Wednesday, March 29 of 2023

Sacred Week

If in truth all of humanity knew the real Love of God, I assure you that neither suffering nor any reason for perdition would exist.

This is why I have today begun with a deep inner silence, so that the souls that respond to Me and are awakened may feel the same that is felt by the Lord of Israel, Who is here once again with you, and for all your brothers and sisters of the whole world, to bless you through My Spirit and encourage you on the path of apostleship.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this path that I offer to you there are challenges, and also dangers. But if you are united to Me in trust, what will you fear? Aren’t I here, and Aren’t I your Master? The One who knows you from within, not only from this moment, but also from other moments.

I know that this seems to be an unattainable challenge, but in these final times, I imperiously need to prepare My spiritual bases through souls so that My Return may take place first in hearts, and then My Return to the world may be concretized the way it was thought of by the Eternal Father, through the expression of His Sacred Laws and Universal Currents, which will collaborate and prepare the planetary scenario for that moment.

This is why we are at a moment of planetary transition, when many souls and consciousnesses seem to not find a way out or even an explanation for what is happening in their lives. But all has an answer and, although it may not seem so, all makes sense.

Souls have forgotten to commune with the Higher Laws. For this reason, there is planetary imbalance and disharmony, because since the basic Laws of the Commandments were revealed to Moses in the Sacred Mount of the desert of Sinai, the Lord of the Universe has wanted to teach His Creatures, His smallest Creatures of this material universe, what is the path and direction to follow so that the different peoples and cultures may not go astray in all that is superficial and petty.

These Laws of the Commandments were not attended because they were not accepted nor recognized, and now the Lord of the Universe and your hearts contemplate the grave current planetary situation on the surface, and this cross of the final times is heavier than the one I carried.

This is why I offer, in these final times, for souls to spiritually offer themselves to be victims of My Love, an experience that is complex to understand, because it is not a mental experience, but rather a spiritual experience, deeply silent, anonymous and imperceptible.

This is what I come to seek, by means of these last Apparitions of Christ: to not only prepare hearts and souls for My awaited Return to the world, which is near, not only prepare humanity for the day of the Great Final Judgment, which will not be the way you believe, or people say it will be. I also come to the world through these Messages, My last preparatory Messages, to ask for hearts to be postulants to be victims of My Love. A real living experience, which was part of the life of many saints and blessed ones who have incarnated in this world since the year 0 A.D. up to the present.

How many blessed ones and victims of My Love have gradually awakened and manifested themselves throughout the times and generations!

How much have these souls painfully lived for Me! Not to reflect their own self-portraying as a victim, but rather to surrender, by means of silence and anonymity, to live the Sacred Pains of the Lord, which I need to dissolve forever from My Heart in these times.

The opportunity is for all hearts without exception. To be victims of My Love is still an unknown Law, because it is to live in the essence of the Law of Love-Wisdom. It is to surrender to Me, without complaints or conditions, for the redemption of all of humanity and of the planet, so that someday this surface may become a sacred ground in all continents and nations, so that the Higher Laws may descend and rebuild the ether of the planet, through an offering of the souls that are victims of My Love.

All that which I am saying and presenting to you today is not a piece of poetry nor is it anything emotional. Your Master and Lord alone can accept and confirm the souls that offer to be victims of My Love, because this means and represents, for these final times, not only a mature and perpetual commitment, but also, for the souls incarnated on the surface of the planet, it also represents that they accept to consciously live their own self-divestment and absolute void of personal ideas or personal and worldly preferences, and accept to constantly live their purification under the powerful Law of the Grace of the Lord, without seeking any trait as a protagonist, and by accepting to work and secretly serve in constant prayer.  

May this aspiration touch the hearts of My companions, because I still do not have many victims of My Love, I only have many souls that adore Me and love Me.

But this step of the souls that can be postulants to be victims of My Love will represent, in these final times, something unique and never seen before, because it might change the trends of this humanity forever.

The first victims of My Love were the apostles, who were called by their names on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Today, in a similar and not so symbolic way, your souls are on the shores of this Sacred Sea of Galilee, to hear the inner call of the Redeemer and so that your brothers and sisters of the whole world may also hear it, resounding like a deep echo in the consciousness of this Sea, which offers itself, through the Mother of the World, as an immaculate and pure womb for the purification of your lives and for your great moment of final consecration.

Today, I leave to you this inner Message that comes from My Heart, while you once again see My austere, simple and humble Boat pass upon the waters of this sea, seeking to call souls to fulfill My Aspiration, God’s Aspiration through His Divine Son.

This is why once again, on the shores of the Sacred Sea of Galilee, and for the last time in these final times, souls again hear My Call, a call that resounds through Love, Life and My Path, the path offered to the New Christs.

Thus, in My Hands, I today carry the Book of Life, this book formed by the Sublime Consciousness of God, because the Eternal Father hopes to write this moment through His Son, and silently and secretly waits for the offering of hearts.


Once again, you, Sacred Sea of Galilee,
consciousness that reflects
the promising hope for the whole world,
that holds in your deep silence
the Pain of your Master and Lord,
offer yourself again in unconditional service for souls,
and, on this day of Hallelujah,
may souls be purified again
by the Sacred Science of the Sacraments. 

O Sacred Sea of Galilee,
you, who offer yourself in silence and selflessness,
who are a witness of the Footprints of Christ
and have many times contemplated the love lived
by My companions,
be a witness again of this sacred moment with Christ Jesus,
so that hearts may receive the liberation they need
and an ever more conscious awakening
to greater service, for one goal:
the triumph of My Redeeming Love.

So be it.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.