Saturday, March 30 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Today My Heart blesses you and thanks you for having been perpetually united to My Son Jesus, even if you have not perceived it.

My beloveds, My Heart comes to give you a sign of Redemption and of Consecration to the Most Holy Heart of God.  Because this is the moment to make the true offer of life.

I am among you to teach you to live under the First Law of the Universe, which is Love, this Love that My Son has deposited in the World and that day by day tries to awaken in your hearts.

I come to present to you a Love that is born out of sacrifice and of surrender.  A Love that is unknown to many, because it must be awakened in chaos, in misery, in despair.  A Love that is born in the meek hearts, even when they are in the face of wickedness, injustice, neglectfulness and suffering.

This Love that I offer to you is not born only from beauty and does not awaken pleasure nor attachment.  This Love blossoms under any circumstance and must be given to the most weak, to the most poor and to the most rich.  Those who must be loved by this Love are those who make an effort to live the Will of the Lord and those who do not make an effort to live it.

I want to show you with My coming to Earth that My Heart comes to those who seek Me and to those who do not seek Me.  That the Lord sends Me to those who open the door to Me and to those who close the door to Me.

The Lord has taught Me that, wherever there is a closed door, I must wait outside with profound Love and patience, knowing that it is in His Plans that all doors will be opened.  That the most cold Heart will be warmed up, because in the presence of My Son, who will rise again, nothing will remain without being contemplated.  There will be no suffering that is not soothed, there will be no children without a lap, nor mothers without comfort.

WIth this I want to teach you to Love as the Lord has taught Me.  I want to awaken this Love that Jesus planted on Earth and that has remained dormant in your hearts.

If you want to find a safe path, My children, only Love, Love from the depths of your hearts, love without distinctions, without attachment and without separativity.  Love without preferences and love simply.  Because in this way, what today is closed will be opened, and what is cold will be warmed up and what is dead will live.  This is the law of My Son.  And this is the only thing that I can offer you in this time.

All you seek, you will find through Love and all the paths that you follow, will end in It.  Because this Love that I speak to you about today, and which today I offer to you, is the beginning and the end.  It is the entrance door, it is the path to be travelled and it is the purpose of the existence of each one of your hearts.

I invite you to awaken.

I thank you eternally for opening the heart to Me on this day.

Mary, Your Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, March 30 of 2013

Weekly messages


My dear children:

Remember that month by month the Universal Source of Peace visits you, the greatness of my Immaculate Heart illuminates you, shelters you and loves you, day by day.

Dear children, never forget that I will always be your Mother whenever you simply confirm your lives in My lap of love and protection. I always hope that many of My children, those who are far and wide throughout the world, may be able to take the so necessary steps to live the conversion of the heart.

My children, today I come to you because I love you. My Love and adoration for you is infinite, your consciousnesses will not be able to understand, but your hearts are able to feel the dimension of My Maternal Love. Through the persevering prayer, dear children, I guide you and I support you.

Remember, beloved children, that in the last monthly apparition of the 25th day of March I called you to live in unity, the unity among the hearts. For this I ask you that in love to the Divine Knowledge, after having prayed the Holy Rosary for the Peace in the world with me, you again listen and watch My last apparition, with the maternal hope that your hearts may understand the greatness and the simplicity of what I ask you. In this way, dear children, you will truly understand in your hearts who talks to you and where the words of life come from, and the redemption for your souls.

Dear children, I only ask this because I know that you will listen to Me again: the servers donated to the task of My Immaculate Heart in the world must be divested of themselves so that My Voice may be able to have an echo in your essences.

Dear beloved children, you know that I prepare the consciousnesses by means of the state of prayer for the awaited coming of My Son. For this, in this Holy Week, My Son prepares you from the heart and through His Passion again, a Passion that He lived silently for you and that you must guard as a true key for conversion.

I know that many have asked themselves the reason for praying the Via Crucis in these days. The Via Crucis, or the called Path of the Contemplation of the Heart in Heaven, is a Divine School that My Son left so that the souls would be able to convert themselves quickly instead of transforming themselves throughout the years.,

This path of the contemplation of the heart is for the faithful ones who love what My Son, out of love, gave to you all. May this path be lovingly understood as the first step to enter into My Universal School of Prayer. The path of the Passion of My Son was and is a path lived by the dwellers of Heaven and of the Universe because this path teaches to love the enemy and to forgive as God has forgiven you until now.

Dear children, you must learn to love the Divine Will, to afterwards learn to live them as light for the path.

Dear children: may this path that you have travelled in this Sacred Week be the fruit that may allow you to have strengths to follow My Maternal Path of Love. May the path of the contemplation of the heart about the Passion of My Son be exercised all the days of Friday and Sunday, in the seclusion of prayer or in the group prayer between the souls, with the aim of receiving the Grace of the Forgiveness of God upon all the grave faults that are committed in humanity, in the whole world and above all, children, upon the life of all of the Kingdoms.

The path of the Via Crucis that My Son left to you will transform your consciousness and will bring special Graces for those who may exercise it with the heart.

I thank you for obeying in love My call for Peace.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, March 30 of 2013

Weekly messages


Praised be, Our Lord Christ Jesus!

Blessed be those who live in His name.

Forgiveness and Mercy! Forgiveness and Mercy!

It is what has descended today on the planet and upon humanity, that which lives on the surface and that which, in other planes waited for forgiveness, mercy and redemption.

Praised be the Highest, Hallelujah!

Dear and beloved children: All of My Love of Co-redeemer Mother is in your hearts.

Today the Father of Heavens has poured His Mercy through His Divine Messengers, and you, My children, with your task of prayer and of love, have contributed so that part of the consciousnesses that submitted to Jesus more than two-thousand years ago, may begin to have an opportunity of redemption

The Divine Mercy has poured out over sleeping humanity and, through the sincere love of the servers, Our Lord has interceded before God Almighty to heal the denial, the lie and the betrayal of humanity.

From the Celestial Kingdom, the voices of your souls have been heard which, permeated by the task of rescue, have supplicated for forgiveness for this planet.

Do you remember, dear children, when I taught you to be mediators before God?

It was for you to realize these tasks together with Me, the ones that end the atavisms, that cut the chains that humanity still maintains with evil.

We are in times of test, but also in times of great miracles in which all the light, the love, the mercy and the forgiveness of God are available.

Humanity must put aside its pride and ask God for forgiveness, to supplicate to My Son so that He may intercede before His Father. Humanity cannot lose this opportunity and allow that its vanity may be more than its love. Humanity cannot lose the opportunity of being forgiven, or for My Son to be able to conduct it towards the Throne of the Supreme Father.

Humanity must understand that, in humility, God waits to forgive it and to hand it the treasure He holds for it. My beloved children:

You, who today are more conscious, must walk together with My Son, the Redeemer, and guide other brothers and sisters through the path that you are transiting through, the path of forgiveness, conversion and renovation. This is your task, to be examples and impulses to others who wait for an opportunity.

Prepare yourselves because the time has already come to multiply that which has been given to you, which is a treasure on Earth and in Heaven, the total renovation of your lives, the forgiveness of all your faults and the opportunity of converting yourself for all eternity into worthy children of the Highest, companions of the King of the Universe, favorite children of the Universal Mother.

You just must love the path of love, live from the heart and love your brothers and sisters as you love Christ Jesus.

I love you, I bless you and I guard you in My Immaculate Heart where evil will not touch you.

From the Heaven and the Earth, the Mother of Love, in union with the Redeemer, is with you.

Mary, Mother of all of the creatures



Wednesday, March 27 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

Praised be Christ Jesus in your lives!

For this time of great inner tribulation, each soul will be under the gaze of the Redeemer because He has thirst for all those who have, at some time, raised their voices and their hands against His Message, His Messengers and His Sheep.

In this time of Mercy and of Divine Justice, each one will receive from the Eternal Source of the Love of God whatever they need in order to learn that which will balance their spiritual account with the universe and that which may relieve the pain of the world.

Many unexplainable events will happen and those souls that may see themselves touched by them will not understand them, as they have not learned to see God in all things and as they are not willing to live the pain and the suffering to help the planetary balance.

These consciousnesses only see a punishment and only feel incomprehension. For this I ask you, My children, that you pray for those who will not understand the designs of God so that your consciousnesses may not get disturbed, and may be able to find in the heart of My Son a shelter of love, forgiveness and salvation that may help them to fulfill their destiny.

Nothing will happen that is not written by the hand of God in the book of the universe until this humanity may be able to liberate itself from the chains that tie it to the spiritual and moral decadence, until the love of Christ Jesus may have cleaned each heart, each soul and each body of this humanity.

Pray, pray without ceasing for those who do not pray, who do not believe in the salvation of souls and are not willing to balance the destiny of humanity.

Pray so that all of these children of Mine may be able to trust in My Immaculate Heart, and may allow Me to bring them, enveloped by My Maternal Love, to the Redeemer Heart of the Savior.

Pray, My children, so that the plans of God may be able to be fulfilled upon this world.

Be strong because your strength will be an example for others who walk blindly.

I bless you, I love you and I guard you in My Heart of Mother.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Monday, March 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

Message of the Master Christ Jesus:

My dears:

May My Shepherd Heart be present amongst you and may you be in My Heart and you be able to take, as missionaries, My Message of salvation to the world.

May your example of charity awaken the need for serving in those who do not serve. May your example of surrender activate the need for consecration in those who do not consecrate themselves to My Heart. May your example of fraternal love reflect itself in those who still do not love God, so that they may learn to love the Creator above all things.

Through this path of constant surrender, My Redeemer Spirit accompanies you. Remember My companions, that you are attempting day by day to become detached from yourselves and to leave behind your projects for the realization of My Greater Project. In consequence, My friends, you will encounter all that is difficult for yourselves but My purifying and liberating Fire will penetrate you whenever you open the door of the heart, for an instant.

My dears, today together with the Immaculate Heart I confirm to you that the Universal Mother will continue to be your Mother of Consolation, of Relief, of Hope, your Mother of Grace and of Mercy.

If you have come to the desert of your life, I ask you, dear sheep, dear disciples, that you do not lower your arms and that you feel with each surrender you make to My Sacred Heart that you are repairing the great outrages Humanity sends to Me, day by day.

For this, know that I Am with you. I am at your side carrying the cross of the great transformation so that in the same way as the Cyrene of Jerusalem, you may victoriously take the steps towards your conversion and redemption.

Today, I want that in love your eyes may glow with light, and that your lips through prayer may pronounce devout praises to the Celestial Father.

May My Mercy always be able to accompany you, to distance you from sin, and in this way you may be able to enter the Eternal Temple of My Heart.

One more time I gather you in the name of Peace and of Good, of Charity and of Service to the whole world.

Many of My followers in this last cycle will confirm the Christic path that My Steps mark for all. Tirelessly I Am with you because I know that these times will need My Omnipresent Spirit of Love.

Under the Love and the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for considering My words with the Heart!

Your Redeemer, Christ Jesus.

Message of the Virgin Mary:

Dear children:

May you today, united to Jesus, persevere in the steps that with so much love are being revealed to you through the humility of God.

With joy and delight, dear children, My Heart returns to the origin of the origins, to the place of the beginning that will also give an end to this Work, to the place from where My first Apparitions were born to the visionaries. I return to My favorite Marian Center of Figueira, I return through the Great Portal of the elevation for your spirits, My Heart returns to the Celestial Hill consecrated to eternal prayer.

My children, feel just for a moment what it means to return to your origins, to the beginning of what you truly are for God, the Father of Love. You will be able to feel in this way that your inner world prepares itself, as in so many other times, to commune with the Grace of My Maternity, and that your hearts open themselves quickly and without delay to enter into My Celestial Kingdom.

Dear children, this Kingdom exists before your eyes, this special Kingdom blessed by My Immaculate Heart is the Marian Center of Figueira and it  is blessed in the same way that the Father asked Me to bless Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, Salta, Medjugorje and Aurora. In all of the Marian Centers there is a luminous star of My Crown that is united to the heart of each pilgrim, and you can be blessed by one of My twelve attributes, sublime attributes that will help you for your consecration.

With all this, Beloved children, perceive how My Immaculate Heart feels today because It is returning to the Center of Love and Prayer consecrated to the Mother of the Highest.

Dear children, each time that you climb the Hill of the Apparitions remember that that you will be uniting yourselves to one of My Sources of Grace and Mercy that is poured for the world from this holy and sacred place.

For this, today I ask you to look with diferent eyes at this place where you are, because this archetype of the Marian Centers exist to help in the conversion, liberation and consecration of humanity by means of the state of prayer of the heart.

Beloved children, may you, as souls united to Jesus, today be able to express the Graces in life that I have poured through your love for My Maternal Heart. May the promise of the coming time of Peace elevate your hearts so that, united as only one flock, you may comply with the plans of God.

Dear children, may the beloved Network of Light of Fraternity and of Prayer continue with your efforts and prayers complying with My calls because thanks to your answer, united as one PILGRIM HEART and one SERVER HEART, God has allowed that I may be more present amongst your hearts and your homes.

For this, special thanks to the group of the city of São Carlos in the State of São Paulo, My Heart will soon visit them to bless them.

Thanks to the groups of the State of São Paulo and from the State of Minas Gerais, My Maternal Heart, under the impulse of their abnegated help, will be able to visit other cities to bless them.

Thanks to My children from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Paraguay and Chile. My Heart, according to the Will of God, will correspond to your hearts.

Children, the Work of God accomplishes itself among the Servers who are in Heaven and the servants who are upon the Earth.

I thank you for answering to My Call.

Praised be Christ!

Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Humanity.



Monday, March 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

 My children:

Today I come as the Morning Star that prepares the day which will be consecrated by the Sun.

The life in Heavens, in the Universe, My dears, is eternal consecration to the Heart of God. And I am the one who, as Mother, comes to prepare you for this constant consecration of life.

A soul who aspires to consecrate itself to the Lord is one that recognizes itself as it is, imperfect, and in this way places all its imperfection at the feet of God, so that He may render sacred that which is so simple and small.

Today I invite you to live, each one, the consecration of spirit, of soul and of life. And this happens, My children, when you do not fear to see the imperfection that there is in your hearts, when you do not fear to perceive yourselves as little children before the infinite Greatness of God. And this way, surrendered in body and soul at His feet, you take the risk of living His Will.

My Heart rejoices today as it observes from the Heavens that many hearts are willing to offer their lives to the Lord. And I tell you, My dears, that it will not be easy to discover the life of joy within the life of sacrifice. It will be a true learning of the heart to discover the eternal Love of Our Father before the sufferings that the world will offer to you in this time.

For this I come as Mother and intercessor for your hearts. I come at request of the Lord to teach you to live His Will starting from the heart, always making to grow the joy of the soul.

Today I bless you, and I thank you for confirming the eternal union to My Heart and to the Holiest Heart of My Son.

Always count on My presence, on My aid and on My words engraved in your hearts, in your spirits and in the books of your lives. Because when I am no longer able to be here among all of you, you will discover that My Word is eternal and you will always find the keys in My Messages to transcend the events of life, and to live in eternal renovation.

I bless and love you.

Thank you for answering to My Call, to the life of consecration.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Friday, March 22 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

I want that you surrender to Me your tiredness, so that I may convert it into works and flowers for God.

I want that you surrender to Me your sacrifice, so that I may convert it into the balance that humanity needs before the universe.

I want that you surrender to Me your restlessness, for not doing more than what you do so that I may convert it in a present to Our Lord.

I want that you surrender to Me your doubts and afflictions for your future because I will convert them into peace, and I will return them to you converted into faith.

My dear children, companions of My Beloved Son:

Let’s go ahead! Continue with faith through this path that takes you to the Heart of the King of the universe, your King and Mine. Go ahead with bravery in spite of the tiredness, of the misunderstandings of others and of ingratitude.

Go ahead in spite of the judgments and calumnies, as My Son and I are guarding your beings.

Donate yourselves until you do not have more to give, more to surrender, and there you will encounter the celestial bliss that can only be encountered in the divested service towards the others.

Other children of Mine depend on your strength, on your perseverance, on your constant donation, children who cannot donate themselves because they are enveloped in their own satisfactions and do not see the love of My Heart.

It is for them that you must donate yourselves so that My Son, who has thirst for these souls, may, through you, quench it.

My children: embrace the sacrifice with joy, with gratitude, because in spite of what it may seem, it is in this sacrifice that you will learn the pathway of Christ.

I Am accompanying you all the time, observing each movement of your beings, as a loving mother takes care of Her little ones.

Never loose heart, that soon the Lord will be amongst you.

I love you and I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Mary, Queen of Heaven and of the Earth.  



Saturday, March 16 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dearest children:

Without prayer and without devotion in your lives it will not be possible to construct the New Humanity. For this, My little children, I call you during this week to the awakening of the consciousness so that through the powerful fire of the prayer of the heart you may perceive the need of service and of prayer in the world.

My arms are open today to pour from My hands the rays of the powerful Mercy of My Son. For this special encounter with you My Maternal Heart has interceded today for the urgent needs of Brazil and of each one of its States. Because, dear children, as Intercessor Mother, I Am working through all of My visionaries in order to bring a true message of peace to the world, mainly to this nation that from the beginning has lovingly sheltered My Immaculate Heart.

I Love Brazil. You, My dear children, know it well, as I also love each nation and each corner of the world where a little child of Mine may be encountered.

Dear children, for this week I call you to deepen not only in the messages that My Blessed Heart has dictated, but I also ask you that before each prayer with Me you meditate on the daily messages of My Son Jesus, as also on His earliest parables in the Bible.

Dear children, I invite you, in this important time of changes, to collect the fruit for your conversion through the reading of the Holy Word of Life, as is the Bible, and also to the inner union of your hearts with the new and precious word that My Son pours day by day.

As Mother of Graces I pray for you so that the Holy Spirit of God may encourage you to continue walking beyond your projects of life. I pray so that, in spite of all, My Marian Work may prevail in your hearts. I pray so that you may achieve humility and unity, necessary principles to live the conversion of your lives. I pray so that your hearts may move away from sadness and desolation.

As Blessed and Loving Mother, I pray so that My Son may protect you and guard you in His expected and coming Kingdom of Love.

Dear children, My children are already growing spiritually. Now, as consciousnesses going to the maturity of the heart, I call you to consider in your lives My important and magnificent Work of Peace and of Redemption that I carry forward with each one of you. This step of your beings will allow your little spirit to grow towards the Great Spirit of God.

My children, I do not get tired of pronouncing: Peace! Peace! Peace for your beings. In My Peace you will achieve the light that you so much seek for, light towards the true eternity of Paradise.

One more time, I thank you for answering and listening to My special call.

Let us pray for the presence of the Unity of God.

Mary, Mother of the Universe of Peace.

I love you ardently.



Saturday, March 16 of 2013

Weekly messages

I come today to become a Sun in your lives. That which will warm you from all cold; which will illuminate you in every darkness. That which will renovate your lives, always announcing a new day, arising as a new opportunity of living Redemption and Reconciliation with God.

Beloved children, I want to be the Queen of your lives. That which will dictate secure steps. That which will indicate the correct path by which to walk. Trust in My presence and in My words, because through My Word I only want to bring you encouragement and peace.

Come to Me, all those who are tired, those who no longer feel the fire of the heart alight.

Come to Me, those who are sad, those who do not believe in God.

Come to Me, those who have lost the strength of the spirit, and come to Me those who have never found it.

I Am here to shelter you in My arms, to envelope you in My mantle.

Come to Me in prayer, in devotion and in faith that I will aid you, I will console you and I will tell you what to do, where to be and how to go ahead.

If you pray with Me I will take you by the hands and I will unite you to the Lord.

I Am the bearer of Reconciliation, of Forgiveness and of the Infinite Grace that the Lord sends. Through Me, the Father rescues His children and lets them know that there is no grave fault for which there is not Forgiveness.

For God your hearts are crystalline, your spirits are pure and your souls have a true dwelling in the Kingdom of the Heavens. Because God knows the Truth. He knows what of you is hidden from yourselves.

For this I come, to bring you Forgiveness and to teach you to forgive.

I have shown you the path, the instruction and the instructors. Now follow, My children, without fear through the path that I indicate to you. If you walk with attention you will find Me at your side.

Come to Me, those who fear to follow Me. I will give you the braveness to walk by My side.

I love each one of My children, those who are with Me and those who still have not found Me.

I wait for you in eternal prayer and Peace.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Saturday, March 16 of 2013

Weekly messages


My beloved children of this house of love and redemption:

Today I want to prepare you for the encounter that you will have with the Most Sacred Hearts of Saint Joseph and of My Son Jesus.

None of you imagine today the importance of this encounter. As I have told you in these last days, the Sacred Family will engrave its codes of light in this community consciousness and it will impress the archetype of the family of the coming humanity.

The commitment of revealing this mystery for the spiritual life will remain with you, a mystery that will find true answers in those who may enter in Our Hearts because there is where all things of Heaven and Earth are revealed with wisdom.

The New Humanity will be based on this new archetype that will live fraternity between beings, a fraternity sustained on the true spiritual and Christic love between creatures.

My Son waits for you in order to bring peace to your hearts, to enter in the dwelling of those who do not fear entering in His Heart and to be under His Will. He will make of some of you his companions and He will send you out two by two throughout the world so that you may carry His Mercy and His Word.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph will come to touch the hearts of those who still have not encouraged themselves to see their salvation, and the salvation of humanity, in the service to the neighbor.

He will leave the stamp of His humility on the meek hearts, those who will take, far from this place, this love that they have received and learned here.

My beloved children, creatures of the Highest:

Open your hearts, as in this time God waits for you in His Heart to forgive all of your faults, and so that you may definitely achieve the peace that your consciousnesses need.

I bless, with My Maternal Love, this house that has learned to discover, in My Immaculate Heart, a safe path towards Heaven.

I guard, in My essence of Mother, all the love that you give Me.

Thank you for being with Me today.

I love and I bless you.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, coming to the heart of each one of you. 



Friday, March 15 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children from Figueira:

I have been observing your inner world and I want to remind you that all My love is with you.

In these next days, in which you will be with the Most Sacred Hearts of Saint Joseph and of My Son Jesus, I ask you that you open your consciousnesses for the Light and for the Love that They will deposit in your souls.

The Sacred Family will be in this blessed Community of Light that has a talk of creating, in the midst of purification, a nucleus of life for the New Humanity.

In this month of March, in this House of Mine will be engraved for always, the codes that form the new archetype of the Sacred Family, that which will be a base for the future humanity.

In the same way that the presence of the Divine Trinity is in your inner world, it is also important that you deepen in what is happening with the presence of the Sacred Family in the Communities of Light, because this contains a spiritual mystery to be revealed.

I want that My children may be able to understand and to accept the love that these Sacred Hearts are depositing in your spirits to fill them with strength and faith, the same faith that we manifested in ancient Nazareth when the Sacred Family lived on the Earth.

This example of devotion and absolute fidelity to the plans of the Highest is what we want to leave in the consciousness of your Communities, principles that overcome every test when you always remain in your hearts.

I will be accompanying from the Kingdom of Heavens the encounters that you will have with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I love you, My children, and I guard you in My Immaculate Heart.

Thank you for answering to our call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Monday, March 11 of 2013

Weekly messages

My dear children from Belo Horizonte and from all of Brazil:

I have come here today so that all of you may know that My maternal aid is always available in your lives.

I want that you receive today in your hearts the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ Jesus and of all of the beings of this Earth. If you receive Me in your hearts, I will bring peace to your lives, I will help you to reinforce your faith and I will conduct you to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

In this time of great definitions for humanity, I summon you to pray with the heart in a sincere and devoted way so that I may give your prayers to Our God the Father and I may intercede for the life of each one of you.

Today I also summon you to pray for the election of the next Pope, who will have the difficult task of representing and taking forward in this world the instruction that My Son left. I ask all of the Christians and non-Christians that they unite themselves from the heart, and ask the Spirit of God to descend during these moments of deliberation.

You will soon understand, dear children, why you need to be united among yourselves and to Me to pray for the events that will have repercussions on the spiritual life of this humanity.

Today I want to leave over this city all My love and My comfort. Remember that I have already told you that you can leave your sufferings at My feet and that I will transform them with My Maternal love into joy and faith.

If you open the door of your heart to Me, My love will liberate you from all anguish and all pain. Pray with Me, beloved children, and allow that I may guide you towards the Blessed and Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son Jesus.

Have faith in what I announce to you because soon you will recognize the signs that will be seen in the skies, signs that announce the new time for all.

Pray, pray with faith, with peace and with determination and do not get tired of praying!

Today I bless this house that is an example of love and devotion to My Immaculate Heart. I ask that in this wonderful garden you may find a place so that My immaculate image may radiate and always protect the tasks that are realized here, and guard your souls from any evil.

In the same way as in My house ,in the city of São Paulo, this will be a fortress of prayer and faith where the souls, in perpetual vigil, may find refuge and comfort.

My beloved Marian groups of all of Brazil:

It is time to pray in unity, to elevate in prayer the pleas towards Our God the Father for this humanity. I will be your mediator. Pray for our nation and for the world in true union so that I will be there together with you.

If all of the Marian soldiers of the world prayed in unity, nothing bad would happen in this humanity. Remember, My children, My words of Mother and place them inside of your heart to always have them present.

Prayer and unity: this will be the key of the salvation of humanity.

Thank you for being gathered here today, dear children, for answering to My call for prayer and peace.

Mary, Mother of Jesus and of all on this Earth.



Monday, March 11 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

May the Mercy of God be amongst you!

Praised be Jesus, dear children!

May this special day be blessed by the power of your prayer. That your prayer may be like a flower for the Thrones of God because today My promise will be to contemplate your pleas, pleas that are born from your hearts.

Dear children, today My Heart is praised by your pilgrim souls. Be in My arms so that I may take you to the Kingdom of Love, Kingdom of Forgiveness, Kingdom of Peace.

My children, put in your prayers in this day the great needs that exist in the world, elevate through your prayer the whole consciousness of humanity. The Lord, for one more time, will be attentive to the voice of your pleas.

Dear children, in order to be closer to God, you have the perfect and loving mediation of My Immaculate Heart, Divine Heart that wants to take you to Jesus.

Dear children, I am with you in this special day. May your consciousnesses prepare themselves in love and in peace to receive the Kingdom of My Lord in your home.

My children, it is a miracle in these times to receive the Lady of Heaven in your dwellings because this means that My Maternal Heart will have the divine permission to guide you through the only path of peace.

Beloved children, During these days I accompanied your inner preparation to receive Me. For this I want to thank you for your honest prayer and your sincere love, that which was radiated towards My Heart.

My children, you are the precursors that will allow together with other souls, to comply with the plans of the Father upon the Earth.

Dear children, the Lady of Peace blesses you today! Let us pray! Let us pray much! For the conversion and the awakening of the souls to the blessed call of My Son Jesus.

Dear children, today Jesus will be specially accompanying you from Heaven.

Dear children from Belo Horizonte, I thank you for uniting yourselves to My Immaculate call for Peace for this time!

Thank you for opening the door of the heart!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Monday, March 11 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children,

In the same way that I presented the Little Boy Jesus in the Temple, I present today to the Father the efforts of My Children.

I know about the braveness existing in the heart of each one of My Marian soldiers and I impel you to accompany Me in this new cycle of Apparitions with total renovation and consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

I have chosen this city to begin a new cycle of Apparitions, a cycle in which My Voice will resound with more intensity. My Call will travel through the houses of all of My children so that there may not be anyone who has not heard Me in this nation.

I want, through My servers and people who pray, to diffuse throughout the world the Call to conversion, to prayer and to the offer of self to God the Father.

I want to make of your voices My Voice and of your hands My hands and with your feet I want to travel each space of this city, including the most hidden and forgotten ones, because for God no one is forgotten. There is no heart that pulses on this Earth that the Lord does not wish to reach.

For this, My children, be brave and do not fear to answer to My Call.

I will always guide you and sustain you.

We are at the beginning of a long path to Heaven in which sacrifice and prayer will be the guiding stars. Count on My Presence, My example and My wisdom. My voice will resound in your hearts.

I eternally thank you for answering to My Call.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Saturday, March 9 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of Mine:

With joy and gladness, today I receive your hearts and your prayers in My Kingdom.

Dear children, in the coming week I invite you to contemplate the importance of living in unity among hearts, as also among the tasks that you do daily because you will only reach this unity through your holy and devoted prayer.

Dear children, My Heart clamors so that in this time you may be only One, as was My Maternity with Jesus.

My children, the Father observes your great and small daily efforts. I, as Mother, call you to redouble the prayer for the salvation of the Kingdoms and of humanity. With the monthly and weekly coming of My Maternal Spirit of Love, I prepare you in silence for the expected coming of My Son. He will wait until that the last soul of this world has awakened to the Omnipresent Love of God.

Beloved children, the times change and the consciousnesses too, for this do not judge, do not observe, do not make any commentary even when it seems for the good because God wants to rescue all of those who are in the right, and all those who have failed in fidelity towards Him.

My children, as Mother of Mercy I wait for you in prayer, in individual prayer as well as in family prayer. Do not lose time, My little ones! Know that God listens to the voice of your hearts, opening steps so that the Holy Spirit may now reign in your lives.

Dear children, do not unbalance yourselves more. Pray! Pray! Pray with the light of the heart! The world changes and little love endures in the hearts.

You, My little children, are the focus for other consciousnesses. Renovate yourselves every day in the prayer of the heart because in this way you will reach Mercy and Peace. Be forerunners of My Peace, take the peace of your hearts to all of the places where you may go.

My dear children, I need you in prayer as in fidelity to the plans of My Peace. My Voice is being pronounced for the last time and this is possible because you open the door of your homes to me.

Dear children, I am with you and I thank all of My children from São Paulo for having opened for Me, one more time, the door of the heart.

I bless this sublime moment with you. Praised be Jesus, dear children!

Pray and do not get tired of praying with the heart because I will always accompany you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Saturday, March 9 of 2013

Weekly messages


My dear children from Brazil and from this city of Sao Paulo:

My Heart is filled with joy and happiness for being close to you again.

I told you the last time that I was here that I would not leave you alone. Here I am My children, so that you may renovate your vows with Me, vows of love, prayer and peregrination.

I have come here to pour upon this city one more Grace, the one which hopes to find space in your souls, in your spirits, so that in this way you may strengthen your lives, united to My Immaculate Heart.

In this time in which the purification of the world is manifested within each one of you, My Love of Mother comes to aid and to tell you that here I am together with you.

In this blessed place in which I left My presence seeded, I will raise a fortress of faith and prayer for the protection of this city. For this I need of all of you, the perpetual prayer made with the heart, with devotion. I need the vigil with the adoration to the heart of My Son so that He may see from the universe that a point of light shines in this city.

When He returns, dear children, in this house will shine a dwelling that will be able to receive His Spirit in the middle of the purification. My children, the consecrated ones will accompany you and between all you will build this fortress of prayer, love and union, refuge for all of your souls.

During all this coming time in which I will peregrinate through this blessed country, I ask you that you accompany Me and that you pray together with Me so that the Grace and the Mercy of God the Father may separate from the consciousness of this Nation all that which may not allow for His plan of Love to accomplish itself. Beloved children, with you I am, in My Immaculate Heart I guard you.

I accompany you eternally. Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of God and of all of you.




Saturday, March 9 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children,

As Mother of each one of your consciousnesses I return to My house, to Brazil, in order to be closer to your hearts. The Lord has seen how much you still need My presence, above all here, in the state of São Paulo. For this He commissioned Me to travel this place one more time.

My Heart has accompanied you during the whole day of today to observe the love and the joy of My children when preparing once again for My arrival to this world.

My children, to all of the hearts that accompany Me in the whole world I would like to make a special request of prayer: a prayer for the Reconciliation with God and with the neighbor.

I need that you pray for the union among My children, My servers and praying people spread throughout the world. I need you to gather yourselves to pray in the nations, in the states and in the cities. I want you to be a living symbol of the union among humanity itself and with God, Our Father and Lord.

My children, you do not know how much the world needs this Love that you receive today from My Heart.  I come to radiate the light that exists in Heaven so that your hearts may find themselves a little more clean, more humble and joyful to comply with the Plans of God.

It is necessary in this time that Love for the Father may be able to speak more loudly than the individual will of each one of My children. Because this is the only way that the Love of God may have a definite dwelling in your hearts and that the unity between My Marian soldiers may be a reality.

Will you accept, dear children, to be together in order to open the doors of the world to My Heart?

Prayer is not enough, also necessary are unity and love among those who pray.

Ask for My help and for My intervention so that I will help you and I will teach you to live in Fraternity.

I leave in your hearts the simple example of the Love of My Heart of Mother so that you may follow the steps of the Blessed Virgin of Nazareth and of Her Son Jesus Christ.

I love each one of you and I wait for you in My Heart.

Thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Friday, March 8 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

In this meeting that we are having today I want to transmit to all My children, under the Redeemer Light of the Sacred Heart of My Son, My spiritual trust to all those who work truly for the christic spirit in this time.

I want to ask to all those loyal to Christ Jesus to pray together with Me so that the events that are to happen in the bosom of the Church of My Son will be ruled by the Light of the Holy Spirit.

I call to all the praying people in the whole world to stay in vigil, to shelter through prayer the task of choosing the next representative of the Church of My Son before the world.

So that peace be that which guards this next election and that the Consciousness of God descend through His Holy Spirit, all Christians must unite in permanent prayer to protect the task of the representatives of the Clergy denominated on the Earth so that this task develops in harmony and peace.

I make My Call of maternal love to these children of Mine, that will have so important a task, to stay permanently in My Immaculate Heart and in the Sacred Heart of My Son so that, enveloped in the Divine Mercy that reaches from the Eternal Fountain of God the Father, they may pass through the true christic path at this time.

Dear children, representatives of the Church of My Son,

Today again, God the All Powerful Father places over your consciousnesses a vote of trust, so that through you in this time so difficult for humanity, the Holy Spirit may reign among your souls and bring to you all Wisdom available in the Heavens.

That the next successor of Peter on the Earth may live in plenitude, humility and meekness, wisdom and peace and that the love and service that My Son taught a long time ago be the expression of His task.

I invite this Servant of God to enter into My Immaculate Heart so that I can guard it forever and can assist in the intense redeemer task that waits for him.

I fortify, with My Maternal Love, his faith in My Son and he must fear nothing. The christic path is arduous but the Unific Father will put him in this Path for him to live and to conduct his brothers and sisters for Him.

Thank you for answering to My call for peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mary, Mother of all creatures.



Wednesday, March 6 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

During all of this time I have given many messages that My children have not interiorized. I have repeated with all of My Love through My visionaries and clairaudients throughout history thousands of messages with intense instructions for the whole humanity.

Despite this, My children easily forget what I ask them and the instructions that I give them.

In the last century that passed and in this that you are living, as never before, My Voice and My Call has travelled and still travels this world from north to south, from east to west. Each time that an impulse of My Heart comes to My beloved children I wait with My Heart of Mother for it to merge itself in the soul of many.

Today My Immaculate Heart is sad because My beloved children have turned one against the others, forgetting the impulses of love that My Son and I permanently give them. And they do not understand that the Justice of God is descending and it will be according to what each one has seeded in its life and in the life of others.

Children: in these days the world agitates itself because the Divine Justice has started to be felt in various people and above all in my beloved Christian children.

Today I want to tell you that more than ever you must value the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and pray to repair His Heart and the Heart of God.

Reparation, Reparation, Reparation!

If you, My children, do not repair the Heart of God, all that is written will be accomplished and from Heavens we will only be able to observe with deep pain how the blind consciousnesses, and those who do not want to hear the call of the High, condemn themselves.

The planet will live its purification, the one which will start from east to west and from north to south.

I beg, dear children, that you pray, pray with Me for the reparation of the Heart of Christ and of God All Powerful. If we sincerely pray with the heart, the Father will hear your supplications and He will be able to erase from the Book of Heaven some events that, in another way, will trigger themselves as a consequence of the human actions.

Dear children:

All can be avoided. Listen to My call!

Pray, pray, pray all that you can. Gather yourselves to pray with other brothers and sisters. Pray with your families. Pray for the religions, for the governments and for those who lead them so that the true light of the Spirit of God may illuminate you.

Pray children, pray, for those who do not pray, for those who do not believe in the Return of My Son. Pray for those who have their heart closed and who guard fear and rancor inside of themselves.

Pray for all. Humanity finds itself in a spiritual emergency. Pray together to Me that as Mother I will intercede before My Son, the Redeemer.

My beloved children: I guard your pleas in My Immaculate Heart to take them to Heaven.

I love you and I convoke you to permanently be with Me.

Peace for the Earth.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.




Sunday, March 3 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children:

May complete peace be in your hearts. One more day we gather in the name of My Son, to pray with the heart and the devotion of the Holy Spirit for the plans of the Highest.

Today, especially, My Immaculate Heart gathers you with the aim that you support and accompany, from your hearts, the Marian task of great conversion and liberation that the always Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, will be realizing through one of the visionaries of Medjugorje.

Now you, My dears, and the whole Southern Cone will meet at the apex of a very important Divine Grace that will be poured over the souls of those who may be present in the encounter with the energy of Medjugorje in Argentina and this Grace will also touch the spirit of families and friends of those who in love and faith participate in this encounter.

For the first time on the history of your world, God the Father, the All Powerful, will allow to spiritually gather and to internally unite the three important tasks of the Holiest Virgin Mary in: Medjugorje-Aurora-Salta.

This is possible because of the loving union of the pilgrims, people who pray and servers from all parts of the world that, in infinite devotion, follow the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the three current manifestations of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Understand My dear ones who pray, how important your prayer vigil during this whole day has been, which has allowed a spiritual preparation of Argentina and of the Southern Cone to receive the spiritual and divine impulse of the Mother of God.

In this way the Queen of Peace will take a larger number of children towards the Kingdom of Mercy and Conversion. If this union with the Immaculate Heart happens, especially in the children of Argentina, the divine plans forseen for this nation will be assumed by the Holiest Mediator between men and God: by the Virgin Mary, Mother of all.

Dear children, now understand that we already are in the foreseen cycle of Christian ecumenism of the beliefs and the peoples of the world. What was written by John, the Apostle, must be accomplished according to the beloved designs of the Father. And you, as many other people who are devoted to Mary the Holiest, will help so that this Holy Plan of conversion and fraternity may be accomplished despite everything. Because My Immaculate Heart will Triumph!

My children, may this special meeting of prayer be the spiritual motive to activate, in a definite way, all of the Centers of Prayer and to unite yourselves in prayer every day. The times give merit to great changes in the consciousnesses and in human life and all this must be sustained by the love and the prayer of all of the Marian groups.

You will always be in My Son and for this, be attentive to the footprints that His Heart marks for this new path in your lives.

Dear children, it is time for all of the servers to unite themselves in Brotherhood.

One more time, My children: I thank you all for quickly answering to this important call of support to the mission of Medjugorje in Argentina!

Do not fear for what will be said but live in the Holy Spirit and in Faith!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity,  and Lady of Peace.






Sunday, March 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children:

In this so important day, in which thousands of consciousnesses prepare themselves to define their lives forever, I want to thank with all of My Heart for this task that all of you encourage yourselves to realize with Me.

The One and Only Father in Heavens lovingly observes your souls and essences and wants to pour one special Grace of love and hope over all of you who represent this Nation at this moment. When Argentina has consecrated itself to My Immaculate Heart, the light of God will shine from north to south and from east to west. The New Jerusalem must merge itself with the consciousness of South America and you today are being part of this project of the Promised Earth.

Do not grow weak My children, be firm in your inner world and open your hearts to be partakers of this project of God the Father.

Together with Me you will peregrinate through all of the nations of this blessed continent until that the last of My children may have the opportunity to feel Me and to enter into My Heart.

From the beginning of the Plan of rescue for the souls Our Lord designed that this region of the world would live a special learning of love and redemption and that it would project itself towards the rest of the world. It would be a learning of pure fraternity, the one which would take it into the full integration of creeds, religions, people, languages, races and all its societies and in this way, in integration, humanity would be able to find, through the spiritual ecumenism, the definite path for unity.
It is through this unity that you will live in the New Earth, when all may have the same spiritual opportunities, the ones which will allow you to live in a material harmony in this Sacred Planet blessed by the Hand of God since the beginning.

Remember that in this world God put the feet of His Beloved Firstborn Son, the one who He gave to you so that you would learn from Him all that is new, the renovator.

Today God the Father will give you again His Beloved Son. He will again touch with His Feet this Earth. All will see Him when the Heavens open themselves and He starts to descend in spirit until, as He comes closer to this Earth, He converts Himself into flesh and lands His Feet as He one day has already done.

The one who contemplates Him walking will transfigure its being, the one who listens to Him talking will convert its cells into light, the one who places their eyes in His Eyes will see the Face of God.

Listen to My Voice, My children, that calls you so that you may be united to Me more than ever.

I wait for your hearts tomorrow and in the following days together with My son Ivan. Let us unite in the inner of the heart what God has already united in Heaven. You will soon understand what in this time you have participated in and know, My beloved ones, that you will never more be the same.

I thank this house that has had the Grace of receiving Me. I want that in this place the light of the prayer of the heart illuminate all of this city and this Nation. I leave deposited here the seed of My Immaculate Heart so that it may germinate in love for all.

I ask you that you pray, that you always pray with love and sincerity for all those who do not pray and do not hear My maternal call.

I place you all in the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus Christ because in Him you will always overcome the fear and the evil that may surround you.

I love you, dear children, I love you and I thank you again for all that you do for Me.

I wait for you all in My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Queen of Peace. 



Sunday, March 3 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children:

What My Immaculate Heart needs today from each one of you is that you be available to accomplish in this time My Marian task of uniting all of My manifestations throughout the history of humanity and to demonstrate through the heart that I Am the same of Nazareth, I Am the same of Lourdes, of Fatima, of Salta, of Merdjugorje. I Am the same, My children, who comes dressed up as the Sun to illuminate the abysses in which the human beings live.

Beloved children, the Lord has commissioned to this Nation of Argentina, and to all of the faithful pilgrims that accompany Me with the task of praying for the conversion and for the union of My Faces in the inner places of all beings.

It may be, My children, that you do not understand the greatness of this mission that the Lord has entrusted to you, but if you open your hearts and make yourselves available before God, He may be able to guide you and in little time you will be able to understand what I tell you today.

When I talk about assuming the Nation of Argentina it means that I will be assuming the life of each one of My children and that I will be forgiving all the faults of those children that are not here anymore. It means, My children, that the possibility of My Liberation goes beyond this world.

Do you accept, My children, to answer to My Call?

I wait for you in prayer and in surrender.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, March 2 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloved children of Argentina and of the whole world:

My tears turn into flowers when I listen to you praying with the heart:

My tears turn into pearls that I offer to our Lord when My children, in unity and fraternity, pray with peace in the heart.

Today I have listened the pleas of My children that, despite their suffering are willing to answer to My call and to pray for their brothers and sisters.

One day My Son told you that while you were in this world, living the things of the world, you would have affliction. We have also told you, He and I, that there is a place, outside of this world, where you would always be in peace and would find comfort. This place is Our Heart.

There, beloved children, you will always be under protection and love and you will need nothing else. There you will be able to be in this world without feeling its affliction and to belong to the King of the Universe and to the Queen of the Heaven and the Earth.

In this day in which I pour My Grace and My Blessed Love over this city, I prepare all of the consciousnesses that in the coming days will receive Me through one of My children of Medjugorje.

There you will understand, dear children, that your Mother is only one and that in this time She transmits to you Her voice of love and conversion through many children, instruments of God.

The One and Only Father observes each movement of His servers and consecrates to His Heart everyone who has the courage of surrendering their will to Him.

In them He will deposit His Infinite Mercy so that in each act of love, service and prayer, His Beloved Servers may take this Mercy to those who suffer in forgetfulness and who ignore the Creator God.

I want to ask to all of the groups of prayer of this city and of this whole Nation that, each time with more consciousness, you may unite your hearts with Mine and with the heart of the Redeemer. 

In this way We, the Messengers, will be able to intercede before God, the All Powerful, so that the Divine Justice may encounter you firm and strong and that it may be only a movement that may correct whatever does not comply with the Law.

Beloved children: I want to thank you one more time for all that you do for Me.

Who eternally loves you and protects you.

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Saturday, March 2 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children:

Today I invite you again to prayer, to the perpetual prayer, to the constant prayer, to the permanent prayer, to the prayer of the heart. But if your prayer is sincere, loving and if it nourishes itself with your devotion to My Immaculate Heart, it will be heard in the Kingdom of the Father.

I know that many of My children are sad because of My unexpected absence in Uruguay through Medjugorje. I tell you, children, seek Me in your prayers and in your hearts because there My Maternity will always be amongst you. It is the moment to live with Me in the prayer of the heart, there you will find Me amongst your pleas and the tasks of life because as Mother I accompany the inner growth of My children.

It will be important, My children, that after a year of daily Graces, you may live My message, you may incarnate it in your lives as an attribute for the heart and for the transformation. I only ask you that you never forget to guard a space for the prayer of the heart and for the prayer in family because in this way My Immaculate Spirit will be present.

I want to tell all of My children from the South of America that the always Virgin Mary of the All Powerful and Mother of the Glorified Christ today gathers you with the spiritual reason of supporting and joining together from the heart, to My Marian task that will be taken forward through Medjugorje in Argentina.  Thus you will get to know a little more “The Gospal” (Our Lady), the Mother of all of the creatures, Mother that aspires every day for your conversion and holiness.  

Dear children, gathered in the name of the Love of My Son, I give to you thanks for accompanying Me in faith in this important task and divine cycle for My children of Argentina.

Today I manifest to you three faces of My Maternity so that in devotion you may be able to live them by means of prayer: the face of the Immaculate Mother of Salta, the face of the Queen of Peace and the face of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Children, we are in My Son, in His Sacred Heart. Good work in prayer for the groups of Argentina.

Who wants you with maternal love,

Mary, Mother and Queen of the Peace.



Saturday, March 2 of 2013

Weekly messages

My children:

Tonight I want to thank the presence of all of My pilgrims, those who accompany Me with steps, and with the heart.

And to all of My praying children of the world, I come to bring the Graces and the Blessings that the Lord has commissioned to Me for this day.

My Light comes to touch the Earth in order to part all evil that involves it. My feet land over the path of prayer built by My children. The Lord sends Me to answer to the requests of humanity, to impulse you and to continue guiding each one of your little beings.

My Children, I need that your hearts never lose the incentive to pray, to unite themselves to God and to reconcile themselves constantly with Him. For this the Lord allows that your beings live hard tests, that you experience the suffering that permeates the world.

Each pain that your hearts may feel is led by the Hands of God so that you may share the pain that Our Lord feels for all that happens in the world.

In this way, beloved children, it is necessary that you may know how to overcome pain through the Love to the Father and to relieve your own heart and the Heart of the Lord through prayer.

Many complaints already arrive to the Heavens but few are the souls that offer themselves to relieve the Heart of God. And today I come to teach you to transform the probations of life in sweet offers to the Lord.

Each time that you consider how much that you seem to suffer little, you relieve the Heart of the Lord.  

Each time that you thank the Heavens with a smile when you want to cry, you relieve the Heart of the Lord.

Each time that you make yourself available to walk when your feet do not want to continue, you relieve the Heart of the Lord.

Each time that you are capable of saying: “Mary, I am with You!” when you wish to lower your head and your arms, you relieve the Heart of the Lord.

Never forget that by relieving the Heart of the Lord, you take a step further to arrive to His Heart. For this today I encourage you: Relieve the Heart of the Lord.

I will be with you.

Thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Queen of Peace.



Friday, March 1 of 2013

Weekly messages

Blessed are the ones who have thirst for My Son because they will follow the path of salvation.

Blessed are the ones who collect in their hearts the words of the Redeemer because they will reach His Glory.

Blessed are the weak ones because they will be consoled by the love of the Lord of the Universe.

Blessed are the simple ones because they will get to know the mysteries of the Heart of God.

Blessed are the ones who yearn to live the Divine Justice because they will be seen as righteous in the gaze of God.

Blessed are the poor of spirit because they will get to know the true spiritual wealth in the Kingdom of Heavens.

Blessed are the ones who have hunger for the love of the Redeemer because they will soon be satiated.

Blessed are the ones who surrender themselves to the discipleship of the Son of God because they will be called the “elected in the Kingdom of the Father”.

Blessed are the humble of heart because theirs will be the Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven.

Blessed are the righteous ones because they know the mysteries of the Justice of God.

Blessed are the ones who are lonely and who pray for their brothers and sisters because they will have the eternal company of the Messengers of the Father.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because they will accompany the Redeemer in His next coming.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because after everything that happens, the New Aurora will flourish in their hearts and they will see the raising of the new world.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because in them God trusts so that His Plan on Earth may be accomplished.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because the King of the Kings will walk together with them when He steps onto this Sacred Planet.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because My love of Co-redeemer Mother will always protect them.

Blessed may be My Children, the Blessed ones, because the stars wait for them to celebrate the Universal Redemption.

Blessed may be My Children, always Blessed.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

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