Friday, March 24 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In truth, in truth I tell you that the one who does not follow, imitate and live the path of My Love, will not be able to overcome the end of these times.

This is why today I leave, at My Feet, the Sacred Relics of the Redeemer, preciously kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, to remind all My followers that this is the path that I offer to you, a single path toward the Love of My Heart.

In these times, if you do not live nor practice Divine Love, even in the smallest and most insignificant things, in truth I tell you that you will not be able to overcome yourselves, and your own resistances and sorrows will make you perish.

But before this happens, and it is no longer anyone’s fault or responsibility, I come to remind you of this sacred attribute of Love, by means of the Sacred Relics that I expose to the world, Relics that I have taken from the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that souls may contemplate the Christic experiences of the Lord and not forget which path it is that I offer to you to mature and internally grow.

As the events take place during these days, the nations and peoples suffer the chaos of these times.

As the climate change advances in a way that is unexpected to all, and impunity subjects many consciousnesses, this race of the surface quickly moves away from the true Love of God.

This is why I bring you this path that I always present to you, time and again, the path of sacrifice and mature love, to live and experience it on behalf of humanity and of the planet, on behalf of the fulfillment of the Project of the Eternal Father, through this civilization of the surface.

This is why you must face situations and lessons that perhaps you have never lived before, so that each lesson lived may allow you to awaken to what is real and true, to the true meaning of living this path toward Christification which I offer to you.

Are you willing to live it for Me?

Today, I must ask you the same, because I know that some inner worlds cannot understand Me, and all that I have offered to you throughout the years must not have been in vain. All has a reason and a purpose unknown to you.

I want you to know very clearly that I call each one of you to live the same path that My apostles of the past lived, but now with an intensity and unfoldment never seen before, a transformation that takes place second by second, through an event that perhaps you have never lived or experienced. This is due to the acceleration of the end of times and to all that humanity must face in this cycle.

This is so because it has been written, since the beginning, that this last race of the surface would live these events of the Armageddon and, through these events, it should learn to grow by means of the lessons learned, without missing the opportunity to grow internally, understanding and loving the Plan beyond themselves, and of helping concretize this Sacred Plan that is still to be fulfilled.

For this reason, and on this new day of the Sacred Week, I place to the inner nuclei the Relics of the Lord, because within them are kept the experiences that I lived on this surface and, above all, the codes that you need to redeem and transcend yourselves, so that you may purify and thus consecrate yourselves, step by step.

Something that souls sometimes do not understand is that consecration is gradual, it does not end in a monastic or civil consecration. Consecration takes place at each stage of your lives, and I might say, up to the last days of your lives. And this continues after this life.

Thus, you will be able to understand that there is still a long path to tread, a long path so that your souls may go through the learnings and lessons of life, so that you may not only be better people, but also more conscious servers, available to the Higher Plan.

Because not only will this consciousness about the Higher Plan make you mature, grow and take responsibility, but you will also learn to sustain this Plan, whatever it takes, and you will not oscillate in the face of any challenge or movement that may be happening first within you.

Do you understand that the Plan must not depend on your inner oscillations?

It is necessary to place the Will of God in the place that it deserves to be in and, from there, fully trust that this Divine Will shall be fulfilled.

This is why, as I have said in many Sacred Weeks, I remind you again that you must not become lost in superficial things, in all that which moves you away from your true Purpose.

If you trust Me, you will become free from yourselves, and the path, which is already written, will be drawn by the Eternal Father Himself and, in this way, the sacred impulse of His Aspiration will be fulfilled at each step.

Today, I bring you these Sacred Relics of the Lord, not only for your souls to contemplate, feel and accept them, but also for your spirits to be strengthened, to mature and take responsibility for this incarnation, and understand that they have a share with Me in this whole Plan of Love and Redemption.

In the meantime, while you still have not taken the definitive step for which I am still waiting in the sacred silence of My Heart, I will be praying for Mine, so that someday, and I hope it will be soon, you may understand that the Plan must be fulfilled and that you have not come to this world by chance, but rather for a Higher Purpose, which the whole universe knows.

Today, I instruct all, just as I have instructed in the Temple of Jerusalem, because the Father has asked Me to prepare you and also warn you, just as I prepared and warned all the people of Israel in those times, about all that would happen after the Passion and Death of your Master.

Now you are at a similar time. What will the response of My apostles be?

I leave this reflection for you, because your Master still has a lot to do in this sacred work of the inner planes, where all begins and where all ends.

Ask for the Grace of being consistent with Me, and the Grace of God will be granted, even to those who do not deserve it.

It is time to mature, before all is unleashed in the world.

I will continue to pray for you and for your brothers and sisters, through My Spiritual Church upon Israel and the planet.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.