Saturday, September 8 of 2012

Daily messages

Thank you for answering My call for Peace and for the conversion of the hearts that every day distance themselves from the love of the Creator.

My children, do you really know why you are My dear children?

Because I want to teach you to love above every circumstance.

Because I want to open your Inner Temple to the Glory of God.

Because I want you to open your eyes to the Light of God.

Because I want to erase conflict and lack of Peace in all My children.

Because I want you to pray with Me and to remember how important it is to be united in prayer.

Because I want to recognize your hearts and recognize, as a Mother, the Heart of My Son.

Because I want the souls to be one, as My Son and I are one with God.

You are My dear children because Jesus has trusted Me with your path from the beginning.

Because I want the world to be a Kingdom of Peace.

You are My dear children so that you learn to forgive, reconcile and live in the love of God.

Because I need your sincere answer in prayer as in the communion with Christ.

Because I want to consecrate your lives so that humanity is consecrated.

Because I want you to be humble in life to quench the thirst of those who are alone.

You are My dear children because I want you to live in Peace, because in Peace you will always find light and shelter in the Heart of God.

Because it is necessary to liberate the causes of the past for the light of the new to be born.

Because I want you to be in God.

Because I want you to live as souls and let go of all control.

You are My dear children because I want to reveal the only truth to you, the truth of love, which will allow you to be able to forgive and thus reconcile your hearts.

Dear children, all My intentions are joined together through prayer; it is the path that will lead you to the truth and the life that Jesus represents.

You are My dear children because I love you as hearts and as essences, because God watches the beauty He created in you through the power of His Love.

My children, when you are empty God will fill you with His Eternal Love and your faith will become strong as iron. Nothing will stop your life from being joy, even in the arduous trials.

When you are in God nothing will separate you from Him because Jesus, His Kind Heart and My Maternal Heart will be with you, illuminating your path to eternity.

Open your inner temple to the Great Heart of God and you will be perpetually in trust.

I am here today because you have prayed with Me and this Grace has manifested through My maternal coming to each of your lives.

Be brave and never stop the pulse of love in your hearts.

I am celestially thankful for your inner pilgrimage.

Joy for your day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.