Monday, October 5 of 2015

Daily messages

When the heavens open themselves for humanity each new day, a hope is lighted up in the interior of the creatures.

Whenever you pray from the heart and activate the potential of love that is hidden in your interior – in the midst of all suffering that most of humanity causes to the Heart of God -, the Lord receives a joy, a sweet relief for His eternal sorrow, because humanity itself starts to balance the weight generated by the chaos of the world.

If you knew how important it is for the manifestation of the Plans of God that you pray every month in the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, you would count the days and seconds of each day to come to this sacred moment.

The Marathon of the Divine Mercy is the true act of redemption and conversion for all those who pray from the heart.  When you clamor for Mercy, you are awakening your cells and atoms for the living experience of love; you are teaching your own consciousness that the most important in this moment is to transcend your own limits, for love to those of your siblings who suffer and who do not have the possibility of clamoring to God, except in the silence of their sorrowful heart.

When you pray and sing, remember to elevate the word with devotion for those who have their faith suffocated by the terror of the world.  Sing in unity with each other and all with God and Christ, because, by doing so, you create an unbreakable fortress in your own consciousnesses and deposit this code in the human consciousness.  It will be in this way that those of your siblings who are so distant today and that do not know anything else but loneliness and despair will be able to glimpse – even if it is in the spirit – the hope of one day living fraternity,  unity and love.

Make of your lives true Marathons of the Divine Mercy, in which every pronounced prayer opens an infinite fount of Mercy for the salvation of the souls.  Live every day this manifestation of unity and fraternity that flourishes in the hearts by uniting yourselves for a single purpose: the one of relieving the planet and bringing a little of peace to the world.

As you feel in the Marathons of the Divine Mercy, as I would like to see you every day.  In this way, you would understand and widely live the Sacred Plan of God.

I love you and I thank you for praying together with My Son Jesus for the planet.

The Sacred Hearts are attentive to each word that you pronounce on these days.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph