Sunday, October 4 of 2015

Daily messages

Before life had manifested itself in this world, it was already being developed in many others, in this and other universes.  It was the life that expressed the Consciousness of God in creatures that evolved to reach the purpose of, one day, return to the perfect likeness of the Creator.  But, as you can comprehend, the creatures in the universe are also learning and they made many mistakes in the schools in which they attended to reach their objectives and, overall, in the great school of life.

This world in which you live today is a reflection of what have already existed in the universe for eons of time – an existence that is not measured with the time of this world.

You might ask yourselves why you do not known this life and why you feel it so distant from the reality you live, and I come to explain to you that, in the beginning, the idea of God was that you would not remember it, except with the essence of the heart.

Those human beings that started to enter the precinct of their own hearts and opened themselves to the unity with God would remember little by little the existence of the universe and of the great Plan of the Creator.

Why did you not remember that before? Because, until then, you would not have developed in the heart the sufficient degree of love and the capacity of forgiving needed to heal all that you lived in the universe.

Now, more than two thousand years after the world lived the apex of the manifestation of love, through Christ, His Family and His apostles and disciples, humanity began to silently develop this potential of loving and, then, came the right moment to begin to awaken.

I know that many feel that they cannot even forgive the things of the world and neither they live the true love in their interior, but I tell you that this love is already in the human consciousness, available for all those who seek it.  Inside of you, this love is a seed that has already sprouted, that will find a fertile soil for all that you have received in the last times and that you will be able to put into practice in the times that will come.

Christ knew about the existence of life beyond this world, He recognized His Mission and the Plan of His Father, because the Love of His Heart was full and the unity with God was His natural state of consciousness.

If you want to experiment by yourselves that what I tell you is not a great fantasy, so open the heart to learn to love and you will see disappear the limits of the mind and the boundaries that separate this world from the Infinite Creation of God that has been waiting for you for so long.

As seeds of light in your consciousnesses, I will reveal to you, little by little, the Truths of God and, if you open yourselves to love, you will be able to understand and live what I tell you.

I love you and I lead you to a New Human, which is in truth the Original Human, this one that should have always existed in the world.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph