Wednesday, April 6 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

The Juvenile Campaign for Peace expects to embrace as an evolutionary proposal all the young people from Brazil and from the world for them to feel motivated to serve in favor of humanity and for the end of war.

It is therefore that the juvenile campaign for peace, which will be supported by the Association of Mary, will try to answer the demand of the young, of those who need to renew their lives and their habits through service, charity and goodness.

At this moment the young people from Florianópolis are being called to diffuse and expand the work of the Heavenly Mother. Thus, through the Juvenile Campaign for Peace, the young ones will have a space to be able to express their moments of prayer, service and also of art and music as means for elevation and spiritual creativity, based on mutual respect, fraternity and union within the same purpose of peace.

For this, the Association of Mary should be the means that motivates and impulses the search for an ordered, peaceful life, of service and prayer for the planet.

Through art they will search to express the inner beauty of each soul, and prayer and the manifestation of music will be the place of meeting and of peace with humanity.

The Juvenile Campagin of Peace will have its own portal and at the same time will be the disseminator of the meetings of prayer for the young people, and also of all the moments of service and charity towards their fellow beings.

This campaign must aspire to live the importance and urgency of having peace at these times and to radiate it to the whole world as a base, so that in this way My Immaculate Heart may triumph.

This mission has the proposal of helping all the young people to find a spiritual meaning for their lives and their habitual environment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In Campaign for peace and salvation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace