Rise, My child, beyond appearances, feelings, thoughts and sensations.

Rise to where your consciousness can express truth and peace, unity with the Creator and with life.

Rise up, in silence and in prayer, to the subtle worlds, that are not necessarily above you or below you, but so that you yourself may be the doorway to enter into the Sacred Chambers.

To rise is not to climb up into the Heavens, but rather to shift in vibration, in dimension, in thought and in feeling, placing your consciousness in the Truth and in the Time of God rather than in the illusion of the time of humankind.

To rise is to be able to feel one with the Creator Himself, to be aware of His Presence in oneself and in all things and, through Him, to be able to contemplate the wonder of the evolutionary life that inhabits the planet and beyond it.

To rise is simply to be in what is real, child. And, in order to do that which I tell you, it is enough that you try to do it, again and again, and that you feel the imperative need to have your consciousness in the correct place.

Sometimes, to leap into what is real,  human beings need first to be in the deepest abysses of despair of the illusion so that they may then feel the urgent need of being in the correct place, in the Love of God and in His Grace, in what is, in the end, real.

But this, child, should not always happen. On your own you can already perceive how necessary it is to have your consciousness focused on Love, on Wisdom and on Divine Truth.

For this reason, do not seek suffering. Seek striving, seek rendition, seek crying out, seek the silence, seek service, seek humility, seek prayer and all these things will lead you to the Truth of God. They will, in the end, allow your consciousness to rise.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From the beginning of the manifestation of life, My children, in the most pure and profound Thought of God, when He was gestating the Project of this humanity, within it was contemplated the existence of the original peoples; those peoples are called thus not only because they gave origin to the civilizations of this world, but also because, from the origin of life, they were thought by God to maintain the union between Heaven and Earth, union among all Kingdoms of Nature, union between the surface of the planet and the subtle worlds.

The original peoples, beloved children, are those thought by God to be the doorkeepers of the sublime worlds, of the superior realities where the sacred dwells, where beings are invited to return to their Origins in the Celestial Founts.

It is in this way that, from the beginning of humanity and up to today, the Divine Hierarchy has impelled the original peoples to find their purity and return to the Purpose that God manifested for their lives at the beginning.

Upon creating this planet and each being of this Earth, which is the bearer of a particle of the divine essence, your Celestial Father created not only the Kingdoms, the elements and the human being, a fruit of the clay consecrated by His Divine Breath. God also created subtle realities, invisible to the human eyes that do not seek with sincerity the sacred within their lives.

These subtle worlds maintain, within the planet, the Divine Purpose. Within them, communion with all kinds of life is lived; within them the dimensions unite and there is no danger, because those who enter there live pure in heart and in spirit, and only aspire to fulfill the Divine Will and Purpose.

Those who enter these subtle worlds, My children, have been divested of their personal wills and from their human condition of impurity and degeneration. In this way, their hearts find the path to express purity and unity with the Divine.

These subtle worlds are safeguarded by nature, by its strength, beauty and harmony. In the invisible of the lakes, seas, deserts and mountains, they hide, not only to sustain the planet, but also so that, through the greatness of the expression of nature, those who arrive there can feel that something more dwells there; that a sacred mystery lies hidden there, and it is as if Heaven were closer to humanity and God could express Himself.

Throughout the times and the history of humanity, many were the peoples who could enter these subtle worlds with all they were because, while humanity, in other parts of the Earth,  lost its purpose, these peoples found it and deepened into it, not only through science and wisdom but, above all, through love for the sacred and divine and through respect for life and nature.

These were the Keys that allowed these peoples to live the Science of Transfiguration. And, just as My Son had once revealed It to you on Mount Tabor, they also could recognize their true face, illuminate cells and atoms and allow, not only for their heart and consciousness to vibrate in another more elevated level, but also their more material part. This part, which today seems so dense, had elevated and became transfigured in ancient times.

Through the simplicity of the heart, the original peoples discovered that the same solar essence that they contemplated and adored in the infinite sky dwelled within them. And, in this way, they lived a profound union with God, as they could understand Him.

Upon illuminating their cells and atoms, upon letting themselves be permeated by the light in their souls, these peoples attained the same vibration of the subtle worlds, and thus could not only see them, but also enter and participate in them, as representatives of humanity.

In this way, they became Guardians and Doorkeepers of these subtle dimensions, which up to today hide within the planet. Some of these peoples left upon the surface traces of their history and life, and then disappeared. But others, My children, were never known by humanity.

Today your Divine Mother comes to this place, sacred to Heaven and Earth, to reveal to you a history and, more than that, to impel your souls toward the quest for purity and for the sacred.

The time has come to unveil the hidden mysteries in the history of humanity, not only to abandon ignorance but, above all, My children, to embrace purity. And in the time to come, when the Earth will be elevated in its vibration and conducted to a new time, a new reality, may your hearts and spirits be ready, not only to see, but to participate in this sublime life.

Seek the purity of your hearts, seek union with life and nature and, just as today I reveal to you many mysteries, other truths will also be revealed in your hearts.

I bless you and thank you for coming here and for being open from the heart to the revelations that God brings to you at this time.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


From the sacred places of the planet, collect the deepest and most hidden history of humanity. Let this history awaken in your hearts like an ancient memory that remained silent in the depths of your souls.

May this record, revealed today, be an impulse for you so that your hearts may return to purity, to the sacred and to the aspiration to be a living part of the Plan of God.

There is still much about this world that remains merely a memory in the souls of those who experienced it and in the consciousness of the planet and its Kingdoms.

It is time to remember, not to stay in the past, but so that all that you have already experienced as humanity may propel you today into taking new steps. Humanity needs to know what it has already done and what it has already experienced in order to understand what it still awaits.

In very ancient times, purity carried you into transfiguration, and surrender led you into participating in Laws that transcended matter so that you could participate in what is invisible and seemingly unachievable to you.

May purity emerge again within you today so that you may discover other Laws and, through surrender, not only be participants in subtle worlds, but also allow these worlds, in the material dimension of the Earth, to find their space, the sacred place to manifest what was promised from the beginning.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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