Wednesday, October 17 of 2018

Daily messages

God only expects from you a heart that is turned to the High, that contemplates the stars that shine in the sky and knows that a higher purpose is being designed in life upon the Earth; a heart that honors life, the school of love and existence; that knows that all that it lives and builds on Earth has no material purpose, but rather a divine one; that knows that its triumph is not human and that its struggle is not for survival, for pleasure or for skills, but rather for divine victory, for love, for peace, for the establishment of a new life, for the redemption of humanity.

God only expects from you a heart that is fulfilled in the Truth; that knows to come out of itself to contemplate the whole; that knows to renounce to its wills and aspirations to fulfill the Greater Plan; that knows to say "yes" to the Father and "no" to itself, with the certainty that the plenitude is found in Divine Triumph and not in human achievements.

God only expects from you a heart that knows and lives the power of prayer, that multiplies and spreads Grace through the Verb; that makes known to the world the Presence of God and His Messengers.

God only expects from you a heart that trusts in His Plan; that has its goals in the stars; that overcomes the trials of the Earth asserting itself in unity with its brothers and sisters; that knows to ask for help, forgiveness, and Mercy; that knows to give thanks to your neighbor and to the Father for everything that it receives; that loves life and knows that it goes beyond the Earth; that loves humanity, for it knows that its essence is sacred; that loves the Kingdoms of Nature, since it knows that its unconditional service is worthy of eternal reverence and eternal love.

God only expects from you a heart that knows to look within and ask what is the Divine Will for itself; a heart that is interested in fulfilling the Plan of God and that is always seeking the next step to manifest it.

God only expects from you a caretaker of His Triumph in the heart of the neighbor, that creates opportunities so that others reach the goal and that is inspired by the triumphs of their brothers and sisters.

God only expects from you, child, a sincere and willing heart, that loves and says "yes" without conditions.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph