Wednesday, March 22 of 2023

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the past, I found Myself in old Jerusalem, for which I cried when I foresaw its destruction. It was the real, yet also inner symbol of the destruction of the human condition through pride, arrogance and indifference of the men and women of the Earth who did not believe in the Presence of the Messiah.

But today I Am before the New Jerusalem, the sacred spiritual city which will descend to the planet in the coming times, together with the Return of Christ, to announce a new time, to establish a New Humanity, free from these capital energies that time and again bury the human consciousness.

But in this current time, we see a planetary destruction, not only of the values that the Eternal Father has taught you throughout the times, but also of the sacred principles that were violated and outraged by humanity, thus losing the true sense and objective of Spiritual Purpose, the reason why you are here, on this planet and upon this surface.

Although God Himself incarnated through His Most Beloved Son, and then surrendered on the Cross, even after all these facts and events lived here in Israel, the current humanity of this surface has lost its Spiritual Purpose.

But I come here once again, at the doors of this new Sacred Week, to announce to the world My Return that is near.

But so that this all may happen in a concrete way, I still need souls to open the doors of their hearts to Me so that I may dwell and make all things new and purify your consciousnesses and souls from the contrary currents of these times, and also open the definitive door of redemption for all of humanity.

For this reason, I Am here, opening this new Sacred Week for the whole world.

I Am still here for a reason unknown to many: to deposit within the human consciousness and, through the human consciousness on the whole planet, the Christic Codes that I attained here with much effort and dedication. This is because, as much as I Am the Son of God, I Am a part of you, I Am a human being who became transfigured and enlightened, who transcended Himself through the Love that I felt for the Eternal Father, at each step lived upon the surface of this planet.

I need some of Mine to learn from the same school. My Words must not become lost in the space of this world nor must they become lost in oblivion.

This is the time when I call My apostles and followers to enter the first step of the school of Christification. But so that this may be possible, it will first depend on each one of you, making a deep soul-searching reflection and asking yourselves:

Am I willing to give my life for Christ, regardless of what this means or regardless of what this represents?

Am I available to carry out the Plan of the Redeemer?

In the face of the challenges of the end of times, will I fail?

Will I let myself be dragged by that which does not have consistency within me?

What will my attitude be before the battle of the end of times?

All these questions should be a part of a deep reflection for each one of My companions and followers, especially those who claim to be My apostles, the last apostles of the end of times.

With this, I mean that the time for just listening to My Message and not doing anything is gone. This is the last time before My Return to the world, the time for My apostles to live My Word and be My very Message, loving more and more each day the sacred sacrifice that the Father offers to you to make My Sacred Heart triumph in this world, for the Blood shed by your Master and Lord upon this soil of Israel to be appreciated with the value it has and for this Sacred Code of the Redeemer to reverberate until the next humanity.

But so that this may be possible, My last apostles must be present, sustaining with firmness and dedication the end of times, attending to the emergencies of the planet and of humanity with conviction and faith, without letting anything contrary to My Plan make your hearts become cold, because I need you more aware, I need you more sensitive and available.  

Will you regress when the cross upon your back adds a little weight?

What did I do for you up to the top of Mount Calvary?

Was My Body not disfigured already?

Did My Body have even one drop of Blood, and did parts of My Body not fall along the path to Calvary?

What is the depth of Higher Love that can go beyond the physical law?

Because when I was crucified, I was only a man and a consciousness, and this is why I said, “Eli, Eli, why have you abandoned Me?”

The Lord never abandoned Me. He let Me become Christified as a man incarnated in this humanity and on this planet, born of a Most Pure and Humble Virgin, gestated through a Supreme Law still unknown to the world.

I make you meditate upon these things because there is no longer time and, before My Return, there is still a lot to do through My apostles and followers.

Through your arrival to this Holy Land, on this first day of the Sacred Week, My Eyes contemplate a group of consciousnesses that is a representative of humanity, coming from the continents of the world, representing the different races, cultures and ethnicities, so that the Genetic Project may be renewed through those who adhere to the Christic path, through those who unite to the Heart of the Master.

I know that, at this moment, you will not understand all that which I have said to you. But continue to pray wholeheartedly in this Sacred Week and allow My Message to go deep in the spirit of each one of you, because the New Jerusalem descends today with the King of the Universe and opens its celestial doors so that souls may enter My Celestial Church and, once again, may consciously commune with the Christic Codes that I achieved in this nation, through the sacred people of Israel.

On this day, the first day of the Sacred Week, when the Lord triumphantly enters Jerusalem, may you and all the Hierarchies live a spiritual synthesis of the history of this humanity, through the different civilizations, peoples and cultures that have been on this planet.

How will this entire mystery transfigure humanity?

How will this entire mystery convert the men and women of the planet?

Through one and only noble Law, the Law of Christic Love, which, at each passage in this Holy Land, I will reveal and present to you with joy, bliss and jubilee, through the celebration of this new Sacred Week.

Therefore, let your hearts and consciousnesses no longer retain anything. May the ears of the heart open to listen to the sacred song of the angels of Israel, the angels that announced the Incarnation of the Messiah, the angels that announced the Resurrection of Christ, and which many of Mine consciously heard at this place.

Have you realized, at this very moment, that, on the inner planes of this country, of the sacred people of Israel, you are before the Spiritual Retreat of Christ Jesus, where the most precious and spiritual relics are kept?

It is a Retreat conceived by the Blood shed by the Lord along the Path to Calvary, through carrying the Cross of the sins of the world, so that you might not miss the opportunity to receive the Love of God and might have the Grace of learning to love just as I love you.

With these first Words, on this first triumphant day of the Sacred Week, at the doors of the old Jerusalem and before the descent of the New Jerusalem, your Master and Lord prepares you so that all may consciously follow the same steps that I followed in the Holy Land, and thus may gather, through the simple and humble prayer of the heart, the Christic Codes that I deposited at this place.

So that you may truly live this, I must bless you once again, you and all your brothers and sisters. And ask the Universe of God for the Grace that, after all these impulses which you will receive in this Sacred Week, you may be consistent with what you have received from My Merciful and Redeeming Heart.

Opening the doors to this sacred event of the Sacred Week, may the Eternal Father renew and bless you through His Most Beloved Son.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.