Monday, March 27 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You have finally arrived here, at My sacred Sea of Galilee, where My public life began with you, where the Redeemer stepped with His Feet upon this sacred land, to call His friends by their names.

This is the Sea that mirrors the Love of God, the Love of Adonai for all His Creatures.

Here, I came to seek those who loved Me. I came to call those who were seeking Me, and I gathered all of them in the name of Adonai so that, through the Sea of Galilee, the Fishers of souls and hearts might begin His Work of Mercy and Redemption in the world, preparing the apostles to give continuity to My Message and My Word.

Today, you are upon this Sea of Galilee, being welcomed by the Love of God, by His Great Cosmic Consciousness, by the same Consciousness of Universal Love that brought the Redeemer to Earth. The Redeemer Who was the announcement of the prophets, the One who was loved by the holy women. The One who was sought by the multitudes and peoples so that He might relieve suffering, disease and human misery.

As this Sea of Galilee, God presented to Me, for the first time, the sacrifice that I would live for the whole world. That was the first initiation of My Heart in the face of this material world.

It was here where everything began for your Master, because a good Master always needs His disciples, just as His disciples need their Master.

Here at the Sea of Galilee lies the history of My offering for humanity, for the salvation of this Human Project.

Here, through this sea, the Presence of God and His Supreme Will for His Creatures is present. This is the great mirror of all His Universal Laws. This is the ocean of God’s Compassion for His Children, through the sacrifice of the Lord, Christ Jesus.

Now, for an instant, remember what you lived with Me here, in Galilee, in Capharnaum, even at the Jordan River, where the baptism through the Holy Spirit was announced.

How many souls present in these times followed the footprints of the Lord, just because they wanted to touch His tunic for a moment, to be healed by Christ!

How many aspired to be touched by the Lord, in the laying on of His humble Hands, in the descent of the Supreme Energy, for the liberation of human slavery!

How many walked from different regions and places to listen to Me, to recognize in themselves the Presence of God!

How much I have lived here for you and with you!

How many times, beside this sea, in the silence of the Lord, have I been able to contemplate the Father through nature and thus recognize His Will for souls!

This is the Sea of God’s Consciousness. He chose this humble place for the whole world, a space that would spiritually become complete through the Passion and Death of your Lord in Jerusalem.

You are here on this day, before the codes of life, a worthy, evolutive and supreme life.

You are before one of the inner spaces of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which holds the most important experiences of the public life of Jesus, for the redemption of all the human race.

And today, you, on behalf of your brothers and sisters of the world, just like the apostles of the past and so many multitudes that followed Me, are upon My boat. The boat of salvation, which I offer to the world once again so that Divine Justice does not descend. So that the Mercy of God, Divine Mercy, which renews all things, may descend, just as it descends upon this sea.

For this reason, I Am here with you and for you, as you once again hear the Master at the Sea of Galilee, again contemplating His gaze of unconditional service, being able to feel His Merciful Heart beating in love and in ardent aspiration for souls, for which I Am thirsty.

In this Peace, which embraces you from God’s Consciousness, renew your inner vows in this Sacred Week and feel that you are participating with Me in this great moment in Israel. Live it on behalf of all of humanity and the planet so that suffering and human misery may be transcended, so that the Mercy of the Redeemer may triumph in souls again throughout these days, for all those who seek My Peace.

Today, I leave this moment with you registered so that in the times to come, before my awaited Return to the world, I may contemplate this moment again when I need to, just as I contemplate each moment shared with My apostles and the multitudes that would come to listen to the Lord of Israel.

This is very special to Me, and I know that you will not understand this. Although it may not seem to be so, from this sacred moment lived with Mine, with each one of your hearts, the Lord extracts the inner strength He needs to go forward in this Work of salvation and redemption for the world.

Today, I radiate this message to all of humanity, from the Sea of Galilee, and as I told you the last time, now you must really walk with faith upon the waters, just as Peter walked, and now it will be you yourselves who must walk toward Me, in trust, in strength and faith, so that your deepest fears may be dissolved forever, just as the apostles dissolved their inner fears at that time.

I Am the Lord of the boat of salvation, and I receive everyone without conditions or rules, because it is the Love and Compassion of the Eternal Father that receives you.

And, through this day, at the Sea of Galilee, I once again bless and give you My Peace, the Peace that must comfort the world, the Peace that must strengthen souls in these times of transition, the Peace that must make you feel that you are with Me and I Am with you, in trust and faith, in love and hope.

Thus, I open the doors of My Spiritual and Celestial Church so that, through the Sea of Galilee, your hearts may again be blessed and receive My Body and My Blood as the last definitive covenant with your Lord and Redeemer.

Celebrate this moment, just as your Master and Lord celebrates it, in deep spiritual and divine joy for the redemption of humanity, for the establishment of peace, for the descent of the Celestial Kingdom upon this planet.


Beloved Sea of God,
deep ocean of Divine Mercy,
perpetual expression of God’s Compassion,
faithful witness of the redemption and conversion of souls.

O, sacred Sea of Galilee!,
reflection of the Presence of the One God,
radiate your Christic codes of life,
offered out of love at each step lived by the Master,
gather in this ocean all those who are thirsty for you.

O, sacred Sea of Galilee!,
reflection of God’s Hope,
make all souls of the world reborn,
close the wounds of suffering and mistakes,
grant Me the Grace of purifying Mine with this water,
to again baptize them 
in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sacred Sea of Galilee,
make souls find
My Eternal Presence of Love.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

So be it.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.