This year, the Sacred Week brought together around 900 people in the events hall of the Marian Center of Figueira, with the live broadcast followed by more than 70 countries.

This time, Christ Jesus made His Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Israel, traveling through every place that His Presence made sacred and reactivating the spiritual codes left imprinted in the Holy Land.

And for those who want to drink from this Source of Living Water, all the material shared during the meeting with the Master is now available on this page. Discover!

Words of The Master


“Although God Himself incarnated through His Most Beloved Son,
and then surrendered on the Cross,
even after all these facts and events lived here in Israel,
the current humanity of this surface has lost its Spiritual Purpose.

I come here once again, at the doors of this new Sacred Week,
to announce to the world My Return that is near.”

Christ Jesus, March 22 of 2023

“Therefore, today, enter into My Spiritual Church,
and not only profess your faith in Christ,
but give your spiritual and unique offering which, on the inner planes of Creation,
will define the next steps of the mission of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the planet.
Although it does not seem so, this will prepare the Return of Christ to the world.
For, when I return here physically, I shall find through My apostles,
through My souls, through all My followers, firm pillars of the Plan on the surface,
determined and confirmed souls in the Lord.”

Christ Jesus, March 23 of 2023

“Today, I instruct all, just as I have instructed in the Temple of Jerusalem,
because the Father has asked Me to prepare you and also warn you,
just as I prepared and warned all the people of Israel in those times,
about all that would happen after the Passion and Death of your Master.

Now you are at a similar time.
What will the response of My apostles be?

Ask for the Grace of being consistent with Me,
and the Grace of God will be granted,
even to those who do not deserve it.”

Christ Jesus, March 24 of 2023

“Just as there were different cycles and stages
in other humanities of the planet, so there is the cycle of Armageddon,
which is a stage of purification and transcendence.
There is nothing out of place, but this Armageddon could be more
transient and lighter if souls, that is to say, humanity,
had not committed itself so strongly to the forces of evil.”

Christ Jesus, March 25 of 2023

“Today, I radiate this message to all of humanity, from the Sea of Galilee,
and as I told you the last time, now you must really walk
with faith upon the waters, just as Peter walked,
and now it will be you yourselves who must walk toward Me,
in trust, in strength and faith, so that your deepest fears
may be dissolved forever, just as the apostles dissolved their
inner fears at that time. I Am the Lord of the boat of salvation,
and I receive everyone without conditions or rules,
because it is the Love and Compassion of the Eternal Father that receives you.”

Christ Jesus, March 27 of 2023

“Therefore, today, I carry on My Chest, in the center of My Spiritual Heart,
the Sacred Star of King David, which is the cosmic revelation of the union of God
with humankind and humankind with God, in perfect covenant, harmony and peace.
And in the center of this cosmic and spiritual Sacred Star, the Lord of Israel
carries, in His Heart, the twelve main attributes of the tribes of Israel,
which in these times need to be reconfigured and redeemed through the souls
who need to resume their spiritual and evolutionary path.”

Christ Jesus, March 28 of 2023

“The opportunity is for all hearts without exception.
To be victims of My Love is still an unknown Law,
because it is to live in the essence of the Law of LoveWisdom.
It is to surrender to Me, without complaints or conditions,
for the redemption of all of humanity and of the planet, so that someday
this surface may become a sacred ground in all continents and nations,
so that the Higher Laws may descend and rebuild the ether of the planet,
through an offering of the souls that are victims of My Love.”

Christ Jesus, March 29 of 2023

“I hope you will not come out of this Sacred Week just having heard the Lord.
I hope you will come out of this Sacred Week renewed and blessed,
a little more aware and a little more available; knowing that most
souls incarnated throughout the rest of the world are absolutely
distracted and cannot even perceive My Love.

But you have had the joy of hearing Me and of again meeting Me,
and of receiving directly from Me all the treasures of Heaven.
Oonce again I appeal for souls not to waste these moments
and to be focused and attentive, to read, through My signs
and the signs of time, all that is to come into the world.”

Christ Jesus, March 30 of 2023



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