Saturday, March 25 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remain serene and calm in these times. There will be no other path, no other answer, in the face of all that you will experience in these end times, but to find within yourselves the path of peacemaking.

In this way you will feel more secure, you will feel more confident and you will get through the challenges of these times, although in most situations and experiences you may not know what to do, because these are unknown times.

This is the time of the planetary Armageddon, something that the civilization on this surface is going through and which it has never had contact with or knowledge of before, but this time had already been written. The Heart of God already knew, just as the Heart of His Beloved Son knew.

Therefore, today, I am here on this new day of the Sacred Week, to continue helping you spiritually to learn to go through the end of these times, all that is unknown within you and outside of you.

Therefore, I ask you not to remain in victimism; not to live in pride or arrogance; may you aspire to find, at every moment of life, the sacred attributes of resignation and faith so that you may learn to go through every lesson that will present itself  in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

To accept all of this, it is necessary to live in retreat. This does not mean isolating oneself from others, but it means living with discernment at every step, appealing to Divine Wisdom so that it may present itself and guide your hearts.

These end times will be the strongest for all, but you should not be afraid of them, you must have faith and trust in Christ.

For this reason, I am here with you and the world to lead My sheep, just as I have tried time and again to lead the sacred people of Israel so that they would never lose sight of the path of consecration, which will lead you to experience transcendence and ascension to enter into communion with the Eternal Father, Adonai.

Therefore, live each experience as something unique, from which you must make a synthesis, and also a response to that which you have lived and what you have learned. Thus, you will not be confused and you will not deceive yourselves, you will have light upon your paths to make wise and correct decisions, to get out of that energy that humanity experiences in this time, that which is impulsive and superficial.

Therefore, you must always be in communion with the Holy Spirit. Invoke Its Presence, invoke Its gifts and everything will be solved.

But do not forget that you are in a time of purification and that the Law of Purification, since 1988, has been active, and that Law still continues to work throughout the planet and this solar universe.

That means, companions, that not only are you living this moment of Armageddon, a concept that souls often misunderstand, because it generates disturbances or even distrust.

Just as there were different cycles and stages in other humanities of the planet, so there is the cycle of Armageddon, which is a stage of purification and transcendence. There is nothing out of place, but this Armageddon could be more transient and lighter if souls, that is to say, humanity, had not committed itself so strongly to the forces of evil.

Now, at this present time, through the cry of the consciousness of the planet and the conflict throughout the nations of the world, you are seeing the result of what you have sowed. And I know that, many, many souls, have nothing to do with this, but do not forget that you are part of a single race and a single Project, and what one consciousness does not do well reverberates in all others. This is also part of one of the Universal Laws, the Law of Cause and Effect.

Therefore, I invite My most awake and available companions, all the pilgrims of the world who have been listening to My Messages for a long time, to reformulate their lives, every day, so that they can be aligned with the Universal and Cosmic Laws, because the Law of Purification will continue to act widely, although this is not a punishment.

The present human race needs to be purified. It could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without purification. It could not contact the higher levels without purification. Remember that your own Master and Lord lived the Law of Purification in the Temple, and that it is something thought of by Adonai, since the ancient people of Israel to the present.

The Message of the Eternal Father has always been interpreted and, through the different generations of humanity, this interpretation of the Message has created confusion and deviations because the experience of the Laws is not something rigid or severe, even the Laws that govern this planet. 

I am not speaking of the human laws that were created by humanity, which place many souls of the world in a process of perdition and captivity; human laws that have generated inequality and the evil spirit of indifference.

This is why I had to incarnate here, in the Holy Land. I had to incarnate in the center of the people of Israel so that the Law of Love would renew all the laws that were already being lived here. And the only way for this to be renewed was the sacrifice and surrender of the Lord on the Cross, and even though this event, so important for the world, took place, before and after the death of Christ, humanity is still walking toward perdition because of its commitment to the retrograde forces of the world.

Yet even those dissociative energies that make the world succumb, that is to say the earthly hells of the planet, already know that their time will be over and that My hour is coming to return to the world, when I will reconstitute all the Universal Laws through the implantation of My Spiritual Government in humanity. That Spiritual Government that the people of Israel subtly felt in the moments of preaching and also at the moments of inexplicable miracles, which the Father Saint Michael the Archangel Himself granted to souls through Christ.

But now, when I return, I will come with the revelation of the Son of God. I will come to show My true Face, that Face that some of My apostles came to know at the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, an opportunity that you will receive here in Israel, to come to know Mount Tabor and to make inner contact with the Law of Divine Transfiguration.

Before this happens, before this impulse is also received by humanity through all the Work that Your Lord is doing in Israel and in the Middle East, I would request that you ask yourselves whether or not you are ready to make contact with the Law of Transfiguration, and not resist or be afraid that your non-evolutionary aspects might be released. 

The contact with the degrees of love, for those who decide to live them and who have them as a rule and as a determination, represents for the incarnated souls on the present surface of this world to also detach themselves from the corrupt codes of evil, that is, from what the world calls capital sins.

Therefore, you must be well aware of what you will experience and, above all, where you will pass through, just as Mount Tabor is, so that when you go through that experience you will remember it and take responsibility for what you are doing. 

Thus, at this very moment, in these first days that you have been with Me in Israel, strong cosmic impulses have been presented, inexplicable crossings of universal currents have occurred, and this has intercepted from your spirits to your material bodies, because it is something unique that you are experiencing on behalf of all your brothers and sisters.

Therefore, you must keep faith and conscious prayer always present in mind to sustain this moment and all that will come.

In the same way, this will reverberate, in this Sacred Week, in the inner worlds of the rest of your brothers and sisters, because the Presence of the Lord of Israel in the Holy Land is unique.

Think for a moment that, after My Ascension, how I have never returned here. And this Sacred Week in Israel is the bridge between the past and the future of the Christic Life that your Lord lived here. This bridge is an impulse for the new that will come and will forge, in souls, a definition.

In the meantime, keep trusting in Me, following the Footsteps of the Master, the inner Footprints of the Light, and all will be well.

And although I know that a part of your consciousness and the consciousnesses of your brothers and sisters do not at all understand what this means to be here in Israel, keep united to My Merciful Heart so that you will always be blessed and protected, and every impulse that you receive in the Holy Land is not only for you, but also for the whole world that needs it so much.

Let us continue walking through this Sacred Week, preparing your hearts and the Heart of the Master for Holy Thursday, a time when, once again, the souls of the world will be able to imitate the Lord in His surrender, but also in His true and sincere offering for others, reviving the institution of the Eucharist, the Christic legacy of Love and Redemption, as a preamble before entering the Garden of Gethsemane, where once again the chalices of sacrifice will be offered to hearts.

Who will drink of it without fear?

My Graces are for all. My call is for all. 

The consequent answer depends on My apostles so that My Plan can be concretized in this time of planetary transition.

Once again, I bless these elements that will be offered as Spiritual Communion, just as I bless each of your lives.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.