The School of humility of the Virgin Mary: The humility to be able to listen

Dear children,

In My school of humility it is essential to be able and learn how to listen to spiritual instruction. For this, the spirit of humility must permeate your consciousnesses so that you learn how to listen to everything which is needful to be heard. If your hearts listen, you will be humble, and in this time you will be able to understand what will allow the transformation to happen.

To find the spirit of humility and of surrender, first you must banish everything that your consciousnesses listen to in themselves. If you do not do this internally, you will never be able to generate the space needed in the consciousness for humility to act and have you be part of the inner transformation.

Dear children, consecration to God is not enough; the Father needs for you to learn to detach from your own forms and modalities, which have made of humanity a civilization without true instruction. For this reason, through the school of humility, you must gradually detach from every inner thought or feeling which opposes the higher action of humility. To achieve this detachment, you must recognize and accept the lack of humility existing in you, thus opening the heart so that it may govern above every mental or intellectual form.

Humility as essence is a powerful tool which allows doors to be opened to the healing of the heart and the deepest wounds, wounds which in most souls are caused by a state of incomprehension, and above all, by a lack of peace.

Every adversity or disappointment generated by the personal consciousness is the reflection of not feeling loved as one believes one should be, and of a lack of closeness to the higher principle of humility.

The school of humility allows the consciousness to recognize itself as it is and to see its difficulties as a possibility for exchanging them for attributes it has never experienced. The lack of humility generates a void in the inner world of beings, which cannot be filled by anything, not even by love. This happens because of permanence or the resistance to some true changes.


In the end, the war and the persecution of humanity will finish when the majority of the men and women of the world repent from the heart and confess to God all of their sins.  Until this happens My Immaculate Heart will not triumph.

For this I lovingly ask all of My children that listen to Me and that answer to My designs to continue to pray, so that peace will not only be reached, but also so that peace will not disappear from the human heart.

Every material war is a consequence of a spiritual and involutionary conflict; every war between humans and between nations is fomented by pride and by power that time and again attempt to defeat the human civilization.

For this, children of Mine, raising My hands to Heaven in sign of prayer and of piety, I implore to each one of you, creatures of the Earth, that you transform your arrogance into love, that you exchange your wrath for peace.  Thus, in little time, the Father will have in His sight enough examples and testimonies for the world to receive a great amnesty and not to self-destroy.

Be one with your Guardian Angels.  Be one single consciousness, a single mind and a single heart in the times that are coming.  In an extraordinary way, the Sacred Hearts are gathered in prayer in the Celestial Universe for all of you and for the whole project of the Earth.

I need, dear children, that you become conscious of what that means for these times of spiritual Armageddon.  May your hearts be very united to Mine so that no force contrary to the Light of God will continue dominating the planetary consciousness.

I ask all of the praying beings of the world for an answer for all of humanity, that must be immediate enough before the Celestial Universe of Your Father.

The great abyss that once was seen by John the Apostle is already being opened.  In truth, dear children, no one could ever interpret well the Book of Revelations.  There has not been any erudite or religious person that has achieved it, and this is so because the symbols reveal themselves as a message by means of the heart.

In face of the lack of truly understanding that these are no longer normal times, but rather Apocalyptic moments, dear children, under the divine authority that has been entrusted to Me through the full state of My Grace, I will be assisting you in interpreting each one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


The School of Humility of the Virgin Mary

Dear children,

Every day I offer you My simple humility for you to incarnate it in your spirits and to be able to find your own interior humility. I give you this impulse so that you may encourage yourselves to discover this attribute of salvation, which nowadays has been very forgotten.

Dear children, during this time of planetary crisis, God needs a greater amount of humble hearts so that the whole Earth may be repopulated with the attributes which must revert all the evils that have been generated by humanity.

Dear children, this is how God will ask the brave ones to become conscious and face all the aspects of the human live, those acting against the evolution of the attributes of the Universal Mother. For this, beloved children, you will have to invoke every day the holy spirit of humility so that it may protect you from yourselves and from all the tests.

My children, finally, it will be through the power of My holy humility, the Humility of God, that your hearts will be able to take such expected steps and thus evil will be removed from this arrogant planet.

Dear children, humanity has disfigured the true mission and conception of this planet. That is why you, as seekers of the holy humility, not only will help the world and yourselves, but also, this will reflect in all of those hearts that have already condemned themselves for lack of humility.

I lovingly encourage you to walk in faith and to persevere.

In My school of humility exist divine Purposes that conduct you towards the goal of inner divestment. Walk towards this task.

I thank you for answering to My call!

From the school of humility, Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The times of purification are promising deep changes for all as long as from now on there may exist enough openness to carry out these changes.

Therefore, Your Heavenly Mother descends to the world to teach you this path, this path of purification, which is so necessary to be fulfilled.  In all this journey you will find the roots that will always deviate the souls from the path of God.

With braveness and joy for living this transformation, dear children, I wish every day for you to learn to walk through this pathway that will lead you to strive to banish the currents which have always led to the great failure of humanity.

As Your Mother who loves you and who longs for the best in each one, I encourage you to discover without fear or suffering everything inside of you which has come to the time to die.  For this you count on the plenitude of My prayers and of My Graces, states that allow to conduct the few flocks of Christ in these times.

Dear children, unite through this moment, I know it is difficult but it is not impossible. Constant renunciation and acceptance will help you to keep yourselves in the path of this so expected transformation. Do not forget that I am with you and that I pray every day so that the 144,000 new apostles of Christ may awaken from this Earthly dream and enter in the true final work.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you under the Light of the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May peace reign in times of purification. May transcendence of all of your beings predominate in times of consecration, always with the help of the Beloved Jesus; He will show you the blessed path for your lives to finally find the internal union with the Kingdom of God.

Dear children, may all the diseased be consoled through the ray of My maternal healing, may the deep wounds of the consciousness be healed through the blessed love delivered to you by My Heart. Blessed are those who suffer for humanity and who help the Plan to be fulfilled in spite of the times of adversity.

Dear children, I am calling the new apostles of My Son to fulfill the part of the Plan of salvation that the Lord needs to accomplish, such as it was with other consciousnesses who sanctified their lives in the past.

Every day, lovingly I come to show you the path to the consecration to God, a deep surrender which will be performed on behalf of all those souls that, having a commitment to Christ, have moved away from the true purpose.

I show you in this hour the sacred path towards the Purpose. I call you to be cooperators of this important Plan of Redemption, which is guided by Christ, Your Lord.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you and heals you spiritually,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the world unconsciously provokes the Wrath of God, the voice of the innocent and of their families is listened by Your God, and the Heart of the Eternal Father trembles when seeing the horrors that the humankind of the surface of the Earth generates.

Nevertheless, the supplications of the just could revert the constant aggressions that the humans generate among themselves in order to obtain power and their own benefit.

God needs the more awake to become conscious of the end of the times that humanity is crossing, and of the lack of preparation and of prayer that exists in the majority of the souls in the world.  This lack of consciousness and of preparation awakens fear and increases the disunion among the creatures.

You Mother who is in Heaven begs for this whole moral and social transgression to end.  She deeply wishes all of the groups of prayer to convert themselves into true islands of salvation for the souls, who must be received by means of the powerful flow of prayer and of peace that must be established in the life of each one of them.

Dear children, the times are degenerating more rapidly than what it seems to, and this is provoked by the bloody horrors that humanity lives today.

Dear children, the sacred life that God gave you is being broken by the hasty actions that are being taken.  If in truth, children, the strength of prayer were not more intense than all that which happens, the whole world would go into its great spiritual and planetary failure.

In order to prevent the consequences of the disasters that humanity itself generates, Your Heavenly Mother comes from the Universe to ask that you live in peace, and that you consider this worldwide situation as having the importance that it deserves.

Dear children, let us pray so that the inner nuclei of all of the groups of prayer may correspond, and in this way revert this current and malefic planetary crisis.

May the inner mercy awake in you, because many souls will have to be tended and sheltered by the prayer and by the heart of each one; thus you will at least open a very small door so that the Light of God may enter a world full of darkness and horrors.

Pray continuously for all those who suffer,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace


When a soul emerges from the Source of God, it is sent as an emanation of a cosmic experience towards some place in the universe. When it finally reaches its thought destination, it begins to evolve as divinity, then as spirit, and finally as soul.

The soul of each being is the expression of that divine life that is gestated in the greater universe, and it is the cosmic experience of this soul that enriches the life of the whole cosmos and that of other consciousnesses, just as Jesus ennobled the universe through His Presence in the world.

The soul that travels through the cosmos from experience to experience always finds something to learn throughout time until it finally cannot avoid passing through the main school of love that is this planet, where the Son of God taught about higher love.

It is because of this that each wayfaring soul of the cosmos reaches this sacred planet to learn about love and carry it back as a testimony of redemption to its greater origins. Every soul that goes through this school comes here to forgive and to learn something; there is no consciousness in this world that should not ask for forgiveness and redemption.

The Consciousness of Your Heavenly Mother brings all from different points of the universe so that the hearts may learn in the school of forgiveness and of love. Centuries may go by, as they already have, but until the soul learns to love as Christ loved, it cannot leave this planet. The Law of love is a precious one, because everything that is impossible to forgive, heal, or transcend becomes possible through the school of this love.

Thus, My children, if any part of your inner or outer being does not manifest love, reconciliation or forgiveness, it is because it has not yet learned to love as God needs it to. An essential key is patience, the science of peace, something which the majority of human beings does not pay attention to.

The lack of peace leads to error, to the excessive impulse of precipitate actions and decisions. But if through the power of prayer the Love of God is invoked, little by little all that wounds within and generates chaos will be healed.

It is the lack of real love that is placing humanity upon a dangerous precipice. It is because of this that the Mother of God is again drawing closer to the world to tell you:


Dear children,

May Peace be in this place and in the heart of all of the beings who invoke the Holy Name of the Creator.

Blessed are the constant and the persevering in the conversion of the heart because they will not lose themselves and they will find God everywhere.  Be joyful, full and holy; may your lives testify the path traveled towards the finding of redemption of these times.

Dear children, today I come to teach you about the path of redemption which is being forgotten by all of the souls, but if you accept this path of transformation and surrender, the Lord, Your God will always shelter you.

You know deeply inside that I am Your Mother and that I love you, as well as I Love humanity eternally.

Dear children, if your lives do not change as God needs, the world will not be able to change.  Your step will be decisive in order for the Divine Will to be able to manifest itself.  It is for this that the Lord, Your Father that is in the Heavens, makes the sincere offer to each child of this planet.  As long as there are wars, conflicts and disagreements, the world will not have Peace. It is for this, children, that before the cycle of Peace ends, I come to ask you for the consecration of your lives to the Perfect Plan of the Most High.

Dear children, as your Mother I come to bring a possible solution for a sick, malign and blind humanity that has lost the true union with the whole universe.  My children, there is still much to do in this world, there is still much to serve and to give so that all can be reversed.

Dear children, if your souls do not do something soon, something that may move the Heart of God so that He may pour out His infinite and powerful Mercy, I will not be able to tell you how everything will end.  This is My call to you: Bear witness to Christ in you in order for My Beloved Son, offended by the horrors of the world, be seen in the hearts who accept redemption.


Dear children,

While peace is so needed in the world, today you are in the Kingdom of Peace.  May this peace, which is indispensable, radiate like a sun to the whole Earth so at least those in most need of peace may find comfort.

Dear children, thanks for being accomplishing the requests of prayer that My Immaculate Heart clamored to you yesterday.   In these times of darkness and lies, I invite you to be My ambassadors of prayer and peace wherever you go, thus My Heart, which is full of Grace and Pity, will hope to pour those gifts in the despairing hearts.

The nonbelievers are now facing their own purification.  I ask you, My beloved ones, to live the prayer for the planet and not only for yourselves.

Many of My soldiers will be keepers of the sorrow that many are living.  Many of My visionaries will be receptacles to calm the suffering that drowns the world, and thus they will share with Your Heavenly Mother the sorrow of the whole humanity.

I invite you to become deeply conscious about the decisive times that humanity is crossing and to which it does not give the minimum importance before the lack of peace in the world.

My dear children, the promise is very big, for this, the effort will have to be bigger so that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the hearts that must enter in the dwelling of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, remain by My side and vivify this moment, such as My Son lived on the Cross for all of you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you towards the Supreme Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The times that are approaching will be different from the times that have already passed.  The creation of the Universe will have its maximum performance during the culminating moment of Armageddon.

Dear children, the Eternal Father will send His Angels to help the planet and the Messengers from the Heights will come to battle against the beast of seven heads.

Children,  the moment is already something else, nothing will be as it has been until now, for this in silence and prayer I have been preparing your consciousnesses so that they may participate in a mission never known before.

Dear children, humanity is submerging day by day and My armies on Earth are no longer bearing the friction of the times.  For this your hearts are worked so that the true task and the important mission of each server may be fulfilled.

Dear children, the time is already setting new events, the way out is found in prayer and in the profound union with My Son.  But the Higher Angels will come to help you when your Heavenly Mother has to take care of the other part of humanity.

Children, the time of the great change and the profound experience with the Higher Universes has already come; this will no longer be distant from all, it will be very close in order to awaken the true science of all things.

While everything is about to happen, vigil united to Me; thus you will not miss the opportunity of growing internally.  The Father needs your sincere act of love.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



I am the Mother of all the peoples, of all the nations, of all the races. Independently of recognition of My children, I will take care of you and will always try to lead you to return to the Heart of God.

I am the Queen of Peace and of all the attributes that lead you to God, because from My maternal womb comes all the beauty and perfection that you must manifest to the creatures in this world.

Turn to Me in order to live the Plan of God, pray with Me for the manifestation of a new world. The Heart of the Celestial Father never loses hope of seeing in His children the manifestation of His perfection and, no matter how injured and insulted by the human actions it may be, the Heart of the Lord is fixed on those who can express what they truly are.

Beloved children, the Mother Earth is about to have a planetary birth labor; She will give birth to a new civilization, renewing those who disposed themselves to be others and to discover truths that are opposite to the reality of humanity. Its contractions will lead the world to shiver inside and outside of the beings, because – before the true principle for life upon the Earth is born – all that is not corresponding to the Plans of God must be purified and expurgated from the planetary body.

My Immaculate Heart awaits to be able to shelter the largest amount of souls possible; because of this I advise you and I speak not only to those who follow Me, but also to the whole world.

Many will awaken late, but a true act of love and compassion might place them in the correct path, so that they may retake their posts in the army of the Lord and may proclaim the thousand years of peace.

My words are symbolic and literal at the same time. Those who meditate on what I say will know how to find the limits of symbolism and reality.

I ask you to not be alarmed and not to be precipitated in your actions, to only take responsibility for all that you know and to fulfill your own mission.

My Immaculate Heart will try to balance the planetary situation in many ways; therefore, do not think that I ask you many things, because all that I place in your paths is for the urgency of the world and you must fulfill all that I ask you.


Dear children,

Listen to the following revelation and request that today from Heaven Your Most Holy Mother comes to make you.

Today listen to the voice of My Heart and not only to the words.   Today listen to the supplication of Your Dear Mother to this humanity.

I profoundly wish, My dear children, that a new humanitarian mission be taken forward by the missionaries of Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  This time the protected destiny of the mission will be the border between Turkey and Syria, to give spiritual and humanitarian help to the children without parents that are living the horror of a war and of an endless exile, that have no house to live and no food to eat.

Now, My beloved children, do you comprehend the sorrow of My Immaculate Heart?

I will also send My servers of Peace in a sacred mission to Hungary, which has become the secondary focus of an endless battle among injured refugees, decimated families and social revolutions because of the non acceptance of immigrants.

The boat of humanity is rapidly swamping and just a few manage to have the consciousness that if something is not rapidly avoided, something surprising may happen with this part of humanity.  For this I am inviting My children so that out of Mercy and Piety you leave aside your important preferences and accompany with your prayers and donations to Your Heavenly Mother and My missionaries of Peace.

Dear children, as it has never happened before, the Middle East has become the most serious point of conflict of the planet and it is the loving work of everyone to stop this war which is destructive of the human dignity.

Dear children, with supplication of Mercy today I come to this Marian Center to call you to a profound reflection of charity and brotherhood.  This mission to Turkey will have as a task the spiritual, prayerful and service treatment of the families in the refugee camps, and in Hungary, the moral and food care, as the health care for the families that come to these countries, thirsty for help and peace after having traveled paths and borders for days.

No one in the Middle East is being saved from this conflict against peace.  My plans through your prayerful hearts will be to help and rescue the greatest number of essences that are suffering all the time.


The great grief of My Immaculate Heart is due to the cruelty and the lack of love that exist among the beings on Earth.

And that, children of Mine, is not due to lack of proof or witnesses of the power of love.  Jesus Christ was and will be the most truthful proof of love that overcame all in order to take the leap to the universal consciousness.

For this, Your Mother of Heaven comes to remind you about the Love of God manifested through His Beloved Son.  Humanity no longer feels the need to love, but to conquer, judge and above all, destroy the spiritual and moral dignity of others.

That increases the sorrow that the Heart of God feels by seeing His children created in full captivity and shipwreck.

But the power of the Love of God transcends all barriers and although in this time there are souls that do not want to love, but to harm and hurt others, Your Mother of Justice holds the scale that is about to break down due to the weight of sin, omission and martyrdom.

This time would come; the majority of humanity chose the pleasures of material life and the ambition for everything, thus, day after day, separated itself from God until replacing Him for the modernities and false gods that it assumed as its own.

The prophecy of John, the Apostle, is fulfilled as it was written but before everything happens your faithfulness to the designs of God will make the difference between walking to Paradise or towards hell on Earth.

Children, sorry for My profound statement because the glass not only overflows but it spills and poisons many hearts.  Now this glass is about to break by the impact of the Angel of the Justice of God.

Help Me! Help Me and pray! The fraternal power of My Immaculate Heart will help humanity.

Thank you for answering to My pleas for peace!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Spokesperson of the Universe


While the Doors to Heaven are opening by the prayers of all of My children, other doors are opening towards the abysms to make the souls get lost.

The doors of the evil are opened by the alliances of the enemies with others consciousness, which changes abruptly the destiny of humanity.

All of the beings of the Earth are responsible for this to happen, but the powerful flow of prayer does not permit these realities to expand through the world.  Prayer, Communion and the Adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ prevent many more souls to compromise with that reality which makes the world lose its spirit of purity.

My Heart clamors every day to all those who pray, to lovingly help Me to close the doors of lie, of superstition, of the false power and of a conquest of the planet that is excessive and petty.

I would like, My dear children, to recognize in each one who prays, the internal flame that, despite the difficult times, must never extinguish.  I wish that from now on, you be My soldiers of peace, that your lives be examples of the teachings of Christ, and that, no longer being the same, you be depositaries of flows of the Redeemer’s Mercy.

If such answer is not given, humanity itself, the race itself, will have to learn and start again, after witnessing its own destruction.  The atomic bomb in those times was the most severe result of the lack of conciseness, love and pity towards humanity.

The crisis in the Middle East, before the eyes of the world, is the most severe situation of annihilation and destruction of the spirit of the families.

Until when will this keep happening?

For that reason I come again to intercede for the world before God.  But this time I come to intercede for the innocents and not for the unjust.  The punishment of God will be great for those who keep modifying the Creation.

The world as a whole does not know the power of the Universe, it does not know the descent of the Law over the Earth.  Before that happens, I come to try to prevent humanity to self-destruct again, which would leave the planet in a different state.

I would like that everyone, without exception of creed, race or nation, could support this celestial call for peace.

I hope you have understood the clamor of My Heart.  The cup is not only exceeding its limit, but now its poison is compromising other nations.


Kneel every day before the altar of God and clamor for Piety and Mercy.  Ask the Lord to awaken humanity from the dream that it lives and to be willing to follow His Celestials Designs, no matter what they are.Son of Mine, Daughter of Mine, listen to the voice of God that speaks directly to your heart, inviting your soul to take a new step and consecrate itself to a superior life.  I ask you to be worthy of living the Project of the Creator, and through your transformation, allow other souls to find a path to Redemption.

Child, if you listen to the voice of Your Celestial Mother, it is because time has arrived to surrender yourself before God.  Wait no longer for the suffering of life to bring an insuperable learning to your spirit so that your soul may realize that it was walking through paths that did not lead to God.

Look, the world around you agonizes and your siblings suffer, day by day, the submission to darkness.  Many are in the bitterness of the wars, with the fear of death and with the impossibility of even having a dignified life according to the laws of the world.  And you, son of Mine, daughter of Mine, I have called to be by My side, and it was not by chance.


In the small sacrifices you will find the solution for the severe problems of the humanity.

Sacrifice is an act of renunciation and at the same time, of liberation of the forms that oppress the consciousness of humanity.  Through the sacrifices, the Universal laws act and what seemed impossible to be reverted changes by the realization of a small sacrifice.

The act of sacrifice must be bathed by the humility of accepting something beyond the capacity of each being.  Fasting is the path that leads you to find the sacrifice which humanity has forgotten to live, in order to repair faults.

Sacrifice is a law of liberation and at the same time it permits us to become aware about gratitude and good.

Dear children, the imbalances of humanity in these times are for the lack of sacrifice, which does not mean omission, severity or punishment.  A great sacrifice that the world could do is to remain in silence so that everyone would understand how out of control, violent and perverted is the human life.

If silence were made, much would be resolved, everything would be healed, the world would be able to dispel the constant noise that inhabits in the consciousness of My children and everything would be reconstructed as in the beginning.

One of the causes of My crying is the lack of silence inside the beings; this separates them from the internal strength, strength which permits you to truly pray, since the absence of silence leads to the lack of peace.

Dear children, My Heart continues to be hurt.  The cup is no longer only full to the top, but now it is overflowing.  From everything that happens in the world today, something must be learned interiorly.

Dear children, I open for you the doors to the Heart of God so that you may enter.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to the Consciousness of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When we reached the fifth sorrowful mystery we saw Our Lady appear, we made the sign of the cross and She showed Herself as Our Lady of Fatima.

Seconds later we began to feel a strong pain in the heart, a deep pain that was invading our whole consciousness, something unexplainable.  Surrounded by angels of light, Our Lady came very close to us and we saw Her face wounded with a cut in each cheek.  Her face expressed a lot of pain and She was crying as if nothing could stop Her constant tears.

After that we saw that the Immaculate Heart of Mary was pierced by a dark thorn that was about three or four inches long.  Her Heart was surrounded by a crown of thorns and it appeared to be very inflamed, bleeding all over.

The Divine Mother was pointing to the wounded Heart with Her right hand and raising Her left hand, blessing us.  In this state of deep sorrow, the Virgin Mary showed us the whole world and She especially took us towards the Middle East.  She showed us the spiritual reality of the refugee camps and She took us to the seas of that region in order to reveal the spiritual and grave situation of the submerged boats of the immigrants.  Her crying did not cease as She was transmitting to us each one of Her words.

Then Our Lady showed us the Celestial Universe and we saw a choir of angels.  Among them stood out, the main one whom Mary called the Angel of the Justice of God.  He was carrying between his hands a spear of burning fire, which he was about to throw towards the Earth.   After that, as She cried, Our Lady made the following revelation and request for all of us:


From a great thorn that pierces My Immaculate Heart, today I feel the sorrow of the world, of the souls that are condemned by the unpunished own hands of the adversary.

I will not be able to explain to you, My children, what is the meaning of the sorrow of humanity, that which is ungrateful to God and especially to all of Creation.  In reality, children, the world is spiritually ill and humanity has lost its innocence and the true love among brothers and sisters.

The innocent are condemned.  Those who claim to be powerful work against the Plan of the Redeemer.  Humanity has condemned itself and condemns My children day by day.


I want to make use of the merciful heart of My children, to mitigate the Justice that rains down over the world.  I ask you to pray with fervor, so that the ray of My Redemption penetrates the world and passes through the heart of those of My little ones who, out of ignorance and vanity, have been taken by the shrewdness of My adversary.

I want to dissipate evil with the emergence of the Absolute Light of God.  I want to dissipate sorrow through the living of the Sovereign Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  I want to expel hatred from the hearts, through the reigning of love in those who, brave in spirit, allow themselves to be transformed, in order to fulfill the Perfect Project of God for this world.

If you want to see the establishment of Peace in the world, be peaceful in your lives.  If you do not want faith to be lost from the heart of humanity, do not lose yourselves the opportunity of praying and strengthening your own faith, in order to take it in essence to the ones in most need.

My children, the world agonizes and humanity, by its actions, harms the Sacred Body of God, which expresses itself in all the Creation.  To repair this suffering that you cause to the Father, I come to deliver to you the sublime knowledge about the cosmos and the infinite, and thus, ennoble the human consciousness and take it out of the darkness in which it lives.  But the majority of humanity encloses itself in the conveniences of the life in this world and refuses to recognize life in other universes.  They prefer to disbelieve My presence rather than to transform themselves in order to enter, in essence and spirit, into the balm of the celestial truth.

Do not become comfortable in the ignorance, because I do not come to deliver to you this universal knowledge only to transform your way of thinking, nor to spread an esoteric thought throughout the world.  Do not confuse the celestial words with human concepts, My beloved ones, because when chaos grows throughout the world and the Divine Justice descends to stop it, only the certainty of the existence of the realities beyond this life and the certainty that everything you live has a superior purpose will strengthen your hearts and will allow you to walk in faith and help those who are letting the flame of the heart be extinguished.


Dear children,

In times of crises, may consolation and reconciliation reign.  May your hearts continue to strive every day to find the peace of the heart.

I am your Mother and I am in every place and moment, contemplating from My Most Pure Heart, each step that you take towards the redemption of life and consciousness.

Dear children, today your hearts are discovering the power that an act of humility has and how it opens the doors so that the souls may reform their lives and thus, the greater purpose may be fulfilled.

You will get to know, on the path of purification, many inner aspects of yourselves.  Some will be conscious and others, you will get to know little by little, because for the Plan of your Celestial Father it is essential that humanity lives redemption of everything through love.  An act of reconciliation is an act that marks the redemption and the conciliation with the Laws of the Heights.

Children, in this way your Heavenly Mother follows your steps through this path towards the holiness which some of you are beginning to traverse.   Remember today the arrival of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph and the pathway that His Heart has opened to the world in the hope that something may truly change.

Read His words and thus you will see the blessed work of the Heavenly Messengers.  In truth, those are the last ones for that humanity that may wish to be spiritually saved.  The humility poured by Saint Joseph will be the master key to cross the end of the times.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In union with the chaste work of Saint Joseph Worker of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In the time that comes I want to invite you to live the spirit of love and of peace, something you must always seek through your prayers and communion with My Beloved Son.

With this purpose I come from Heaven to announce to you that peace is possible on these times, despite the serious condition in which the world is found.

My children, I bring to you the possibility of finding the state of silence such as the peace of heart.  Day by day I want to see you strong and humbler so that you may be able to face such decisive times that will place all of humanity before the judgment of the Divine Law and Justice, something that no one can image how will happen.

But I open the doors of My Heart so that you may be able to feel, in every moment, that you are in My lap, despite the spiritual battles that humanity will face in the last cycle of the final time.

Children, I reveal to you the only path of peace because if you are in My Peace, in spite of all, you will be able to see the Face of My Beloved Son shining in you little hearts.

Children, the time has come to act according to the indications of the Will of God.  As the Mother of all, I know that the majority follow other paths.  For this, day by day I come, through these messages, to guide you and mainly for you to value the Word of God.

If that happens at least in a small part of the humanity, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who takes you to the consciousness of Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.