My children,

Since the beginning of your lives, during the manifestation of your essences in the Universe, the Purpose of God and His perfect Thought have been drawn for each one of you.

Each being of this Earth, and even beyond it, has a unique mission designed by God so that through their fulfillments not only the Plan of their Creator may be fulfilled, but His vast Creation, from cycle to cycle, can be recreated and renewed, based upon new and greater degrees of Love.

Each essence bears within itself a unique gift of the Spirit of God, a virtue that makes it unique in Creation and special for God, with its place kept in His Sacred Heart.

This virtue is like a musical note within a great celestial melody. Without it, the melody would not be complete. This note is in the chord that corresponds to it, with other notes that complement it; this note is in the perfect melody, in the perfect tempo so that, upon sounding its tone, a new door may open to Life.

I say this to you, My children, so that you may understand that nothing ends. Cycles do not mean an end, but a new step of an infinite evolutionary scale, which has been manifesting in your lives since the beginning of your creation, from the beginning of the creation of Life itself.

The evolution of beings is built, step by step, since the creation of their consciousnesses and, although their mission is the same, it deepens and is perfected so that through it something greater may be constructed.

Each consciousness, as it is created, receives a lineage to express and, life after life, on Earth or beyond it, this lineage is fulfilled and manifests more or less intensely, according to the awakening of the consciousness.

The beings that you know as visionaries manifest this lineage since the beginning of their existence, because their mission is to see beyond the dimensions and to communicate the perceived Will of God to all creatures.

There are different expressions of this spiritual lineage, which does not mean that they are better or worse than one another, but just that they are in different degrees of development, according to the Will of God and the mission of each consciousness.

From their universal and cosmic life, to their experience on Earth, a visionary has been deepening not only into their capability to perceive the dimensions, but above all to love them, to love what they perceive, to love what they transmit and to whom they transmit, and to do it each day more deeply and truly.

Each stage of the evolution of a visionary invites them to deepen not only into their perception, but also into their degrees of love and humility. And oftentimes a cycle that closes means a new and deeper cycle begins.

When the Divine Messengers begin a stage of retreat, this not only means, My children, that the visionary must begin to deepen into their mission and enter subtler and more unknown spheres, which are revealed in the solitude of their hearts. It also means that all those who share what is transmitted by God must begin a cycle of deepening and inner synthesis.

A note by itself cannot contain an entire melody within a song. The whole song collects the notes and deepens into its silence so that the note can then intensify during a later moment of this great melody.

In this way, I explain to you that this is a cycle of revelations, which must not only be heard, but also deepened into.

After this cycle, while we begin to retreat, a great silence will come, a moment when Our Voices must echo within each one of you.

This echo must enter into your consciousnesses, into your cells and atoms, echoing, within each one, the experience of superior Laws, the experience and living all that We have said throughout the years. Because it is through the depths of this silence that the fortitude will be built in you, which will make you worthy, not only of sustaining this planet, but also of re-building it from the Sacred Enclaves that, little by little, are revealed to you.

Live each cycle with your spirit filled with gratitude, with the heart ready for an even greater new step. Thus, My children, Our silence will not be a reason for you to weaken, but rather to elevate.

I take this time for you to understand that evolution is an eternal ascension, and that this Law is fulfilled beyond the appearances and the small human understanding.

Live each stage always looking toward the Heights, and there will be the Purpose of God, guiding your lives.

I love you and I am with you at each instant.

My Heart, from the birth of Christ to the Cross, My children, always remained silent, and I nonetheless did not cease to feel and live each instant of the life of Christ. I shared with Him each experience, each learning, each leap into the unknown, each challenge that was overcome, and this is what I am doing today, with each one of you.

Therefore, trust in My word of love and, furthermore, trust in My mysterious and consoling silence, because in it I will sustain your cross.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear singers:

Today I implore you, from My Maternal Immaculate Heart, to unite your voices of love to all the voices of My dear and suffering children of Syria, so that, in this inner and special union, the cessation of the wars and conflicts may be established and there may exist a time of peace.

In order for the poor families of Syria to have the Grace and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, offer this meeting of music with all the sincerity of your hearts; and remember, children, that each song and each piece that will be offered today will be lovingly dedicated to all those who suffer the conflicts and the very harsh wars of this time.

While My Face is cover with tears for those who suffer persecutions and death, together with you, dear children, on this gala night, I will implore the Father and My Son, for a time of peace.

I will be by your side to preciously accompany each moment. Do not forget, children, that everything you offer will help in the redemption and conversion of humanity.

Through tonight's meeting of music, I will take to Heaven the innocent souls that were beheaded for just proclaiming their faith in My Son.

Know that the evil that is generated will defeat itself, it cannot triumph; because evil has no love or forgiveness.

I ask you today to be a single voice, that you can express the gratitude of being able to serve God in this time and, above all, the gratitude of being able to feel Him, of receiving His Graces daily, so that your lives may be confirmed in the apostolate.

I will be attentive to the offerings of My children, because as Mother of the persecuted I only wish, with ardor in My Heart, to bring relief to those who suffer and do not find a way out of wars.

I will thank you for your sincerity, knowing that after all and as difficult as is, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you, children, for answering My call!

Who blesses you in this night of praise,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Musical Note of the Heart

My dear children:

Today let the musical note of the heart be played, the note that resonates in the spaces of this world when the soul feels the Love of God within itself.

Today let the musical note of the heart be played, so that this world may be redeemed and so that the hosts of Light of the Father may open the doors of the Heavens.

Today let the musical note of the heart be played, the musical note that vibrates in the subtle worlds and attracts the Mercy of God to Earth.

Today let the musical note of the heart be played, so that voices may be ignited by the Holy Spirit and this humanity may again receive the powerful current of Divine Healing.

Today let hearts play the musical note of love, so that it may expand in devotion and light throughout all corners of the Earth.

Let the musical note of your hearts reaffirm, on this day, the victory of My Son on Earth, and may your souls enter into the celestial choirs to confirm the Plan of the Creator within this grieving humanity.

Today let the musical note of your hearts light up with the spirit of joy, the devotion to all that is sacred and the faith that strengthens consciousnesses.

Children, on this very special day of elevation of the human consciousness, I ask you: within your voices and instruments, let the musical note of the heart vibrate, because this very deep note in our souls will open the doors to Heaven so that Grace, redemption and healing may be established in humanity.

Let the musical note of your hearts revere Creation and all the Kingdoms of Nature, from the Mineral Kingdom to the Angelic Kingdom.

Today, let all of your voices be one, to gestate sacred unity between souls and God on Earth.

From Ecuador, as the Mother of the Andes and of all the singers of God, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May this sacred mission motivate you to live the changes.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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