Dear children of Mine,

After your spirits resurrected in Christ, it will not be able to exist between you and My Son any contrary wind that can overthrow this perfect union that you have made with Jesus.

However, My adversary, that is cunning and controller, subjects the hearts to the point of cornering them beyond their issues and problems, but the hearts that live in the Heart of the Lord will not be submitted by the cunning of evil.

Children, the love for your fellows cultivated in your beings sets you free from any situation and friction that My adversary creates among the minds that are not united to the Love of God.

On this day, recognize that the critical times have arrived and that, everything that is under the Spiritual Universe of your Celestial Father, will be purified and transmuted by the rays that His Heart spreads throughout the Cosmos.

Receive from My Spirit the most holy blessing, that which will make you invincible as long as you remember to profess the sacrament of the communion and the internal state of luminous prayer.

Dear children, the current time sets a before and an after.  From what you have been you will not be able recover anything, and from what you are not yet and cannot wait for results.

Your consciousness and your matter are in constant transmutation, led by the hands through the beginning of the permanent purification.

When the time of purification reaches each one, you will count on My Maternal Guidance, so that you may avoid mistaken and take the wrong path.  In this way, the law of purification will allow you, when it is lived in peace, that you may be able to find new staircases of consciousness and, in this way, ascend in trust to the Kingdom of God.

Do not fear, the internal resistance will be the first wall to be broken.  However, if your love is pacific and full, the whole structure will be dissolved, and I promise you that in this moment you will be freer than the birds in the sky.

The time is indicating an inner preparation because now the school of prayer that I teach you will allow you to transcend any difficulty, and when you are free from the human prisons, you will find the site of the sacred temple that lives forever in your hearts.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who blesses you under the essence of the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The times for maturing the consciousness have come.  Nothing will remain hidden from you any longer.

For this, time indicates the moment of reflection, because by being trained by My Divine Spirit you will face the challenges of growing up and of learning.

On this path of transformation in which you are placed, you will learn to recognize what is good within you, that is, your deepest virtues.  You will also be able to recognize, whenever you permit, everything that no longer forms part of the Great Kingdom of God.

So that you, children, may divinize your lives, the purification cycle will notoriously set the moment of liberating yourselves from the unconscious obstacles.  The prayer made with the heart will show you the starting point to begin to work internally with the aspects related to the capital principles in this world.

By loving your purification, your consciousnesses will no longer complain, and your souls, united to God, will help, with your intimate permission, so that the times may first change within you before changing in the whole world.

You are invited to the search for the detachment of oneself and for the renouncement of human pleasures that have led and lead millions of souls to the abyss of temptation and chaos.

But you, children of Mine, with the spiritual consciousness that you have received through the sacred instruction, will be able to purify yourselves and to banish the customs that form part of the degeneration of the unspiritualized humanity.

My rays of light are poured over you today and a great mirror of consciousness reflects for all whatever must change in time, before the moment of the transition.

You are being called to get to know yourselves and to identify the situations that awaken and generate the obstacles, which as a consequence, prevent you to be able to take more steps.

Children, the root of every difficulty lies in the lack of control and in the impossibility that the spirit of each being has of expanding as it has been predicted that it would do in this world.

The whole humanity has become the result of a failed spiritual and mental act that was born out of the lack of obedience and love that Adam and Eve expressed in the beginning of this Earth.  For this, the Eternal Father has been fair and also very merciful with all.

For those who are more conscious and who are committed to the Return of Christ, the Universe of God and His Infinite Divine Will, will propose the time to take the great step.  For this, Heaven pours out Its blessings and sends its Messengers.

Do not allow, My children, that the roots of evil regenerate in your inner soils.  With will, love and determination, cut the alliances with everything that makes the planet be in a constant stagnancy.

My Heart will help each one who sincerely, before the Plan, decides to work on their own selves and to get out of the illusion where the lower consciousness has placed them.  Be attentive to My instructions, because many may believe to be doing the path, but indeed will be prisoners of their own things.

With internal and universal love I reflect to you the mirror of the One and Only Truth so that you may know how to transform yourselves and may delay no longer by feeding what resists the transmutation in your beings.

In this way, more conscious, you will be able to be soldiers in all the spaces of consciousness and thus you will help those who are more unconscious of the Universal Truth.

Meditate on the inner place where you find yourselves today.  By reflecting on what I say, you will be able to perceive, through the deep prayer, where is what should be transformed in time.

Afterwards there will be no longer, possibilities of helping one’s own consciousness, but only to help the emergency that the world will present.

Today I invite you to the contemplation and to the meditation on the sacred word of your Celestial Mother.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who helps you to grow in consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let My Blood circulate within your heart. The powers that I manifest and give you are unknown to you.

Let My Blood circulate through your veins, so that your codes of the past may be renewed by My codes of light and redemption. Let My Blood remove all your cells from their place.

Let My Blood purify your feelings and transmute your wounds, for I have the power to reverse all evils. If My Blood does not yet live within you, seek the reason why you do not have Me within you.

Let My Blood free every part of your being; and may your body, even while it is still impure, reach purity and consecration through Me, because what I offer you is not part of your will nor of your desire.

I come from a cell of Higher Life that illuminates even the smallest particles of those who seek Christification through the giving of self. Therefore, let My Water emerge from within you, so that every corner of your being may be bathed by My Water of Life and Liberation.

Let My Spirit dwell within you and cause that which is now old, to die. I have the authority to renew you and, at the same time, to embrace you with My warmth and My peace during the hard cold nights that will come.

Let Me act through you and, in a short time, you will not recognize yourself, for I will perform wonders in your life.

Leave your miseries and tears on the palm of My hands so that, in the name of My Father, I may convert your evils into blessings, your sorrows into liberations, your unhappiness into joy, your doubts into affirmation and truth.

Therefore, I wish My Spirit to have a dwelling within imperfect souls; I seek them and they hide from Me out of fear or distrust. If this happens to you today, it is because you do not know the power of My healing Love.

Let Me be in you, day and night, in your mistakes as well as in your virtues. I contemplate the world and keep it every day within My Heart, in spite of the wounds that many cause Me.

Let Me be unity and life, Mercy and consecration; if you only allow, in a short time, you will be My apostle.

Allow Me to be, allow Me to act, allow Me to live in you, just allow Me to be in you forever because the only way out is through Me.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and united.

Thank you for just allowing Me to be!

The Glorified Christ Jesus


Brothers and sisters,

On this day and in a special way I ask the Marian Centers to construct the symbol of an illuminated blue cross for you to carry during the procession of the 5th and 6th days of January.  This cross will serve for the liberation of impure spirits that wander without direction or destiny throughout the world.

Also, if you fulfill this request My Mercy will help those consciousnesses that have been tied up for centuries in this world and I will carry them all with Me directly to the Kingdom of Redemption.

The illuminated blue cross during the procession on the evenings of the 5th and 6th days of January will transmute as light all of the evil presences that circulate around the world.  This illuminated blue cross will be carried by the hands of a consecrated monk so that the monastic presence, of consecrated life in the whole world, may also be helped by My Mercy.

The blue cross is the living symbol of the presence of Emmanuel.  For this the construction of this cross must be done with precision because it must illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousnesses that participate in this Christic procession.

Through this universal symbol of the blue cross, the Lord of the Universe will see from Heaven, with eyes of compassion, the offer of His Children.  To those that may walk behind the cross will be opened again the paths that may be closed and God, as Emmanuel, will pour His Compassion during these days, spiritually liberating the ties of those who are oppressed in the visible level and in the invisible one.

In this way the Son and the Father will again be offering an opportunity for those hearts that may unite themselves to the powerful symbol of the blue cross.  Because blue will be the Sky that will give the sign of return of Christ, blue will be the portal that the new apostles must cross, blue will be the Heart that in the dark night will illuminate the entire world. 

I give you all the simple keys for you to know how to open the doors to redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Through the Supreme Grace that you receive directly from My Heart pray for those souls that, even being alive, are prisoners in the jails of the enemy and that do not manage to even to see the splendor of My Divine Mercy.

I assure you that in the coming time the chains that oppress and bring to the past millions of hearts in the world will be broken because the High Priest of Love will be seen by many.  He will come among the clouds announcing the redemption of evil on the Earth and the establishment of Eternal Peace in all of those who have lost it for various reasons. 

For this great moment My disciples must be attentive and prepared so that in the last hour they may not change My Glorious Presence for the cunning modernity that the enemy has managed to sow in the consciousness of humanity.

When the Son of God arrives the malignancies that the souls of My Father undergo will be expelled and these souls will be rehabilitated in the Cenacle of Love and Forgiveness.  No stone will be left unturned, as once I have already announced.  All that may seem to be distant to the eyes of the simple ones will be revealed and no lie will ever prevent the loving awakening of a warm heart.

Those who with intelligence and devotion unite themselves to the Rosary of My Divine Mercy will know what steps to take in order to not lose the sense of the spiritual path.  And in the end the religion of My Father will be one only, the religion of love, of humility and of forgiveness.

No one will remain without knowing that I will soon be returning.  Those who have denied Me will be transmuted by the Powerful Fire of My Love.

Now, before the ship of humanity declines, sustain with your faith the torches that illuminate the dark sea of this world.  There will soon emerge in the universal firmament the Eternal Sun that will illuminate the life of those who have always had faith in the return of the Son of God.

Under the Good and the Peace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My Prophesies with attention!

Christ Jesus


While the world changes quickly and very few want to separate themselves from the seduction and the temptation of sin, My Rays of Mercy come straight from Heaven to permeate and radiate all the orbit of Earth.

In this way those hearts that open themselves will always receive the greatest help from My Divine Mercy.

All of humanity is in an era of profound transition. My Redeeming and Shepherd Consciousness intends to bring you back each day to the truth that you are today living.

This is why I need My New Apostles, those who, out of love, are willing to transmute and to offer to their God small sacrifices that will alleviate, throughout the Universe, the weight of the Law that will fall upon the current humanity.

But before this can happen the threshold of My Mercy is opened so that in the Paradise of My Heart you may find the Source of Light and of Peace, the Source that will allow you to overcome the changes and the purification that will come to all.

Whenever in the whole world I find souls at My eternal service of prayer My eternal tears, those that I have cried after My Resurrection, are dried by the warm prayers of My servers.  They act like sun rays that radiate a supreme strength to My Heart.

Under the Mercy that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Your Master of Love,

Christ Jesus


May those who feel lonely not fear because My Merciful Heart is with them. My companions, sometimes I will distance from your souls the Source of My Grace in order to place It upon those who are most in need of Pity and Mercy and so that they may have the opportunity of receiving in life the same possibility that you have.

The path that you may construct towards Me day by day will be the inner force that will strengthen you and that will allow you to see before yourselves the light of My Infinite Presence, where you will be able to assert yourselves to continue this intense transformation.

I ask you to be with Me and that you not be detained. At this time I need My Disciples in order to fulfill the time of peace that is predicted for all humanity. Know that some of you have offered themselves to bear, from love, the fire of purification, a fire that liberates souls and sends them definitely towards the light of My Heart of Love.

When you feel unrest at an unexpected time, know that it will not be you who is affected but that it will be the moment of your service, when the pain of the world will be transmuted. In the same way I have given to some beings My Wounds with the aim that they may relieve Me in the Heart from so much pain caused by humanity. But the Light will be victorious and the Plan will be fulfilled through all those faithful ones who may follow My Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in peace!

Christ Jesus, Your Holy Protector. 


Dear brothers and sisters and servers of My Sacred Heart:

Today I am present before precious souls that in their walking seek to encounter Me all of the days of their lives. For this today I ask all of them that open their hearts to encounter Me within their beings because there I am always present to listen to your concerns and to quench the thirst for My Eternal Presence.

But a good disciple can never permit to be overthrown by the consequences of the arrogance of their own life. He or she must walk amongst the thorns as if they did not exist because if you did this you would transcend the barrier of the material life and you would approach to the encounter with the Divine Spirit of My Sacred Heart.

May tiredness not be the separation of your beings from the greatness of My Being. May the living of sacrifice for these times represent the immediate liberation of the world.

As I did, some of My ones, those who consecrated themselves to the Eternity of My Soul and to My Divinity, must with braveness carry the cross of purification and of surrender. To many of the saints of the past I asked the same that today I ask to all of your hearts.

This time merits the realization of great works of redemption, liberation and transmutation of humanity. For this I return to the world to confirm who will help Me to lift the heavy cross of grievances and of unfair sufferings that has been caused by your present humanity.

Out of the Grace of the Father My Hands have already endured the nails on the Cross, the nails of the liberation of humanity, and now will be necessary good disciples so that you may sustain the liberating current of the purification that humanity must go through.

Count on the infinite power of merciful prayer, prayer that every day at three in the afternoon will bring you close more each day to My Celestial Kingdom and to My Supreme Will so that It may be accomplished according to the designs of My Father who is in the Heavens.

May Mercy liberate you whenever you pray with faith and devotion to My Divine and Unfathomable Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Those who are very far from Me and who separate themselves because of what they generate with their own actions need My Mercy.

Those who separate themselves from My Heart and stop looking at Me in the eyes are the ones who most need My Forgiveness and My Piety.

Those who deny My Name and turn their backs to Me are the ones who most need My Mercy.

For this at three in the afternoon the door of redemption is opened to liberate from sin a great number of souls that, through sport or from ignorance almost miss the path of return towards Me.

The time of Mercy is for the most unprotected and thirsty for My Redeemer and Savior Light. And so that My Love may be able to approach those who mostly ignore their true spirit I make use of the instruments that, opening the heart to Me, transmute in sacrifice and joy the evils of the world out of love to the Great Love of My Heart.

As I have told you, few are the ones who row the boat of the Shepherd and even fewer are the ones who follow the Greater Will of the Captain who is in the Heavens. See how simple is My Mercy that at three in the afternoon My Source of wonders and graces hopes to reach those who most need Forgiveness.

I still count on the few hands that will help Me to climb the mountain and to elevate an immense number of souls separated from God. In little time there will be much to be done. Just now everything begins for My apostles.

Redemption will be ample for the rigid hearts. Be merciful before the miseries of the neighbors, thus I will accompany you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


In the hour of My Mercy, all evil that exists in the world is transmuted and liberated by the power and the divine merits that My Sacred Heart once achieved on the Cross.

This evil is also rooted out at 3 o´clock p.m., throughout the whole world, while My Ray of Pity and Mercy is radiated toward all those who pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. And, for a Special Grace, all of those souls who do not adore, do not love nor reverence God, these most hardened sinners are liberated from final condemnation in hell.

Each day at 3 o´clock p.m. My Merciful Heart has permission to liberate a soul, the most ignorant one, from purgatory and from hell, and this is made possible because a soul upon the surface of the Earth is praying the Chaplet of the Mercy to My Sacred Heart.

During the course of an hour, My Universal Consciousness, beginning at 3 o´clock p.m., descends to enlighten the world and travels quickly in Spirit and Divine Essence throughout all of spaces of the planet.

Those who pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to Sister Faustina Kowalska, also receive the Grace of the liberation of inner and spiritual processes. Furthermore, those souls who trust in each word prayed with the heart will also be sought by Me in the hour of the sublime elevation of the true consciousness.

For all of My companions who dedicate a space to My Blessed and Priestly Heart during the 3 o'clock hour, My Consciousness will travel the world to assist the souls that are most in need, giving life to the one who is about to die, reviving the soul that still needs to remain within this world.

My Power of Love solves the lack of unity in the family that needs it, the power of My Faith gives divine life to the family that may have lost love. All is possible because My Soldiers call upon me each day at 3 o'clock.

My promise of Mercy is still in force because soon the world, by its own account, will be touched by Divine Justice, and those who have waited for Me will receive a special Grace. For the souls who have sought Me, I will be Their Savior, I will not be the Judge.

Live My Mercy and redeem your hearts. My Most Beloved Heart waits for you.

Under the Divine Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words into your hearts!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of Essences. 


Fear no longer, I come to the world to awaken in you My Eternal Grace. I come to the world again to close the doors of evil but firstly I come to your hearts so that they may be liberated from any distress, pain or fatigue.

My Redeeming Love transfigures you, then it consecrates you and later it elevates you, forgives you and redeems you.

My dear followers:

While you glimpse the sublime power of My ocean of Mercy, many souls which I have thirst for lose themselves in the desires and the gratifications of the world. The true promise for your lives is the redemption and the sanctification of your souls, hearts and essences.

However, there is no other way but to pass ardently through My transmuting Fire, a divine fire which purifies you and liberates you, turns you more sublime as consciousnesses that work on Earth for the beloved Plans of God.

Today for the first time My Voice extends itself and diffuses itself through three of My Children so that you may feel with the heart how are the merciful power and the love of My Father. Opening one more time the doors of Heavens My Heart today gives you, as I have said, to the arms of the Creator.

Cheer up My Companions, to follow the course and the path that leave My Footprints for the return. See for this time the special Grace that waits for you because in every circumstance I love you, I know you well and I understand the inner world of all.

Allow that the Love of My Heart, the one which manifests itself in some of My Children, may heal and strengthen you, encouraging you to go forward without any fear. Remember that your sacred tabernacle of adoration is the power of My Most Sacred Heart, a Heart that relieves you, Light that leads you and renovates you all of the days.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for receiving me today in your spirits!

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer.


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