contemplates the Heart of God and rests at His feet, praying tirelessly for this planet, for all of humanity, and for all the kingdoms that are offended daily.

In this last time the Lord sends Me one more time to now gestate the New Humanity, the new Christs that must be born so that the Love of God may reign definitively in this world.

My beloveds, do not fear the greatness of My Mission, because it will be built in a spirit of humility and simplicity.

When I speak of the Christs that I bring in My Celestial womb, I speak of your own hearts, the hearts that are today in the world and that must be born again to live a new life, unknown to all.  This life is nothing more than a life based on Love, on service, on Fraternity and on Reverence toward God, the One who created you.

My children, today I bring you the Good News for these times, so that you may awaken to the Will of God and to the Plan that He has already designed, and that includes each one of your hearts.

Construct now a life of Peace, through prayer, a life of Fraternity through service to the other, and unity with the kingdoms of nature. Be reverent towards the kingdoms, and you will be reverent towards God. Be loving towards the other. and you will be reverent toward God. Serve with Love, without counting time, without fatigue, because the need of the world is infinite.

Awaken, My children, for a life of prayer. You are on time to reconvert your hearts and offer them definitively to God. You are on time to discover that something Greater awaits you, and that it is already time to walk with steady and safer steps.

I wait for you in prayer, so that your little hearts may merge with My maternal Heart.

I bless you always.

Mary, Queen of Peace and of your lives.

Peace for all the hearts.



Sunday, May 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children from Argentina,

As a Pilgrim Mother I thank the presence of each one of those who accompany Me, generating merit so that many in the world may be able to reach My Immaculate Heart.

My Children, when I ask you to relieve My Heart it is for you to relieve the weight of the suffering of the souls that I carry in My chest. My maternal eyes traverse the world day by day, instant by instant and what I find in the hearts of My children is constant despair, sadness and lack of hope.

The world agonizes and suffers, My dears. There are many families that suffer from hunger and thirst, above all from nourishment of the spirit. My Marian missionaries bring a little bit of Peace to the world, to a part of this needy humanity, but it is still too little in the face of all that there is to be done.

My dears, I want to teach you to be Marian missionaries in life, in the day by day, in your homes, in the communities, in the relations with the neighbor and in prayer. I want that you fulfill the needs of one another and that you find near to you those that need the most.

It is time to serve in order to relieve the Heart of God and to reignite in your hearts the fire of love for the neighbor, that which nourishes your spirits. This is the time to learn to live from service, to find in anyone who may be before your eyes the being that needs your loving presence, that needs your prayers in order to carry on taking steps in life.

With this, My children, I want to tell you that yes, it is very important that you search far away for the souls in need. But to reach them it is necessary that you learn to be servants all the time, with everything and with everyone.

Do not be indifferent to the needs of the world, of the kingdoms that surround you. Pray and serve all of the kingdoms that are part of My Heart and that need to be relieved from the weight of suffering and of indifference.

My beloved ones, if you want to learn to repair My Heart and the Heart of My Son, peregrinate with the intention of the heart of relieving the world. Pray with fervor of spirit for the entire world and for all that composes it. Live perpetually in service, practicing the Love that My Son has taught you in all things and, the most important, be always peacemakers on the Earth and bring My Peace to all.

I thank you, My dears, for answering to My Call with love.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Sunday, May 12 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of San Carlos de Bariloche:

Praised be Jesus for this time and in your hearts!

With maternal joy today I come to your encounter to awaken in you a profound devotion for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

My children, for the first time in the history of My Apparitions, this blessed place of God will be graced by the intercession of the Mother of God. For this, I invite to daily prayer all those children who have lost the motivation to pray to the Merciful Lord.

Dear children of the south of Argentina, also here, through your prayer in groups and in families, will be able to bloom faith and love as a flower opens itself to the rays of the sun.

From Heaven I come to your hearts to bring you an important call to conversion, to prayer and to peace. The Father awaits that all the provinces of Argentina renew themselves in faith and in the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

For this, open your hearts so that the great Voice that comes from Heaven impregnates you, strengthens you and awakens in you the encouragement to forgive and to reconcile yourselves with God the Father.

Dear children, as here in San Carlos de Bariloche you venerate Me with much love, I invite you, as Mother of the Graces, to be bearer of My Peace for this time, in which the accelerated changes make it so that My children confuse the path.

My dear, I beg you to be attentive to the need of praying in your houses, praying for your villages, praying for the whole province and for the whole nation. All souls need urgently to beg forgiveness to God and in this way set out again for the Kingdom of the Father, through the Sacred Heart of My Son.

In Jesus Christ you have the TRUTH for your lives. In Jesus Christ you always find the PATH of return to the Heart of God. In Jesus Christ you will find the real LIFE, the life of the spirit, that will nourish you under the presence of the love of God.

Beloved children, as you will see, My Apparitions now extend themselves all over the world and My message of peace and awakening touches the hearts of all the beings who find themselves in the most distant places on Earth. The times merit doing something for the world, for the presence of Peace and the light of God, and you, through the holy prayer of the heart have the keys to be able to do it.

Dear children of San Carlos de Bariloche and all the brother and sister villages: that for this month of May, consecrated to My Heart, may your hearts remember My arrival at Fátima in Portugal, where once again My Heart interceded for your world. Keep the Kingdom of Fátima in the heart so that united to Me, we can find the safe path to My Son.

I thank all the prayer groups of Patagonia for having answered My call for Peace!

Thank you, My dear children!

I bless you in the Love of Jesus,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Wednesday, May 8 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine and pilgrims of the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

The Heavens of the Father, the Angelic and Archangelic Armies celebrate this birthday of one of My servants on Earth: Mother Shimani.  And today is the day of declaring to you that the always Blessed Virgin Mary will realize special Apparitions on the birthdays of the three visionaries.

This moment, of a special Apparition on a birthday, has the spiritual objective of gratitude, because the visionaries have answered the call of the Queen of Peace.  Above all My special Apparitions on birthdays renew the divine and universal commitment in the consciousnesses that I have chosen in the name of the Lord and in the name of My Son.

For this, today I invite all the pilgrims to revere and give thanks that My servants, as the visionaries at the different times in which My Apparitions have occurred, have answered out of love to the Plan of God.

Dear children, the one who has the Grace of seeing Me, feeling Me and listening to Me for so long, is the soul that needs redemption the most, and in this way, in love, it serves the Most High permitting that the plans of the Universe be accomplished again on Earth, as well as in Heaven.

An infinite mystery of love is guarded in My Heart and in the heart of all the visionaries that over the centuries, My Immaculate Heart has radiated, to all of them.

This mystery is the Infinite Love of God, the love for the Resurrected and Merciful Jesus.  This is what the visionaries learn, to live from an unknown love, from a divine love and their sacrifice in having absolute faith in the Love of God and in all the calls that they hear from Heaven.

My children, today I reveal to you all these reflections so that your hearts do not lose the true sense of the task that My Maternal Consciousness accomplishes through the imperfect instruments that I choose for My Son.

May today you recover how simple it is to answer to the holy call of the Universal Mother, and with what simplicity I present Myself day by day to you to awaken you to conversion, and to the forgiveness of God.

Through the special Apparitions on the birthdays of the visionaries, all the souls that correspond to the cycle of the Apparitions of the epoch and that are lovingly related to the task of each visionary, receive by means of these instruments a special Grace that is cultivated in the heart.

And so, dear children, may you unite yourselves today to this encounter with Me, because once more I pour My Graces upon you.  That you may bring all My Immaculate Love in your hearts and that you may diffuse it as a healing love for the most thirsty souls.  If in truth you knew how much I love you and how much I have given to you throughout time, your souls would live in bliss and eternal praise before God the Father.

That these moments of union with My Maternal Heart open for you the door to your redemption.

Maternal blessings for this birthday of Mother Shimani, and that those who have not been born yet may find the birth of the light and of salvation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Peace for all,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Wednesday, May 8 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

I come today with My Maternal Love covering your hearts with peace and protection.

When the Father elects His Children for conscious tasks of His Plan, He seeks in them fidelity, love and faith in His Will.  This is the base of the perpetual covenant of a consciousness with the Supreme God.

The Father does not ask us great things, only that we love Him and permit that He may, through His Children, realize His Works of Love and Mercy.  It is in this way that He manifests His Love, His Wisdom and His Will to the world.

Each time that a child of His permits itself to be an instrument of God, the universe is expanded in Glory and the Heavens descend over the world and its creatures.

To be an instrument of God, one has to trust in His Blessed Love and know that in Him all is possible.  Each time that a little creature opens itself in trust to the Creator, all that He is designing in the Heavens descends to the Earth.

Each time that this son or this daughter makes a vow of surrender and trusts in the Beloved Father, a door is opened and shows us other spaces, where there exists other surrenders, still more profound, and the trust in His Plan increases.

Today another stage in the life of one of My children begins, in which other doors will be opened, greater commitments will come, that will demand of My little souls an even deeper trust than the one that they already feel.

There will be nothing to fear, because the experience of loving God over all things and living to serve Him is not an experience that many are encouraged to live.  For this our Father observes, vigils and cares for with all His Love those who surrender their lives to Him.

Today I encourage you to take one more step in consecration.  The Father waits for you and the need of this humanity, too.

A long time has passed already and there have been many experiences of love, faith and service that you have lived.  Today, before you is found the great surrender, the one that you will embrace with total trust in the plans of the Creator.

Be blessed and propel humanity to a different reality, full of love and of peace.

Thank you for being with Me today.

I love you and I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Wednesday, May 8 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children of My Heart, renew your hearts today in this new cycle that is beginning so that through My Maternal and Celestial presence your hearts may take one more step on the path of consecration.

My children, I hope for this cycle, a cycle of Glory, of Peace and of growth for your souls. Contemplate in your little hearts the importance of making a sincere offer to the Lord on this day, so that He, through His Intercessors, can help you always.

My Heart aspires that for this cycle, My children, can contemplate the impossible, as it is already time for everything that would be unthinkable to be manifested.

It is time, My children, to transform everything that you have never been able to transform. It is time to manifest what you would never think of manifesting. It is time to trust completely in My Heart, and to not doubt, not even for an instant, this Merciful Power that comes from Heaven in aid of your hearts.

Trust in the impulse that I bring you today, so that this Source of Celestial Peace may enter in all the spaces that need It, and that nothing is left without being contemplated.

My children, in order for the Prodigious Source of God to be a reality in your lives, I need for you never to lose the Faith and the Will to move ahead. Your hearts must be strengthened more than ever at this time, because it was for this moment that you have been preparing yourselves for so long.

Trust in the One who guides you, trust what you have learned, trust also in the hidden potential of your hearts, and uniting all these attributes of your soul, make a sincere offer of what you really are, so as to surrender without fear and without delay at the feet of the Creator. With the offer of your lives, He will build a new being, a new heart, a new seed that will give a new life.

Be then willing, My beloveds, to live the transformation which the Lord waits for from each one of you.

Do not be disheartened, do not lower your arms, this is the moment to persist and to strengthen yourselves, above all in prayer, so that when the true wind of transformation arrives, it will not bring you down.

My children, count on My aid and My presence along side your hearts.

Make your spirits joyful, today is the day to renew yourselves in the Spirit of God.

I bless you and I love you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity



Monday, May 6 of 2013

Weekly messages

Blessed and praised be our Lord, Christ Jesus.

My beloved children:

My Consciousness of Love enters the Kingdom of Aurora to bring you comfort and encouragement to move ahead. Hard is the task to which you have offered yourselves, but more intense yet is the love that Heaven sends to sustain you.

Do not lower your arms, dear children, because you are learning from the greatest sacrifice, the one that is experienced when the being no longer has strength to answer the call of the neighbor, which is the call of God, and yet equally surrenders all reservations and also all that which is left. You surrender everything.

In My arms and in the Heart of the Redeemer you will rest and nourish yourselves to move ahead, because in Us you will always find a Source of Life.

Be firm, that your Celestial Mother walks by your side. I am here always to aid you. Go ahead, My beloveds, God observes you with infinite love.

Be grateful always for this unique opportunity to fully serve God.

I love you and I bless you.

Thank you for being always with Me, as today.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, May 4 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved and little children:

Today I want to leave to you an instruction of love so that you may be able to better understand how the Plan of the Love of God for His Children on the Earth must be fulfilled in these times.

Each creature in this world, before arriving here committed, to the Supreme God, a task that would be fulfilled out of love for Him while here on the Earth.

Each one of you is a perfect piece of the puzzle that God has created in which all the wonders from Heaven will be reflected on the Earth. Each time that any of you forget about this commitment of love that you made with God the Creator, this love that He would pour upon this planet through one of His Children is lost.

Also, this child, by not allowing this Love to be nourished, starts to get dry like a plant that does not receive water nor the light of the sun.

Today, many are the children who have forgotten about the task of love that in commitment to Glory, they realized with the Creator. Today the planet does not receive this gift of love that nourishes it and gives life to it, and minute by minute it gets more and more dry.

Beloved children from this humanity:

I come to you so that your essences may connect themselves again with this Source of Divine Love that gives you life as beings and as a part of this beloved sacred planet that, almost without spiritual life, falters trying to survive.

For this My Son returns because He already once offered His life so that the Source of Universal Love could nourish, once again, the life of this humanity and of this world.

He returns so that His Companions, in the same way that He did, may finish connecting the consciousness of humanity to the Divine Source of Love of the Supreme God.

Beloved son, beloved daughter, that today you may listen to My words of maternal love:

The time has arrived that, as apostles of the Mercy of the Redeemer, you may definitely open the door of your inner temple so that through the sincere donation of your lives to the Creator, the Divine Love of God the Father may descend through you and may nourish this world in redemption.

It is time, beloved son, beloved daughter, that your will must be offered to the Kingdom of Heavens so that in the Heart of the Creator it may be converted into the spiritual strength that will impel you towards the fulfillment of your task of love.

And thus the Will of the Supreme that is all Love and all Power will be fulfilled in the Heavens as on Earth.

Feel…feel the Glory that descends from the Heavens. It is the Creator that waits for you.

I love you and I bless you.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother of God and of all of the creatures.



Saturday, May 4 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

With deep joy in My Heart of Mother, I approach Myself to your hearts today in this sacred home, where My Spirit dwells eternally.

Today I want to bring Myself closer to your hearts to transmit to you My Peace, My Mercy and Redemption for your souls.

Children of Mine, as Blessed Servant of God, I come to answer a request of the Father, Who sends Me to form all of His children in Love.

The Lord waits on this day that your hearts be permeated by gratitude. A gratitude that transcends the obstacles of life and places your consciousnesses facing only to God, to praise Him perpetually for everything you receive in life.

Beloved children, be infinitely grateful to the Lord, as He has offered you, as a House, the Source of Mercy. Through the true devotion of your hearts this Mercy is radiated to the world, and in this way you are perpetually permeated by It.

Be grateful as you have never been before, because the King of the Universe speaks to you day by day.

Be grateful because the Holy Spirit of God permeates your lives.

Be grateful for receiving from the Lord the permission to be so close to His most faithful Servant, and this way receive in your hearts a Peace that no longer exists in the world.

My beloveds, awake today to life in gratitude, for there are many in the world that are grateful for the little that they receive and who are not attached to the suffering in which they live. And you, My children, can hear My words and feel My Heart.

Your little beings have before them the opportunity to redeem life definitively and to eternally consecrate your hearts to God, and this is what the Lord awaits from the ones that one day listened to His Celestial Messengers.

Because, children of Mine, the Word of a Messenger of God is never emitted in vain. The Power of the Verb that speaks to you comes to heal the world definitively, as well as all the creatures that inhabit it.

For this, today I only ask you to be able to hear each one of these words with your heart and that you meditate profoundly on everything that you are having the opportunity to live, in any part of the world, so that you can learn to be truly grateful and to learn to value with your heart and with your spirit everything that God offers you.

My Children, I say this to all who can hear Me, because the fact that My words and the words of My Son have come to your lives means that your hearts have a commitment with God, a commitment that your souls cannot deny and that your hearts must long to respond to.

I thank you, My beloveds, if you meditate on My words with the truth of the heart.

I love you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, May 4 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

In joy today I place you once again in My arms to be able to contemplate the victorious love that Jesus deposited into your hearts.

Dear children, My maternal task is living great steps and this is possible from the sincere collaboration of the children consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. On this day, My children, I announce that the portal of the Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother has given its true fruits for conversion, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace in all of the consciousness.

Dear children, today I announce that through the first call that you have answered to for My Co-redeeming Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the gifts of My Spirit have been able to touch the suffering and lonely essences, as also the families that were separated, and the lost children.

My children, today I invite you to contemplate the celestial merits that have been manifested by means of the portal of My Voice and of My Echo. For this reason I bless and I thank all of the missionaries of Divine Mother because they have sustained the torch of light of Mary and of Her Son Jesus during all of these months. In this way you will be able to see My dears, that My Heart of Mother has not left you alone and that new paths have been opened for the consciousnesses that were in grave faults.

By means of perseverance and hope in answering to My requests I have seen that your lives have given Me the best and the true. For this, today I invite you to renovate yourselves through My Heart. The Lord contemplates the efforts of His little creatures, of His dear children. You must realize that My Work has managed to expand itself in the heart of many pilgrims and it will continue to grow as long as you continue to be united to Me in the rescue of the essences that sleep in the realities of the world.

Dear children, you have received month by month, moment by moment, a little bit of My Kingdom in your hearts. Today, as a Mother, I thank you and I bless you in the hope that you may gain strengths of love big enough so that through many more hearts may be able to awaken.

My children, I am walking by your side to show you the straight pathway towards the Heart of My Son. I want to announce to you with reverence and love that also during the months of June and July of 2013 all of My pilgrims will be able to continue accompanying My Apparitions through this medium of redemption (the internet). This will help, My dears, that My little children may not lose the union with Me during these two months of June and July of 2013 but that you can maintain yourselves, each time more united to My Heart of Love.

Beloved children, today I leave you near Jesus, the Redeemer. See how you have taken the steps towards My Son because your Mother accompanies you.

I thank you for answering to My call for Peace.

Thank you, dear children, for how much you have given Me today!

Let us pray for Peace,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.  



Friday, May 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

In the Rose that emanates from My Heart, God has deposited the secret of purity and of consecration to the Divine.

Through it I bring to the world this celestial experience, lived by Me since My conception in the Heart of God.

This Rose symbolises the pure aspect of Creation, which the Creator has deposited in His Faithful servant, so that humanity could have this molecule of virginal purity in its collective consciousness

Today I want to leave in your hearts, beloved children, this celestial experience so that everyone knows that in the heart of humanity is found asleep this virginal purity, created by God with the purest Love of His Heart.

Each time some of My children make spiritual contact with My Rose of Light, through the sincere prayer of the heart, a drop of this virginal purity enters the ocean of the human consciousness.

Drop by drop, through the sincere prayer from the devout of My Mystical Rose, I will transform this ocean which, through the light of the Rose of the Divine Virginal Purity, will be converted into the pure food that transforms humanity that is lost.

For this, My children, I call you soldiers of My Rose of the Pure Light of God, so that we can pray in union to this symbol of virginal purity and, with each prayer, let us permit, that drop by drop this ocean be transformed into light.

Humanity needs all the luminous codes that, from the Creator, arrive through His Divine Messengers. For this, through the manifestation of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Its image of the Crystal Mother, as My angels have called Her, I want My soldiers to diffuse this prayer:

Infinite purity of God,
come to my heart through
this sincere and humble prayer.
Infinite purity of God,
convert my life into devotion. 
Infinite purity of God,
through the Immaculate
Heart of Mary,
may my soul be transformed
in purity and love.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Crystal Mother of Virginal Purity



Wednesday, May 1 of 2013

Weekly messages

Welcome to My lap of love.

My Maternal Love covers you so that your beings can be protected from all evil.

Praised be Jesus in your lives.

Dear children:

Today I come to you to name you Ambassadors of the Peace and of the Mercy of My Son, before all the nations of the world.

My Marian soldiers, those who are not afraid to die to themselves and transcend themselves completely under My Love and My Guidance will be the ambassadors of My Kingdom in this world.

I invite them to be united daily to My Immaculate Heart to realize, in each one of their hearts, the Universal Marian Mission that I will imprint in them.

This Universal Marian Mission will bring forward perpetual prayer as a banner and the Divine Light of the Kingdom of God as the fruit of effort and of surrender.

I want that these Marian soldiers, who will be little cells of My Immaculate Heart, to know that they will be indivisibly united to Me and that My maternal presence will guide them always.

In each heart I will place a molecule of My Virginal Purity, that which will give them the possibility of living the purity of the heart and bringing this purity wherever they go.

I count on these Marian soldiers so that, through prayer of the heart, they teach their brothers and sisters to pray with Me as they have learned;  forming new prayer groups that can unite to the Marian army of Light, in this way, attending to this humanity which is asleep and full of pain.

I await all of you, My beloved children, so that this Universal Marian Mission reaches the most distant corners of the planet.

Be encouraged, My children, to surrender entirely to the task proposed to you by the Virgin Mary, Mother of all creatures.

I wait for all of you in My Immaculate heart.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all.

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