Tuesday, March 28 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Son of God allowed himself to die on the Cross so that the Tree of Life could be born, and the twelve tribes of Israel, today spread throughout the four corners of the planet, could recover the primordial attributes of the Sacred Project of God.

After the surrender of Christ on the Cross, after having been pierced through His Side and having shed Water and Blood for souls, after having shed His Precious Blood at each step of Calvary, even now at this present time of humanity it is necessary to correct the race of the surface. For, through these definitive and chaotic times, the ancient people of Israel, through their twelve tribes, have lost the spiritual values that formed and constituted them as a sacred original people.

Therefore, today, I carry on My Chest, in the center of My Spiritual Heart, the Sacred Star of King David, which is the cosmic revelation of the union of God with humankind and humankind with God, in perfect covenant, harmony and peace. And in the center of this cosmic and spiritual Sacred Star, the Lord of Israel carries, in His Heart, the twelve main attributes of the tribes of Israel, which in these times need to be reconfigured and redeemed through the souls who need to resume their spiritual and evolutionary path.

Therefore, today, once again, the Lord of Israel presents Himself to you and the whole world to rebuild all things that are lost, to redeem the souls that are distant from God, to renew the spiritual matrix of this Genetic Project, a Project once thought of by the Eternal Father through the Elohim. 

A Project that, as you know, began in Genesis and that, from Genesis to the present, after so many mistakes and events experienced by different human civilizations, at this present time, the hour has come, the moment has arrived, for this Original Project be reconfigured and redeemed, through the sincere conversion of hearts to the Purest Source of the Love-Wisdom of Christ.

Therefore, today, from the skies of Israel and through My Spiritual Church, the Lord again consecrates the world, the Lord reopens the door of redemption for the souls who need it and, before the Law of Divine and Universal Justice, the angels and hosts that accompany Me today over Israel, from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee, these angels of God, blessed tireless servants of the Eternal Father, write in their books of Light this moment of synthesis that all the inner worlds of the planet are experiencing before the Lord of Israel.

Inner worlds that are called to experience a synthesis through three attributes: the attribute of redemption, the attribute of reconciliation and the attribute of consecration; internal schools that are, at this hour, offered for the last time so that souls may learn to take the safe step toward My Heart, so that the cosmic matrix that constituted this Genetic Project on the surface may be renewed by the Lord of the Tree of Life, and the fruits of redemption and the virtues of good souls may be offered to the Thrones of the Eternal Father so that the punishment that the world should receive, due to the action of pride, indifference and cruelty, may be stopped.

But, today, souls in the inner worlds of My Spiritual Church, from the sacred sky of Israel, have the Grace and the last opportunity to experience their spiritual judgment before the time and hour of the Return of Christ.

Because just as the twelve tribes of Israel were called to recognize and worship the living God through the Ark of the Holy Covenant, thus, the Lord of the Tree of Life will summon and call the souls of the four corners of the Earth to the top of the sacred mountain of this world to live the great moment that was announced by Me; where Mercy will separate the wheat from the chaff so that this planet and this Project may start from scratch, carrying in its essence the lessons learned, but also the moments shared with the Lord.

Today, the last twelve tribes of the planet, emanations of the main tribes of Israel, through their sacred insignia, through the sacred symbols that identify and recognize each of the tribes, symbols reflected in the center of My Heart, in the Center of the Sacred Cosmic and Universal Star, have, as humanity, the Grace to resume the path toward the House of the Celestial Father, to offer itself unconditionally so that this Human Project may continue forward and not be discarded, but rather be rescuable and give continuity to what has not yet been fulfilled or experienced.

For this reason, I died on the Cross. This is part of one of My great spiritual mysteries: that the Lord of the Tree of Life allowed himself to die on the Cross so that the Project and the matrix of this humanity would resurrect on the third day and, from that moment on, everything would be renewed and redeemed.

And although the world in these times is full of errors, injustice and indifference; the Lord of Israel avails Himself of the good and devout souls, the souls who recognize the Eternal Father through His Beloved Son in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, as in the hidden essence of the Sacraments.

Therein lie the keys that you need for the world to begin anew. The Legacy left to you by your Master and Lord was not in vain. This Legacy and this inexplicable and inextinguishable Grace are perpetuated through souls who live and accept the Sacraments.

Today, I ask the whole world and especially the awakened souls to contemplate the Sacred Star in the Heart Center of the Lord, see within it the twelve attributes of the tribes of Israel, and recognize at this moment the sacred cosmic impulse which I bring to you so that your origins may be reconfigured and you may receive through My spiritual impulse the Grace to begin anew as a more just and fraternal, equitable and peaceful humanity that is in communion with the Higher Laws in order to be in communion with the Heavens. 

Thus, I make you recognize the value of your inner cross, just as the Lord of Israel, who, at each step of Calvary, recognized the Cross of sins and did not complain at any time, but rather kissed it, embraced it and accepted it as the Cross itself. 

Thus, at this hour, I invite you to accept the cross that does not belong to you, this heavy planetary cross that very few want to carry, out of fear, ignorance or indifference.

But if you trust in Me, I assure you that you will know how to carry that cross silently and anonymously, for you will never be heroes in the Eyes of God, but selfless servants on the surface of the planet who find your spiritual and inner strength in the Wounds of Christ and, especially, in the Wound of His Side, tireless tributary of the Cosmic Mercy, Rays of Water and Blood that justify and consecrate souls. Rays of Grace that are once again given to the world at this hour, so that the Genetic Project of this ancient human civilization may be considered again by the Lords of the Law, those Sacred Consciousnesses that are the Law in Themselves, and that guard and safeguard, with love, the Principles of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, it is time for you to contemplate the descent of the Higher Laws, for at an unexpected moment these Laws will stop so that they may give way to the Return of Christ, the Lord of Israel, and so, I may again meet with Mine.

I leave this Message as a sacred teaching of Mercy, Love and Forgiveness. 

I leave this Message to the brave hearts, for I not only offer Myself as the Tree of Life so that, through Me, you will bear fruit in abundance, but I also offer Myself as a Bridge of Celestial Light for souls to cross, despite the planetary abysses and, thus, enter the new Higher Consciousness that will be revealed by the Eternal Father, through the Return of His Son.

We still have time to recover everything, we are still in time for Mercy. 

Today, from the Sacred Mount Calvary where, in the spiritual planes, the Star of union between humanity and God is lit and illuminated; on this Mount from which the Christ Consciousness expands, through the presence of the Holy Cross of the Redeemer, I bless, in the name of Israel, all the crosses that you have brought to Me, so that they may be a symbol of strength within souls, of the love of sacrifice and of a resigned service for Christ, so that the Comforting Love may triumph in you and in the whole world.

May the cross not be a symbol of fear. May the cross be the symbol of transcendence and love, of overcoming yourselves in these end times.

May Israel and the world be praised!

May souls awaken to this Grace that I have brought you today so that everything may be renewed and reconsecrated, so as to prepare hearts for the Thousand Years of Peace.

On this new day of the Sacred Week, I thank you for being with Me in honesty and, above all, for being with Me from the heart.

May God always grant you His Peace through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.