Friday, May 15 of 2015

Monthly messages

The time of universal Justice will come.

Therefore, I come to call the most sinful and imperfect so that, in honor of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, they may receive the last chance to live conversion and redemption, because not one stone will be left on another and no one will be able to prevent it.

Your judgment before the entire heavenly and angelic universe is near, but if my good souls continue to pray from the heart and without obligation or commitment, I promise, before the last hour, to render help to those souls who have stained the Heart of My Eternal Father with their pride and denial.

I will send My Custodian Angels to help you so that, in the most difficult times, when the Earth will be intensely purified, They may guide your steps and the all cenacles of prayer where the Holy Trinity is glorified.

Receive the help you need; My true Church, full of simple apostles, has already fulfilled its part before the Law and the instruction.

None, in this material world, will be able to say that they did not know the Son of God, He who will come among the clouds bringing the scale of Justice and the Scepter against impunity and suffering.

The Son of God will come in the omnipotence of His humility, of His attained humility, and there will be no one who will not see Him coming in celestial splendor and merciful Love.

The sacred scriptures will be fulfilled in a way unknown to the impious and the cruel.

But My sovereignty belongs to the Greater Universe, from which the Glory of God and the Kingdom of His eternity will descend.

Prepare yourselves, repent, and pray with luminous love so that the last shadows of human horror may not touch or influence your hearts.

That who is not humble and meek will not bear it. Therefore, now that you are in time to be able to reverse everything, be intelligent, seek a life of confraternity and purity, thus you will be protected from the interferences of the adversary and from yourselves.

I send you My Peace, and I give you My Peace, there is not anything better to do in this life than to pray and serve.

Accept the time of the apocalypse that you are going through, feel protected by My fatherly Spirit, and do not waste time or space with misunderstandings. No longer be doors of the past, be instruments of My unfathomable and infinite Mercy.

Remember what I am telling you today, these are already My last Instructions and Messages for humanity. Live in faith and come out of the world of despair and disorderly restlessness.

Pray, pray, pray with Me, and be vigilant.

Seek Me in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar and you will be worthy to one day return to My Kingdom of Peace and Love.

Tonight I bless those who would not deserve My blessing, thus you will be able to feel the magnitude of My Love for all of you.

I leave you My Peace. 

Under the Mercy of God be blessed. I thank you for accompanying me.

Your Redeemer, Christ Jesus 


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Jesus arrived here with His splendor as the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His luminous and loving Presence was surrounded by six angels who carried in their hands a Blessed Sacrament that they projected as mirrors of light on our beings.

And there, the Master was working within us, seeing the need of each one of us, of this city and the planet.