Thursday, March 30 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this day of the Lord’s Resurrection, the Eternal Father grants His Son the Grace of nourishing the spiritual life of each being with the codes attained by the Lord in every deed and at every step taken in this world. 

This is an unknown Grace, through which souls can come to drink from My Fountain, a Spiritual Fountain open today through the light and power of the Five Precious Wounds of Jesus.

So that this Fountain of opportunities may descend upon the world, the elements and Kingdoms of Nature, created in the image and likeness of God, share this moment today, and accompany the sacred inner task of the Redeemer; completing, on this eighth day of the Holy Week, a series of specific spiritual impulses, which, in the coming months, will lead souls to make their final decision to opt or not to be part of the New Earth, knowing that, on the surface of this planet, the followers and disciples of Christ will still have to undergo many experiences which ennoble the spirit and the consciousness, which awaken within you the sacred love for sacrifice.

For in this way, your lives will be complete, not through that which the illusion of the world offers, nor by living your mundane and retrograde experiences. Your lives will be complete through inner life, by becoming aware at this time of the importance of responding to the inner call that each of you can experience.

A call that has already touched many hearts throughout time, through generations or civilizations that have passed through this surface to learn something, and not leave this world and this experience on the planet empty-handed, but with the heart filled with God, with the life lessons that He provides so that you can grow inwardly.

This is why today this Sea of Galilee makes its waves resound within this environment so that souls, and especially the inner worlds of the planet, may know that the Lord of the Universe, the Son of God, is delivering His final and definitive Call on this last day of the Sacred Week, when souls that will have the Grace of receiving the Sacraments will again be blessed by My Spirit, just as the Body of the Lord in the Sepulchre was blessed by the angels of God, in eternal vigil and prayer, just as the Holy Body of Christ was anointed by the hands of the holy and humble women.

By this merit achieved by the holy women of Jerusalem, today I come to repay the world, through the blessing of My Spirit and the Grace of being blessed by Myself, so that your lives may be redefined in these times of interference and persecution.

May your lives become defined by Christ and for Christ, knowing that there is a perfect Plan that was already written before your existence, so that this Plan may be fulfilled through you and your brothers and sisters of the world.

Could it be that, on this eighth day of the Sacred Week in Israel, you have allowed your souls to know if they are fulfilling the Will of God?  

What has been the path travelled up to the present?

And on this path, what is the result for you?

Will My Words remain? 

Will heaven and Earth pass away? 

Where will all that I have given you in these eight days be kept?  

And where is everything stored that I have given you from 2013 up to now?

I do not want you to condemn not to justify yourselves. Through a mature Christic consciousness, observe the results, contemplate the successful deeds and learn from the errors. Thus, you will realize by yourselves how close to Me you have come along the way, and whether you have truly succeeded in following My firm and decisive Steps toward the goal of concretizing the Creator’s Plan.  

But in truth I tell you not to feel alone because all are called to live this Plan, those who are in Heaven and those who are on Earth, those who are present on the surface and those who are present in the Cosmos. Each one is within this school, through your surrender to Christ, because it is this surrender that will allow you to realize how far you have come.  

From this synthesis and reflection will emerge the answer that the universe needs at this moment of planetary transition; for this answer, which must be born from your hearts and not from your minds, will determine the next steps of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  

I hope you will not come out of this Sacred Week just having heard the Lord. I hope you will come out of this Sacred Week renewed and blessed, a little more aware and a little more available; knowing that  most souls incarnated throughout the rest of the world are absolutely distracted and cannot even perceive My Love.

But you have had the joy of hearing Me and of again meeting Me, and of receiving directly from Me all the treasures of Heaven. Oonce again I appeal for souls not to waste these moments and to be focused and attentive, to read, through My signs and the signs of time, all that is to come into the world.

In a spirit of rejoicing and joy, the Lord of Israel completes His task, having reached the maximum goals foreseen and the results expected by the Creator.

I hope this is not the last time that the Voice of the Master is heard from Israel and from other places in the world, for the Voice of the Lord resounds in the desert, just as His Voice echoes throughout the universe.

I am grateful for the courage of those who have followed Me this far and for the love that some hearts have expressed to Me. This only strengthens your trust in Me, for I have the power over you to change your lives, just as I have the power to change the elements.

Do not forget that I am the Lord God of the Universe, the inexhaustible expression of Love-Wisdom, which always aspires and hopes to dwell in the human heart.

Lord God, 
bless Your people of Israel, 
today spread across the surface of this planet.
Do not look upon Your holy people with Justice, 
but rather with Mercy.

Through the Heart
of Your Most Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, 
may the doors of Your Grace,
Your Mercy and Your Forgiveness open,
so that Your Heart, through good souls,
may be repaired.

Oh, Lord God of the Universe, 
Supreme Consciousness of Love and Life, 
make the Rays of Your Heart descend through Your Son upon the surface of this world 
and permeate with Your Code of Love 
all impossible causes 
so that, once again, 
all may be renewed in glory to You, the Creator.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.