​​​​​​Let us pray, the world needs it.

Let us pray, because the Plan is precipitating.

Let us pray for unity to prevail.

Let us pray for the ones who are purifying themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who are being hypnotized.

Let us pray for the incredulous.

Let us pray for the selfish.

Let us pray for those who have failed.

Let us pray for those who deserve nothing.

Let us pray for the ones who have got lost.

Let us pray for the ones who commit injustices.

Let us pray for the ones who lie.

Let us pray for those who have no faith.

Let us pray for the ones who are forgotten.

Let us pray for the ones who are not loved.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have a house.

Let us pray for those who do not know where to go.

Let us pray for the ones who are living in calamity.

Let us pray for the ones who die unjustly.

Let us pray for the ones who are being crucified.

Let us pray for the ones who are living the war.

Let us pray for the innocent.

Let us pray for the ones who pay the price error.

Let us pray for the unfortunate.

Lets us pray for the idolaters and atheist.

Let us pray for the ones who are unworthy of peace.

Let us pray for the ones who reign in false power.

Let us pray for the ones who create nuclear bombs.

Let us pray for the ones who contaminate the oceans.

Let us pray for the ones who destroy life.

Let us pray for the ones who kill human gestation.

Let us pray for the women who abort.

Let us pray for the ones who are imprisoned.

Let us pray for the ones who live in the inner prison.

Let us pray for the ungrateful ones.

Let us pray for the ones who are destroying the planet.

Let us pray for the ones who violate the Laws of the Universe.

Let us pray for the ones who omit themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who instill fear.

Let us pray for the hard-hearted.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have love.

Let us pray for the ones who condemn themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who refuse to wake up.

Let us pray for the ones who do not persist.

Let us pray for all of them, day and night.

Let us pray without leaving behind the path of persistence and faith.


May the doors of the inner and celestial worlds open so that the redeemed can enter and invoke the sacred name of Emmanuel.

May the self-summoned get together to create the alliance with the Holy Spirit of God.

May the so-called children of Adam recall the principles of the ancient race so that the Laws become visible and the universal Harmony establishes itself.

May the consequent ones manifest the wise gratitude and, from now on, banish the human aspects which led them to damnation.

May the brave ones purify themselves so that, clean of all stains, they can receive the rays of the transubstantiation.

May the pilgrims and the searchers of the sacred knowledge never get tired and never stop searching for the source of Humility. 

Everything is ready to take place in the new Humanity; the old acts and the old customs will be banished so that the new and sacred Sun of the Universe can shine within each soul.

May no one stop the descent of the Kingdom of God so that those who are farther away from the Truth can rediscover the meaning of being in this life.

Forge ahead disciples of Christ! Walk barefoot from your old alliances with the world, this will free you from everything and make you worthy of the divine and infinite Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you to the Principle of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Remember each day that despite the sin or the cruelty of humanity, there exists the forgiveness of God.

Today I need you to accept My forgiveness, to feel it and experience it as an act of reparation and infinite mercy.

Today I need you to feel free from yourself, so that My powerful Light may act and keep silently transforming your little life.

Today I need you to live inside My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God that comes to you to sanctify your life and your consciousness.

Today I ask you, My child, not to think of your incapabilities, but to today believe in your virtues, those that My Son sowed in your heart since the first moment that you recognized the King.  For this, be as free from yourself as possible so that the Laws of Heaven may transfigure your life to become an instrument of God.

You will not stop struggling within yourself, against all that you do not yet want to give up, but do not be afraid, the Kingdom of God is reached by climbing the steps of humility and trust.  God created you in His likeness, and you keep in your spirit this trust that renews and transforms everything.

From today on, send this message to your consciousness:

       I am a worthy child of God.

I am part of His Most Pure Source.

My soul sprang up from His Spirit

and my spirit was born from His Heart.

Nothing shall set me apart from the greatness of the Kingdom of God.

I have come to the Earth to redeem myself

and then return to the House of My Father,

to unite with Him forever.

I find my dignity in His Full Trust,

and His Infinite Love vivifies my little spirit.

Between Myself and God, there is no evil,

because I am a part of the eternal emanation of His Love.



Dear children,

While peace is so needed in the world, today you are in the Kingdom of Peace.  May this peace, which is indispensable, radiate like a sun to the whole Earth so at least those in most need of peace may find comfort.

Dear children, thanks for being accomplishing the requests of prayer that My Immaculate Heart clamored to you yesterday.   In these times of darkness and lies, I invite you to be My ambassadors of prayer and peace wherever you go, thus My Heart, which is full of Grace and Pity, will hope to pour those gifts in the despairing hearts.

The nonbelievers are now facing their own purification.  I ask you, My beloved ones, to live the prayer for the planet and not only for yourselves.

Many of My soldiers will be keepers of the sorrow that many are living.  Many of My visionaries will be receptacles to calm the suffering that drowns the world, and thus they will share with Your Heavenly Mother the sorrow of the whole humanity.

I invite you to become deeply conscious about the decisive times that humanity is crossing and to which it does not give the minimum importance before the lack of peace in the world.

My dear children, the promise is very big, for this, the effort will have to be bigger so that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the hearts that must enter in the dwelling of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, remain by My side and vivify this moment, such as My Son lived on the Cross for all of you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you towards the Supreme Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The times of the great and struggled sacrifices have come to this world; this is part of the Divine Justice because the imbalance of the souls and the injustice of the hearts are greater than the harmony that is required.

Dear children, the souls that have not implored to God and neither have implored for His Kingdom for having remained in the superficiality of the material and illusory life will suffer and there will not be anything that may comfort them  because the message of Heaven has already been proclaimed, and few paid attention to the words of light of the Divine Messengers.

There will not be anyone who may reverse this; the blindness of humanity is great and sometimes you feel like being blind and deaf.  But the victory of the Kingdom of God will happen in all of the hearts that, by being obedient and consistent, will repopulate the New Earth.

This new cycle will demand, from the hearts that are distant from God, an extreme effort in order to remain in Peace; it will be different for a soul that truly prays and without awards because from it will spring the source of Peace.

For this, there is no time to lose with little things; many of you are being trained through My Heart for the end of the times.  Let us pray for those who do not want to listen to God, for the non-believers so that their hearts may open to the descent of the celestial Light.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the planetary reality,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The victory of the Kingdom of God in the world will take place through the sublime power of prayer.  For this, I lead you along this path, so that your souls may open out like the birds, to be able to fly and reach the Kingdom of the Creator.

Each prayer pronounced brings new codes to all, divine essence that begins to incarnate in spirit of truth and compassion.

My children, your lives are attending a school of prayer that is unknown to you.  And as now you have accepted to be part of My army of light through the daily rhythms of prayers, I train you to be able to face the world and help it spiritually.

For this I conceive in each one a mirror of prayer that reflects the principles of the divine life, the eternal states of peace.

Dear children, I wish you to accompany Me in this long walk in the search for the lost souls and the wounded hearts that must redeem themselves in the name of love.

Dear children, do not detain yourselves, build the Church of Christ by means of your prayers, which are the sacred unions with the Celestial Father.

Children, the time already marks a crucial moment for the world, in which the Universal Judgment shall establish itself and all will be spiritually evaluated.  Pray, pray and pray.  Thus the merit of your prayers will fill the Heart of God and open the doors of love so that all may be redeemed.

I thank you answering to My call!

Who unifies you in the essence of Peace

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I am the Morning Star, the one that is shining now in the firmament of Aurora in order to give the sign of the beginning of this gathering between hearts and souls.

Blessed be all of those who gather through the presence of Christ, because from today on you will be glorifying His holy and blessed Name, such as the day of His holy birth was glorified.

Children of Mine, receive then from your Heavenly Mother, the guide for the times to come, trusting your path of redemption, following the steps of your Pilgrim Mother that reunites you in this sacred cenacle of love so that you may forever find the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Today the Aurora of My Heart shines in its internal Glory and summons the hearts so that they may receive from the Kingdom of God, the Grace of feeling worthy in the Lord.

Dear children, open your hearts so that the Spirit of Christ may enter and you may feel united to His Universal Love.  I leave for everyone a path of hope and truth through the school of prayer, which you are invited to live in these times.

Children, today I bless you and give you Peace, the Peace of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you in Divine Unity,

Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May you today awake to the essence of My Plan of Love.  May you today comprehend the greatness of the path on which I placed your feet, so that your souls would not get lost from God.

My mantle of light is woven in the invisible of this world and My Heart unites the different expressions of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Dear children, even if your eyes cannot see, open yourselves to comprehend with the heart that I Am the same in all of My manifestations in the world and, although for each of My armies I have a perfect plan, on these times, I come to unite in essence and in the heart all of those who answer to My Call, no matter where they may be.

Because it will come the time in which the circumstances of this life will need to find hearts strengthened by the spirit of Unity; otherwise, My children, My plans will not be able to be fulfilled.

I gather you in this time, as in all the others, for a greater purpose, for a universal purpose, but very few could comprehend what I have brought to you as a Message of Salvation and of awakening.

To Medjugorje, I have come to install the spirit of Peace and of conversion in the whole world.  Here, to the Americas, I have come to awaken humanity to the true Conception of God and so that all the Wisdom that comes from My Most Sacred Spirit could be given to human heart.  As Rose of Peace, I come to give to the world what of most pure exists in My interior, as the last table of salvation for the souls.

I tell you all of this, My dear children, because today, on this day of commemoration, both in Heaven and on Earth, I will not only ask that your hearts rejoice and pray with gratitude and joy.  Today I will ask you to deeply reflect about My presence in the world, above all, about everything that I have transformed in your lives and in the lives of so many souls.

I want you to discover in the depth of your hearts the true reason of My presence among you.  I want you to open yourselves to unite to My different children of the whole world, not only to Medjugorje, but you must be united, in fraternity and love, to all of the praying hearts, wherever they may be.

Because is through those who can be the most conscious of My Plan that I will build the Kingdom of God and that I will prepare for His Son the perfect path, with the precious prayers of the beings of this world.


Before Mary appeared, Father Pio manifested himself before us.  He brought in his hands a crown of flowers and some other loose flowers.  He was praying the Rosary as he waited for Our Lady and when the portals started to open, he placed the flowers that he had in his hands on the path of Mary, and the crown of flowers, on the place where She would put Her Feet.  When Mary appeared, Father Pio stood on his knees and touched with his head the feet of the Mother, remaining like that during all the time She was present.  In the end of the Apparition, he took leave and left with Mary.

       I Am the Mother of the lost and of the unsheltered.

I Am the Mother of the repentant, of the redeemed, of the rescued.

Come to Me the sinners, and I will sanctify you.

Come to the Me the incredulous, and I will give you absolute faith.

Come to Me the fearless, because I will build over them a fortress, and I will congregate them in My army of peace, which will overcome evil through prayer and through the love of the Creator of all things.

Come to Me the imperfect though brave ones, for you will let yourselves be molded in My Holy Hands, and you will permit that I may conduct you in My arms to the Heart of the universe, to the King of kings, to Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, I do not call to My presence the perfect ones, because This One is already found in the Kingdom of the Heavens, at the right hand of God.  I call to My side those that will allow themselves to be transformed and purified by the fire of prayer and by My most sacred presence in this world.

Today I bring before you Saint Father Pio of Pietrelcina, so that your hearts may find in him an example to be followed.  This beloved saint of Mine, My children, was capable of trusting Christ, Saint Joseph, and My Immaculate Heart, above all things.  He was willing to understand the mysteries of Heaven and to live in himself the sorrows of the Passion of My Son, notwithstanding all the evil that there was in the world was against the mission that he was receiving.

As I did to Father Pio, I invite each one of you to surrender to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to not remain in the illusion of the days of this world, solely enclosed in the common living.


​​As the breath of the Holy Spirit over the apostles of Christ, today this divine breath fills your spirits so that, by living the cycle of internal rehabilitation, you may confirm now your union with Christ, Our Lord.

Thus My Son will find apostles that are willing to serve Him above all because in truth, your purification is the preamble to enter into the state of the Divine Conciseness.

Between your earthly beings and the soul of each child of Mine cannot exist any abyss that separates you from the Purpose and from the fulfillment of the task that My Son has entrusted you since the beginning.

Now, this divine breath will lead you to the discovery of everything that has to die so that, by crossing the portal towards the Heavens, your cells may be divinized in Christ, the Lord.

Between one cycle and another you will find the abysses of the consciousness, abysses that must be illuminated by the power of love and unity among the souls.  This is the key that will open to you the door to the liberation of oneself, to be able to believe from now on that you must let yourself be loved and abandon the cavalry that, due to incomprehension, you are living in yourselves.

Your souls must be in constant unification and fraternity, the views and concrete ideas can no longer reign in the collective thinking of the souls.  Your source of renovation must be the Love of God, Love that bears everything, forgives and understands everything.

In this way you will be free from looking all the time at the imperfection and then you will be able to awaken the virtues of unity and love that My Son has taught you.  You are in time, children, to reflect about your actions and prevent the ideas of My adversary to invade your consciousness.

The spiritual battle of the end of times has already begun, bringing an accelerated and intense purification that many will deal with in order to afterwards be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.

During the battle you must be more united than ever so that the divine breath of wisdom may always place you on the right path.   In this way, you will be able to collaborate and help others to place themselves on the right path, all those who will get lost due to ignorance or deception.


Dear children of Mine,

Every day at noon when this sacred hour is fulfilled in this part of the world, an infinite ocean of Repairing Graces is poured from My Most Pure Heart of Mother.

These extraordinary Graces are the ones that allow to carry out the conversion of heart in this time, and I wish today this announcement to be clear for everyone.  Your Eternal Father has allowed Me to let you know how the whole humanity at this hour just thinks about nourishing themselves with the things of the world instead of nourishing themselves with the spirit that the prayer of the heart provides.

Children, go and testify My message.  I hope that you can give the example of a life redeemed by My Immaculate Heart.  Today I let you know the celestial wisdom, that which has allowed through My intercession to help you and instruct you with maternal love.

For this, children, I need you to open your hearts and recognize the daily Laws of your Father, who always waits for you to enter in truthful communion and in truthful nourishment for your spirits.

As your Mother I lead you to walk through safe pathways so that one day you may find the peace of the heart.

Therefore, My children, let My feet mark your paths so that united to My Heart you may awaken to the importance of seeking the union with the Kingdom of God before anything.

I always bless you and pray for your sacred mission.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who embraces you with special maternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens be opened and the sublime and celestial spheres descent in Glory to the kingdom of this world to transform and awaken all of the creatures of this blessed Earth.

My beloveds, may you all rejoice and be glad because I am descending in an extraordinary way to the world in order to pour, once again, a river of Graces upon humanity.

While the world sleeps, may those who are awake love sacrifice and the absolute surrender.

While the world let extinguish its own inner flame and faith fades from the consciousness of humanity, may those who are by My side be unshakable, and may not be any doubts from others that may take away from them the faith that I placed in their hearts.

While anguish and fear take over the hearts of those who do not fulfill the designs of the Creator, may My soldiers rejoice and, even in face of the great planetary tribulation, may they be strong, firm and confident in the fulfillment of the Celestial Plans.

While the world fears the collapse of a material system, may the disciples of Christ only wait entrusted to His return and observe each event as the true sign that this return is approaching.

While the world worries about the time that passes and the death that comes, may those who accompany Me open their consciousnesses in order to transcend the times and to enter into the infinite time, in which there is only eternity, the unity with God and with all of His creation.

My beloveds, I come to invite you today to transcend the laws of this world and all of its tendencies.  I invite you to withdraw the heart from the earthly and material loves, that embrace only what this world offers you, so that in this way you may get to know a sublime love, that knows all in depth, that lives and loves to fulfill the Plans of God and to manifest His Creation, such as He thought in His Most Sacred Spirit.

My dear ones, these are times to leave the common living and fight with the heart in order to persevere in a path that, in a short time and in an absolute way, will go against all the tendencies and the energies of this world.

You must be strengthened by the power of the word of the Divine Messengers and never let yourselves be shaken by the internal processes that others will live or by the purification of the planet itself.



Know that I Am Your Sacred Mother and that I will always fill you with My Immaculate Love from the silence of the spirit.

For this, may the doors of reconciliation be open today and may the most unprotected receive from My Heart the essence of redemption.

Today I am among you in order to bring you My Mercy, that divine life that renews everything and that allows to awaken in the hearts the way back to the Celestial Father.

Dear children, see the immensity of the Kingdom of God that always congregates you to love, forgive and serve in the plenitude of the true surrender.

Receive today from My Heart the blessing for your lives so that united to My Virginal Spirit you may find the breath to go ahead.

Today I leave you the union with My spirit, I gather you all in the cenacle of My Heart where you will always be able to be united in essence to My Maternal Love.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children of Mine,

May in times without peace only exist love.  Your Celestial Mother reunites you on the favorite lap of the Heart of Her Son so that you may be able to recover the absolute trust in the Plans of the Creator.

I wish today that your souls continue confirming themselves to the Celestial Father, because the Eternal God of the Divine Mercy will rely on your yes so that you may be able to live the transformation of life and of spirit.

With your hearts elevated to the Kingdom of the Celestial Father, you will allow My plans of peace to be promptly fulfilled, because in this way your essences will be as flowers at the altars of Heaven.

Dear children, today I come again in search of the apostles of My Son, I come to fetch those who, consecrating their lives to My Immaculate Heart, have said yes to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

For this, children, do not get tired of transiting every day among the tests and sorrows of life, offer your efforts and charities to God so that His outraged Heart may be glorified for the times to come.

Walk in confidence towards My arms, in this way I shall support you in the falls as well as in the tests.  For this, receive My Maternal Love as a balsam and as a healing for your lives.

God expects that, with your sacrifice and surrender, the whole humanity may be elevated to another spiritual and interior state.  I need, My children, that you follow My steps of Mother, as I shall always divert you from the abysses and from the circumstances that My adversary generates to all souls.

Today I dedicate the attention to the most needed and unprotected of spirit.  Your Celestial Mother gathers you all the time in the Essence of the Kingdom of God so that you may recover in your lives the gifts that have vanished or have been lost from your interior because of suffering.

Dear Children of Mine, the times of definition are knocking at your doors.  I come from Heaven to extend My saving hand to you.  From this Marian Center of devotion and faith there must emerge the disciples of My Son so that by loving His Redeeming Word they may profess the conversion that they achieved and they may declare to the world the Merciful Love of My Son Jesus.


Dear children of Mine,

By means of these maternal words, again by the action and the glory of the Grace of God, today I present Myself before your souls—donated to My Heart from the beginning and willing to serve Me to the end.

Today My Heart reveals to you that in this time without peace, I gather you again around the sacred table of Our Lord Jesus so that you may eat of His Body and drink of His Blood again.

My only goal, beloved children, is making you remember the Kingdom of God, that which in these moments is much forsaken and substituted by the trends of this world, those that erase the fire of the heart of many souls.

For the sake of the things that deviate the souls and all of humanity, sedated by the wiles of the enemy, from the Plan of God, your Mother of Peace and of Grace returns to reestablish the Kingdom of God, the supreme life and mercy in all that seems irreparable and impure.  Because now My celestial eyes see and shelter the offers of all of Her children who are the inner impulse to be able to materialize, together with the Angels of Heaven, the moment of the great planetary change.

I shall pray for you until the ultimate days, when some, who will already be blissful, will see coming amid the clouds My Beloved and Glorified Son.  The faults of the humanity of today and their future consequences can be placated by the light of the Mercy of My Son.

I come so that daily you may read My messages and that you may make them part of your lives and daily rhythms.  I desire that the true consciousness may awake in all of My children.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this new cycle!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace of God

Dear children:

If you search to live in the essence of My Peace you will find the Kingdom of God and upon the Earth and among the hearts will dissolve the conflicts, the wars that are born from the consciousnesses.

Above all in this time is to be united as brothers and sisters through prayer and to let yourselves be conducted by the power that it has in the moment that you pronounce it with love.

Dear children, recollect in this day within My Heart, search for the presence of My son, practice the teachings of Jesus through daily prayer and service and fraternity.

It is no longer the moment for any heart, for any child of the Father, to loose their daily task of prayer because without perceiving it you will be away from the purpose and you will begin to live under the human principles, even those souls that have consecrated themselves.

Prayer is the salt of your lives, it is the seasoning that provides humility and wisdom for these times. My children, walking upon this world through prayer you will open day by day a little door to Heaven to find peace and peacefulness.

Be in every moment merciful, even when your thoughts and feelings will say something different.

Unite yourself to the Heart of My Son so that all the sheep that have separated themselves from Him will encounter again the path. You are part of the Plan of God. A Plan that is being accomplished with efforts in this part of America though the announcement of My Immaculate Face.

As the Mother who Alleviates, I give to you My blessing and I invite you to remember the path of humility for your hearts, so that in this way upon this world will be more peace and harmony.

I thank you!

Thank you for praying the rosary every day!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 


Dear Children,

I carry all of humanity in My arms and today I direct My celestial words to all My children in the United States and in Venezuela, soliciting prayer so that the blessed Grace may descend over both nations.

At the request of My Son Jesus, today I give My maternal benediction to those called to follow the path of peace for your hearts and for the whole world. For this reason, today I send My Eternal Love to each one of the groups of prayer in the United States and in Venezuela, and send them My maternal condolences and announce to them that My promised arrival to both nations, according to the Higher planes, has been moved to the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

When I say that I bring humanity in My arms it is because it needs the guidance and the protection of My maternity. When I say that I will appear in glory and in Spirit during the months of October and November in the Marian Center of Figueira, this so that your hearts do not feel that you are abandoned, because I love them more than your thoughts and reasons.

But today I want to recount a parable that Christ has given to all of humanity.  It is a message that will permit us to comprehend for what God wants to ask that your consciousnesses create during this ultimate definitive time.

My children, it is recorded that Jesus one time said that in a past time there was a very poor woman who gave everything that she had to the temple so that the temple could continue with its task. Because it was so little that she had given, she was not considered by the others for her action. Jesus, My son, invites you to realize that most important is the action that each child of the Father offers, rather than what each one has.

What is the mystery of this parable?

Dear children, the mystery is that in the Kingdom of the Heavens we guard the truths and the sincere spiritual values that enrich the hearts of all the souls, more than the good that My children keep and accumulate on the Earth.

Today My children, I want that you learn to love that which you don’t have, I say, to love the true spirit of the Providence of God. Jesus said to his disciples “...leave everything that you have and follow me.” My Son wants to tell you that each one of you must donate themselves entirely to the Will of God and that you trust that He will give the greatest good that exists in the Heavens.

Dear children,

Never stop contemplating all the divine beauty that God has created for love of the Eternal Love.

Dear children, may the essence of love and truth spring from you so that your hearts can be open to the essence of donation. My children, never stop seeing the love of God in your hearts, embrace the essence of forgiveness in your inner worlds so that the new Spirit of Love is planted in you.

Dear children, never lower your arms, raise your aspiration to infinity, aspiration for a life in the Kingdom of God, aspiration for living the Reconciliation and Mercy of My Son.

Little children, never lose the joy of being in Me and seeing in you the power of My Immaculate Love. Accept to be in My path, your souls recognize where My Maternal Heart comes from, they recognize My presence before your consciences do.

I am the Lady of Heaven, I am the Mystical Rose, I am the Mother who helps the pilgrims and I am the Immaculate Heart that is donated to you, to love you and to forgive you.

Dear children, My Voice is announced to the world once more so that My children do not lose the path to salvation and to the rescue of the heart.

I am with you in this path of pilgrimage to eternity. May pain, bitterness and desolation not be a burden in your lives; may your hearts, invaded and permeated by the Holy Spirit, receive Peace. Peace that comes from the Universe, Peace that the suns and stars emanate, Peace that is irradiated from all galaxies, Peace that comes from Infinity, which you do not know.

From Infinity My Maternal Heart comes to you to show you the way to a humble and peaceful life, a path to the Universe, to everything that the Father, Adonai, has created for your love and glory.

Dear children, glorify God! Love God! Search for God in your lives! In this way your little essences and all the essences will be in the Celestial Kingdom of the Universe.

Beyond your terrestrial life there is eternity, the eternal present, the Omnipresence of God in all the Universes.

Dear children, pray, pray and pray! Your lips cannot get tired of praying so that the Mercy of Christ can aid humanity.

I thank all My children for the loving welcome in this Nation of Paraguay.

Love and Peace for everyone.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children:

Believe that God forgives you every day, even more, forgives you before you offend Him.

Dear Children, I have told you, trust in the Divine Mercy. Mercy is forgiveness. Mercy is redemption. Mercy is the new opportunity to enter into the Kingdom of God. Mercy is total absolution given by the most Holy Heart of My Son.

Believe in the extremely great time of Divne Mercy. God needs from all My children, from all of his instruments to bring to completion the Divine Plan on Earth. While many of My children distract themselves so easily in this world, you day by day are more in My maternal arms, because every day I present you before God, under the light of Divine Mercy, as My Heart one time presented Jesus in the temple of God.

Dear children, today I invite you to medítate on the Divine Mercy because it is the last source that is being poured over the world and for all the souls with grave faults before the universe.

Dear children, perpetually I pray for all of you so that as courageous souls in prayer, you may respond to the call of the Creator, the call announced through the Voice of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, my Little ones, on this day My Heart remembers when one time I arrived in the morning to the heart of Aurora in Uruguay. May this day remind you of the moment when God sent me to you to announce to you the time of salvation.

Dear children, after a year of being permanently with you, with all My Little children announcing My Good News, today I ask you to persist and, looking with your eyes to Heaven, walk with humility to the purpose of God.

My children, as a Mother I contémplate you, as a Celestial Mother I love you, I forgive you.

I thank you for answering my call.

May, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Maternal Heart nourishes all the hearts with light. My Mantle of Peace extends over the world. My Presence among you is possible because of the words of your prayers.

I love all My children, especially those who need the absolute forgiveness of God. I pray for all those who separate themselves from God. I pray for all those who deny God and for those who do not believe in the Mercy of My Son.

As Guardian of all hearts, My children, do not fear anything, see the presence of the Kingdom of God in the sparkle of your hearts. I place you inside My Heart to elevate you close to the Heart of My Son because your prayers repair all the events that happen in the world.

Dear children, may your hearts be instruments for the good and the pure, may they be the expression of the life of My Glorified Son here on Earth. In this way, with the daily prayer in your hands, you will become obedient sheep who learn to love and forgive day by day.

Turn your heart into a confident heart and do not fear losing anything or being judged. Remember, My little ones, that the true flocks are the ones that are tried the most.

Because of this, to you who trust the coming of My Son I ask that you embrace His Sacred Heart so that under this spirit you collaborate in the redemption and conversion of those who have not been converted before the Creator.

Dear children, I pray for those who, still distracted by the life in the world, do not find God. I pray for those who, distant from Mercy, are placed under the fire of temptation and damnation.

As Mother of Mercy I pray to My Son so that in this last time everyone finds salvation and peace in the heart.

I tell you My little ones: pray with Me, pray for the presence of Peace!

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.