In the depths of your body, in the center of your atoms, lies a hidden and silent light. This is the Spirit of Life; it is the Breath of God, which dwells within you and which is the true composition of your being.

You are a living part of the Spirit of God. Thus, the Father, Omnipresent, dwells in the essence of your being. Therefore, His All-Embracing Spirit dwells in everything that is life.

Allow your consciousness to penetrate the mysteries about yourself and discover, through love, wisdom, and humility, the matter pure and full of the Glory of God, which hides in your being.

The glorification of the body is the awakening of the Truth in the most intimate of the composition of human matter. The Glory of God is in His children from the beginning of Creation, but just as His Presence remains silent in the essence of beings, His Glory and His Spirit is also silence in the most intimate of human matter.

When a being reaches full unity with the Father and gives Him the space and permission to manifest in their body, the Glory of God begins to awaken in their physical and material atoms.

All beings, just as all Life, are parts of God, dismembered from Creation and manifested in apparently individual creatures.

Today I reveal a mystery to you: everything is part of God. Everything is a divine projection and particle. But the Creator expresses in those who awaken. His Spirit speaks and lives through the humble, who recognize their ignorance and do not limit the Greatness of God, which is still so unknown and incomprehensible to the human mind.

Meditate upon the life that is in you, upon the life that you are, part of God, part of His Spirit, and gradually let His Glory manifest in your being so that you may understand that to resurrect is not to die in the body and return to life; to resurrect is to die to ignorance and illusion and to discover the Truth within you.

There were those who died in the body and did not find glorification in God, and there were a few, unknown to humankind, who died to their ignorance and let God show them His Truth; living without understanding the Glory and the Magnitude of the Spirit of the Creator.


Child, feel loved by God, independently of your imperfections and miseries.

Feel loved by God in the certainty that the Creator knows you profoundly and, just as you are, loves you unconditionally.

Feel loved by God and do not fear not corresponding to what He needs from you because if you truly love Him, everything else will be accomplished in you, according to the Celestial Will, because the love to the Father will lead you through this path.

Feel loved by God and let this love penetrate deep in your heart, awakening in you a response of love similar to the Love of the One who created you.

Feel loved by God, and welcome each moment of your life as a symbol of this Love, because the Father gives you Graces, but also tests so that you may grow in faith and confirm yourself, day by day, in this Plan of His. 

Feel loved by God, and welcome in this new cycle a more profound contact with the Father, knowing His Truth, recognizing His Presence.

Feel loved by God, and may this Love heal your wounds, liberate you from the past, prepare you for the future and build, in the eternal present, a life of surrender and love for the neighbor and all Creation.

Feel loved by God, for He welcomes you, supports and forgives you every day so that you may always have the path open to restart. 

Feel loved by God, and start from zero; rewrite your history, offer the Father a blank page so that He may draw a celestial triumph through you.

Feel loved by God, and always say “yes” to Him.

The one who also loves you,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Unite your Heart to the Heart of God, contemplating each one of His Aspects of His manifestation in life.

Begin by finding, in the smallest of the particles that composes your body, a hidden God, immense and infinite, occult in the apparent human smallness.

Go through your own body, recognizing your cells, your organs, your body itself, as living mirrors of an infinite Creation. If God did not dwell in everything that you are, you would never be able to express perfection, as you express, even in your smallest particles.    

Recognize, then, the presence of God outside of you, in the invisible air that touches your face, in the breath that enters imperceptible within you and that gives you life, granting matter the possibility of expressing and living its perfection.

Contemplate, thus, God in the elements. Recognize the presence of God in water, without which life is not possible. Water and air unite in one single element, transformed by its expression and function in life, but one does not exist without the other.  

Such are the Aspects of God. God is only One, that expresses in different forms to give life to the possibility of existing and, more than this, of expressing perfection.

Contemplate inside of you the presence of God in the sound of the birds and in the scent of the flowers, in the beauty of the woods, in the love and fraternity among humankind. This is God, nourishing souls with such vital things as air and water are for the body.

The singing of the birds nourishes the spirit, the scent of the flowers strengthens the heart, the beauty that enters through the eyes reaches the soul and gives it joy, gives it life.

Go expanding your consciousness and understand the presence of God.

God is not something invisible and non-material in the Celestial Heights. God is the One that Is and without whom nothing could exist. You are, child, constantly in the presence of your Creator, because He is Life itself.


God contemplates the world in silence and, with an unalterable Love in His Heart, receives the wounds which day after day, minute after minute, are being opened by the indifference of His children and by the outrages they cause to one another due to a lack of love and ignorance. And, even so, from His wounds, Mercy continues to spring.

As His Son, a living part of Himself among humankind, the Creator also lives His spiritual Passion, because in order to heal the evils that are lived on Earth, the Father and Lord of all things offers to Divine Law that which humanity fears the most: pain, sacrifice, and the true Love, which surpasses all those things and defeats these fears in its expression. The Creator lives, within Himself, that which humanity fears the most, in order to teach everyone that there is something higher than this, which is achieved through Love.

The Universal Laws are alive and by themselves act in all levels of Creation. Thus, even the Lord of the Law Himself respects them and lives them, so that they may be fulfilled in His children. So that creatures may continue to receive Mercy, God remedies, with His own Heart, the evils of the world.

To restore the Heart of God, you only need to live with Love what, for most human beings, is painful and difficult. And I am not talking about the death on the cross or the sores or wounds of the heart. I am talking about everything that moves a being to reach the cross and to offer the sores and wounds of their heart out of Love and Mercy.

The same Love that moved Christ to continue with the cross is what moves God to remedy human errors and it is what you are called on to live today, within yourselves and with your fellow beings, transcending the poor and immature love, which often lives within your hearts, into a true Love, the fruit of fraternity and Mercy, the fruit of the effort to understand and to love the neighbor, the fruit of surrender and wisdom, the fruit of faith.

Encourage yourselves, children, to find in your prayers, the Wounds of the Heart of God and offer Him a conscious reparation, through the effort of loving as He loves you.

Encourage yourselves to take great steps through the effort in the small daily things, in which the opportunities for choosing between Love and the human condition present themselves. Always choose Love.

You have My Blessing for this.


When your eyes open each day, My child, contemplate in your heart  the Truth and the Presence of God. Remember that there is a higher reality that calls you and that there is a Greater Plan to be manifested.

When your feet touch the ground each day, My child, remember that you are on a sacred planet that, in spite of often not seeming so, is a great treasure for the Heart of God.

When you breathe the air each morning, remember, My child, that there is a Greater Breath that comes from God and dwells in you to give you the true life, the true awakening.

Thank God every day for still having an opportunity of being in the world to learn about the power of love and how it transforms and redeems all things.

Thank God every day for there being infinite Cosmos, a symbol of the infiniteness of His Love, and because, among so many stars that there are in Heaven, the Creator has His Eyes focused on Earth.

Recognize the mystery of life and the profound ignorance of the human heart every day, and keep alive within you the aspiration to know and live the new.

Thank the Father for life, for Creation, and sincerely emit to His Creator Heart this feeling that unites Universes and dimensions and reaches God, consoling His Heart for so much indifference that He has felt, caused by a part of His children.

Love being part of this Divine Project, and may the transcendence of the human condition be for you a great challenge, rather than a great burden.

Surpass yourself and do so with love. Vanquish yourself every day to give a victory to the Heart of God, who daily contemplates His children defeated in the abysses of the world by illusions and by vanities.

When you fall, offer your hand to the Father. There is nothing that pleases the Heart of God more than a child of His that has sincerely repented, crying out for His Hands. With joy, God will raise you up, and your act of elevation and surpassing will inspire others.

Make your life, My child, a great offering to God through small and sincere actions. From you, God only needs a spirit of gratitude, a humble heart willing to love.

That every day, when you wake up, you may not only wake up your body, but also your consciousness, because not only you, but all of the planet needs this.


Children, recognize yourselves as part of an infinite, which you ignore, due to your own smallness.

The fact that the Creation is not understandable for you or that not all knowledge is inside your minds does not mean that it does not exist.

The Work of God in this time must be definitive and generate the awakening that the souls have expected so much for hundreds of years.

In all religions, just as in all spiritual groups that have existed on Earth and that began with pure principles, the interference of the human mind many times diverted the Purpose of God, and this made souls wonder if the religions are, in truth, being guided by God or by men.

This is how faith began to be lost in the human heart and the Creator sent His Messengers, so that will be Themselves those who guide humanity.

The Divine Messengers, children, are not only here among you. We have also tried to guide and warn other groups and religions, but even so, they were not capable of listening.

The Voice of God is trying to silence humankind in order to straighten their path and remove human power and authority that some think they have over souls throughout the whole world.

The human heart has lost confidence in their fellow beings because the one who is not reliable cannot rely on the other. This is why, children, many deny the Words of God pronounced over times.

The one who is transparent and true in their faith recognizes the truth when it is before their eyes, and does not fear or doubt when listens to the Words of God, because they know they are capable of following them, even beyond themselves.

Children, if you want to recognize the truth, be true. If you want to live plenitude and launch yourselves into the Will of God without fear to deceive yourselves, then, do not deceive your neighbor, do not lie, do not manipulate, and attract for yourselves only wisdom and truth.

You will live in peace and without mistrusts when you are able to sow peace and trust in the world through your works, your feelings and your words.

You will be able to proclaim yourselves as apostles of Christ when, in truth, you follow His Words and live for Him and not for yourselves.

Humankind would not fear the destruction of the church if they did not know that it is about to collapse, due to its own actions.


The essence of the awakening is found in the development of faith, because it is faith that moves you to respond to the impulses of the heart.

Faith is what makes you transcend the atavisms of the limited material understanding for you to enter in the mysteries of the higher life.

Faith is what makes you cross the thresholds of life in this world, so that – although being in it – you do not belong only to it and, yes, perceive yourselves as part of an infinite and indescribable Creation.

Faith is not born in the mind: it comes from the spirit and expresses itself through the heart. Therefore, if you want that the impulses received are not lost, let faith develop itself freely in your own interior, even if you do not understand quite well the object of your own faith.

Many ask themselves, “To have faith in what?” Have faith in the purpose, faith in the teaching, faith in the presence of the Divine Messengers, faith in what moves you to transformation, faith in the communion with Christ, faith in His return, faith in the possibility that each one has to live the Plans of God, faith in Faith.

Let yourselves be transformed by the impulses of your own faith, for which the laws of matter are not the ones that prevail. Faith that comes from the spirit moves itself based on spiritual Laws. It is therefore that the hearts that have faith can experience what is called miracles that are nothing more than the action of superior Laws in the life of those who open themselves to live them.

Discover, children, the potential of faith itself and, by means of it, its prodigies.

Your Father and Friend, in faith and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Fraternity, Unity with God, Faith and Hope are attributes that must always reign in the human heart.

Based on the principle of the Unity with God, which has never ceased to be Unique in the diversity of the manifestation of His Consciousness, experience, you as well, the unity among yourselves as one body belonging to the Divine Consciousness.

The Creator multiplied Himself and expanded in different forms of life, expression, manifestation so that His Perfection would become life and matter, so that the Love He expresses in His Divine Spirit could become flesh, mind, feeling, soul, spirit, vibration, sound, so there would be no limit in the manifestation of His Love.

God permeates everything that was created and gives all creatures the opportunity of being in likeness to Him. Aware of the Principles of the Creator, you must imitate Him. May love be multiplied in your hearts, may it be expressed in different ways, with words, prayers, silence, actions, with inner, spiritual, or physic communion, at the time of receiving the Eucharist.

As a group, may you express yourselves as the Consciousness of God: in many ways of life, many ways of serving, infinite possibilities of loving, but all this without ever losing the unity.

Although the existing creatures are so different from each other, this does not remove from any of them the essence that unites them in the divine likeness to the Creator Father.

I tell you all these things because it is time for unity, reconciliation, fraternity as bridges for love.

The different missions that are being carried out today show the path that each one must tread in their daily lives: overcome the differences between races, cultures, languages, nations, religions, to experience, as humanity, the Unity with God.

May you be aware that the time will come to unite your consciousnesses in one purpose: bring peace and reconciliation to Earth.

The suffering of the human heart helps to overcome the barriers of loving, and the need to find peace unites you.


At the beginning of Creation, only Unity existed, the Divine Consciousness that dwells where there is no time or space, where there is no matter, feelings or thoughts, where there is only Spirit.

Without ceasing to be Unity, the Spirit of God is multiplied. This is Omnipresence.

Without ceasing to be Spirit, the Mind of God is born, manifested in the Archangels. This is the work of Omniscience.

Without separating from the levels of Spirit, God manifests the Light in material creations. This is the fruit of Liberation.

God, who was One, divides into three, without ceasing to be One. His Transcendence is incomprehensible to the human mind.

God the Father became the Son and, in Transfiguration, He multiplies His Only Son into all creatures. All are One with the Father, through the Son.

The primordial principles take on a life of their own and creative power. The Rays become consciousness and dwell in all the particles that exist in the cosmos.

God never lost the Unity of the beginning. His multiplication has no end, it has no limit. His Consciousness is expanded beyond the boundaries of spirit, mind, and matter. His Divinity permeates everything.

You may ask yourselves: “How can the Creator dwell in a world so full of darkness? Where is God when chaos rushes into the world?”

God is the Life that dwells within the essence, the Consciousness that animates those who are aware, the Light that gives shape and life to that which the eyes of the not blind can see.

A person may not be blind, but if there is an absence of light in their lives, they will not be able to see. It is not that the world does not exist, that colors do not exist, that life does not exist: what is happening to that person is that they are separated from the light. They are not blind, they are simply stuck in a dark and empty room and do not find a way to open the windows or do not even know that there are windows in the room of their consciousnesses.


Dear companions in Christ,

I would like to talk to you about the greatness of Creation and the celestial mysteries. I would like to reveal to you the love that fulfills the stars and animates the universes, so that you see yourselves strengthened and guarded by a higher purpose, so that you fulfill your own missions in the end of cycle on Earth.

With My words, each day I expect that your consciousnesses reach a level of understanding which transcends the limits of the human mind. I try to make you understand the magnitude of the Plan of God and how this Plan cannot start and finish in the existence of this world.

I know that many need the simple words so that they can understand and engage themselves in the task of recue of the Divine Messengers. Many prefer not to believe Our words and in Our presences when we reveal to you something you do not understand and that do not adjust itself to what you already know. However, I ask you not to try to reduce the greatness of God to the understanding of the human mind. Do not try to compare the Love of the One and Only with your own ability of loving. And do not expect that the Creation of God restrict itself to the existence of this small planet, when so vast is the universe.

What for would exist so many stars and galaxies if not for the different expressions of the Love of God in His creatures to inhabit in them? Or do you think by any chance that the stars exist so that they can be contemplated by the humankind in the sky of Earth?

While a great change precipitates itself in the world, the Divine Messengers will try to elevate the understanding and the knowledge of humanity. They will try to open the eyes of the human heart to the truths that cannot be seen with the material eyes.

This will so because only the certainty of a superior purpose and of a superior life, which supports you, will give you strength to live the times that will come. Without a higher understanding about the Plans of God, your lives will become meaningless, such as life has become meaningless to many youngsters and adults who did not find a reason to be in this world.


Peace can be a reality in the world, as well as it is in the Kingdom of God, where His Supreme Consciousness fully expresses itself.  However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary that the human beings want to be with God, as well those who live in His Kingdom want.

When a being aspires to be permanently with God, they seek Him in all things and expect to find Him in everything, in the certainty that the Creator deposited a part of His Consciousness in all that He created.

For this, in order that peace establishes itself, you must seek and find God in everything and in everyone, transcending the influences of the world and whatever people who transit through it appear to be.

Permanently remember the existence of the spirit of each being and that, to each one, the Creator has a perfect plan, an idea and a divine thought.  Remember that, inside of each consciousness, in the its innermost, are the codes that it needs to fulfill its mission.

Today I want to reveal to you a mystery of the Kingdom of God, of His Plan for humanity.  When He created the human beings, God deposited in each essence a divine attribute, called Universal Ray, which is a way of expression of His Divine Spirit, This one that creates all the things.

The Rays of the Creator are responsible for conducting His Creation to perfection, but, in the case of the human beings, there is a secret, a particularity: the experience of perfection in humanity depends on the expression of love, and that perfection activates itself not only when a being loves, but also when it is loved.

The love of which I speak to you is not the love that you know because the human beings are used to love what is convenient to them, what pleases them and what causes them some gratification, but that is not the Love of God.

The Love of God is that one which looks at a being and transcends its imperfections, finding thus the truth of the essence of each one, and this is what it loves: it loves the Will of God for His creatures; it loves the perfection of God hidden in the beings; it loves God Himself, by means of His creatures.

This love is not impossible to be lived, but to find something that is lost in the other, you must find what is lost in yourselves, which is the possibility of truly loving.


Before life had manifested itself in this world, it was already being developed in many others, in this and other universes.  It was the life that expressed the Consciousness of God in creatures that evolved to reach the purpose of, one day, return to the perfect likeness of the Creator.  But, as you can comprehend, the creatures in the universe are also learning and they made many mistakes in the schools in which they attended to reach their objectives and, overall, in the great school of life.

This world in which you live today is a reflection of what have already existed in the universe for eons of time – an existence that is not measured with the time of this world.

You might ask yourselves why you do not known this life and why you feel it so distant from the reality you live, and I come to explain to you that, in the beginning, the idea of God was that you would not remember it, except with the essence of the heart.

Those human beings that started to enter the precinct of their own hearts and opened themselves to the unity with God would remember little by little the existence of the universe and of the great Plan of the Creator.

Why did you not remember that before? Because, until then, you would not have developed in the heart the sufficient degree of love and the capacity of forgiving needed to heal all that you lived in the universe.

Now, more than two thousand years after the world lived the apex of the manifestation of love, through Christ, His Family and His apostles and disciples, humanity began to silently develop this potential of loving and, then, came the right moment to begin to awaken.

I know that many feel that they cannot even forgive the things of the world and neither they live the true love in their interior, but I tell you that this love is already in the human consciousness, available for all those who seek it.  Inside of you, this love is a seed that has already sprouted, that will find a fertile soil for all that you have received in the last times and that you will be able to put into practice in the times that will come.

Christ knew about the existence of life beyond this world, He recognized His Mission and the Plan of His Father, because the Love of His Heart was full and the unity with God was His natural state of consciousness.


In the beginning of the Creation of God, He manifested the universes in the Infinite Cosmos, which was the living representation of His Divine Consciousness.

In the Cosmos, God reproduced in everything the same principles of creation, and in different forms, represented His Divine Consciousness in everything that He would create.  He created the universes with the principles of His perfection; created the galaxies, the planets, the conscious beings, who were the living outcome of the essences deriving from His Heart.

And in the vast Cosmos, created by God in seven dimensions that coexist and, in harmony, help each other mutually in order to reach the same evolutionary purpose – to become again one with God –, the Creator created the human beings.

He separated from the other creatures, in material bodies, ancient spirits, to which He entrusted the greatest process of transformation and of redemption of His Creation.

In a parallel time, different from the time and the space of the rest of Creation, God placed the most precious that would exist, if the desired result were achieved and if the potential of His Project were developed in those consciousnesses.

In this world, the Creator reunited spirits coming from all over the Cosmos; consciousnesses with different types of learning and with hidden records, both positive and negative.  From all of them, He removed the cosmic memory, so that they would not know who they were and, this way, they could unite their knowledge and balance one another in order to reach the expected purpose.

The Lord sent to the world, besides all the spirits in most need of redemption, Divine Consciousnesses, uniting thus, two opposites, and representing in this little planet the great duality that exists in this universe.  He gave, in this way, two possibilities to the world: the one of living a great evil and the one of living a good.

In this risky divine experiment, the Creator entrusted to the essences of those creatures a divine principle, the unity that, when activated in the essence of love, would allow the consciousnesses to overcome the duality of the universe and find a way to elevate all of His universal Creation to a new level of learning, a learning based on the unity with God by means love.


Learn to feel in your heart the sorrows of the world and to make as your own, the suffering of the Most Sacred Heart of God.

Contemplate in your hearts the Creation and all that it manifests, how it expresses itself in the universe.  Contemplate the perfection and the harmony of nature, of the sun, of the cycles of the Earth.  Feel in your hearts the potential of the Divine Perfection that is latent in your interior. Ask yourselves every day what is the path to manifest this potential.

I wish that, in the heart of human beings, the love to the Divine Creation were greater than the love to the human creation, but you are much more clung to what comes from your own ideas than to what comes from the Divine Thought.

The human beings learned to love and admire what was created by their limited mind, and the pride gained was so big that they remained closed in their own smallness and in stinginess, and they could not love something superior or even believe in its existence.

With grief in My heart, I tell you that many do not transform themselves because they do not truly believe in the existence of God, of His Plan and of His Messengers.

The consciousnesses observe chaos and evil progressing in the world and prefer to think that it has always been like this or isolate themselves in the small problems and concerns of their lives, as a way to not realize that the true boat that is sinking is not just in the Middle East, but in the whole world.

It is the human consciousness, My dear ones, that is submerging ever more profoundly in the darkness.  And, when the times need to see you more awake and prepared, surrendered and confident in the invisible, you are hiding from the truth and diving more and more into illusion, to not realize that the final times have already come.

Heaven will always thank your prayers and, with the little effort of all beings, it will try to remove the weight from the scale of Justice that leans towards the disappearance of humanity.

You, companions, are living cells of the Heart of God; for this His grief for this world is so great.

The Project of the Creator is perfect and everything has already been delivered to you in order that you can live it, but you need to decide to stand up from the bed in which you sleep in illusion every day, to act in favor of humanity.

I love you; for this I warn you.


In the essence of human beings are found all the potentials to be developed in the awakening of love and fraternity.  The essence is the tabernacle of one of the greatest mysteries of the Universal Creation because there, is what God created of the most perfect, to be developed and manifested in favor of the evolution of all creatures, much beyond this world.

This treasure that inhabits inside of each one of you is silent and humble and it will never show itself if you do not leave in search for it.

All you need in order to express with perfection what you truly are is found inside each one of you.  What happens is that you are always very busy in showing to the world something you are not and that you place all your effort in not moving, not even a little, from this position, in order to not lose the appearances that you have already achieved, the respect you have gained and the example you have became in their lives.

Each time you try to appear to be something in order to delight others, more you distance yourselves from what you are in essence, because the more you achieve good appearances, the more you lose interest to seek what you must be and that is found in the opposite of what the human being learned to manifest.


Enter in communion with the kingdoms of nature and learn to love the essence of the Creation.  Observe the kingdoms and learn how to live permanently under the sublime Laws of God, in perfect harmony with the Creator.

In His Divine Plan, the Creator granted an attribute for each expression of His Divine Face, for the kingdoms of the planet to manifest.

Commune with the peace, with the harmony, with the beauty of the waters; commune with the healing and with the liberation of the minerals.

Commune with the elevation of the trees and with the constant spirit of donation of the Plant Kingdom, which in its humility always delivers the best to God, no matter how it will be treated, cared for or loved by others.  The Plant Kingdom knows of the Divine Law of self-giving to God and to His Superior Plan.  Contemplate this kingdom and discover, through it, the secret of the emptiness of self. 

Contemplate the Animal Kingdom, and learn from its love for life; learn to defend the Laws of God, to take care of your neighbor and to be always faithful to the One you fully love.  Learn from the plenitude of the Animal Kingdom and, with the same naturalness of heart, be a guardian of Life and of the Perfection of God.

Contemplate in your inner world the angels and devas, who in the invisible create and recreate the beauty of this manifested world.  Learn from them to manifest beauty in silence, to work in secret and to deliver the best, without the need for anyone to know of your existence.  Live the sublime attribute of humility that the angels and devas express in the world.

Contemplate the elements and how they complement one another; then discover how to share what the other needs in order to express themselves.  Be like the wind, which permits the existence of fire, and gives to its neighbor all possibilities for being that which is perfect and which is latent in their interior.

And, learning from the Kingdoms of Nature, express that which is most sublime that the human being has: its possibility of learning that which is most beautiful in all Existence, and of living it, within itself, in the essence of love for the Creation.


 Where to seek the essence of humility? In the midst of human degeneration, where to find the purity and the simplicity that God expects from His creatures?

When we say: “Be humble”, the hearts ask themselves: How?

Humility is born from the love for others and for God; from the reverence that emerges from this love, because the heart that loves recognizes the sacred and the divine essence present in each thing.

The human beings have lost the reference of the sacred and trivialize the greatness of the Creation for the arrogance and the ignorance that have impregnated the heart of humans.

To return to the sacred is like entering into a universe almost completely unknown to you and, by trying to seek it and live it, many feel that they are fantasizing or living something that does not correspond to their reality in this world.

But today I tell you, dear companions, that you feel all that because your cells are so impregnated with the obscurity of the world and humanity is so separated from God that, as I already told you, this path of transformation is for the brave of spirit.

It will be necessary to overcome the world and, above all, to overcome yourselves.  Ask to your souls and your spirits to teach you to live in the sacred and to help you to find the path to live the attribute of reverence.

Humility can only be found when the consciousness is capable of recognizing the presence of God in every being, and feeling like this, you will act offering to others always the best.  What will not God deserve inside the other?

As an exercise of humility, seek to find the Creator in all things and in everything seek the best: the best attribute that expresses a brother or a sister, a kingdom of nature or any expression of the Creation.

Do not seek in the fellow human, the miseries, in order to rejoice to be better than the others.  Seek in the others that attribute that you still have not achieved.  Find the Creator in His Creatures and love them just as if you had God Himself before your eyes.  Serve this God, deliver the best to Him and, by doing like this, in the essence of simplicity, you will find open doors to humility, to reverence and to love, and little by little, you will banish from the interior, the old human, that only seeks to establish their own kingdom, the achievement of vantages and the security of being better than the others.


Who are we?

Association Mary
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