Wednesday, May 1 of 2013

Weekly Messages

Welcome to My lap of love.

My Maternal Love covers you so that your beings can be protected from all evil.

Praised be Jesus in your lives.

Dear children:

Today I come to you to name you Ambassadors of the Peace and of the Mercy of My Son, before all the nations of the world.

My Marian soldiers, those who are not afraid to die to themselves and transcend themselves completely under My Love and My Guidance will be the ambassadors of My Kingdom in this world.

I invite them to be united daily to My Immaculate Heart to realize, in each one of their hearts, the Universal Marian Mission that I will imprint in them.

This Universal Marian Mission will bring forward perpetual prayer as a banner and the Divine Light of the Kingdom of God as the fruit of effort and of surrender.

I want that these Marian soldiers, who will be little cells of My Immaculate Heart, to know that they will be indivisibly united to Me and that My maternal presence will guide them always.

In each heart I will place a molecule of My Virginal Purity, that which will give them the possibility of living the purity of the heart and bringing this purity wherever they go.

I count on these Marian soldiers so that, through prayer of the heart, they teach their brothers and sisters to pray with Me as they have learned;  forming new prayer groups that can unite to the Marian army of Light, in this way, attending to this humanity which is asleep and full of pain.

I await all of you, My beloved children, so that this Universal Marian Mission reaches the most distant corners of the planet.

Be encouraged, My children, to surrender entirely to the task proposed to you by the Virgin Mary, Mother of all creatures.

I wait for all of you in My Immaculate heart.

Thank you for being today with Me.

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all.