Thursday, March 23 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Come here, by My side, and accompany Me to My Celestial Church, which is exposed today above Israel, in the highest dome of this universe, where souls can perceive and feel the doors of God’s Love open for the whole world, even though this humanity has not yet fulfilled the Project.

My Spiritual and Celestial Church today is exposed to the world on the inner planes; so that, at the Greater Altar of the Lord, on this second day of the Sacred Week, souls May make their offering to the Creator.

I do not need goods nor fruits, I do not need bread nor wine; I need you, that which each one of you can truly offer Me in this Sacred Week.

For this is the most emblematic Sacred  Week of all, for the Lord of Israel is in His land and, together with all His followers, disciples and apostles, He performs His great spiritual and planetary task for the good of humanity and for the planet, for the end of darkness in this world, for the end of the perdition of good souls.

Therefore, there is no other way, nor is there any other response for the Lord of Israel than to return to His Sacred Land, where His Precious Blood was shed at each step of the way to Calvary; where the Love of God, through His Son, was irradiated, shared and given to His people, at every moment shared in this place and within the consciousness of Israel.

Therefore, today I bring you My Spiritual Church, that Immaterial and Divine Church founded on the pillars of loyalty, truth, transparency and love, pillars which are governed its greater center by the Will of the Eternal Father.

Therefore, make an inner pilgrimage to My Spiritual Church this Sacred Week. Let your spirits fly high, just as the birds fly in the skies. Thus, you will lose your ties, you will be freed from the sufferings and agonies, and through Christic Love, which I bring for all today on the solemnity of this Sacred Week, you will be renewed within and outside.

Therefore, once again, I invite you to trust in Me and to follow the signs that I indicate to you in this sacred pilgrimage through Israel, allowing the human mind to be expanded by the Divine Mind, allowing the heart to deepen into the degrees of love through Divine Love. Just as, at this moment, your Master and Lord solemnly feels joy, bliss and happiness for being back in Israel after 2,000 years, now carrying forward a Universal Mission through the souls who are now With Me in Israel. Souls that represent many more souls in the whole world, in the five continents, that represent the peoples, ethnicities and cultures that are part of this sacred Project of God that is renewed in this Sacred Week, through My Transfiguring Christic Code.

Therefore, I place you before My Spiritual Church, to contemplate, for a moment, the merits achieved by your Master and Lord in the Holy Land, merits that the Eternal Father already knows deeply.

In humility and service, I open the doors of My Spiritual Church for your Guardian Angels to raise the offertory to the High Altar of the Lord, where the angels will deposit your inner offering.

This will mean something important to the Creator, because although mankind is going through the end times and the height of Armageddon, miraculously there are souls who are called by Me to bear witness to My Presence and My Word, through the Christification of hearts. For this reason, today I am here in a special way, and I have waited for this moment for a long time.

Imagine, for a moment, how long it took for this to happen. After the first impulse emitted by Me in the Holy Land for this group of souls, more than ten years ago, all of you, on the inner planes, were prepared for this moment with Me, just as your brothers and sisters of the Work were prepared. Everything was already written and everything was already thought of.

Therefore, today, enter into My Spiritual Church, and not only profess your faith in Christ, but give your spiritual and unique offering which, on the inner planes of Creation, will define the next steps of the mission of the Spiritual Hierarchy on the planet. 

Although it does not seem so, this will prepare the Return of Christ to the world. For, when I return here physically, I shall find through My apostles, through My souls, through all My followers, firm pillars of the Plan on the surface, determined and confirmed souls in the Lord.

May you continue to take steps toward Christ, just as your Master and Lord took the steps at every moment with the Cross. This will inexplicably grant the world that the perpetual merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be given to the souls most in need of God’s Love, and that this may grant the nations of the world a spiritual atonement that will justify the horrors of war and conflict, that will make amends for the tragedy and trauma that many hearts have experienced and that may grant a new opportunity to the whole world.

All this, I repeat, will depend on your internal offer. A consistent response from humanity is necessary. Thus, the Law will feel that you are not indifferent to what I ask of you. Thus, the Sacred Law of Universal Love will intercede, act, and signal to the race of the surface the next steps in the spiritual and physical reconstruction of this planet. When this happens, it will help the soul of the planet and, beyond the planet, it will relieve the rest of the universe from all these energies of dissociation that the humanity of this time is experiencing.

Therefore, this is the great moment, for each one of you to strengthen your faith and love the knowledge that I have given you in these recent years, without losing sight of all that I have said to you, so that you may accelerate your process of redemption and consciously enter into your path of consecration.

On these days of the Sacred Week, I will leave My Spiritual Church levitating in the inner spaces of the planet. 

Remember that within My Spiritual Church is kept the Ark of the Holy Covenant and that, at each moment of prayer or in every daily task, during this Sacred Week you must remember this spiritual expression of Christ, which will be like a Great Teraphim of the Divine Source, which will intercede in this world and for humanity, just as the sacred consciousness of the Star of Bethlehem blessed the entire world and transmuted it for three days prior to the Birth of Christ.

Therefore, do not waste this impulse that I bring to you.

May your prayers be elevated to My Spiritual and Celestial Church. 

May your sacred songs rise to My Spiritual Church so that the angels, who keep My Spiritual Church, may pour out the codes that you reach through your love for Me, so that, in this world and on its surface, sociedty may be more just and fraternal, and indifference and impunity may be eradicated from the human consciousness, so that the Universal Laws may intervene at this moment.

My Spiritual Church, which will be suspended on the inner planes of the world during this Sacred Week, represents wisdom, justice and will, three important attributes that humanity needs in the next stage.

Pray, so that this Spiritual Church may radiate its principles, attributes and codes. And know that all those who with love and reverence join My Spiritual Church anywhere in the world, their souls will be strengthened with special codes for these times through the attribute of spiritual resistance, through the attribute of ardent vigilance and through the attribute of obedient love, hidden pillars that Christ reached on the Cross to defeat the adversary.

Celebrate this moment with love and joy. You are with the Lord of Israel, in Israel.

May the Sacred Six-pointed Star be ignited in your hearts and minds, and may this divine alliance with My Heart be sealed through the presence of My Consoling Love.

Once again, I bless you so that you may follow the steps in this Sacred Week, the steps toward a new stage and a new time, toward a new cycle of confirmation.

I thank you for being with me here in the Holy Land.

Brave will be those who learn to overcome the abysses.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.