Tuesday, February 25 of 2020

Monthly messages

My children,

Since the beginning of your lives, during the manifestation of your essences in the Universe, the Purpose of God and His perfect Thought have been drawn for each one of you.

Each being of this Earth, and even beyond it, has a unique mission designed by God so that through their fulfillments not only the Plan of their Creator may be fulfilled, but His vast Creation, from cycle to cycle, can be recreated and renewed, based upon new and greater degrees of Love.

Each essence bears within itself a unique gift of the Spirit of God, a virtue that makes it unique in Creation and special for God, with its place kept in His Sacred Heart.

This virtue is like a musical note within a great celestial melody. Without it, the melody would not be complete. This note is in the chord that corresponds to it, with other notes that complement it; this note is in the perfect melody, in the perfect tempo so that, upon sounding its tone, a new door may open to Life.

I say this to you, My children, so that you may understand that nothing ends. Cycles do not mean an end, but a new step of an infinite evolutionary scale, which has been manifesting in your lives since the beginning of your creation, from the beginning of the creation of Life itself.

The evolution of beings is built, step by step, since the creation of their consciousnesses and, although their mission is the same, it deepens and is perfected so that through it something greater may be constructed.

Each consciousness, as it is created, receives a lineage to express and, life after life, on Earth or beyond it, this lineage is fulfilled and manifests more or less intensely, according to the awakening of the consciousness.

The beings that you know as visionaries manifest this lineage since the beginning of their existence, because their mission is to see beyond the dimensions and to communicate the perceived Will of God to all creatures.

There are different expressions of this spiritual lineage, which does not mean that they are better or worse than one another, but just that they are in different degrees of development, according to the Will of God and the mission of each consciousness.

From their universal and cosmic life, to their experience on Earth, a visionary has been deepening not only into their capability to perceive the dimensions, but above all to love them, to love what they perceive, to love what they transmit and to whom they transmit, and to do it each day more deeply and truly.

Each stage of the evolution of a visionary invites them to deepen not only into their perception, but also into their degrees of love and humility. And oftentimes a cycle that closes means a new and deeper cycle begins.

When the Divine Messengers begin a stage of retreat, this not only means, My children, that the visionary must begin to deepen into their mission and enter subtler and more unknown spheres, which are revealed in the solitude of their hearts. It also means that all those who share what is transmitted by God must begin a cycle of deepening and inner synthesis.

A note by itself cannot contain an entire melody within a song. The whole song collects the notes and deepens into its silence so that the note can then intensify during a later moment of this great melody.

In this way, I explain to you that this is a cycle of revelations, which must not only be heard, but also deepened into.

After this cycle, while we begin to retreat, a great silence will come, a moment when Our Voices must echo within each one of you.

This echo must enter into your consciousnesses, into your cells and atoms, echoing, within each one, the experience of superior Laws, the experience and living all that We have said throughout the years. Because it is through the depths of this silence that the fortitude will be built in you, which will make you worthy, not only of sustaining this planet, but also of re-building it from the Sacred Enclaves that, little by little, are revealed to you.

Live each cycle with your spirit filled with gratitude, with the heart ready for an even greater new step. Thus, My children, Our silence will not be a reason for you to weaken, but rather to elevate.

I take this time for you to understand that evolution is an eternal ascension, and that this Law is fulfilled beyond the appearances and the small human understanding.

Live each stage always looking toward the Heights, and there will be the Purpose of God, guiding your lives.

I love you and I am with you at each instant.

My Heart, from the birth of Christ to the Cross, My children, always remained silent, and I nonetheless did not cease to feel and live each instant of the life of Christ. I shared with Him each experience, each learning, each leap into the unknown, each challenge that was overcome, and this is what I am doing today, with each one of you.

Therefore, trust in My word of love and, furthermore, trust in My mysterious and consoling silence, because in it I will sustain your cross.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, February 25 of 2020

Monthly messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the Mother of God is in silence, it is because something important is about to happen, and at this moment you must understand this meaning.

This silence leads to introspection, to reflection and to discernment.

It is a moment for humanity to understand the cycles it is going through and experiencing in these times.

For this reason, the Messengers of God come to Earth, to prepare and guide it toward the next step and toward the new time.

I have come here today to bring you My message of peace, but also My message of consciousness, dear children.

Today, in the message given by your Heavenly Mother for the apparitions, a cycle closes and a new cycle will begin; from the month of March of this year onward, a moment in which you will be able to accompany Me throughout this last cycle that draws near, which will conclude an important stage for all inner worlds and also for all of humanity.

It is a moment for you to begin to harvest the fruits of the instruction and knowledge of the Hierarchy; a moment for you to be able to learn and drink from this Fountain, so that you may only depend on God, on His Grace and on His Mercy.

Thus, your souls will be strengthened upon this path and trajectory toward the eternal service for God on behalf of souls, the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet.

Today I come here to announce the end of this cycle, the end of these messages that I have been delivering that prepare you for each new meeting with Me, whether in your hearts or before My Presence.

Thus, dear children, you will be able to understand, at this moment, the omniscience of the Mother of God. This omniscience and power that Her Son has given Her to carry forward this planetary task in the end of times, which is the last and great task for these times.

For this reason, I invite you to keep in mind all that I have said to you, from the first years in which I met you, to guide you, conduct you and make you live the Plan of God in its different manifestations and tasks.

This is the time to make the great and last synthesis. It is the time to live the knowledge of God so that you can learn to face that which will come, not only for your consciousnesses, but also for the whole planet, for the entire humanity.

Through each message, through each word and instruction, your Heavenly Mother has given you an impulse, a key, a gift, a virtue and a light so that they can be lit within your hearts and within your lives, and so that you can represent the Work of Christ upon Earth.

Thus, dear children, I call you to live the untiring apostolate, the apostolate of effort, the apostolate for love for all that God conceived from the beginning of this Creation, and so that this Creation can be regenerated, healed and redeemed.

This is the time when humanity will go through the last moments within its planetary transition. Therefore, I invite you to be conscious, but I also thank you for having responded to each call.

Having responded to My call, you have responded to the call of God. This call of God is to fulfill, at each stage, His Divine Will, His aspirations, His ardent wishes and His goals. It is in this way that He appears, reveals Himself and guides His children, so that all may follow the path of faith and trust in God, in the fulfillment of His Divine Purpose.

I need you, dear children, to help me accompany the coming cycle, because from the moment My Son visits you this year, during the Sacred Week of this year, a more definitive stage will close.

Understand, dear children, that now cycles are monthly and there are also cycles that are weekly. The Hierarchy will no longer be able to wait for twenty-five or more years for the human consciousness to be mature and be in the condition that the Plan needs in order to be fulfilled and accomplished.

Therefore, I lead you to understand the importance of knowledge and instruction, which are strongholds and principles for your lives; they are directions, paths and routes to find the Divine Purpose in its diversity, within the Law of the Hierarchy, within the Law of Love-Wisdom.

I leave you this message, dear children, this last message that prepares your inner worlds for this Apparition of today, a moment when each soul and each heart, beyond what it is going through and experiencing, will have the opportunity to make this synthesis and gather, in its inner world, all the treasures that the Hierarchy has delivered, throughout the years and the times.

Today is a culminating moment for all, from the inner planes but also from the spiritual planes, the Eternal Father will be contemplating this instance, when His children will again respond to the call of the Mother of God, by means of this meeting of prayer, which tries to strengthen all souls, all hearts and consciousnesses so that they do not fear, so that they may learn to go through the end of these times with bravery and momentum, under the impulse and company of the Great Chrsitic Consciousness.

Above all, dear children, may love always be within you, in your brothers and sisters, and everywhere. It is this love, the Love of God, that has brought you here, to live this time, to live this school, to live this learning, to serve God. There is nothing that can prevent this. There is nothing that can hinder it nor intervene.

The deserts are big, but the victories are vaster and more infinite.

Take back the inner strength that the Sacrament of the Communion gives you. Affirm your Baptism. Affirm your anointment in Christ, and all will be renewed.

I thank you for responding to My call and, under the Light of My Heart, I guide you toward the Greater Purpose, until this Purpose is fulfilled, in you and in the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, February 24 of 2020

Monthly messages

Upon the planet there has always existed the presence of the Hierarchy. This presence came to this civilization to guide it and accompany its learning of the expansion of consciousness.

In this way, countless beings were convoked, in the inner planes of consciousness, so that these Hierarchies could offer to participate in the evolutionary and redeeming process of the whole human race.

In turn, this call and convocation allowed for the expansion of the field of service and of donation of the souls so that they could also live the advancement of their state of consciousness towards a greater and unconditional consciousness.

The lineage or virtue of the master was something that was applied since earlier times, because true guidance and instruction were necessary for humanity, to prevent it from constantly straying.

So, these great convoked consciousnesses would act and help the human project in an imperceptible and silent way, bringing to the planet all the impulses needed in order for humanity to be able to perceive the continuous need for ascension.

For this, the convoked Masters were assigned to intervene spiritually and internally in certain cultures, races and peoples who could understand them and, above all, understand the message and instruction received.

With this purpose, the Masters concentrated in important and solitary spaces, such as the mountains of the Himalayas, the Alps, the Pyrenees and even in the grand mountainous chain of the American Andes. From there, within the Sacred Enclaves of retreat, silence and contemplation, they began to work spiritually for the various needs that humanity had.

All this work of the Hierarchy was internal, but in many cases the process of materialization took place, which means leaving an inner level toward a physical and concrete level, without losing the acquired principles and teachings.

This movement, in accordance with the necessity or emergency of the inner nuclei, collaborated with the quick awakening of consciousness toward a reality that is anti-matter. That is to say, of becoming aware of the life of the spirit and of the divine essence of each being.

These apparitions of the Masters fostered, both in the East and in the West, the necessary balance to encompass the expansion of consciousness and, above all, the responsibility for the evolutionary and cosmic path.

Today, I reveal this history and reality to you because it is important to understand the inner meaning of the existence of various religions that, in ancient times, were impelled by the intention of the Divinity through the Hierarchy. 

It is the moment to carry out a vaster synthesis to understand the reason for the existence of so many religions, that in the time to come must walk together towards a definite union with the Divine, leaving behind that which each one represents or teaches, and allowing for the matrix of all of them to merge with the Love of God.

Therefore, you must pray so that your Divine Mother, who has this mission for the religions of humanity, may carry forward that which God needs, with the help and collaboration of all My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, February 23 of 2020

Weekly messages

My dear singing children,

May your souls receive the sacred impulse of the White Buffalo today so that the offering that you make to God today may be a sacred ceremony which, in love and in spirit, may reach all the peoples who need to recover their values and original roots.

Today the White Buffalo of North America greets you and comes to meet the melodies and the instruments that are offered for a greater good.

In essence, may the work of this night close the wounds of all original peoples who were witnesses of the takeover and the conquest.

May these wounds be washed by the flow of melodies and, in this way, may the innocent souls recover peace and union with the Universe.

The White Buffalo comes to meet you so that your task may be blessed and so that tonight all original peoples of North America may unite to you, in soul and heart, so that the task may again have its planetary repercussion.

This is the time to generate conditions for the healing of humanity and the perfect means is music, which awakens love in the heart and heals inner life.

Thus, humanity will learn to regenerate, and will receive from the Heights all it needs to enter a new stage.

Tonight, may your voices shine like the stars, and may these stars be the hope for those who need to recover peace and attain faith in God.

The great spirit of the White Buffalo blesses you and unites you to the essence of love of the origins of the sacred peoples.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, February 13 of 2020

Monthly messages

The History That Was Never a Legend

In the far and colored lands of Northern Arizona, a sacred civilization once expressed itself, which came from the union and mixture of original North-Americans and Asians from ancient places, from various islands of Asia and Oceania.

As time went by, this union of family, of race and of culture, brought them to Northern Arizona, a region that for thousands of years had been acting as a fruitful terrain for the development of populations that benefitted from sowing and cultivation.

What always offered itself to this sacred people was the Colorado River, which bathed with its edges all the vegetation that was present in those times.

The cause of the disappearance of this people was not destruction nor any extraordinary event. Time showed this people that it had attained such a high degree of contact with the universe that it was no longer necessary for them to live from that which was material, as they had always done.

This sacred people from Northern Arizona also lived its path of transition, as did all civilizations and cultures that passed by this planet.

The ancient past of this people came before the lost civilization of Atlantis.

This sacred people, that originated from indigenous roots, from the moment of its union with its ancestors of the far East, never again experienced an encounter with any other race.

Its experience was based upon learning about the sustenance of group life. It was this union of consciousnesses that gradually made of the people an example of fraternity and of reciprocal solidarity.

The scenery of the Grand Canyon of Colorado was the place that favored the development of the intuitive aspect of this sacred civilization that, upon remaining naturally separated from the world and supported by extraordinary conditions of nature, created an environment favorable for the process of contact. 

This civilization, that originated from this region of the planet, gradually underwent different states, and the knowledge it received about the science of Creation and about the Universe, by means of contact, led this people to access principles that encompassed  other superior planes of consciousness, which were filled with knowledge and instruction for each one of them.

The most outstanding trait of this people was that, from the smallest child to the eldest, they lived a degree of contact that allowed them to be within a very high frequency of love.

The whole process of the people of the Colorado River, of passing from the material to the spiritual, led them to one day enter a school of a different learning, which was revealed spontaneously, without forcing anything.

That is to say, this people accessed the cosmic and universal reality, and its disappearance from the surface of the planet was due to its total entrance into other planes of consciousness, where it was no longer necessary to make use of that which is material.

As the presence of this people does not have historical records in humanity, and has just been considered a legend, this very people from the superior planes was who guided and gave an impulse for other original peoples to have their experiences and learnings within the same region where they once were.

For the same reason, other original peoples from other parts of North-America migrated to the region of Northern Arizona in search of the same source of contact that was revealed to this first sacred people.

In this way, the indigenous civilization who, as a people, left for other spheres of consciousness, made an appeal to be able to deliver the same impulses that their successors needed, so as to give continuity to the evolution of consciousness.

When the sacred people of Northern Arizona were already within another dimension of consciousness, all of its people prepared to take a new step and, in this way, they assumed to widely collaborate with the spiritual sustenance of the planet. Thus, they began, within the Law of Hierarchy, to take care of the soul group of each one of the Kingdoms of Nature, so that each soul group could also evolve.

They did the same when they took care of and supported the inner nuclei of other souls that, having been indigenous, had not accessed the totality of their transfiguration, as the sacred people had experienced.

In the inner planes, the region of the Grand Canyon of Colorado became a very important school of service and of internal love for all that is essentially true and springs up from the existence of each being.

In spite of the geological change of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, with the passing of time, this was no hindrance for this inner school to express itself and be fulfilled. It was in this level of consciousness, achieved by the sacred people of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where the Eternal Father found a safe door to give continuity to the project of the humanity of the surface.

This legacy and experience, which continued taking place in a way parallel to the incarnation of the Son of God, were factors of events that widely collaborated in the Redeeming Work of Christ, even after His ascension into the Heavens.

With this, I want to make you understand that, from the most ancient times of the Earth, this fraternity and love had already existed, which kept evolving and made it possible to safeguard the primordial essence of the human experience, under a potential of the group experience of service and mutual solidarity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Thursday, February 13 of 2020

Monthly messages

From the beginning of the manifestation of life, My children, in the most pure and profound Thought of God, when He was gestating the Project of this humanity, within it was contemplated the existence of the original peoples; those peoples are called thus not only because they gave origin to the civilizations of this world, but also because, from the origin of life, they were thought by God to maintain the union between Heaven and Earth, union among all Kingdoms of Nature, union between the surface of the planet and the subtle worlds.

The original peoples, beloved children, are those thought by God to be the doorkeepers of the sublime worlds, of the superior realities where the sacred dwells, where beings are invited to return to their Origins in the Celestial Founts.

It is in this way that, from the beginning of humanity and up to today, the Divine Hierarchy has impelled the original peoples to find their purity and return to the Purpose that God manifested for their lives at the beginning.

Upon creating this planet and each being of this Earth, which is the bearer of a particle of the divine essence, your Celestial Father created not only the Kingdoms, the elements and the human being, a fruit of the clay consecrated by His Divine Breath. God also created subtle realities, invisible to the human eyes that do not seek with sincerity the sacred within their lives.

These subtle worlds maintain, within the planet, the Divine Purpose. Within them, communion with all kinds of life is lived; within them the dimensions unite and there is no danger, because those who enter there live pure in heart and in spirit, and only aspire to fulfill the Divine Will and Purpose.

Those who enter these subtle worlds, My children, have been divested of their personal wills and from their human condition of impurity and degeneration. In this way, their hearts find the path to express purity and unity with the Divine.

These subtle worlds are safeguarded by nature, by its strength, beauty and harmony. In the invisible of the lakes, seas, deserts and mountains, they hide, not only to sustain the planet, but also so that, through the greatness of the expression of nature, those who arrive there can feel that something more dwells there; that a sacred mystery lies hidden there, and it is as if Heaven were closer to humanity and God could express Himself.

Throughout the times and the history of humanity, many were the peoples who could enter these subtle worlds with all they were because, while humanity, in other parts of the Earth,  lost its purpose, these peoples found it and deepened into it, not only through science and wisdom but, above all, through love for the sacred and divine and through respect for life and nature.

These were the Keys that allowed these peoples to live the Science of Transfiguration. And, just as My Son had once revealed It to you on Mount Tabor, they also could recognize their true face, illuminate cells and atoms and allow, not only for their heart and consciousness to vibrate in another more elevated level, but also their more material part. This part, which today seems so dense, had elevated and became transfigured in ancient times.

Through the simplicity of the heart, the original peoples discovered that the same solar essence that they contemplated and adored in the infinite sky dwelled within them. And, in this way, they lived a profound union with God, as they could understand Him.

Upon illuminating their cells and atoms, upon letting themselves be permeated by the light in their souls, these peoples attained the same vibration of the subtle worlds, and thus could not only see them, but also enter and participate in them, as representatives of humanity.

In this way, they became Guardians and Doorkeepers of these subtle dimensions, which up to today hide within the planet. Some of these peoples left upon the surface traces of their history and life, and then disappeared. But others, My children, were never known by humanity.

Today your Divine Mother comes to this place, sacred to Heaven and Earth, to reveal to you a history and, more than that, to impel your souls toward the quest for purity and for the sacred.

The time has come to unveil the hidden mysteries in the history of humanity, not only to abandon ignorance but, above all, My children, to embrace purity. And in the time to come, when the Earth will be elevated in its vibration and conducted to a new time, a new reality, may your hearts and spirits be ready, not only to see, but to participate in this sublime life.

Seek the purity of your hearts, seek union with life and nature and, just as today I reveal to you many mysteries, other truths will also be revealed in your hearts.

I bless you and thank you for coming here and for being open from the heart to the revelations that God brings to you at this time.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Wednesday, February 12 of 2020

Monthly messages

Today, the Sanctuaries and the Marian Centers of the world are adorned and beautiful due to the flowers of the prayer of My children, by the fidelity of those who always fulfill My call each time I make requests because, as much as they do not understand the mystery of My invitation, souls adhere in obedience, and for love and faith they carry it out.

Today, your Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate Conception of Lourdes, makes use of all prayers that are sincerely offered by Her children. From now on, I am gathering the appeals of the hearts, for all souls that are severely condemned to perdition and that, at some moment of their lives, will receive the call of God, so that they can awaken.

From the Grotto of Massabielle, in the historic city of Lourdes, your Heavenly Mother emits a request of celestial and spiritual help to all angels so that they may intervene in the topics of humanity that need much light, Mercy and redemption.

By means of visits to churches, sanctuaries and the Marian Centers, your Immaculate Mother is managing to grant special and deeply spiritual Graces to all who ask for them, just as the Grace of the conversion of a meek, humble, poor and serviceful heart is granted.

These values are those which truly keep the lost humanity within the chance of total redemption. Therefore, children, all offerings, rosaries, songs and praises, in truth, are not addressed directly to the Divine Mother, but all these offerings of the heart reach God by means of the Little Virgin of Lourdes.

In this way, the Celestial Father manages to feel the soul and heart of His children, and then He opens the door of His Divine Mercy so that the souls may be saved.

I teach you, My dear children, to intercede for the impossible causes and situations so that, in the coming times, your spiritual communion and your dialogue with God may be increasingly more true and deep, because the time of great definitions will come and the souls must be secure in the decisions that they will make.

Dear children, I say goodbye, I feel the joy of your offerings in My Immaculate Heart and, during these next days, may you keep donating yourselves in prayer for the triumph of the Novena to the Lady of Lourdes to be very great and reach all those who need it.

I thank you from My Heart for responding and for living My call!

Who blesses you and washes you with the Spiritual Water of Massabielle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, February 9 of 2020

Weekly messages

Dear children,

With only a few days away from the commemoration of My apparitions in Lourdes, I invite you to re-experience this celebration, beginning on February 11th, by adorning your houses, and especially consecrating your hearts, to the Little Virgin of Lourdes.

I wish that on February 11th of this year, the Marian Centers will offer a Mystery of the Rosary for the consecration of the souls of the world to the Virgin of Lourdes.

On this day, all those who visit the churches, sanctuaries or Marian Centers will receive a Grace that will help them in the coming times. And even more so, if My prayerful children, as from February 11th, offer a novena of the Holy Rosary transmitted through the channel of prayers for all brothers and sisters, and that novena is offered to the Immaculate Conception, I will be able to intercede for souls that are already condemned in damnation and chaos. I Myself will withdraw each one of them from the fire of hell and lead them to the Celestial Kingdom.

If this novena is also offered for all priests throughout the world, the Little Virgin of Lourdes will alleviate the anguish that God feels for His unfaithful children, the priests, and I Myself will be the justification of each one of them. But I will also be the consolation for those who struggle for the triumph of the priestly ministry of Christ.

During these days, I will dissolve, with the power of My Rays, the creatures of evil that deviate and perturb the attention of My priests, and to souls I will grant the science of understanding, the spiritual and divine meaning of that sacred office. Thus, you will sustain them till death.

Beginning on February 11th, I want you all to commemorate the Virgin of Lourdes, so that purity may be restored within hearts and the world may realize that it has drifted away from truth.

During these days of the month of February, beginning on the 11th, your Celestial Mother will be, in a special way, gathering the petitions and prayers of all those who visit the sanctuaries, churches and Marian Centers. In this way, I will be able to help humanity even more.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Sunday, February 2 of 2020

Weekly messages

Dear children,

The effort and love expressed today in your prayers, appeals and requests, offered for the Lower Kingdoms of Australia, are allowing for a Divine Grace to descend and for the soul group of each one of the Kingdoms that were affected by the fire to be conducted toward spiritual spaces of reparation, healing and of much regeneration so that, from there, the soul group of each one of the Lower Kingdoms of Australia may find a place within the Creator Universe where it may continue its experience of evolution.

Each Hail Mary that is offered today allows a member of the soul group of the Lower Kingdoms of Australia to have the door opened so that it may also live its liberation in the inner planes.

Even more, the loving and prayerful offering of this day is intervening for China and for all the regions of its neighboring countries so that the health crisis they are facing may be illuminated and filled by the healing of prayer in order to deactivate the great number of demons that are attacking a part of the inhabitants of China and beyond.

Therfore, the prayer offered today is a planetary work so that the roots of evil may be eradicated from the unconscious of human beings and so that the souls may again reconnect with God, because the cause of so much suffering in humanity is the absence of personal inner contact.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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